The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 34

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 34

No one thought about why the zombies from the prison had come so quickly. Feng Leijie was the first to launch an attack. Snowflakes like goose feathers was fluttering in the sky for some period of time.

Zombies will hibernate in winter. Under cold temperatures, the actions of zombies will be affected accordingly. Even those high-level ones.

Sure enough, the speed of the two high-level zombies was immediately affected.

“Separate them” Feng Leijie’s strength is indeed strong. As soon as his voice fell, his people were already close to the zombies. A thick ice wall separated the two zombies, and instead of avoiding the tornado blade of the third-level zombie, they attacked the fourth-level one.

By separating the two zombies’ cooperation, it’s much easier to solve them one-on-one.

Luo Yesheng understood what Feng Leijie meant. While the rest of the Flying dragon was defending against the approaching zombies, Feng Leijie’s frozen skill wrapped the third-level zombie, and then threw it at Tie Zhi and the others.

“Lead it over there” Feng Leijie yelled at Luo Yesheng. When he attacked, the fourth-level zombie is not idle. His gun made of metal seemed to have infinite bullets, spraying madly at Feng Leijie and Luo Yesheng.

Anyone with a brain knows that they can’t be hit.

What’s worse is, when Luo Yesheng tried to melt the metal bullet with his fire ability, he found that even under the scorching high-temperature, the bullet not only met but instead, directly exploded.

What kind of bullets were shot here? They’re clearly bombs, one after another.

However, Luo Yesheng and Feng Leijie are both top-notch B class after all. They were a little embarrassed at first, but they soon found a gap to counterattack. A sharp ice cone penetrated the shoulders of the fourth-level zombie, bringing out a lot of bluish-black blood.

Taking this opportunity, Luo Yesheng roared and hit the fourth-level zombie from a tricky angle. The latter was blasted out and hit the ground heavily. The powerful force caused the ground to crack and gravel to splatter.

In a daze, Luo Yesheng heard a thin panicked voice, which soon disappeared. As fast as if, it was only his hallucinations.

Is there any other living person here?

There was no time for him to think about it. He cooperated with Feng Leijie to guide the level 4 zombie to another empty street.

Now this street is full of zombies, and the remaining members of the Flying dragon have worked hard to attack the third-level zombie, as well as the ordinary zombies that keep rushing over. A variety of abilities has emerged one after another.

The terrain is too narrow and there are too many zombies. The harm is greater for them than the advantage. Besides, they had already agreed to divide the labor before they set off. The goal of the two is the fourth-level zombie.

However, contrary to their expectation—the fourth level zombie did not take the bait.

Zombies devours blood, so the level four zombie should take the initiative to attack them. Obviously, the zombie already regarded them as food, and this food is about to run away. Why didn’t he continue to follow?

This is not consistent to the basic needs of zombies.

Or, this fourth-level zombie has realized that they are leading it away, so it does not fall into the trap.

Then, this fourth-level zombie already has self-awareness because of evolution.

The two looked at each other. Feng Leijie wiped his face that was cut by the thin metal. A pair of sunken, small fat eyes shone fiercely. “Since it didn’t took the bait, we will end him here Brother Luo.”

For some reason, Luo Yesheng didn’t immediately respond to Feng Leijie. He just let out a deep sigh, and looked up at the level four zombie.

Judging from his body shape, he should be an old man, or a powerful metal ability user. Otherwise, he would not become a strong zombie after being infected.

The more an ability user becomes a zombie after being infected, the easier it is to advance to become a high-level zombie, as they retain their ability before their death. Therefore, high-level zombies are as difficult to deal with as high-level ability users.

Sometimes at the same level, zombies are more difficult to deal with than those ability users.

And this is the strongest among all the zombies that Luo Yesheng has encountered.

Feng Leijie on the other side was obviously launching a big attack. Suddenly, when he was about to take a step, his feet slipped and he fell directly to the ground.

The fall was extremely severe, and Feng Leijie, a strong ability user, was stunned for a while. When he raised his head, two red marks slipped from his nasal tube. Since the temperature was low, it instantly froze into ice sticks and hung under his nose. The appearance is uncontrollably, a bit more funny.

This incident shocked Luo Yesheng. His hand movement slowed down. While avoiding the metal bullets, he approached Feng Leijie and said, “Captain Feng, are you…”

Feng Leijie’s face is so ugly that he couldn’t even care about the fourth-level zombie that was staring at him from a distance. He slowly stood up. His glistening small eyes looked around, as ice cones kept popping up from the ground.

“Someone attacked me.” He gritted his teeth and said something that made Luo Yesheng’s scalp a little numb.

Without rhyme or reason, one of his legs was out of control, and he fell directly to the ground. As if there is an invisible person who was standing by his side, and kicked him violently.

However, besides Luo Yesheng, there was no one else around him.

When he noticed Feng Leijie’s gaze, Luo Yesheng’s expression became cold. “Captain Feng, if I want to attack you, it won’t be at this moment.”

As the two talked, the fourth-level zombie rushed over, Luo Yesheng dodged embarrassedly because he was distracted. However, just as he turned sideways, a strange force hit the bend of his leg. He was caught off guard, and he knelt straight down.

When his knees touched the ground, the level 4 zombie’s thin deadly metal was rushing towards his throat. Luo Yesheng’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle tip. He roared. His right hand turned into a fireball, meeting the flickering thin metal that shone with cold light.

With a bang, the fourth-level zombie flew upside down. Luo Yesheng was not much better. The thin metal exploded in front of his eyes. If he hadn’t activated his special ability at the last moment, his head would’ve been removed from his belly and neck.

Because of this, Luo Yesheng gradually retreated drenched, with a hole in his chest, and blood gurgling out.

“You” Feng Leijie looked at Luo Yesheng, who had become a bloody man. Stunned, the fat on his face stiffened together.

Luo Yesheng’s face was pale. He took a breath and looked around like a falcon, saying, “I was also attacked.”

“It’s not me,” Feng Leijie subconsciously said.

Luo Yesheng turned back and killed the ordinary zombie that had come alone. This mere action affected the wounds on his body, causing him to tremble in pain.

Who the hell is it?

In this chaotic battle, he and Feng Leijie was accurately sneaked attack. Why did the other party sneak up on him at this time?

If he wanted to rob the crystal, shouldn’t he wait until they are about to kill the fourth level zombie before doing it? He hides in the dark to carry out sneak attacks, so his strength is definitely not strong.

What made him even more confused was how the other party silently sneaked into them and actually succeeded,

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