The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 36

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 36

After pondering for a few seconds in her heart, Bian Bian finally summoned the courage to say: “Uncle, can you help Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan get rid of the bad guys?”

She waited a while―anxious for a response. Feeling that the room seemed to be getting colder, she couldn’t help tightening her grip on the quilt again. Wondering if her request made her uncle embarrassed.

If she grew up, she can definitely protect grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan. The little girl clenched her fists, wishing she could grow up immediately.

Suddenly, Bian Bian felt a bizarre change.

―The temperature has risen.

It was too cold just now that she tightly wrap herself with a quilt, and in a moment, the cold air pervading the surroundings disappeared, returning to its normal summer temperature.

Not only is Bian Bian tightly wrapped with a quilt, she also wore a jacket. The temperature changed too fast that she sweated on her back, so she quickly took off the quilt and the jacket.

She heard voices outside―


“What person!”

“Who? Sneakily hiding in the dark, if he has the ability then he should show up openly!”

There are more zombie voices, and these voices converged together.[1]TN: The voices that she heard, as well as the zombie voices. Obviously, these voices are not distinct, and yet Bian Bian can tell what all these people say.

After hearing what the bad guy had said, her eyes lit up. Did invisible uncle helped?

He must have help.

Otherwise, the bad guys wouldn’t say that.

The little girl hurriedly got up and put the little bear on the bed. She carefully leaned against the window to let herself see as much as possible.

This time she successfully saw Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan.

After seeing their current state, Bian Bian bit her lips hard and tried to hold back, not letting herself cry.

The two zombies were practically in a different state as before. If they were not zombies, they would have died for an unknown number of times with the fatal injuries they received.

The ability users has thoughts and they will avoid danger. Although they seems very embarrassed[2]TN: ‘to cut a sorry figure’, they are much better than the two zombies.

However, of the more than 20 ability users that the Flying dragon brought, only less than five were left, which was extremely tragic. In fact, with their lineup of two advanced B class, and the remaining C and D class, it is enough to encircle and suppress two zombies.

However, there was a group of ordinary zombies.

In addition, Luo and Feng’s encounter made other ability users know that there was a hidden “oriole”[3]TN: from the Chinese idiom, “the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.” This refers to people who are attracted of the immediate interest without thinking about the possible … Continue reading on the scene. The other party secretly attacked and severely injured two B class combat powers, causing the scale of victory to tilt directly towards the zombies.

Nevertheless, when the seriously injured Luo Yesheng and Feng Leijie lost their ability to move, this encirclement and suppression became a complete failure. Everyone fled for their lives using their ability, and yet, not knowing what abilities they used, Feng Leijie and Luo Yesheng unexpectedly recovered their mobility.

Even though their faces were so pale that they could fall down at any moment, judging from their movements and expressions, their combat power had not been lost.

Then, the scale of victory should now lean towards the ability users.

For Feng Leijie, as long as he gets the third level and fourth-level crystal and then advance to A class, it won’t matter if his people died.

Having reached the point of desperation, Luo Yesheng naturally wanted to take out his skills at the bottom of the box. His goal was not the crystal, he just wanted to have a stimulating battle, and he already had it.

However, the battle was unfair at the beginning. He was seriously injured by a sneak attack. If his previous goal was to fight, he now vowed to find the sneak attacker.

Raging anger burned in his chest, burning the blood flowing in his veins. No one could still remain calm after being nearly killed by a sneak attack.

Therefore, although Luo Yesheng can drag his severely injured body to escape, he will not leave―He should beware of sneak attacks, first kill the fourth-level zombie with Feng Leijie, and then look for the sneak attacker.

What he never expected was his and Feng Leijie’s attack on the seriously injured Level 4 zombie, had failed.

Immediately after Feng Leijie’s angry shout, the latter’s body suddenly stood still for half a second. He was wrapped up by an invisible air current and then was thrown out in a thunderous state. He could even hear the blasting sound that cut through the air, before finally falling into the group of zombies, and even them were swept away by the air current. They collided with a muffled noise, causing one’s heart to stop abruptly.

That noise overshadowed the roar of the zombies and echoed over the Jinxin district.

Deathly stillness. The dead silence, and the roar of the zombies seemed to pause for a moment.

The place where Feng Leijie fell was a small open space within a one-meter radius. He was lying on the ground contortedly. His body convulsed and twitched, and then a large amount of blood stained from under him.

His almost lifeless gaze stared at the sky. Unable to maintain his ice and snow ability anymore, the temperature rose suddenly. His throat gurgled, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t utter a word, and then…the ordinary zombies who were pushed away by the air current rushed up.

Until his last breath, Feng Leijie’s tarnished eyes were still full of disbelief, not believing that he will die just like this.

No one could see that there is a slender figure standing in the middle of the street. The magician looked at the group of zombies that was eating Feng Leijie not far away, and then looked down at his right hand.

He raised his eyebrows, and then retracted his gaze. His black eyes slowly looked towards Luo Yesheng.

A child raising game, played on NR device, is as real as the real world… The magician stepped closer to Luo Yesheng. The black leather boots stepped on a few pieces of broken glass, emitting a fragile creaking sound.

This sound made Luo Yesheng confirm the location of the sneak attacker. At that moment, what appeared in his heart was not to attack. All his subconscious thought rushed in his mind like needles, and finally converged into a word―escape!

Immediately, Luo Yesheng rushed into his car at the fastest speed. Although there were a few zombies next to his car, it was the existence of these zombies that prevented his car from being scrapped in the previous battle.

As for the few remaining Flying dragon members, he couldn’t care less. With his foot on the accelerator, Luo Yesheng smashed the zombies in the way. The engine roared, as the car left the street like a flying arrow.

Luo Yesheng’s nerves were stretched taut as he frantically stepped on the accelerator under his feet.

Was it an ability to become invisible?

Their attacks were ineffective against him, and he could solve Feng Leijie in one move…Even if Feng Leijie was seriously injured, but then again, wasn’t he and Feng Leijie also powerful in their heyday?

So… Is this an A class ability user with invisibility?

Is invisibility the special ability he possessed after awakening his ability?

Why would an advance A class ability user with special abilities suddenly act on them?

Are those two high-level zombies his target? And because he and Feng Leijie robbed him of his things, he decided to kill them?

Luo Yesheng’s mind suddenly flash over what Feng Leijie said before they set off―they had found a corpse of a third-level zombie beast here, and thought that there had been a high-level ability user passing by, that killed it.

Is this that person?

One thought after another entangled repeatedly, turning from passive to active manner, incessantly attacking Luo Yesheng’s spirit, making him ignore the pain caused by the injuries on his body. However, he also understands his physical condition. No matter what the situation is, he now needs to find a secure place, to pass out safely.



Luo Yesheng’s escape signaled the remaining Flying dragon members, no one dared to worry about the crystal. They resorted to the great method of escaping―Feng Leijie died without even touching the enemy’s face, and Luo Yesheng also escaped. Would they still continue to stay here as food for the zombies?

When the ability users fled, the army of zombies naturally chased them. Some couldn’t find their way and rushed straight towards the magician

Although knowing that these disgusting things could not touch him, the coldness on the magician’s face still deepened. There wasn’t any visible movement, and yet the zombies that hit him exploded with a bang.

The magician twisted his eyebrows in disgust, and took a few steps back. Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan staring at each other, all in tatters, covered with black and blue “soup water”[4]TN: this probably refers to their blood. Some of their wounds were too big and you can see the internal organs that have changed color.

He should be thankful for not being able to smell.

The magician withdrew his eyes blankly and raised his hand to switch to the living room scene.

The clean and bright living room eased his mood, and then he sat down on the sofa.

After no less than half a minute, the system’s greetings appeared in front of him: 【Congratulations, you are safe.】

It probably thought that this sentence is too dry, so the system held back for a few seconds, and then added: 【Please keep it up.】

The magician raised his eyelids slightly. His eyes coldy swept over the two lines, and smiled softly: “Is this really just a game?”


If the system has hairs, it must have all stood up by now.

【Certainly!】 It decisively answered.[5]TN: this is actually an idiom that says “to chop the nail and slice the iron” that means to be resolute and decisive. I did just that so it would fit the sentence. Please forgive me for my … Continue reading

The corner of the magician’s mouth was half-curved. He did not speak.

That’s a smile… right?

Trying to ignore the magician’s smile that made the system feel cold on the scalp, it said: 【Although the ability users that want to harm Bian Bian have been resolved, the existence of Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan is still a ticking time bomb for Bian Bian. As a good father who loves his daughter, he will certainly not let Bian Bian fall into the danger of being easily harmed by zombies.】

【The injuries suffered can be healed, and the game played can be re-logged in, but there is only one Bian Bian. If she died, she will be gone completely. Please protect Bian Bian.】

Hearing that, the magician seemingly “sneered”. When the system was still unsure whether he perceived wrong, Bian Bian came out of the bedroom.

“Uncle, are you still there?”

The system carefully observed the man sitting on the sofa who looked like a black evil spirit; he had a slight change in his expression when he saw Bian Bian.

It knows that there is no male that can resist Bian Bian!

“Thank you Uncle for helping Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan beat the bad guys.” She turned towards the window, where she thought her invisble Uncle was. Her little face was full of childish seriousness, “Bian Bian is still too young now. When I grow up, if Uncle asks me to do something, I will definitely do it.”

The magician leaned leisurely on the sofa. The plain sofa made his face look paler. He looked at Bian Bian, and suddenly laughed in a low voice.

“It’s been a long time since I heard such innocent words.” His tone was a bit mocking, but it was mixed with a different kind of gentleness.

In his ears, the little girl couldn’t conceal her worried and lost voice. His voice was very low, he just wanted to say it, but he didn’t want her to hear it.

“Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan are injured.”

Worried that they were injured, she is disappointed because she could not help.

Then, she had asked her uncle to help her grandfather beat the bad guys. Even though she was still young, Bian Bian understood that she couldn’t always ask for help.


Stepping on a small stool, she look through the window on the two scarred zombies sitting downstairs on the ground. They are vigilantly facing each other, and yet no one wanted to leave.

Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan are zombies, and zombies cannot be cured.

Bian Bian has always been very aware of this.


1 TN: The voices that she heard, as well as the zombie voices.
2 TN: ‘to cut a sorry figure’
3 TN: from the Chinese idiom, “the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.” This refers to people who are attracted of the immediate interest without thinking about the possible danger. In this context, the “Oriole” in here means danger.
4 TN: this probably refers to their blood.
5 TN: this is actually an idiom that says “to chop the nail and slice the iron” that means to be resolute and decisive. I did just that so it would fit the sentence. Please forgive me for my incompetence T.T

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