The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 39.1

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 39.1

A torrential rain poured down in the midsummer night. The continuous rain washed the ground, taking away all the dirt marks.

In a dilapidated building, Tie Zhi and Zhang Wenxi, who managed to escape, huddled together in an office. Some of the army zombies that came from the prison lost their prey and went to other places, while some wandered around. Therefore the two of them could only stay here temporarily, not daring to move.

“Brother Tie, Brother Jie is dead.” In the dark, Zhang Wenxi said in a trembling voice. He was about to approach Tie Zhi.

“You get a little bit closer, I don’t mind finishing you right now.” As he approached, Zhang Wenxi’s body froze. The cold muzzle of a gun pressed against his forehead. With a cry of fear, “Tie, Brother Tie, you, you…what are you doing?”

Tie Zhi sneered. His voice was cold: “Do you think that I’ve already exhausted my ability, so you can take advantage of my weakness to grab my ability and kill me? Your wishful thinking is quite good.”

“I, I didn’t.” Zhang Wenxi retorted with a trembling voice. In the darkness, no one’s face was clearly visible.

Tie Zhi: “Don’t think I don’t know how Liu Neng died.”

In the siege of the high-level zombies, when the members of Flying dragon escaped, only three people were left, and even Feng Leijie, the leader was dead. Liu Neng is one of the three survivors. In order to avoid the army of zombies, they finally chose to enter this building.

Before entering, Zhang Wenxi, who was running at the end, was about to be caught by the zombies. But somehow, Liu Neng, who was running in front, had a weak leg and became the zombie’s dinner, buying time for the two of them.

Zhang Wenxi escaped, and Tie Zhi hid in an unmanned office.

“The reason why I haven’t killed you right now is that, your special ability is still useful. You’d better be honest.” Tie Zhi’s voice was even colder and more forceful than before.

After a while, Zhang Wenxi weakly said: “Brother Tie, you really misunderstood me. I have always been on your side… Don’t worry, I won’t get close to you.”

“Besides, I know how many catties and taels I am. How could I leave here alive without you.” He said sincerely, skipping Liu Neng’s death.

Tiezhi was silent, seemingly gauging his meaning.

Zhang Wenxi made persistent efforts, his voice became brisk and a little flattering: “Although we lost a lot this time and got nothing, it is a good thing for Brother Tie. Brother Jie is dead, and the Flying dragon will be yours naturally. “

Tie Zhi let out a sneer from his nose, and retracted the gun that was on Zhang Wenxi’s forehead.

Zhang Wenxi breathed out a sigh of relief and wiped off his cold sweat.

Most of what he said was the truth, and now he and Tie Zhi were the only ones left. Tiezhi is a C class. He has to rely on him in order to leave here and return to the base camp. He is not a fool. If he really kills Tie Zhi, he would be cutting his own way.

“Brother Tie, speaking of which, we really have to thank that fourth level zombie and the expert who sneaked attacked this time.” He added the word “we”, “If it weren’t for them, Brother Jie wouldn’t die so easily. Looking at the strength that he had showed today, if we follow through the original plan, even if he and Luo Yesheng kill the fourth level zombie, his combat power damaged, and his ability was in my hands, I’m afraid it might not be successful. Moreover, your plan will not be implemented. “

Hearing this, Tiezhi was noncommittal.

He wanted to kill Feng Leijie a long time ago and replace his position. For this reason, he had been secretly planning for a long time. Feng Leijie was so powerful that he could only use external forces to kill him.

The opportunity is at this time, when they went to encircle and supress the high level zombies.

He made outstanding suggestions to Feng Leijie. Letting him work together with Luo Yesheng to kill the fourth-level zombie. Afterwards, taking advantage of Luo Yesheng’s weakness, Zhang Wenxi will use his special ability to capture Luo Yesheng’s abilities, so that Luo Yesheng could be easily killed, and Feng Leijie could only keep the crystal.

But in fact, this plan was aimed at Feng Leijie. Tie Zhi bribed Zhang Wenxi to attack Feng Leijie, who planned to kill the level 4 zombie, while he was unprepared.

Without his abilities, Feng Leijie could only be slaughtered.

As for Luo Yesheng, he just needs to trade on the terms negotiated first with Feng Leijie. From beginning to end, Tie Zhi had only one goal and that is to kill Feng Leijie. The crystal was not that important to him.

He didn’t think that the plan could not to keep up with the changes. He didn’t even need to take action and Feng Leijie died directly. Luo Yesheng escaped with serious injuries, and he also tried his best to escape from the group of zombies.

Seeing Tie Zhi not speaking, Zhang Wenxi thought for a while, and then said: “But Zhou Yubai is in the hotel. Will he doubt Brother Jie’s death and hinder you…?”

Zhou Yubai is said to be the same as Tie Zhi. They are both Feng Leijie’s confidantes, whom he trusted. However, Zhou Yubai is not strong enough, and has almost always stayed at the base camp, without going out.

During the time that Zhang Wenxi joined the Flying dragon, he only heard of his name and never met him.

Although Tie Zhi retracted the gun, he kept holding it in his hand. Focusing his attention on Zhang Wenxi.

People like Zhang Wenxi seem to be cowardly and incompetent, but in fact they have a vicious mind. Like a poisonous snake hidden in the dark. If you don’t pay attention, he will jump out and take a fatal bite.

Tie Zhi naturally wouldn’t give him that opportunity, he emotionlessly said: “You don’t need to worry about it.”

Zhang Wenxi ended the conversation with a smile . The rain was pouring heavily outside. At this moment, a strange sound suddenly resounded outside the office. There seems to be someone dragging something while walking.

Lightning flashed across the dark night. There was a fleeting bright light, and it is enough for the two ability users in the room to see the picture, that they had just caught a glimpse in an instant.

The office where they hid uses a glass wall. When they entered, they made sure that they were no zombies in the room. They closed the door of the office, and leaned against the corner.

When the lightning disappeared, both of them saw a fierce tail suddenly appearing in the corridor outside through the glass wall.

“Brother Tie…” Zhang Wenxi’s scalp went numb, and his teeth trembled. “It’s, it’s a zombie beast…”

There was a zombie beast in the corridor outside!

Tie Zhi yelled, “Shut up!”

It was unknown from what type of animal the zombie beast mutated from. The strange noises it made as it walked, rack the nerves of the two people, little by little.

They didn’t even dare to take a breath. While they were holding their breath enjoying the inhuman torture, the room in the third floor of Jinxin Community, a few blocks away, was bustling with noice and excitement.

The living room radiates a bright and warm light.

――Bian Bian pressed the orange side of the magic ball. The warm orange light illuminates the room.

She cooked a big pot of instant noodle, and finished a bowl of it. Her belly became rounder, while the rest of the noodle went into the stomach of the two zombies.

There is the old zombie. Except for howling from time to time, the third-level zombie, who was inevitably and rightfully punched by the old zombie,become more honest afterwards.

Especialy when eating. Contrary to what one might expect, the old zombie uses bowls and chopsticks. Although he is a little clumsy, after Bian Bian corrected a few movements, the old zombie had already quickly grasped the technique of holding the noodles with chopsticks. Not spilling the soup on his body.

However, the third-level zombie is a liitle bit worse on this.

His hands were so stiff that he couldn’t hold the chopsticks. Bian Bian was so anxious that she wanted to go and pull Uncle Zhu Yuan’s fingers to teach him to use the chopsticks, but the old zombie stopped her.

Grandpa did not allow herself to approach Uncle Zhu Yuan, nor did he allow him to approach her.

Bian Bian  bulged her cheeks, she had no choice but to give up, and let Uncle Zhu Yuan hold the bowl and pour it directly into his mouth.

――Contrary to one might expect, the third-level zombie actually wanted to grab the soup with his hands. Bian Bian helplessly said, “Uncle Zhu Yuan, you will get your clothes dirty like this”, and then, the third level zombie was beaten by the old zombie.

He had to give up grabbing it with his hands and instead pour it directly into his mouth. Only then was the old zombie satisfied, and continued to use chopsticks unskillfully to clip the noodles.

Until one person and two zombies finished eating, Bian Bian quickly cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks. She didn’t care what grandfather and Uncle Zhu Yuan were doing. She lifted the pot and put it on the stove with difficulty. Stepping on a small stool, she put the pot in the sink and started washing the dishes.

When I grow up a little bit more, I’ll be stronger.

The little girl was especially happy thinking that Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan will be able to accompany her in the future. She was full of joy in her heart.

The olde zombie stood at the door of the kitchen, staring at her small back. His gray eyes turned a few times, and then he suddenly walked around frantically. Wanting to go into the kitchen, but didn’t dare to.

His actions showed that he have been restraining himself. Not letting himself get too close to Bian Bian.

It’s as if getting too close would bring a terrible danger to that little thing.

On the other hand, after eating the instant noodles, the third-level zombie’s burning hunger, that seems to be engraved in his soul faded a lot. Thus, his attention fell on the side of the floor mat in the living room where the Lego toys was piled up.

This thing seemed to arouse his interest, so the third-level zombie staggered over and sat down. He stretched out his pale hand with dark lines, and with a  gentle push, the Lego toy was suddenly overturned, and the building blocks rolled  over.

Upon seeing this, the corners of his mouth slowly turned, and he made a “ho ho” sound―uhh….let’s presume that he laugh, ok?.

The third-level zombie who found the toy arranged those building blocks and started putting it together seriously.

The old zombie at the door of the kitchen glanced back, then turned his head, and continued to stare at the small figure in the kitchen.

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