The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 33

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 33

“It’s strange, why we didn’t saw any zombies on the road?” In the moving convoy, a member of the Flying dragon in the leading vehicle seemed to have noticed something wrong.

After what he said, other people also discovered this point.

In such a big city, there may be no zombies in one street, but after walking several streets in a row, there is still no zombies, which is really abnormal.

 “Idiot, there are high-level zombies ahead, if other zombies are here, aren’t they looking for death?” Feng Leijie’s cursing came from the walkie-talkie.

The members in the leading vehicle suddenly did not dare to speak; they just looked at each other and drove silently.

Luo Yesheng in the second car frowned. Although he didn’t hear the conversation of the members of the Flying dragon, he looked at the excessively quiet streets around him. For some reason, he had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Brother Luo, we’re almost there.” The walkie-talkie rang, and then Feng Leijie’s secretly excited voice came.

Luo Yesheng suppressed the bad feeling in his heart. He was originally looking for life and death stimulation to advance. The more dangerous it is the better.

Besides, if he really encountered an extremely dangerous situation, he has a way to escape.

Thinking about this, his tight body quickly relaxed. Just as he was about to speak, the car in front of him suddenly braked. The tires rubbed against the ground made a harsh sound. Unable to respond to Feng Leijie, Luo Yesheng loosened his foot on the accelerator.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Leijie’s roar came from the car behind.

“It’s a zombie beast.” The driver of the vehicle in front was unsteady. “It came out suddenly.”

It was just an ordinary first-level zombie beast. Its sudden appearance startled the driver of the leading vehicle who suddenly saw it. So he subconsciously stepped on the brakes.

Amidst Feng Leijie’s scolding of “useless things”, the two zombie beasts that appeared were knocked out by a burst of abilities―falling to the ground without a sound.

The convoy restarted, and Luo Yesheng glanced at the corpse of the zombie beast not far away through the window. The appearance was so bad that he could not see its original beast state.

However, during the following journey, they encountered more zombies and zombie beasts. They kept running forward. But when they heard the sound of engines behind them, they just stopped and returned to attack humans.

These are just ordinary zombies and zombie beasts. Their number is not particularly large, and the ability users can easily kill them.

“We didn’t encounter one just a while ago. But now, there are a group of them.” An earth-type ability user couldn’t help muttering after smashing a zombie.

Luo Yesheng just sent a condensed fireball into the mouth of a zombie beast that ran over, watching it explode. The words of the earth-type ability user drifted into his ears along with the wind, causing his heart to thump.

When the small group of zombies were wiped out and the convoy was about to move forward again, Luo Yesheng shouted, “stop.”

Feng Leijie, who has been sitting in the car and has never made a move, secretly observed Luo Yesheng release a fireball from time to time to kill zombies. At this moment, seeing Luo Yesheng ordered a halt, he narrowed his eyes and put his head out of the window, “What’s the matter brother Luo?”

“It shouldn’t be that you’ve become scared after encountering several small groups of zombies in a row, right?” Someone said this deliberately. There were so many people at the scene that they couldn’t tell who said it for a while.

Luo Yesheng held the map in his hand and glanced at the zombies on the ground. Then he raised his head and said to Feng Leijie, “Captain Feng, have you noticed the clothes on these zombies?”

Seeing that his tone was more solemn, Feng Leijie followed his words. He glanced at the zombies all over the floor, and then his fat face wrinkled into a ball. “You mean these zombies came out of prison.”

Although the clothes on the zombies on the floor were in tatters, it can be seen that they are of the same special style―that was prison uniforms of prisoners.

Luo Yesheng shook the map. Approached Feng Leijie, and said, “I just looked at the map, and there is a prison nearby.”

 “Yes, there is indeed a prison.” Tie Zhi said, “We have long discovered that all the people in there had become zombies, and several second-level zombies have evolved. Each with their own camp. When we first came to this city, brother Jie planned to take that prison as our temporary base.”

Feng Leijie looked like he wanted to say something, but he ultimately closed his mouth again. His expression becoming difficult to look at.[1]TN: To put it simply, his expression turned ugly.

“But there are too many zombies in the prison. It is unrealistic to take them down in a short time.” Tie Zhi continued, “There is an iron wall outside the prison, which is tightly locked. The zombies are trapped inside and it is impossible for them to get out. “

Luo Yesheng glanced at Tie Zhi expressionlessly, and said lightly, “However, they have not only come out now. They’re still rushing here.”

The hurrying zombies just happened to meet them.

Feng Leijie was somewhat uncertain and said, “You mean the reason why the zombies in the prison ran out here was because someone is calling them?”

Luo Yesheng folded the map and put it in his pocket, saying, “High-level zombies have the ability to summon low-level zombies.”

In other words, their target zombies are summoning companions, and they did not summon earlier or later, but instead, they were summoning at this time. As if they knew that they are going to kill them.

Tie Zhi retracted his gaze on Luo Yesheng. The scar on his face moved, and he said confidently, “I’ve thought of this a long time ago. Brother Jie, the remaining zombies in the entire city are only the ones in the prison. Even if they are summoned to rush over, they have different speed, and they were all ordinary zombies. There is no threat at all. When they arrived, we had already killed the two high-level zombies.”

“You and brother Luo will make a move together, and it won’t take long for us to catch that fourth-level zombie at all.”

When he flattered, he also praised Luo Yesheng without leaving a trace.

“If we continue to delay on the road, our time will be a bit tight.” Tie Zhi’s analysis made Feng Leijie’s face turn from cloudy to sunny, and he quickly recovered.

“Brother Luo, Tiezhi is right. Even if a group of zombies come over from the prison, it is no big deal. They are all ordinary zombies.” He thought Luo Yesheng wanted to retreat, half-comforting and half-threatening, “I have so many brothers under me. I’m afraid that a few ordinary zombies will join hands to kill that level 4 zombie as quickly as possible. In the end, you don’t want to go home empty-handed, do you?”

“Of course not.” Luo Yesheng pondered for a moment without saying anything. He had already reminded him; he got into his car instead.

“Brother Jie, this Luo Yesheng is clearly at the same level as you, but he don’t even have one-tenth of your courage.” After Feng Leijie got in the car, Zhang Wenxi, who had been shrinking in the car, leaned over and said disdainfully, “I really saw it. When he heard brother Zhi say that there is a large number of zombies in the prison, his face turned pale.”

This is obviously an exaggeration. How can a B class advanced ability user turn pale-faced just because of this news? It was nothing more than Zhang Wenxi deliberately saying this to set off Feng Leijie’s image.

Of course Feng Leijie knew it too, but this didn’t prevent him from listening comfortably.

A few minutes later, the leading vehicle turned the steering wheel to the right, and the car drove into the street where the window of the living room was located. Before the driver could clearly see the environment ahead, a strong wind overturned the car into the air, and then a piece of thin metal flew over. The car in mid-air splits into two like tofu and landed heavily on the ground.

The thin piece of metal stopped in front of Luo Yesheng’s car. The latter’s eyelids twitched, his fists clenched, and the flames rose into the sky, exploding the thin metal.

Luo Yesheng knew very well that no one had expected that the zombies would attack suddenly, as if they had calculated when they would arrive, not to mention that the two high-level zombies would cooperate and beat them by surprise.

The people in the leading car was attacked before they could react, and almost half of them died.

When the gunpowder[2]TN: This could mean figuratively, since a gun was not mentioned before and “硝烟” means smoke from guns. dispersed, Luo Yesheng looked up.

On the opposite side, the two zombies who stood one on the left and the other on the right, tilted their heads, and stared at them with their gray eyes, motionless.

The one on the left seemed to smell blood, and roared “Ho ho” at the screaming Flying dragon members on the ground. When the obviously thin elderly zombie on the right yelled at him, he just rolled his eyes then continued to stare at them.

Under the gaze of the two high-level zombies, the blood in Luo Yesheng’s body burned at this moment.

He licked his lips, and regardless of what Feng Leijie in the car behind was going to do, he pushed the door open, and got out of the car lightly like a cheetah.

Why don’t these two zombies do anything?

This thought flashed through Luo Yesheng’s mind, and then he heard a terrified voice, “Back, back.”

Behind what?

Luo Yesheng, while paying attention to the two high-level zombies in front of him, turned his body sideways, and looked back at the corner of his eye.

This glance made his beating heart suddenly stop for a moment.

In the street where they just came, countless zombies in prison clothes densely rushed in.

In other words, zombies were surrounding them.



1 TN: To put it simply, his expression turned ugly.
2 TN: This could mean figuratively, since a gun was not mentioned before and “硝烟” means smoke from guns.
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