The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 32

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 32

Obviously, Bian Bian is also aware of this. She held the bear’s hand tighter and instinctively took two steps back.

“Grandpa.” She yelled in a low voice, her eyes shifting from the shrinking door to the table, where the remaining half of the cheese cream cake was placed, and the air was always filled with a faint scent of milk.

What she thought at this time was that Grandpa would like this bread. Grandpa has bad teeth, and soft bread is suitable for grandpa.

The little girl was a little embarrassed, because previously she could give Zhu Yuan the cake, but she ultimately chose the magic jumping sausage to feed him.

Before Bian Bian finish thinking about it, the metal gate fell down with a thud.

Lu Yu used to replace the original wooden door with a metal door and merged it to the wall. It was originally to strengthen the house, but now it’s just become convenient for him to “open the door”.

The moment the door fell, Bian Bian’s body rose into the air—Xiu Jin held her close to the ceiling. What he can do now is to control his baby daughter and prevent Lu Yu from touching her.

Bian Bian seemed to know that her invisible uncle is helping her, so she didn’t struggle. She just looked like a fluttering feather floating on the ceiling. As long as the zombie who came in didn’t look up, he wouldn’t find her.

―In order to reduce Bian Bian’s presence, Xiu Jin operated with both hands and folded Bian Bian’s legs.

Bian Bian quietly watched grandpa walk in through the metal door. She could not read, but Lu Yu had taught her to count.

She doesn’t know what day grandpa left, but since that day, she counted quietly.

That is her secret to Gray Gray.[1]TN: Little bear HuiHui’s translated name.

Therefore, Bian Bian remembers clearly that fifty-five days had passed since the day Grandpa left.

Through the hole in the metal wall, she couldn’t see what her grandpa had become.

Now, she can finally see it clearly.

Xiu Jin looked at Lu Yu while holding Bian Bian to make sure she didn’t fall off. He was a little surprised at what he saw.

The zombie transformed Lu Yu was tall, with gray hair and a pair of spectacles trembling on his gray face, which one of the lenses was already broken.

To Xiu Jin’s surprise, although the zombie old man looked tall, he was as thin as a piece of paper. His exposed arms were covered with terrifying dark lines, but it was all skin and bones, and he couldn’t see any existing “muscles” at all.

This zombie is so thin that he is almost out of shape.

“How could this be?” He couldn’t help asking. Zombies as thin as this were rare. Although Xiu Jin had never seen other zombies except Zhu Yuan, seeing Old Man Lu, he was a little bit stunned.

The system quickly replied to him: 【What do zombies eat? 】

Xiu Jin then understood. Based on the previous introduction, after Lu Yu become infected with the virus, in order to prevent himself from harming Bian Bian, and also to protect her in another way, he sealed himself on the third floor above.

Nevertheless, Zombies also need to eat. The food for zombies is fresh flesh and blood, and only fresh flesh and blood can replenish their energy. Lu Yu was sealed on the third floor above and he hadn’t eaten at all for so long. So how could he replenish his energy? Therefore, he naturally lost weight.

The human food that Bian Bian gave him was almost useless.

In other words, although zombies can eat human food, it will not supplement the energy that they needed.

It is a miracle that Lu Yu has not “starved to death” for so long.

The zombie old man move into the living room in slow motion, turned his head stiffly and looked around. During the entire course of action, he could hear clicking sound coming from the bones on his body, just like rusty screws.

He didn’t noticed the “floating” Bian Bian above his head, and instead walked his inflexible legs over to the table. Stared at the remaining cheese bread for a while, then picked it up and swallowed it in a few mouthfuls.

If you ignore his gray skin, stiff body, and pale eyes, judging from his movements, he looks like a normal old man, but he’s just a little slower.

Even though he was a bit rude when eating the cake, and his mouth was covered with white cream after eating, but compared to the image of Zhu Yuan exposing his sharp teeth when eating the jumping sausage, the zombie old man’s movements are extremely elegant.

After eating the cake, he turned his gaze to the unopened dried snow pork, staring straight at the packaging bag. As if, he could smell the meat inside through it.

He stretched his hand over.

Xiu Jin freed a hand and removed the dried pork without hesitation.

This is what he bought for Bian Bian, and the baby girl hasn’t eaten it yet.

Bian Bian watched Lu Yu earnestly. She opened her mouth but there was no sound, except that her eyes were already full of tears.

Of course, she knew that grandpa was not so thin before.

Grandpa became so thin because she gave too little food.

She wanted to talk to grandpa. However, her instinct was preventing her from talking to grandpa, causing her to not know what to do. So she could only watch slowly.

But why did grandpa suddenly come out?

She was extremely at a loss.

Xiu Jin noticed that another white bubble appeared next to the baby girl’s head. Inside was a ball of tangled threads, indicating the baby daughter’s mood at the moment, making Xiu Jin think of a certain emoticon package.

“Why is the baby’s mood wasn’t displayed before?” Xiu Jin’s heart trembled at Bian Bian’s chaotic ball of thread above her head. He didn’t mind if he didn’t get a response from the system, and simply took a screenshot as quickly as possible.

I can’t let go of the cute moments of my darling little treasure!

The old zombie who didn’t get the dried snow meat did not insist on eating it, and it happened that the sound from the zombie downstairs diverted his attention away from the food.

He walked to the window, putting his head outside, he happened to see the zombie downstairs.

The zombie old man grinned, and then a threatening roar was heard. The zombie downstairs suddenly ran for a few meters, then stopped again, and turned to stare at the old zombie vigilantly.

A difference of one level is not enough to make him completely surrender.

Just when the two zombies stared at each other, where one did not run and the other did not go down, formed some kind of strange confrontation. Suddenly, the two zombies seemed to feel something at the same time. Each withdrew their gaze and looked towards the southwest direction—

Moments Later, the zombie old man propped up the window rails, turned over and jumped down.

“Grandpa!” Bian Bian couldn’t help it, Xiu Jin timely moved her towards the window. He was also a little curious about what Lu Yu was going to do when he jumped off the building.

Although the zombie old man was as thin as a bamboo pole and his limbs were more rigid, as a high-level zombie halfway through the fifth level, he still easily landed downstairs, forcing Zhu Yuan to retreat again farther.

However, for some reason, the third-level zombie did not leave, but instead occupied the other side and surrounded the southwest together with the old zombie.

Then, the old zombie let out a low roar, and the third-level zombie on the opposite side quickly covered his ears to block the old zombie’s voice.

While stepping on a stool, Bian Bian carefully looked down nervously. She didn’t know how grandpa came out, but she was afraid of a fight happening between grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan.

At the same time—

Xiu Jin once again saw a white bubble emerging from her baby daughter’s head. There was a scene flashing inside, Zhu Yuan rushed to Lu Yu and bit him.

Obviously, in Bian Bian’s heart, grandpa couldn’t beat Uncle Zhu Yuan.

Then a young man wearing black clothes with scars on his face and a blindfold on his left eye appeared. He waved his fist and beat Zhu Yuan down for two or three days.

Xiu Jin stared at the white bubble revealing the scene. To be precise, he was staring at the one-eyed scar-faced man in black, with the corners of his mouth twitching wildly.

—The one-eyed scar-faced man with explosive combat power in the baby’s mind, shouldn’t it be him? ? ?


1 TN: Little bear HuiHui’s translated name.
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