The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 35

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 35

At this moment, the person who attacked was very dissatisfied while shaking his somewhat stiff fingers. What Xiu Jin actually wanted to do was not to attack, but to throw people towards Luyu.

However, no matter how he previously move the people on the screen, he just couldn’t move them. He could only watch the zombie Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan being beaten to the ground.

Fortunately, after his tireless sliding, he finally succeeded in causing the ability users who attacked the two zombies to fall down at a critical moment. Which gave Lu Yu convenience.

After listening to the discussion between the two people about the sneak attack, Xiu Jin laughed up to the sky. Consequently, all the smart butlers were beckoned for fear that the Seventh Prince would react abnormally.

Fortunately, except for the exaggerated smile, everything else is normal.

Just that—

“Your Highness, the evening banquet is about to begin, you should set off, otherwise you will be late.” The smart housekeeper dutifully called back the master who was addicted to the game.

“Wait.” Without looking back, Xiu Jin tightly locked his eyes on the screen, which showed a panoramic view of the street.

Not long ago, Xiu Jin was still thinking about how he could help when the two sides start fighting. The baby daughter must stay upstairs and be hidden. However, without Bian Bian’s viewing angle, the screen will not show the image of the street.

He has to see the street through Bian Bian’s perspective before he can wait for an opportunity to help.

But how could he put his darling daughter in a dangerous situation? If she put her head out of the window and happened to be seen by the enemy, it would be dangerous.

As a result, his thought just flashed, and a message suddenly popped up on the screen: 【Switch to Street View? 】


“So the view can be changed. Why wasn’t it the case before?” Xiu Jin found out the important point.

The system did not want to explain, and ultimately said: 【It was just unlocked.】

It took a lot of its effort to blurt it out.

So Xiu Jin temporarily abandoned his precious daughter, and switched from the living room scene to the street scene, and started to help the two zombies in a different way.

The only regret is that, if only the weapon’s column is not gray, he can also buy weapons for the two zombies.

No, this doesn’t feel right. It’s obviously a game to raise a baby daughter, how can there be the illusion of raising two zombies together?

Xiu Jin was immersed in the game with his thoughts. He saw that Luo Yesheng had almost lost his combat effectiveness. However, there was still a Feng Leijie left, with his clear star eyes half-squinting—it was this scum who wanted to kidnap his baby.

Regarding this kind of scum, Xiu Jin naturally hopes that Lu Yu would rush up and bite Feng Leijie, this dog. Previously, as an off-court assistant, he can only cause Feng Leijie to slipped and fall heavily on the ground, interrupting his move. Now, he tried to slip him again but he’s not moving anymore.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t slip him this time. He just pressed his finger on Feng Leijie, not believing that his movements would not slow him down.

Sure enough, Feng Leijie on the screen slowed down for a moment, and this brief moment provided Lu Yu an opportunity. Following Luo Yesheng, Feng Leijie also became a bloody man ​​and fell to the ground motionless.

Zhu Yuan on the other side didn’t need his help. Together with the zombie army, Tie Zhi and the others couldn’t resist at all.

My precious daughter is safe now.

Xiu Jin was overwhelmed with joy and almost hummed a little tune until the smart butler interrupted again: “His Royal Highness, if you won’t leave, you’ll be 100% late!”

“How annoying!” Anyone who is disturbed when playing games will be very angry. Xiu Jin furiously glared at the smart butler, and said gloomily, “Can you get out?”

The smart butler shook his head very imposingly this time: “No.”

No matter how bad Xiu Jin’s face is, he still has to go to the banquet. In desperation, he switched the scene to the living room, and found that the baby daughter was sitting obediently on the small stool by the window, holding a gray bear in her arms.

“Wait for Dad to finish his work and then I’ll go online to accompany you.” In Xiu Jin’s consciousness, he quit the game, and everything that happened in the game stood still for a period of time.

When he goes online next time, it should still be the same scenario when he went offline. If it changes, it means that the trashy system has changed it, and he doesn’t even need to think about it at all.

That’s why he retreated with confidence. …

“Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan will be fine.” Bian Bian whispered to Gray gray. She knew that she should hide in the bedroom, but she didn’t want to.

She wants to sit here and listen to the sounds outside. Even if those sounds made her tremble unconsciously when it pass through her ears, she still listened carefully. Because she can distinguish the roars of grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan from these noisy sounds.

“Brother Jie, I can’t stand it anymore, let’s retreat!”

Someone collapsed and shouted.

Feng Leijie’s ice and snow ability caused the temperature to drop suddenly. Although Bian Bian is separated by a distance, she gradually felt cold after sitting by the window for a long time. She hesitated, walked into the bedroom cautiously, pulled out a coat and put it on.

The bedroom window is only half-open. I don’t know what happened to Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan. It will be easy to spot her in the living room window, so she quietly lean towards the bedroom window. If she was careful enough, will she not be discovered?

Bian Bian lowered her head and looked at the little bear. After a while, she stepped on the bed and moved her body to the window a little bit. Cautiously exposing half of her eyes to look out.

A large group of zombie entered her field of vision. She was unable to distinguish who is grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan.

At this moment, she heard a voice that was struggling to speak: “You all fucking show the skills of an ability user! Come out. So many brothers have died. Don’t even think about leaving if you don’t get the crystal. Who dares to go, I, Lao Tzu, will be the first to feed you to the zombies!”

These words had a huge deterrent effect, and those ability users who wanted to escape were suddenly nailed to the ground. Unable to move, they had no choice but to continue being surrounded by perils[1]TN: This is actually an idiom that says, “dangers spring up all around.” from the zombies’ mouth while doing their utmost to survive.

The voice panted, and said: “Brother Luo, don’t hide either. The person who attacked us is still staring in secret. If you have special abilities, use them. Let’s work together to kill this fourth-level and then find the person who sneak attacked to settle the account!”

Bian Bian can understand every word he said. But after putting it together, she still found the meaning, a little difficult to understand.

However, her intuition keenly told her that the “fourth level” in this villain’s mouth is grandpa, and he and another villain will work together to kill grandpa.

Obviously, when she peeked from the living room’s window before, the two bad guys who hit Grandpa had fallen to the ground. But why are they still going to kill Grandpa now?

You should run if you can’t beat it.

But they already can’t beat it, and yet they still have to kill Grandpa.

These bad guys are so bad!

Angry and anxious, the little dumpling’s tears rolled down from her eyes. Feeling sad because she couldn’t help.

“Bian Bian, don’t be afraid. Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan will be alright.” The sudden voice frightened Bian Bian. Then she immediately found that the voice belonged to dad system.

The little girl seemed to have a backbone in an instant, and the tension on her white and tender face disappeared a lot. While rubbing the corners of her clothes she whispered: “But those bad guys are so powerful…”

She was worried that grandpa would not be able to fight.

“Don’t worry, you forgot…” Before the words were finished, someone logged into the game, and the system cut the call with Bian Bian.

To the system’s surprise, the person who logged in was the no. 3, who had been squeezed out by no. 1—the magician.

He, being online made the system a little uneasy. In fact, it wanted the No. 2, Nong Jiusi, to log in. Although Nong Jiusi likes to use force to hit it, causing bouts of system disorder, but apart from this, Nong Jiusi abides by the rules of the game very much.

However, the magician number three, who was selected by the rules made the system instinctively feel dangerous—God knows why a system has such strange perception.

The magician re-entered the game, and was greeted with a few big words: Welcome back.

The system introduced the previous situation in a few words. Not mentioning the existence of Xiu Jin.

The magician is still lying in the yellow sand. Since being notified by the system of the disconnection, he did not try to log in to the game again, but instead studied the modified NR device.

When he was about to finish studying it, he saw the game icon again. He think for a moment, but moved faster than his thoughts—he clicked to log in.

Before he was disconnected, he tied a zombie with a belt. He planned not to log in again, and yet the plot actually changed a lot.

The plot skipped already in a short period of time causing the magician to frown. An invisible frost shrouded between his eyebrows. At the same time, Bian Bian who was in the bedroom felt a cold breath floating heavily. Causing the room that was cooled by Feng Leijie’s abilities to again drop in a few degrees.

The little girl sat on the bed silently, and finally didn’t hold back. She wrapped herself tightly with the quilt, stick out her little head, and tentatively said: “Uncle?”

She always wanted to ask her uncle to help Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan beat the bad guys. But she was embarrassed to say it. She didn’t know why, but she feel that even if she ask her uncle for help, he can’t do it.

But now she felt that her invisible uncle actually could do it.

The little girl was a little dazed. Completely confused by herself.


1 TN: This is actually an idiom that says, “dangers spring up all around.”

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