The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 37.1

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 37.1

After the big battle between the zombies and the ability users, most of the streets downstairs were almost destroyed. In addition, the abandoned vehicles parked on the side were overturned on the ground, laying in pieces.

There were burnt marks everywhere, as well as half-burnt corpses. The cracked ground is covered with dark red blood, and the air is filled with a pungent, rotten smell.

The army of zombies wearing prison clothes drove the surviving ability users away. There is a zombie who seemingly wanted to stay. After it ran a distance, it once again hesitated to return.

A pair of gray eyes stared at the two high-level zombies on the ground, which appeared to be defenseless.

There are two ways for zombies to advance, one is to advance naturally, and the other… is to devour their own kind.

Yes, zombies can also eat other zombies, or crystals. However, ordinary zombies don’t have this kind of consciousness, while zombies above the second level will instinctively develop the consciousness of swallowing similar crystals[1]TN: Remember that zombies are ability users before, and ability users can promote themselves by absorbing crystals that corresponds their ability. This also applies to zombies. to promote themselves.

This zombie that hesitated to stop is a second-level zombie.

He was summoned like other ordinary zombies. Facing a zombie two levels higher than he does, he unconditionally obeyed, without raising any resistance.

Just like a dog raised by its master. When the master beckons, the dog will run over and obey the master’s orders.

However, now the “master” is seriously injured and incapacitated. As a “dog”, it is possible to eat his master due to starvation.


The second-level zombie stopped hesitantly. The instinct belonging to the zombie class tells himself that if it ate two severely injured advance zombies, his level will rise at a terrifying speed. At that time, he will dominate this area.

Seeking wealth and danger, this can also be used in the law of zombies.

He waited for a long time. Then, he threw a corpse over, that had been gnawed by the zombies to the point where only bits and pieces were left, indicating that he was “offering food” to the boss.

In the prison, he is a second-level zombie, where he also manages a batch of ordinary zombies. Moreover, those ordinary zombies are usually so respectful to him.

Of course, he wasn’t offering food with kind intentions. It was just a test. Using food to test whether these two zombies are no longer dangerous.

The position of a second-level zombie is very delicate. It’s not too far away, yet also not too close. Judging from his current appearance, he is in a much better state than the two “seriously injured” zombies. During the battle just now, he mostly stayed in the middle of the zombie army, and 80% of the attacks of the ability users were borne by other zombies.

The first to move was the third-level zombie. During the fierce battle, he had no time to fill his hunger with food. Although the battle is over, there wasn’t any food that he could take in. When the second-level zombie threw the half-fresh corpse over, the smell of flesh and blood made the level 3 zombie struggle to stand up from the ground.

Clang Dang!

A piece of thin metal sheet flew over, hit his forehead and rolled to the ground. It was a part of the car.

It was thrown from the hands of the level four zombie.

He roared at the third-level zombie, and although his voice was weak, the coercion belonging to an advance fourth level was still there.

The third-level zombie hadn’t reacted yet, but the second-level zombie who had been paying attention were taken aback, realizing that he had probably miscalculated. Even if the “master” was seriously injured, it was still not easy for this “dog” to make a move.

Therefore, the second-level zombie picked up the half-mutilated corpse and ran away like a frightened bird.

“Hoho!” Seeing that the food in his mouth was gone, the third-level zombie hatefully roared back to the fourth-level zombie on the opposite side. He stiffly picked up the metal piece that hit him, and raised his hand to smash it back to the fourth-level zombie.

As a result, when he was about to smash it back, he stopped his action. He slowly put his hand down and silently moved the metal piece to his mouth, licking the blood on it.

This action seemed to anger the fourth-level zombie. He jumped up with his injured body in an instant, and crashed into the third-level zombie like a cannon. The latter hit a trash can that was still standing stubbornly on the ground and flew away with it, before falling heavily on the ground. A large chunk of it visibly shrunk into his chest.

The zombies didn’t feel pain. Nevertheless, with this heavy blow, it was difficult to stand up again for a while.

The fourth-level zombie faltered, looked around and raised his head, accurately pointing his eyes towards the wide-open window on the third floor.

Bian Bian’s little head was there, witnessing the sudden scene just now.

The fourth-level zombie walked two steps forward, and just stood restrainedly. He raised his hand and slowly touched the bridge of his nose; the glasses on it had disappeared in the battle just now.

A paper box suddenly fell out from Bian Bian’s side, and the sound made Bian Bian retract her head. The sudden appearance of things out of thin air at home, no longer surprise her.

Knowing that invisible uncle gave this to her.

She jumped off the stool. Squatted on the ground, and observed it carefully.

The outside of the carton is white, without any pattern or writing. There is a seal encircling it. Bian Bian torn off the seal to open the box.

There is a roll of medical gauze, alcohol, and two transparent medicine jars, which are filled with something similar to a gel. It is light blue in color, and looked particularly like jelly.

“Bian Bian, this is the wound medicine for Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan.” The system explained in due course, and didn’t say much. It disappeared after saying this sentence.

Of course the magician bought the wound medicine. He casually tapped into the market where only the “medicine” column could be clicked. One of the icons was lit―【Primary wound medicine kit.】

The wound medicine kit includes basic medical gauze, disinfectant alcohol, and two jars of repair ointment. As the name suggests, if the body has been injured, repair ointment can be applied to speed up the healing process.

Consequently, there is a very small reminder regarding the repair ointment: it can be used for all species.

In other words, no matter what species is injured, this ointment can be applied.

So… how about zombies?

The magician didn’t ask. He just casually paid with star coins, letting the primary wound medicine kit that he purchased fall on the ground while staring silently at the little figure.

The system was worried that Bian Bian could not understand these, so it risked being discovered by the magician and explained it to Bian Bian.

Although Bian Bian is illiterate, she is no stranger to medical things. She has a small medical kit herself. Combining medical gauze and alcohol, as well as the words of dad system… picking up a jar of repair ointment, her small face is full of uncontrollable excitement.

Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan have medicine for their injuries. At least, at least they can stop the bleeding in their bodies. She thought.

But…  Bian Bian’s two thin eyebrows knitted in distress: “How can Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan put medicine on their bodies?”

It was her invisible uncle that helped beat the bad guys away and bought the medicine for her. She shouldn’t obtain an inch slowly by asking him to give medicine to his grandfather and Uncle Zhu Yuan.

Bian Bian felt embarrassed just thinking about it.

Looking at her little fist, the little girl thought to herself: Although she is still young and can only do limited things, she can’t always ask for help from others. She must do what she can.

She has to try applying medicine for Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan.

Moreover, she only need to apply the medicine on the wounds of Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan. She doesn’t have to use a knife. It’s very simple.

Zombies can eat people, but in Bian Bian’s heart, she is quite sure that Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan will not eat herself―even if Zhu Yuan tried to fly up and attack her not long ago.

If Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan can’t move, she can apply medicine to them.

Like before, when my invisible uncle tied Uncle Zhu Yuan with a belt.

Bian Bian ran to her bedroom, pulled out two pieces of rope, and said to the air without confidence: “Uncle, can you help me tie up Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan?”

The magician did not respond. He just sat on the sofa without even lifting an eyelid.

“It turns out that uncle has left already.” When she didn’t get a response, she subconsciously thought that her invisible uncle had left. That’s fine, otherwise she will always want to ask her invisible uncle for help.

She knows that this kind of behavior is not good, so she has to forget asking for requests every time.

It doesn’t matter, she can do it herself!

“I haven’t thanked my uncle yet for the medicine he gave me. When my uncle comes next time, I must remember it.” The little girl muttered to herself while tying the rope around her waist, and then bending over to pick up the medicine box. She has decided to go downstairs to help Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan apply medicine.

She didn’t forget to bring the little bear again. With Gray Gray, her courage will be greater.

“Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan both fell on the ground and didn’t move. I just threw something down but they didn’t move when they heard it. It shows that Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan are very uncomfortable. If there wasn’t any medicine applied to them, and in case there are bad guys again. …” Bian Bian sniffled, “I must protect them.”

She quickly pulled out a cloak and a raincoat to put on. She thought, if Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan decided to bite herself, they would not be able to if she was wearing a raincoat.

The little girl think that she was very thoughtful.

In this way, while holding the little bear and the medicine box, she walked down the stairs with her two short legs.


1 TN: Remember that zombies are ability users before, and ability users can promote themselves by absorbing crystals that corresponds their ability. This also applies to zombies.
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