The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 40.1

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 40.1

Although Bian Bian didn’t hear it clearly, she understood what grandpa meant. So she obediently, retreated back and waved to grandpa: “Good night, grandpa.”

After saying that, she yawned. Today, for Bian Bian the workload has exceeded what she can take. She’s been drowsy long ago, so she’s just been suppressing the urge to sleep.

After washing up quickly, she lay on the bed with the little bear in her arms. Thinking that Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan were by her side, she was not afraid to go to bed at night.

Grandpa has lost so much weight and he needs to be nourished. Tomorrow, she will boil neinei[1]TN: Milk. Actually the formal term for milk in Chinese is nuinai however, its common to hear parents intentionally reduplicate the word nei as “neinei” to refer to milk. In simple terms, this can … Continue reading for Grandpa.

Turning off the magic ball, Bian Bian closed her eyes and peacefully fell asleep.

This is the first time that Bian Bian has fallen asleep with such peace of mind in the two months that her grandfather has left.

Bian Bian kept crying during the first few days of Grandpa being locked up inside the metal wall.

She couldn’t help but cry.

She was scared and she missed Grandpa. But grandpa said that no matter what sound she heard, she was not allowed to go out.

Bian Bian has always been a sensible little girl who listens to grandpa’s words very much. When grandpa said this sentence, his face was not good and he looked uncomfortable, so she kept this sentence firmly in her mind.

When Grandpa is by her side, she has a regular routine. She will get up at seven in the morning, and will eat breakfast. After breakfast, Grandpa will first go outside the community to check, and confirm that there is no danger, then he will come back to take her out for a walk, and find some daily necessities on the way.

At around eleven o’clock at noon, Grandpa will begin to prepare lunch, while Bian Bian would pack the materials that they had picked up by categories. This has always been her “job”, and she likes doing this kind of work very much.

After lunch, Grandpa would accompany her to play Lego on the floor mat, and after a while, she would fall asleep while playing. Grandpa would occasionally accompany her to take a nap, but most of the time, grandpa would practice next to her. When she wakes up from sleep, it will be almost time to make dinner.

At nine o’clock in the evening, grandpa would tell a lot of magical stories while coaxing her to sleep, and with the longing for those magical stories, she would soon fall asleep.

However, after Grandpa left, no one told her stories anymore. She was the only one left in the dark room, with Gray Gray as her only companion.

When she is tired of crying, she will fall asleep, no matter how scared she is.

Repeatedly, after getting used to that life, Bian Bian will not be so afraid anymore, and it’s no longer easy for her to have nightmares after falling asleep.

Consequently, Bian Bian who hadn’t dreamed for a few days, dreamed tonight, and it’s a beautiful one.

In the dream, she and grandpa were shopping in the supermarket, and there were many people around. Grandpa said that when there were no monsters before, many people would go to the supermarket to buy things, and there would be everything in the supermarket.

She was sitting in the cart, as grandpa pushed her away. When she saw delicious food, she stretched out her little hand and hugged them into the cart. In addition to the delicious food, there are many dolls that are more beautiful than Gray. Just as she was about to get one, she turned her head and caught a glimpse of Gray Gray aggrievedly looking at her.

Oops, can’t throw away Gray Gray.

Bian Bian held Gray Gray, and firmly rejected those beautiful dolls.

Grandpa hugged her and said with a smile, “Our Bian Bian is the most loyal friend.”

Of course.

Bian Bian raised her head triumphantly.


A tall and slender figure was sitting on the side of the small bed. Nong Jiusi watched the white bubbles that appeared from the head of the sleeping little one with interest. All the dreams that Bian Bian was having appeared in the circle of white bubbles, which let him see clearly.

He has been online for a while.

As soon as he logged in, he encountered the little girl falling to the ground. It was too late for him to stop her from falling, so Nong Jiusi used his feet to support her.

He entered the game after a few days of not being online, and found that the plot of the game had moved far beyond his expectation. There were two more zombies in the room, and it seemed that the little girl got along well with the two zombies.

Fortunately, the system came out at this moment and explained the reason in a few words, which allowed Nong Jiusi to figure out what happened.

“When I don’t log in to the game for a period of time, will the plot of the game be automatically updated?”

The system didn’t say anything. Anyway, speaking too much could lead to more mistakes, so he just let him make up his mind.

Sure enough, Nong Jiusi didn’t ask about the plot jump anymore.

At this moment, Nong Jiusi looked thoughtfully at the dream that Bian Bian was having. After a while, he suddenly said, “The side task is to make Lu Yu advance to level 5 and restore 10% of his consciousness. How could I complete this task?”

When the system first proposed this mission, Nong Jiusi refused. He was too lazy to do such a boring side task.

Now, he took the initiative to bring it up.

The system secretly “scoff”:【Lu Yu now has consciousness, so this side task is automatically canceled.】

Nong Jiusi paused, and turned to look at the intimacy value. His eyes half-narrowed: “Then why is the intimacy point still 0?”

The system slowly popped up a sentence:【As a father, if you want to establish a close relationship with Bian Bian, you must often go online. If you don’t even go online, how can she have a close relationship with you?】

Nong Jiusi: “……”

He could not refute the system’s words.

“My lord.” Nong Tang walked over, holding a wooden box in his hand, “The magic ball you wanted was delivered.”

The dragon clan are fond of shiny objects. The magic ball that Nong Jiusi gave to Bian Bian was offered to him. This thing was not essential for Nong Jiusi. Since it can be used as a lamp for the little girl, one is obviously not enough.

So Nong Jiusi asked Nong Tang to buy another one.

The magic ball has no other function except for emitting light. It is precisely because it only emits light and the manufacturing process is particularly complicated, that there are almost no magic balls on the market.

Otherwise, people would not have offered the magic ball as a gift to Nong Jiusi.

Nong Jiusi took eight magic balls to get exported, which were purchased at a high price, so it took a few days to get them together. Another purpose of his going online is to send these “lamps”.

After taking the wooden box, with a light flick of his slender fingers, the lid of the box was opened. Eight small and exquisite magic balls appeared which were neatly placed inside the box. Colorful, and extremely cute.

Nong Jiusi commanded without raising his head: “Go get some candy, and bring over Jiusi sword by the way.”

“…Huh?” Nong Tang was surprised, “Jiusi sword?”

Of course he knew that his lord wanted candy and the Jiusi sword. It was precisely because he knew it that he was shocked.

Many games now have the function of stuffing things from reality into the game, just to increase the game realism.

This is voluntary, whether the players are willing or not. In most cases, there is no player who is willing to put their own ‘real things’ into the game―isn’t that a waste?

Because if things are put into the game, it is very likely that you won’t be able to get them back.

It’s normal for adults to play a child raising game, and it’s normal to put things into the game. It’s just that the magic balls as well as the candies are not very valuable, but the Jiusi sword is different.

“My lord, do you really want to take the Jiusi sword?” Nong Tang was anxious, and the two dragon horns on his head couldn’t help but shake a few times, “You[2]TN: The ‘you’ that was used here was the formal or courteous one. forged the Jiusi sword with the hardest piece of dragon scale from your real body.[3]TN: Real body of Buddha or a God, since Dragons are considered heavenly beings. To put it in a game, isn’t it actually somewhat…”

wasting natural resources recklessly.

Nong Tang didn’t dare to say these four words in front of Nong Jiusi. Fearing that he would provoke the boss. He now sees that Nong Jiusi’s mood is like that of a member in an ordinary family―the mentality of a prodigal parent.

How many people in the outside world want to buy weapons forged with dragon scales at a high price. However, the dragon clan treasures their own scales. Occasionally, they use their scales to build weapons for their own use, but they will generally not sell them. The weapons forged with dragon scales were unattainable…These were not important, the point is that the lord actually wanted to send his Jiusi sword to a game.

What a waste!

Nong Jiusi casually raised his head. His expression remained unchanged, and he indifferently said: “Any objections?”

Nong Tang looked horrified. He hurriedly shook his head, and ultimately turned and left with heavy footsteps. After a while, he took the candy as well as the Jiusi sword and returned.

“You, withdraw.”

As Nong Tang exited, he quietly raised his head and saw his own lord putting the candy as well as the Jiusi sword together in the wooden box containing the magic ball.

This is the determination to send things into the game.

Nong Tang clutched his chest, feeling a little pain in his heart.

No, not a little, but very much.

After experiencing system disorder once again, and after finally repairing the data with great difficulty, the system watched Nong Jiusi put a box full of things on Bian Bian’s bedside table.


1 TN: Milk. Actually the formal term for milk in Chinese is nuinai however, its common to hear parents intentionally reduplicate the word nei as “neinei” to refer to milk. In simple terms, this can also be said as the “babytalk” of the word milk in Chinese.
2 TN: The ‘you’ that was used here was the formal or courteous one.
3 TN: Real body of Buddha or a God, since Dragons are considered heavenly beings.
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