The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 40.2

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Chapter 40.2

――The box was also packed into a gift wrap by Jiusi, with a butterfly knot on the top.

Although the system is composed of data, it will be “painful” if there is a data error, and it will take more time to check!

After putting down the goods, Nong Jiusi bent down slightly, looked at the little one who was sleeping soundly on the bed, and slightly curled his lips: “This box of things can be worthy of intimacy points right?”

If it still wasn’t…

Nong Jiusi raised his finger to poke the little dumpling’s soft face and said, “Then you really don’t have a conscience.”

It was not until Nong Jiusi went offline that the system finished repairing all the data.

――Previously, it only sent a magic ball, but now it sends a box of things, which greatly increases its workload.

Fortunately, this box of things is very useful to Bian Bian and is presented as system bugs, so that the system does not violate the rules.

The sword that was forged with dragon scales should be very powerful, right?

Bian Bian can use it to defend herself, which was the most ideal.

So… the system suddenly felt that No. 2 was pretty good.

While Bian Bian was sleeping peacefully, having beautiful dreams, and a mysterious treasure chest appeared by her bedside, in a mansion a few blocks away, Tie Zhi and Zhang Wenxi had just recovered their lives from the grim reaper.

The two had just left the office where they were originally staying. They were chased by the zombie beast and they ultimately fled into the bathroom. The process of escaping exhausted all their strength. They fell to the ground trying to recover as much strength as possible. The small space was filled with rapid breathing.

“Why are there so many powerful zombies and zombie beasts in this area?” Zhang Wenxi touched his arm with lingering fear. Just a  while ago, his arm was almost swallowed by the zombie beast.

Tie Zhi breathed slowly, while paying attention to the outside. Although he didn’t want to answer Zhang Wenxi, only the two of them were alive now.

“They should have been summoned by that fourth-level zombie.”

“They must be nearby in order to be summoned. There are just too many high-level zombies and zombie beasts around here.” Zhang Wenxi said, “Brother Tie, do you think there’s any peculiar existence in this area, which causes the zombies and zombie beasts to advance very quickly?”

Tie Zhi did not speak.

Zhang Wenxi whispered: “Brother Tie, when we leave here tomorrow, we can go to the base and trade the situation here as an intelligence. The base will definitely like this information.”

“If the base knows that there are high-level zombies and zombie beasts in this area, they will surely send experts over to explore. We can’t deal with that level 4 zombie, but the base can…what do you think?”

Tie Zhi’s eyes flickered, and he glanced at Zhang Wenxi through the faint light outside the window. The latter’s proposal was not bad.

The Flying dragon has a certain reputation under Feng Leijie’s leadership, but they are all bad reputations. Now, the flying dragon organization has lost more than 20 members at once. If he wants to rebuild the Flying dragon, it is indispensable to trade supplies with the base.

Reporting the situation here to the base should be able to exchange a lot of supplies.

He gave an “um” to Zhang Wenxi’s proposal.

The roar of a zombie beast chasing off its prey was heard outside, causing even the bathroom door to rattle. Zhang Wenxi couldn’t help approaching Tie Zhi and whispered: “Brother Tie, I don’t know if I should say this…”

Seeing that Tie Zhi did not reply, Zhang Wenxi had to take it up by himself. He knew that Tie Zhi had been guarding him, but even if he wanted to attack him, he would not succeed.

It was unknown when the zombie beast outside would leave. It was really not safe for them to continue hiding here. The zombie beast might find them at any time, and if they really encountered a life and death situation, Tie Zhi will definitely leave him behind.

Since he couldn’t sneak an attack on Tie Zhi, he could take the other party’s ability temporarily and escape from this building alone. Relying on his own strength, he must use Tie Zhi to be able to live tonight. He needs Tiezhi to realize his value, so he will not abandon him when they encounter a dangerous moment.

“I think that the person who attacked Brother Jie and Luo Yesheng has always lived here.”

“What do you mean?”

“That fourth-level zombie was a metal ability user before his death, and the metal gates on the outskirts of the Jinxin community, as well as all the windows of that building has been reinforced with metal protection, which means that the level 4 zombie has been living in Jinxin Community before he was infected.” Zhang Wenxi said with great analysis, “If that Level 4 zombie and that sneak attacker knew each other, or they are relatives, all of this would make sense.”

“Big Brother and Luo Yesheng are going to kill that fourth-level zombie. As the family of that fourth-level zombie, the sneak attacker would certainly not allow that to happen. Moreover, I noticed that the window on the third floor remained open. If I guess right, the assailant was hiding on the third floor.”

After listening, Tie Zhi said meaningfully, “The analysis is good.”

Zhang Wenxi laid down his heart, and hurriedly said: “Although my strength is not good, but fortunately I have a good brain that can dispel your doubts at any time.”

Perhaps they were lucky. The zombie beast outside had a temper and after confirming that it could not find its prey, it dragged its slippery body and left.

The two people in the bathroom successfully survived this crisis and ushered in another dawn in their lives.

When the two of them fled the area cautiously, Bian Bian who had a night of good dreams, sleeping until she woke up naturally, rubbed her eyes and sat up from the bed.

“Good morning, Gray Gray.”

“Good morning, Bian Bian.”

The little girl lifted the quilt and got up. She opened the curtains, revealing the bright light.

Then, she saw the beautiful gift bag on the bedside table. She was taken aback for a moment, she could be sure that there was no such thing on the bedside table previously.


After she fell asleep, invisible uncle not only came, but also quietly gave her something?

Big grape-like eyes stared at the gift bag closely.

The food that Bian Bian received from her invisible uncle before appeared directly. They were not mysteriously packaged like this.

The outer packaging was too beautiful, but it makes Bian Bian a little timid. It was an instinctive vigilance against the unknown.

“Gray Gray, do you want me to open it now?” Bian Bian lowered her head to ask Gray Gray’s opinion. As if she had received some kind of affirmative response, the little girl approached the gift bag with anxiety and curiosity, untying the butterfly knot on it.

She opened it carefully, for fear of ruining the package. After removing the beautiful wrapping paper, she laid the paper flat on the bed while slowly opening the lid.

“Gray, so many lights!” The little girl’s eyes shone brightly. The first thing she noticed was not the candy on the surface, nor the dagger inlaid with many precious stones, but the magic balls.

She can’t wait to take out the magic ball. She counted it, and there are eight in total. There are nine of them if she counted the other one, which was equivalent to nine lights.

“In this way, Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan can also use these lamps.” Bian Bian held the magic ball like a baby. She ran out of the bedroom, put one on the dining table, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and put another one on the sofa.

When it’s all turned on at night, the house won’t be dark at all.

“Let’s give the rest to Grandpa.”

Bian Bian ran out of the door. She perked up her ears, listening to the sound from upstairs, it was very quiet. It was confirmed that Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan were still asleep, so she returned to the room and decided to wait for them to wake up before giving those lights to Grandpa, lest she wake them up, if she goes up.

At this moment, remembering that there were other things in the box besides the lamps, the little girl jumped back to the bedroom.

The candies that Nong Jiusi had put into the box were not common even in the Alliance Empire―the dragons are notorious picky eaters. First of all, the materials needed to make the food that they eat are expensive, and secondly, it must taste good. At the same time, they must satisfy the dragon clan’s aesthetics. Each of these three are indispensable.

“Gray Gray, what is this?” She picked up a delicate candy package, which contained a candy house that was made up of various chocolates. Although it was only palm-sized, it was made lifelike. No girl can resist this type of dreamlike beauty.

And Bian Bian is no exception. Where could the little girl born in the apocalypse see such beautiful candies―the only candies she had eaten were melted fruit candies.

“Are they toys?”

However, Bian Bian didn’t recognize these as candies, because the carvings were so beautiful. She tore off one of the packaging―will these toys taste sweet?

Smelling the sweetness, Bian Bian began to doubt her guess. She held up the candy house, hesitated for a moment, and finally licked it tentatively.


It’s candy!

Bian Bian’s eyes lit up, she licked again twice. She was sure it was candy, but she was reluctant to take a bite. She then put down the candy house, looked at it eagerly, and said, “When Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan wake up, we will eat it together.”

There are good things to share.

The little girl’s gaze passed over the candy and fell on the Jiusi sword.

“Is this candy too?”

Bian Bian picked up the dagger. Compared with her small hand, the dagger was a little bigger, but it weighed very lightly―a piece of dragon scale is, of course, not that heavy.

The scabbard of the dagger was gorgeous, inlaid with countless gems. She leaned close and tried to smell it, however, she didn’t smell any sweetness. She then licked several gems in a row, and there was no taste at all. Bian Bian finally determined that it was not candy.

She looked at it carefully. Remembering the fruit knife that she usually used, and then compared the place where the hilt was. She carefully held the hilt of the sword, there were two characters engraved on it, and she naturally couldn’t recognize it.

With a soft “clank”, the dragger was drawn. The sword’s blade was bright, which can reflect people, like a mirror, showing Bian Bian’s little face filled with amazement.

Bian Bian ran out of the bedroom while holding the dagger. She took out the fruit knife before, and compared the appearance of the two “knives”. The little girl inevitably liked the new and hate the old,[1]TN: This is an idiom that refers to people who are enamored with their new girlfriend/boyfriend and had become bored with the old. and her eyes turned into crescents: “Gray Gray, now I have two small knives oh.”

Happy, she subconsciously knocked the two knives on each other.

Clang Dang.

The fruit knife was broken into two, like tofu.


Looking at the fruit knife, and then at the Jiusi sword, the little girl couldn’t help but flatten her mouth in grievance.


1 TN: This is an idiom that refers to people who are enamored with their new girlfriend/boyfriend and had become bored with the old.
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