The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 31

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 31

Three cars are moving forward at a uniform speed tens of kilometers away.

Approaching evening, the dark red sun hung low in the sky as the remnant glow still scorched the ground. Amidst the roar of the cars, the view reflects blurred shadows due to the high temperature.

Luo Yesheng unscrewed a mineral water and drank such large bottle in one breath. After putting it away, he squinted to look at the car ahead.

In order to ensure the success of the operation, almost all the members of the Flying dragon came out. They were bound to take down those two high-level zombies.

Recalling the earlier conversation with Feng Leijie, Luo Yesheng’s mouth raised into a cold arc, his thoughts turning back to an hour ago.

Feng Leijie is very enthusiastic. He already called him brother the moment they meet, full of sincerity.

Then it was decided that after killing that fourth-level zombie, the crystal obtained would be Luo Yesheng’s—if it happened to be his attribute.

Otherwise, it will become Feng Leijie’s.

If it’s still not both of them, they will decide who will the crystal ultimately belongs to by means of lottery.

The scar-faced man next to Feng Leijie proposed this, and such childish way seems very reasonable coming from his mouth.

Luo Yesheng didn’t say anything, and nodded in response.

The two sides reached a cooperation agreement. They immediately went on the road after some discussion.

Looking up from the rearview mirror, a truck was following behind him. Feng Leijie sat on that truck. When he set off, he invited Luo Yesheng to go with him, but Luo Yesheng refused.

Luo Yesheng insisted on driving his own car.

Feng Leijie didn’t say anything, but arranged for Luo Yesheng to be in the second spot, on the grounds that he didn’t know the address.

It seems for his sake, however, there are people from the Flying dragon both in front and back. In case they suddenly attacks and outflanks him, the geographical location is definitely not good.

Logically, Luo Yesheng should refuse, but he unexpectedly obeyed Feng Leijie’s arrangement without any hesitation, as if he believes this “collaborator” very much.

Or maybe he’s just confident in his own strength and is not even afraid of the Flying dragons.

This behavior of Luo Yesheng made Feng Leijie become more polite to him.

Retracting his gaze, Luo Fusheng turned the steering wheel lightly, avoiding a prismatic stone pillar.[1]TN: Probably looks like this The young man who got into the truck with Feng Leijie when he set off flashed in his mind.

He was obviously a low-level ability user with almost no combat effectiveness. What would Feng Leijie take him to do?

Luo Yesheng tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, his eyes looking thoughtful. He had encountered many situations of villains doing evil on another villain.[2]TN: This was literally written as ‘black eats black’ Since he dared to agree to Feng Leijie’s cooperation, he was naturally not afraid of these people.

Clicking on the speaker of the car, a hit DJ song wrapped in hot air floated into the ears of everyone in the truck.

“Brother Jie, Luo Yesheng doesn’t seem to be nervous at all.” Zhang Wenxi who is sitting on the truck asked incredulously. “He’s so ostentatious, isn’t he afraid of zombies?”

Feng Leijie looked ugly. It is unknown what he was thinking. After a while, he picked up a walkie-talkie—Before they depart, Feng Leijie gave Luo Yesheng a walkie-talkie.

“Brother Luo, although there are no zombies around, but it’s better to turn off your music. We are here to kill zombies, not to travel.” He suppressed the anger in his heart, if it is not necessary to join hands with Luo Yesheng just to deal with the fourth-level zombie…

“Sorry Captain Feng, thinking of the next battle, I was a little excited. One didn’t control the music and turned it on. I’ll turn it off.”

The music disappeared abruptly, but Feng Leijie’s face was even more ugly.

“Brother Jie, we have Wenxi.” Tie Zhi said timely and patted Zhang Wenxi on the shoulder, whose body trembled.

Feng Leijie didn’t notice. Thinking of Zhang Wenxi’s special abilities, his ugly expression slowly improved. It seemed that he was already holding a level four crystal, and Luo Yesheng’s corpse was lying under his feet.

Bear with it for a while.

Xiu Jin first thought of the instance dungeon however, it was actually excusable. After all, a group of ability users was hunting down two zombies, just like the dungeon spawning monsters in an online game.

Through the system’s explanation, he realized that this is the so-called “needed plot.”

Xiu Jin: “…”

Okay, he doesn’t bother to complain.

“How should I drive those people away?”

The system slowly emerge after a while: 【The only way is to release Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan.】

Xiu Jin: “Can they beat those groups of people?”

System: 【It’s Difficult. 】

Xiu Jin: “Then letting them go out, won’t they die in vain? That’s not okay.”

The precious daughter will cry into tears.

The system is very irritable, it has no authority to force Xiu Jin to go offline and switch to another dad and go online.

Even if it asks Xiu Jin to go offline now—let’s not say whether he will obediently go offline—even if he does, the other two may not log in to the game at this time.

It also doesn’t have permission to let them log in.

Besides, with Xiu Jin’s temperament, if it let him go offline, he will definitely break the casserole and ask till the end. Furthermore, there is no game system that actively takes players offline. Xiu Jin is not an idiot at all, in case he finds something is wrong…

The system’s head turned bald.

Thousands of calculations were made, but it did not expect Xiu Jin to log into the game and squeezed the magician down.

Xiu Jin is the number one player, with absolute “online” rights, which means—once he is online, no matter who logged in at that time, Xiu Jin will forced others to go offline.

Xiu Jin unreasonably said: “Then open the weapon’s column, can’t I spend money to buy weapons?”

System: 【No!】

“Wait.” Xiu Jin thought of something, “I remember you said in the previous introduction that high-level zombies can summon low-level ones, right?”

The system didn’t say anything.

“Release Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan, and let them summon low-level zombies. A group of zombies against a group of ability users, I want to see who’s more powerful.”

Bian Bian didn’t know what happened. She was not sure if she heard dad system’s voice just now, but at this moment, she was sure she heard it—

“…it must be because I was so mad that I didn’t expect this. It was definitely not because of No.1’s reminder.”

Bian Bian was at a loss.

She wanted to call, but she remembered that the system dad had told her not to expose him in front of uncle. The little girl had to hang her head in doubt, and simply whispered quietly to the bear.

Facing the option of 【whether to release Lu Yu】, Xiu Jin did not hesitate to click 【Yes】, and then he slid the knife on the screen and moved it towards the belt that bound Zhu Yuan’s hands and feet behind. After sliding a few times, the belt was cut open.

When Zhu Yuan regained his freedom and turned over as he wanted to get up, Xiu Jin, who had been prepared a long time ago, pushed him hard towards the window. Then, Zhu Yuan flew out of the window. . .

Shaking his slightly sour fingers, Xiu Jin was very satisfied with the result—he was worried beforehand that he would not be able to get him out, but it was because of Xiu Jin’s fast speed, plus the position of the fruit knife at that time, which was a blind spot for Bian Bian.

When Zhu Yuan was thrown out, there was a loud bang, and as soon as Bian Bian heard the sound, she turned her head and looked at the corner. Only to find that Uncle Zhu Yuan is gone.

The little girl didn’t realized that Xiu Jin did this. She ran to the window subconsciously, and her feet suddenly swayed, as if there is a strong earthquake. Her footing becomes unsteady.

Fortunately, before the small body fell to the ground, Xiu Jin, who had quick eyes and hands, caught her.

“Roar!!!” A deafening roar came from upstairs. Bian Bian had never heard grandpa make such a loud noise before. The tremor of the building was unprecedentedly intense, just like a sailboat that encountered a storm in the sea, which could be overturned by the waves at any time.

Bian Bian’s face turned white in fear as she stumbled towards the door. She was going to see what was wrong with Grandpa.

However, she couldn’t move, because Xiu Jin held her.

“Uncle, let me go, I’m going to see Grandpa.” She have seen this many times. Bian Bian can also distinguish the situation, knowing that the invisible uncle stopped her.

She struggled, but because of her exertion, the white and tender bun wrinkled into a ball. Her big grape-like eyes were filled with tears of fear because of eagerness and worry.

Xiu Jin tried his best to ignore the soft cries from his baby daughter. You can’t feel soft when you’re a father. Lu Yu is a zombie. If you let your precious daughter run out and face Lu Yu…

【Intimacy points -50】

A few cold words interrupted the thoughts in Xiu Jin’s mind. He was hit so hard that he went to look at Bian Bian aggrievedly, but the little girl was more aggrieved than he was. The golden beads of tears finally fell, and she cried: “I, I don’t like you anymore… woo… I want grandpa…”

Xiu Jin saw a bubble popping out of her head, showing a scene of an old man lying motionless.

Just like an ignited flame, Xiu Jin came to understand that the darling daughter thought something had happened to Lu Yu, so she was anxious and afraid.

At this time—

The roar of the zombie suddenly disappeared, the building stopped shaking, and everything became exceptionally quiet.

 After half a minute, there was a bang. It seemed that something fell down the corridor, followed by heavy footsteps. From far, gradually getting closer, it seemed that something was slowly walking from upstairs to downstairs.

Bian Bian also stopped struggling, with tears hanging from her long eyelashes, and looked at the door.

“Hohhhhhhh.” In the next second, a dumb, non-human voice rang outside the door, followed by a knock.

“Grandpa, it’s grandpa!” Wiping away her tears, her pale little face regained its ruddiness. She said in a low voice, “It turns out that Grandpa is fine.”

She moved her body and found that she still could not move.

The little girl pursed her rosy little mouth, and moved her two little hands around, but she could not touch anything.

I don’t know where invisible uncle is.

【Intimacy points -5+5-5+5-5…】

Xiu Jin: “…?”

He forced himself to ignore the prompt, and turned to look at the door. After looking at it, he suddenly realized that something was wrong—the four corners of the door shrank inward at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it instantly became smaller.

… Lu Yu is melting the metal on the door, and he’s about to come in!


1 TN: Probably looks like this
2 TN: This was literally written as ‘black eats black’
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