The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 41

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 41

Xiu Jin was awakened by the smart housekeeper early in the morning.

“Lin Yisan, do you really want to return to the factory and start over again!” The seventh prince who was forced to get out of the bed looked at the smart housekeeper in front of him, with an expression that a storm was about to descend.

He went to the banquet last night, and halfway through, he was told to accept an interview with the media―on charity.

This was supposed to be Huan Tianjue’s job, however, Huan Tianjue took the supplies to the impoverished planet. As one of the heads of the charity foundation and a member of the royal family, Xiu Jin must take the interview seriously on behalf of the royal family,

In the end, a private celebration banquet became a commendation conference for the Seventh Prince. There were cameras everywhere, and media reporters desperately squeezed in front, just to get closer to Xiu Jin and get first-hand news materials.

By the end of the interview and the banquet, it was already two o’clock in the morning when he got home. Thinking that staying up late would damage his skin, the seventh prince hurriedly finished his skin care routine, and then fell directly on the bed. Before falling asleep, he vaguely felt that he had forgotten something, but he couldn’t care less.

As a result, he felt that he had just fallen asleep and was awakened by the smart housekeeper.

Facing the host’s unkind expression, the smart housekeeper quietly took two steps back. Confirming that the host could not hit him at this distance, he quickly broke the pot: “His Royal Highness, the Third Highness asked me to wake you up.”

Xiu Jin was stuck in a paste and he couldn’t pull his brain out for a while. He just wanted to beat the smart butler. After listening to the reason, his furious expression became stagnant: “… Third brother?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The smart housekeeper emphasized, “The third Highness is in the living room, waiting for you to go over.”

Xiu Jin woke up, and then he became even more angry. He lifted the quilt and stood up: “am I your master or Xiu Yan is your master?! If he asks you to call me, then you call me, he…Oh, brother, in the morning, yes, did you have breakfast?”

The third prince Xiu Yan, who is standing at the door, wore a military uniform. Like a sword out of its sheath that the air around him seemed to become fierce as a result.

He looked at Xiu Jin with a smile yet not a smile.

Xiu Jin wiped his face and shouted at the smart housekeeper next to him: “What are you doing here? Don’t prepare breakfast yet!”

The smart housekeeper has long been accustomed to the master’s fickleness and hurriedly left.

At the same time, he thought: Fortunately, His Highness came up, otherwise the master will probably turn him into an egg to roll out again.

Xiu Jin was afraid of his brother’s expression, and, based on his many years of experience,  Xiu Yan coming to see him early this morning is not a good thing.

Xiu Yan raised his leg and walked in. Xiu Jin jumped out of bed and couldn’t help yawning, still a little angry in his heart: “Do you know how late I slept last night?”

He glanced at the time and realized that it was only 7 o’clock in the morning, which means that he only slept for more than three hours.

Heavens, dark circles.

Xiu Yan said indifferently: “I didn’t sleep at all.”

Xiu Jin: “…”

So you came to toss me since you didn’t sleep all night?!

He resigned to his fate.

“My dear brother, if you have matters that need to be settled, please tell me directly, okay?”

Xiu Jin fiddled with the leaves of a cuilan pot in the room with his fingertips. Seeing Xiu Jin yawning again and again, he shook his head: “Where does Mu Xingzhi live?”

“Are you looking for him?” Xiu Jin yawned halfway through. Wiped away the tears that overflowed from the corners of his eyes due to continuous yawning, and frowned.

Xiu Yan let out an “um”.

Xiu Jin was surprised: “What are you looking for him for?”

Xiu Yan thought for a while, and then asked, “Have you heard of the magician?”

“Of course.” Xiu Jin snorted, “This guy has been on the celebrity list more often than I did.”

If this guy hadn’t sneaked up on the NR device he fancied, it would be much more convenient for him to play games and raise his darling daughter.

The corners of Xiu Yan’s mouth twitched suspiciously. He pinched his eyebrows, suppressing the urge to give Xiu Jin a beating.

“Last night, the magician kidnapped someone.”

Xiu Jin looked at the third prince in wonder. The magician is known for kidnapping people. It would be strange if the other party didn’t kidnap someone.

However, regarding the magician, Xiu Yan shouldn’t be alarmed, since the military department doesn’t care about kidnapping cases.

Moreover, the magician kidnapped people, because of some schemes that they cooked up to break the magic kidnapper. He will then broadcast them live, to disgrace the other party’s face. However, he still abides by one point, and that is, he doesn’t hurt people’s lives.

This is also the reason why although the magician loves to kidnap someone, he is still sought after by many people.

Strong, mysterious, unconventional, and with a unique personal style. No one knows what he looks like and how old he is.

It was enough for young people to fill up their brains as much as they liked and regard him as an idol.

Although Xiu Jin didn’t want to admit it, in terms of popularity…the magician was much better than him.

He doesn’t know what eyes those people have, they don’t like the handsome and golden seventh prince, yet they chase after a kidnapper who doesn’t even dare to show his face.

Maybe the magician is an ugly old man.

“He kidnapped old Bailey’s granddaughter. Old Bailey went into the palace to see father in the middle of the night. Father called me into the palace, giving me two days to find Old Bailey’s granddaughter, and then arrest the magician to bring justice.” Xu Yan’s voice was low, and those who are familiar with him will know that he is definitely not in a good mood as of the moment

“Wait a minute!” Xiu Jin was a little dizzy because of the news from his brother, “Let me digest it.”

Old Bailey is an earl, who is old enough to retire and live his senior years at home. Xiu Jin has met his granddaughter, who seems to be six or seven years old. She has the impression of being a spoiled little girl.

According to the magician’s law of kidnapping people in the past, he generally only kidnaps those nobles or officials with bad morals, as if he was eliminating harm for the people.

Even if the magician suddenly goes crazy and doesn’t like people from the Bailey family, he should have kidnapped an adult. What does he kidnapped a girl for?

This is the first time that he kidnapped a child.

As for how the magician kidnapped people…

According to old Bailey, he went to his granddaughter’s room in the middle of the night to see if his granddaughter had the habit of kicking the quilt. As a result, when he entered his granddaughter’s room last night, he found that the bed was empty. He didn’t care at first, since it’s possible that the child woke up in the middle of the night and left the room.

However, after searching for a full circle, he still couldn’t find little Bailey. Instead, he found a black card on little Bailey’s bed with the word “borrowed” written on it.

A card is the magician’s symbol. Every time he kidnaps someone, he will leave a card to indicate that he abducted the person.

Old Bailey recognized the magician’s card and was shocked by it. He didn’t understand why the magician wanted to kidnap his granddaughter. He checked the surveillance at home and found that there were no abnormalities at all. His granddaughter seemed to have disappeared from the house out of thin air.

Worried that something might happen to his granddaughter, he hurriedly entered the palace to see the emperor.

Old Bailey’s son and daughter-in-law sacrificed for the country in an accident. Therefore, the safety of Little Bailey is particularly important.

The emperor immediately summoned the third prince, handed the matter over to him, and gave a deadline.

Xu Yan, who received this task, was very troubled. He had heard of the name magician, however he did not know the magician at all. To find little Bailey and arrest the magician in a short time was easy to say, however, he had no idea how to carry it out.

Before he came back to find Xiu Jin, he had been to Old Bailey’s house. But even with his experience, he didn’t find any useful clues.

“…So amazing?” Xiu Jin got goosebumps when he heard it. But even his brother didn’t find any clue.

It’s no wonder that none of those who were freed after being kidnapped, succeeded in catching the magician.

Isn’t that…he asked Korff to check who bought the NR device, and Korff ultimately found out that it was the magician. Was Korff so good?

Otherwise, tell his brother about the magician’s purchase of the NR device?

Xiu Jin’s thoughts ran like a wild horse, not knowing where it had gone.

Xiu Yan glanced at his younger brother, whose thoughts were obviously wandering beyond the sky. Took a deep breath, and pressed the deep folds of his brows again: “I need Mu Xingzhi’s help.”

Xiu Jin returned to his senses and finally understood why his brother came to find him early this morning and mentioned Mu Xingzhi.

“Mu Xingzhi is only a half fish. How can he help you find the magician?”

Among the four great nobles, the most low-key were the mermaid clan. They have fewer people than the dragon clan. Mermaids were timid by nature. They live in the mermaid ocean and they hardly engage with the secular world.

The reason why the mermaid clan is one of the four nobles is that, the first wife of the emperor, the biological mother of the eldest prince, the third prince, and the seventh prince, was a mermaid.

―If mermaids choose to integrate with humans, they will lose their immortality and they will become real humans.

And Mu Xingzhi is the only mermaid who’s willing to engage with the secular world except for the deceased queen for so many years. Through his studies, he became an excellent surgeon and worked in a general hospital. He performed various operations every day, holding a scalpel to bring others back to life.

With regards to the relationship, Mu Xingzhi is considered as the Xiu three brother’s cousin. However, even Xiu Jin doesn’t know why. As far as he can remember, the eldest brother and the third brother do not like Mu Xingzhi and they never had any dealings with him.

Xiu Jin is a stubborn person with a bad temper. What his eldest brother and third brother didn’t like, he insisted on liking. When he was a child, he liked to hang out with Mu Xingzhi. So when he grew up, he naturally had a good relationship with Mu Xingzhi.

“If you want to find the magician, you can go to your friend for “so many years” to ask for help.” Xiu Jin said, “Nong Jiusi is so powerful, he must have a way to find the magician.”

Xiu Yan glanced at him.

Is Nong Jiusi a brick that he can move if he wants to?  

Even if he and Nong Jiusi are good friends, the Dragon Clan has their pride and they will not take action easily.

Furthermore… If you ask a dragon to fight, it will definitely win. However, that’s not necessarily the case if you ask them to find someone.

There is a specialization in every industry. Moreover, dragons are not police dogs.

“Ok Ok Ok!” Frightened by his brother’s eyes, Xiu Jin had to turn on his photon computer,[1]TN: In case some of you forgot, this ‘photon computer’ was mentioned on ch 22, where people can automatically deposit star coins with just a sweep of it. feeling annoyed in his heart, “I will now contact Mu Xingzhi.”

While contacting Mu Xingzhi, he asked again: “Why ask him for help? Except for using a scalpel to perform operations on others, where does it look like he can find someone?”

Among the four nobles, the mermaid clan is the weakest. Even though they have a bit of a fighting power in the sea, however, who fights in the sea these days?

“There was a faint smell of the sea in the room of the crime scene. The magician had been to the beach before kidnapping people.” Xiu Yan tiredly rubbed his temples. This was the only clue that he found at the scene.

“No matter which sea the magician goes, Mu Xingzhi is a merman, and the mermaid clan are the God in the sea,” Xiu Yan said with a faint expression, and after a few seconds, “I need Mu Xingzhi to help track him down.”

“Where are they God?” Xiu Jin muttered, “My mother was also a mermaid before, so we are considered half mermaids by law. Then why can’t I breathe in the water?”

Xiuyan: “…”

My hands are a little itchy, wanting to beat someone. . .

“No one answered. Perhaps he was sleeping, or was still in the hospital performing surgery.” Xiu Jin yawned again, “I will send you the address of the hospital as well as his home address… Then what, brother, don’t I need to go with you to find him together?”

Xiu Yan’s face was expressionless: “What do you think?”

Xiu Jin’s face suddenly collapsed.

When he contacted Mu Xingzhi with his photon computer just now, he suddenly saw a picture of his baby daughter, and he finally remembered what he had forgotten before going to bed last night.

He forgot to log in to the game to see his darling daughter!

However, Xiu Jin ultimately failed to resist. He had to take Xiu Yan to find Mu Xingzhi. On the other hand, the magician carried the sleeping little Bailey in his hand, then put on the NR device and clicked to start the game.

System:【Welcome back.】

“Grandpa, this is the neinei that I made for you. You quickly drink, oh.” The little girl stood on tiptoe in front of him to put the cup of milk on the dining table. Her hands shook, spilling a few drops of milk on the back of her hand. The little girl withdrew her hand and licked the spilled milk on it without wasting anything.

The old zombie didn’t move. However, the third level zombie behind him sneaked out half of his head, staring at the fragrant cup of milk, ready to move.

The old zombie who was aware of it, gave him a fierce look. Then, he carefully picked up the cup, raised his head and drank it, and finally put the empty cup upside down in front of the third-level zombie.

Third level zombie: “…”

The magician stretched out his pale fingers, pointing towards Bian Bian, who was covering her mouth while laughing, and shook little Bailey in his hand. The corner of his mouth was slightly hooked. His voice was soft: “I’ll use her in exchange for her.”

【The system was frightened and in disorder…】


1 TN: In case some of you forgot, this ‘photon computer’ was mentioned on ch 22, where people can automatically deposit star coins with just a sweep of it.
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