The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 39.2

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 39.2

Meanwhile, Bian Bian, who was washing the dishes, put the little bear next to the stove, and then talk to it while doing so, shouldering the two roles at the same time.[1]TN: The role of herself and Gray Gray in the the dialogue.

“Gray Gray, will Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan speak again in the future?”

“Of course they will.” She lowered her voice, playing the role of Gray Gray.

Bian Bian: “But Grandpa said that monsters are no longer humans.”

The little bear/Bian Bian said: “But Grandpa didn’t bite you, went home with you and prevented Uncle Zhu Yuan from biting you. He is protecting you.”

“Yes, maybe Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan will become human again in the future.” Her voice was overwhelmed with excitement, “But how can I help Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan to become human again?”

Bian Bian’s version of the little bear: “When uncle comes next time, you ask him. He is so powerful, so he must know.”

“What if uncle doesn’t know either.”

After saying this, the little girl sighed like an adult looking at the dirty little bear.

After washing the dishes for the first time, she started to clean them for the second time. When she finally finished washing, she tried to drag the pot up. At this time, she desperately hoped that she could grow up quickly, so that she could easily do these things.

Unexpectedly, her footing on the stool was a little off, and it started to lean on one side. Bian Bian’s body lost its center of gravity, and the pot heavily fell back to the sink, while Bian Bian herself fell on the ground.

This is not the first time that Bian Bian has fallen. Therefore, she covered her face with experience―couldn’t fall to her face, it hurt most when she fell to her face.

The old zombie, who was at the door let out a mournful roar in an instant. Even though he didn’t know why, he instinctively rushed into the kitchen, trying to stop Bian Bian from falling.

However, when he saw the palm of his stretched out hand, he stopped―the nail is an abnormal bluish gray color, and the tip was sharp, similar to a cold blade.

It seems that something in his consciousness is telling him that he must not touch her, because it would be easy to scratch her.

This kind of consciousness tore his instinct to prevent her from falling, as if pulling the strings from his body,[2]TN: which made him want to roar madly.

With a bang, Bian Bian fell to the ground. However, her body’s momentum of falling to the ground disappeared, rather than falling, it’s more of lying down.

It doesn’t hurt at all!

Bian Bian, who was covering her face, stood up in surprise. She didn’t even bother to pat the dust on her skirt, as she quickly raised her little face to the old zombie who wanted to rush over but stopped, causing her body to swing dramatically and said: “Grandpa, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt.”

The old zombie stopped roaring. His tall and thin body was hunched, and his gray eyes trembled slightly, staring closely at little Bian Bian.

Bian Bian trotted over and tried to pull Grandpa’s hand. She felt that Grandpa was frightened by her fall.

In the past, every time she fell and hurt herself, her grandpa would hug her and cry for her, so that it wouldn’t hurt.

Before she could get closer, the old zombie abruptly retreated in shock, and directly withdrew from the kitchen. His body couldn’t stop trembling. He hurriedly put his hands behind his back and screamed anxiously.

No, you can’t get close.

He roared again, the roots of his teeth itching faintly.

Once again, Grandpa refused to approach. Bian Bian’s long eyelashes lowered, somewhat at a loss.

Fortunately, she was only at a loss for a few seconds, and she adjusted quickly.

This episode made her forget the strangeness of her fall just now, which did not hurt. Seeing that Uncle Zhu Yuan was playing her Lego, the little girl hurriedly ran over―

The old zombie also quickly followed. His eyes kept scanning Bian Bian’s body, seemingly checking whether she was injured, and as if he simply didn’t know what to do.

Bypassing the sofa, he was about to stand beside the third-level zombie. When he lifted his foot to step on the floor mat, he looked at the clean floor mat and then at his dirty shoes.

Although the clothes of the two zombies were changed, their shoes were not changed.

――Bian Bian forgot to look for shoes.

After hesitating, the old zombie silently retracted his feet.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, you didn’t take off your shoes!” Seeing the third-level zombie stepping on the floor mat with his shoes on, the little girl’s face collapsed, and the white and tender face wrinkled into a bun. Looking at Uncle Zhu Yuan and the piles of Lego with a headache….

If the floor mat gets dirty, how can she wash it?

The third-level zombie who heard the sound grabbed a building block, raised his bruised and swollen face, followed the sound and looked at Bian Bian.

Then he smiled at Bian Bian. That was probably…a friendly smile.

Although Bian Bian was not afraid, she was so stimulated by Uncle Zhu Yuan’s smile that goose bumps appeared on her arm.

Uncle Zhu Yuan, who hadn’t turned into a monster, was good looking. After becoming a monster, Uncle Zhu Yuan didn’t look so good.

As for grandpa… Grandpa is still as good-looking as before!

Bian Bian thought firmly in her heart.

Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan should change their shoes into clean ones. Why hasn’t she thought of it before? Bian Bian was a little upset, if there were slippers to change… Bian Bian turned around and ran towards the shoe cabinet at the doorway, searching for slippers inside. On the other hand, the old zombie picked up the building block that was rolling on the edge of the floor mat and smashed it towards the third-level zombie, who was sitting at the center of the floor mat.

The third-level zombie, who had been hit again held his head, and blankly turned his eyes to the old zombie, a little angry.

Why should he keep hitting him!

If it wasn’t because he was one level higher than him, if it wasn’t for…if it wasn’t for what? The third-level zombie was at a loss again.

“Ho ho!”

The old zombie stretched out his fingers to the floor that was not covered by the floor mat. A threatening sound that only the third-level zombie understands the meaning.

He was telling him to roll there.

If he doesn’t roll, he will continue to beat him.

The third level zombie’s “a little angry” upgraded to “very angry”. Two seconds later, he whispered back, curled up, and gu lu lu rolled out of the mat.

Facts have proved that zombies also follow their hearts.

After finding the slippers from the shoe cabinet, Bian Bian ran back and saw that Zhu Yuan was already sitting obediently on the floor instead of the floor mat. The old zombie was standing not far away.

Both zombies looked at her.

It must be grandpa who asked Uncle Zhu Yuan to step out. Uncle Zhu Yuan really listens to grandpa’s words. The little girl sighed with emotion, and automatically ignored the scene of grandpa beating Uncle Zhu Yuan.

She put the two pairs of adult male slippers on the ground, took off her shoes, and put them on again. Using this action to teach the two zombies how to change shoes.

The little girl looked at grandpa expectantly.

However, the old zombie did not immediately change his shoes.

After Bian Bian took off the sandals on her feet, a scar was shown on the back of her lovely right instep, which was not big. But because the little girl’s skin was white, the scar looked particularly hideous.

There are many such injuries on her body, and she wasn’t even aware how some of them had come to.

The old zombie stared at the small scar. Stretching out his hand towards it, his fingers trembling slightly.

“Grandpa, what do you want?” However, Bian Bian misunderstood the movements of the old zombie, thinking that Grandpa reached out to ask for something from her.

The old zombie blankly retracted his hand.

He wanted to speak, but he didn’t know how to express it, and what he said came out as roars…

It would scare her, it would scare her, it would scare her…this thought flashed back and forth into his blank mind.

Her injuries, falls, and the scars on the little girl’s instep irritated him. He wanted to check her body for injuries, but he knew that he couldn’t touch her. He would hurt her.

She is his most important and precious baby.

The treasure that is more important than his life.

The zombie that was sitting on the ground felt that this same kind seemed to be sick, even he understood the “tutorial” Bian Bian had just given―changing shoes is much easier than changing clothes.

He bent over and reached toward his feet, ready to take off his dirty shoes and change into clean slippers. Unexpectedly, just as he bent down, a fist came towards him, and then he lost control on one of his feet.

The third level zombie, who didn’t understand why he was beaten again, was stunned.

No, if he stays here all the time, it is possible that he will hurt the baby. He should go upstairs where he usually stays.

The old zombie thought vaguely, and then he picked up two pairs of slippers in his left hand, and dragged one leg of the third-level zombie with his right hand, then walked straight out.

The third-level zombie, who has nothing left to live,[3]TN: This is actually the meaning of the written internet slang on the raws. So sorry I couldn’t find something similar in english T.T let the old zombie drag him. Completely giving up resistance.

Can’t beat him anyway.

When the old zombie picked up the slippers and dragged the third-level zombie away, Bian Bian understood that Grandpa will take Uncle Zhu Yuan upstairs to change shoes, just like before.

Although she thinks that it’s okay to change here, she must respect Grandpa’s choice.

Grandpa definitely didn’t want Uncle Zhu Yuan’s stinky feet to smoke herself.

Bian Bian held the glowing magic ball, shook her calf and followed the two zombies. Watching Uncle Zhu Yuan being dragged away by grandpa, Bian Bian felt that Uncle Zhu Yuan seemed a little pitiful this way. The picture was so funny, and the little girl felt guilty for a while―she should stop grandpa and not let grandpa bully Uncle Zhu Yuan.


Why did she think that Grandpa was bullying Uncle Zhu Yuan?

The little girl bit her index finger and felt that it was absolutely wrong for her to think about Grandpa this way.

Walking in at the door, the old zombie exerted force on his hands, and the third-level zombie flew like a sack towards the metal wall, followed by the thrown two pairs of slippers.


The third-level zombie corrected his crooked nose. Then, he got up from the ground angrily, picked up the slippers, and aimed towards the head of the old zombie whose back was facing him.

After being beaten so many times, shouldn’t he also fight back?!

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, don’t hit Grandpa!” Standing by the door, Bian Bian could see clearly. She put her hands on her little waist and complained.

The old zombie turned his head sharply.

The third level zombie, who was holding the slippers, was taken aback. He looked at him, and after a while, he silently stuffed the shoes into his mouth.

“Eh, those are slippers, you can’t eat them!” The little girl jumped up anxiously.

The old zombie turned his head in satisfaction, and when he saw Bian Bian, his tight body relaxed. He raised his stiff fingers, and pointed to the back of the side door.

“…Ho…broken…hoh…feel…” He opened his mouth, and the sound of “hoho” was mixed with different syllables in difficulty.


1 TN: The role of herself and Gray Gray in the the dialogue.
2 TN:
3 TN: This is actually the meaning of the written internet slang on the raws. So sorry I couldn’t find something similar in english T.T
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