The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

“Grandpa, you wait here. I’m going to apply medicine to Uncle Zhu Yuan.” Although she was guilty, Bian Bian didn’t regret it at all.

She couldn’t even wait to share her joy with the little bear next to her, and whispered: “Grandpa didn’t bite me, oh.” 

The little white tender face overflowed with a child’s unique flaunting expression.

She knew that Grandpa wouldn’t bite her!

The little girl stood up holding the remaining ointment. Unexpectedly, the old zombie suddenly opened his gray emotionless eyes then emitted a hoarse sound. He struggled to stand up, taking a few steps back, he is now two meters away from Bian Bian.

Bian Bian tentatively approached Uncle Zhu Yuan a few steps closer. When she looked back, she found that Grandpa had also walked a few steps behind her.

Grandpa is following her.

After realizing this, the little girl no longer had any worries. She bounced closer to Zhu Yuan, then applied the rest of the repair ointment to the place where the third-level zombie’s wound is heavier.

The third-level zombie sensed the approaching old zombie. Moreover, the iron barrel obstructed his sight thus, he twisted uncomfortably, which added a lot of trouble to Bian Bian’s treatment.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, don’t move.” Applying medicine also requires skills, and Bian Bian’s small arms were already sore after applying ointment to Grandpa―this is still in the case of the extra cooperative old zombie. 

Now the third-level zombie is constantly twisting his body, which naturally affects the efficiency of Bian Bian. The repair ointment was also wasted because it has been applied to places that are not injured.

The little girl couldn’t help it anymore, if she hadn’t known her own strength, she would’ve restrained him already.

After receiving Bian Bian’s soft “command”, the twisting body of the third-level zombie paused. No one knew whether he understood something or not. In short… he twisted his body even more fiercely.

Bian Bian: “…”

At this moment, the old zombie who had been standing two meters away from Bian Bian bypassed her. He approached the third-level zombie from the other side, raised one hand, and heavily slapped the iron bucket.

There was a crisp hum.

The third-level zombie fell to the ground, motionless, startling Bian Bian. Of course, she would not blame grandpa for hitting Uncle Zhu Yuan―in fact, not long ago, she had thought that grandpa could not beat Uncle Zhu Yuan.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan?” 

The third-level zombie didn’t say a word, so the old zombie slowly stretched out his foot and kicked the iron bucket.

A few seconds later, a low, threatening “hoho” came from under the iron bucket, and then, he lay down obediently. Like a real corpse, letting himself be tossed around.

“Grandpa is amazing!” Bian Bian is not stupid. With her toes, she can think that it was Grandpa who made Uncle Zhu Yuan so “obedient”.

The old zombie glanced at her and silently took two steps back. Still biting the rope in his mouth. He sat down where he could reach the iron bucket with his hand. His gray eyes watched Bian Bian’s actions.

Bian Bian showed a big smile to her grandfather, and then she carefully applied the medicine to Uncle Zhu Yuan. The application was soon finished.

Shaking her sore little arm, she nodded with a sense of accomplishment. She didn’t understand the effect of the medicine, however after applying it, she could see with her naked eyes that the wounds on Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan had stopped bleeding.

Under the old zombie’s watch, she “pulled out” the iron bucket on the head of the third-level zombie, revealing Zhu Yuan’s dull face.

Fresh, delicious… flesh and blood.

The dull face of the third level zombie slowly began to move stiffly. After seeing Bian Bian, the corners of his mouth opened wide…Bang!

His head was smashed―by the old zombie’s fist.

The movement of the third-level zombie froze instantly.

Seeing this scene, Bian Bian smiled while holding her little face. The soft laughter that belonged to a child fluttered in the wind, adding a hint of pure “cleanness” to this area full of rotten smell.

Looking at the terrible environment around her, Bian Bian made a decision.

Fortunately, the little girl had seen many bad scenes with her grandfather before, so she was not particularly afraid when she saw blood stains and some corpses on the ground.

“Grandpa, it’s too dirty outside, so you must not live outside. Let’s go home.” While untying the rope on Zhu Yuan, she said, “Now I will untie Uncle Zhu Yuan’s rope, you can’t let him bite me, oh.”

She wants to take grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan to live at home!

Regarding the current situation, the system didn’t know how to explain it, so it didn’t say anything.

It stands to reason that Lu Yu still hasn’t reached the fifth level, and only if he successfully advances to Level 5 can he recover 10% of his self-awareness.

However, Lu Yu is only currently at the pinnacle of the fourth level, half-way to level five. Therefore, it is impossible for him to have self-awareness at all.

But all his reactions to Bian Bian clearly showed self-awareness. Even if it wasn’t much, it was enough for him to understand that he should not hurt Bian Bian, so he began to instinctively protect Bian Bian and prevent Zhu Yuan from hurting her.

It’s so strange that the system checked all the data and found no suitable explanation for this situation.

Could it be the magician’s handwriting?

Did he bypass the rules of the system and awaken Lu Yu’s self-awareness?

If so, how did he do it?

Except for casually moving his hands before, after that, the magician only looked at everything silently, like a real shadow.

Seeing that, the system panicked.

But what makes the system happy is that the danger that Lu Yu poses to Bian Bian has been removed. Although Zhu Yuan’s danger still exists, it will not be a big deal with Lu Yu’s presence.

At the very least, Bian Bian was happy to take Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan home. The heartfelt joy of the little girl affected the system, making it feel as if there were countless beautiful fireworks blooming in its heart.

―Although it does not have a human body, it can actually feel it.

Therefore, the system did not make a prompt that it would be dangerous for Bian Bian to go home with Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan.

It was also at this moment that the magician went offline quietly.

The system was inexplicably relieved.

At the same time, Bian Bian had brought the two zombies home. The old zombie melted the door previously so it was impossible to install them again.

Unless Grandpa “fixes” the door.

Naturally, Bian Bian wouldn’t make such a request―Grandpa is injured.

Now Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan are by her side. For her, except for the fact that Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan had become zombies, there’s not much difference than before.

Even if there is no door, the home will be safe.

“Grandpa, Uncle Zhu Yuan, change your clothes.” She found two sets of grandpa’s clothes. Not long ago, she was thinking about changing grandpa’s clothes by herself, but now she realized that this was something she couldn’t accomplish.

However, Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan cannot be allowed to continue wearing those dirty and smelly clothes. They must change.

Bian Bian had no alternative but to hold her own clothes and hop around, trying to make them understand what “changing clothes” means.

During the process of returning home, the old zombie was quiet all the way, including at the moment where he was watching Bian Bian gesticulate while holding her clothes. Except for the fleeting flash of doubt in his gray eyes, he had no other reaction nor did he make any sound.

The sternum of the third level zombie was still not corrected so he walked a little unstable. Although he was repeatedly slapped on the head by the old zombie, he couldn’t beat him. 

Zombies also pay attention to those knowledgeable Junjie[1]TN: Junjie means outstanding talent/elite/genius. practitioners!

As Bian Bian gestured while holding her clothes, he suddenly realized something. He tore off his tattered clothes and went to pull his pants―

The silent old zombie suddenly roared and directly pulled the third-slowpoke-zombie’s neck, and then threw him out of the door. Afterwards, the old zombie almost carefully took the clothes in Bian Bian’s hand, walked out of the door, while carrying the third-level zombie who was thrown dizzy into the third floor.

The accident happened too quickly, and Bian Bian didn’t react for a while. When she finally reacted, she hurried out of the gate while holding Gray Gray.

A large piece of the metal wall on the third floor above was broken, which can be regarded as a “door”. It was made by the old zombie when he left the third floor previously.

Bian Bian saw Grandpa dragged Uncle Zhu Yuan in through the door.Thinking about Uncle Zhu Yuan’s shrunken chest, she was worried just in case Grandpa hit Uncle Zhu Yuan, she had just applied the medicine to the wound….  it must not be wasted!

She has to follow up and take a look.

However, just after taking her first step on the third floor, a piece of metal lay awkwardly in front of her, as if it was about to fall, but still hanging stubbornly, which was obviously preventing her from coming forward.

Bian Bian understood.

Grandpa took away the clothes and brought Uncle Zhu Yuan upstairs to change clothes.

She returned to the room obediently, waiting for Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan to come back after changing their clothes.

Thinking that Grandpa had lost so much weight, he needs to eat more to make up for it.

Bian Bian decided to cook, but the only thing she could do was “cook noodles”, which didn’t require any skills. She just had to boil the water and soak the noodles.

We’ll have noodles tonight.

After making that decision, Bian Bian expertly went to the kitchen, turned on the gas, and poured five bottles of mineral water into the pot. Among them was the organic mineral water that Xiu Jin purchased.

In order to feed Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan, she dragged out a box of instant noodles and took out six packets…

Six packets should be enough.

After hesitating, she picked up two more and decided to cook eight packets.

Even if she get more, she does not have such a big pot!

“Why haven’t they changed yet.” The little girl sighed and said to the little bear with a drooping face.

She returned to the kitchen with the instant noodles. The water in the pot had already begun to smoke. She tore open the packaging of the instant noodles one by one, and gently put the round noodles into the pot―the hot water would splash if she roughly threw it, and would scald her hand.

Putting a little bit of the seasoning in, the rich aroma of the instant noodles permeated instantly. Looking at the bubbling soup of the instant noodle, she couldn’t help thinking: adding meat would definitely make it more delicious.

Speaking of meat…

Snow dried meat is also edible meat anyway.

Bian Bian doesn’t know how to read. She didn’t know that the bag contains dried snow meat, but there are pictures on the bag that arouse people’s appetite. She can tell at a glance that there is meat inside.

With bright eyes, Bian Bian rushed back to the living room, stood on tiptoe, took the snow dried meat, and then glanced at the door. Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan hadn’t come back yet, but she could hear their voices.

Their voices made her feel at ease.

Returning to the kitchen, the fragrance of the instant noodles is much stronger. Bian Bian tore the package open, the snow dried meat inside is pink and white, one strip after another. When Bian Bian took out a piece, her small belly made a gurgling sound. She really couldn’t hold back under the scent of the snow dried meat, so she lowered her head and took a bite.

The meat is elastic, and chewing it in the mouth generates fragrance. After eating two strips unknowingly, she stuck out her little tongue, and with some reluctance, poured all the remaining snow dried meat into the instant noodle pot.

Consequently, the scent of the snow dried meat as well as the scent of the instant noodles merged and formed another attractive fragrance. Bian Bian squatted on the side of the pot and held her little fist, eagerly wanting to pour it straight to her throat.

The strange and attractive fragrance wafted out, as if alive.

Upstairs, under the supervision of the old zombie, the third level zombie who finally put on the right clothes after trying for six times was hooked by the fragrance. He agitatedly rushed downstairs with his underpants.

“Roar!!!” The old zombie stared at his underpants and roared in anger.


1 TN: Junjie means outstanding talent/elite/genius.

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