The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 37.2

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 37.2

—The raincoat’s mantle mostly obstructs her line of sight.

Bian Bian is unaware that there is a shadow quietly following behind her. Regarding what she had done just now, the magician only looked at her coldly, while the system kept popping out messages: 【You are a father, quickly stop Bian Bian from doing this dangerous thing.】

【Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan are zombies. They are very dangerous. Bian Bian can easily have an accident while going downstairs alone.】 

The system thought that the magician bought the medicine kit to help, so that the two zombies would no longer be in danger for the time being, and then he would ask Bian Bian to take the medicine kit to treat the two zombies.

Unexpectedly, the magician gave up after buying the medicine.

【Once Bianbian is infected with the virus, based on her physical condition, it will be unlikely for her to survive and she will definitely become a zombie.】

The magician said softly: “It’s just a game. What’s the difference between raising a human daughter and raising a zombie daughter?” 

The system choked hard.

“Unless, this is not a game?”

It came again.

If it tells him the real situation, it will be game over—it won’t exist anymore!

“It’s all about child raising. Whether it is a human or a zombie, it’s the same to me.” After the magician finished speaking, he did not switch scenes, and still followed the little figure in front of him step by step, who was moving slowly because she was holding a bear and a medicine box.

The system missed Xiu Jin very much at this time. Although he was a little silly, he was the only one who took the child raising game seriously—treating Bian Bian as his daughter. Moreover, he was more concerned about the safety of Bian Bian than anything else.

Otherwise, it’s also okay for Nong Jiu Si to come. No matter how bad he is, anyway, Jiu Si is quite normal—the system always feels that the magician is not normal.

Obviously, it seems that he didn’t want Bian Bian to meet with a mishap, yet he still pushed her into a dangerous situation, and followed behind to watch.  What kind of ghost habit?

The system is frustrated, if it’s a person, it has to… uh, forget it, it’s better not to provoke perverts.

At the gate of the community, Bian Bian took the key from her neck, opened the lock and went out. Turning to the right is where Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan are, the little girl took a deep breath and lightly approached.

She first saw Uncle Zhu Yuan.

The zombie had already thrown away the trash can that he had smashed into. His chest was sunken,[1]TN: I didn’t know before, but there is indeed a syndrome like this: and he sat halfway on the ground uncomfortably.

During the time that Bian Bian was going downstairs, he seemed to have been thinking of ways to correct his broken sternum.[2]TN: Breastbone.

However, the result is not obvious.

If it weren’t for that same kind on the opposite side, could his bones have been broken this much?!

The zombie tried to stand up several times without success.

Although zombies didn’t seem to have “stamina”, he still feels that he didn’t have “strength” anymore. Even he, himself, didn’t understand why he had such consciousness.

In short, this zombie devoted all his thoughts into correcting his broken bones. Doing this single mindedly made him forget the hunger that seeps into his soul.

Bian Bian noticed that Uncle Zhu Yuan lowered his head, without even looking at herself.

Then she noticed that there was an iron bucket not far away. If she put the iron bucket on Uncle Zhu Yuan’s head, it would be easier to tie him up.

Thinking this way, Bian Bian put the medicine box and the little bear on the ground: “Gray Gray, you first wait for me here.”

Without Gray Gray and the medicine box, she moves more easily. She slowly approached the iron bucket. After looking at it, her small face wrinkled into a ball—thinking that she might not be able to lift it.

But she  still has to give it a try.

The little girl stretched out her thin hands to hold the handle of the iron bucket and lifted it hard—


She looked at the iron bucket which was lifted by herself in surprise, it’s not heavy at all.

The magician followed Bian Bian not too far and not too near, and even the system was confused. He didn’t see number three doing it. How could Bian Bian lift the iron bucket so easily?

The system doesn’t even know, let alone Bian Bian. The joy of lifting the iron bucket made the little girl not think too much. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she rushed to Zhu Yuan with a burst of energy, and put the iron bucket on Zhu Yuan’s head. Covering him.


“I’m sorry, Uncle Zhu Yuan.” While taking out the rope, Zhu Yuan stretched out his hands behind him very cooperatively and put them together. Without waiting for her to move at all.


Bian Bian immediately became vigilant: “Uncle, is that you?”

There was no response.

Seeing this, the little girl couldn’t figure it out again. Although she was puzzled, her hands were not idle. She wrapped Zhu Yuan’s hands together with a rope several times and tied a knot.

Then she tied Zhu Yuan’s legs in the same way. After she finished tying, she looked around and inexplicably felt that she tied him up so easily…

During that period, Zhu Yuan’s head, who was covered by an iron bucket, kept swaying. As if he wanted to shake off the iron bucket. 

Bian Bian hesitated and decided to take off the iron bucket later. After tying Uncle Zhu Yuan, she now had to tie Grandpa. After all of them were tied up, she could give medicine to Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan with peace of mind.

Grandpa is on the opposite side.

While tying Uncle Zhu Yuan, Bian Bian also looked at her Grandpa on the opposite side.

Seeing that grandpa was so dirty that she couldn’t see the original color of his clothes, she thought that after applying the medicine to grandpa, she would go back to get a set of clean clothes for him to put on.

Grandpa loves cleanliness, and always teaches her to love cleanliness too. Previously, grandpa was upstairs, so she couldn’t change it for grandpa. Now there is a chance.

If Grandpa changed clothes, so did Uncle Zhu Yuan. Uncle Zhu Yuan could not be left behind.

―The little girl completely ignored the difficulty for children to change clothes for adults.

She can tie up Uncle Zhu Yuan, can lift a big iron bucket, and apply medicine to her grandpa and uncle. What else can’t she do by herself?

With great ambitions, she happily approached Grandpa. Before she even approached, the old zombie quietly watched Bian Bian, who had tied Zhu Yuan without making a sound. Suddenly he propped up on the ground, sat up with some difficulty, while letting out a threatening roar towards Bian Bian.

The hoarse voice seemed to warn her not to pass anymore.

“Grandpa…” Her body shook.

The old zombie did not make other actions. He just silently fell to the ground, causing Bian Bian to think that her grandfather was too injured to move.

Looking at the old zombie in the distance, she raised her hand and wiped her eyes.

That was the grandpa who was familiar with Bian Bian, and he was also the grandpa who was unfamiliar to Bian Bian.

He won’t hold her to tell her stories like before, won’t call her Bian Bian, smile at her, won’t wash her hair with warm hands, won’t give her delicious food…

But he’s grandpa.

Even if he becomes an ugly monster, he is still grandpa.

“Grandpa, why do zombies eat people?”

“Because they are insane and can only eat people. You can’t be bitten by them. If you’re bitten, you will become the same monster as them, very ugly.”

“Bian Bian. Don’t turn into an ugly monster.”

“So remember, you are not allowed to go into dark places anymore.”

“Hmm, Bian Bian remembers.” 

Bian Bian remembered the time she went into a hole to find an egg, and happily shared it with Grandpa. But Grandpa beat her, and then grandpa told her why monsters wanted to eat people.

Will grandpa eat her?

She pressed her lips, ignored the warning roar from the old zombie, and continued walking forward. Then, her foot stepped on something, she moved her foot and found that it was grandpa’s glasses.

The lens is completely broken. One of the temples fell off, while the other one remains. Also, the frames were crooked.

She bent over and picked up the glasses that were so damaged that it couldn’t be worn anymore. Bian Bian made up her mind. She turned to the direction where she put down the medicine box and the little bear. Picked up the medicine box and little bear directly, and rushed towards the old zombie.

“Grandpa, you are not allowed to bite me!” She looked at the old zombie on the ground with her bright eyes.

“If you want to bite…” After thinking about it, she handed the rope over, “You bite the rope.” 

The old zombie looked at her, and then at the rope. He couldn’t help making a “hoho” sound in his throat. If it was changed to an ordinary person, he/she would’ve been so afraid that his/her face was pale.

But Bian Bian wasn’t. She even squatted directly beside the old zombie, no matter how dangerous it was at this moment, she raised her clean face and looked at the old zombie.

With Xiu Jin’s feeding in the past few days, the little girl’s face and spirit are much better than before. As if a withering flower that has been nourished, bloomed again, and blossomed charmingly.

The silence lasted for nearly half a minute, and the old zombie finally stiffened and raised his hand. Taking the rope that was handed over by Bian Bian.

“I’ll start directly.” Her eyes were bent into crescents, and she tore the seal to open the jar of repair ointment.

There was a piece of wood inside. She dug a spoonful of ointment using it and applied the ointment evenly to the wounds of the old zombie.

The old zombie just let her apply it. Moreover, he really put the rope into his mouth, biting it with his fine teeth. Then, he let himself fall to the ground, motionless with his eyes closed.

Grandpa had too many wounds on his body, and a jar of repair ointment was obviously insufficient. She cast her gaze on the second jar, and then quietly squinted to see Zhu Yuan, who was unable to shake off the iron bucket on his head due to his tied hands and feet.

Uncle Zhu Yuan didn’t have as many wounds on his body as her grandpa…

Therefore, she took out the second jar of ointment with peace of mind, and then applied it to all the wounds on her grandfather’s body.

Then, seeing only one-third of the ointment left in the jar, the little girl suddenly felt guilty.


1 TN: I didn’t know before, but there is indeed a syndrome like this:
2 TN: Breastbone.
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