The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 42

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 42

From the very beginning, the system knew that the magician was not easy to deal with, because the aura exuded by this person was just too strange. It was as if he didn’t care about anything, and yet it was as if he wanted to take matters into his own hands, covering the rain and turning the clouds.[1]TN: An idiom that literally translates to “Turning the hand is the cloud and covering the hand is the rain.” This describes people’s capriciousness, or play of power, like playing tricks behind … Continue reading

The system was difficult to describe. It would rather be “beaten” by Nong Jiusi than be in contact with no. 3 for a long time.

However, the rules selected the magician to become number three. As a system, it can’t do anything about it. It can only try to guide number three to properly rear Bian Bian through the game.

Moreover, the system is bound. After all, it’s just a system, and it still has to act according to the rules. It cannot allow the players to realize that Bian Bian is real. As for why it can’t, it doesn’t know. This is the consciousness given by the rules that it has to abide.

In fact, it has been thinking about how to distribute intimacy points. Bian Bian doesn’t know that there is more than one “invisible uncle”. In her cognition, ” invisible uncle” specifically refers to number one. Therefore, the intimacy points that she generates can only be fixed to one person, which is number one.

Of course, this is unfair to No. 2 and No. 3.

No. 3 has just come out, and he hasn’t paid attention to the value of intimacy. However, No. 2 has already paid attention. If the issue of intimacy points is not solved, No. 2 will definitely find the problem sooner or later.

The action of no. 2 last night made the system understand that this matter is imminent. But it can’t directly tell Bian Bian that the “invisible uncle” that appears on her side was not the same individual. This solely requires Bian Bian to realize it and if the system intervenes, it will definitely be discovered by the rules.

The previous conversations between ‘it’[2]TN: The system and Bian Bian were at the risk of being discovered.

In short, the system also has its own difficulties, but it firmly believes that under its own handling, the several dads can raise Bian Bian without intervention from each other.

Such a cute and sensible baby, who doesn’t want to put her at the palm of one’s hand to love?

Just when the system decided to find a way to cheat, so that no. 2’s  intimacy points will no longer be zero, as long as the value is not large, this cheating can still be achieved.

In the end, the one who went online early this morning was not Nong Jiusi, whom it had initially thought, nor was it Xiu Jin, but the most unlikely, the magician.

Not to mention, the magician even kidnapped a girl and wanted to change Bian Bian with the other party.

Just, how did he come up with this terrible idea?

Face-to-face substitutions are not something that can be done easily in practice. Nevertheless, he actually wants to exchange people with a player character[3]TN: PC (Playable Character) in the game.

Why would he propose such a thing that is even impossible to think about? Or, did he determine that it is not a game, and that Bian Bian is real, and is only presented through a game?

In accordance with the magician’s previous performance when it went online, the system suddenly realized that his ability to speculate things was quite good. If this is indeed the case, then even if it must be killed, it should not admit it!

Otherwise, it will cease to exist.

Once it ceases to exist, the game will automatically disappear, cutting the game connection. For No. One, Two and Three, it is just merely uninstalling a game. Perhaps they may be frustrated for a while because they can’t log in to the game. But for Bian Bian, there’ll be no one that will secretly help her anymore, and that she will face her future life alone.

The system cannot accept such an existence. Even if it is composed of data, it has “feelings”.

The system quickly restores the data that has been disordered due to fright. Regardless of what the magician thinks in his heart, it must pull itself together and firmly deny it.

【Attention! Real life entities cannot enter the game. Player, please do not mention requests that this game cannot achieve.】

The system was a bit annoyed, because the magician’s request was too unexpected, its data had been disordered. In addition, this response seemed to have a feeling of “No 300 taels of silver is buried here”,[4]TN: An idiom that means to reveal what one intends to hide. This idiom came from the story of a guy surnamed Zhang. With lots of hard work and effort, he managed to save 300 taels (Chinese ounces) … Continue reading so it secretly prayed that the magician had not noticed this.

This sentence made the magician’s eyes half-narrowed. Because he had just kidnapped someone in the middle of the night, he was dressed in a kidnapper’s attire―

Black clothes of unknown material covered his figure without showing even the slightest bit of skin on his body. He wore a disguise mask on his face that once he puts on, what appears in the eyes of others was an ordinary face. The kind that was so unremarkable it would be left unnoticed when thrown into the crowd.

The eyes are the window of the soul. Under the effect of the mask, the magician’s eyes appeared dim and dull, but at this moment, where his eyes are half-narrowed, his dim eyes seem to contain a scathing edge. Like a sleeping lion slowly waking up, signaling the advent of danger.

“You mean, non-living objects can enter the game.” The magician’s voice became considerably lower.

The system: “……”

Thinking about handling the box of things that Jiusi had just stuffed into it last night, the system finally admitted it.

【This game only supports players to send real-world items into the game to assist Bian Bian’s survival.】

【Hint: Like other holographic games, there is a high probability that the items sent into the game will not be returned. Player, please consider what was appropriate.】

“After so long, it finally didn’t spout nonsense.” The magician said meaningfully.

The system thought to itself, what does No. 3 mean? Does he no longer think that Bian Bian is real? Does he finally think this game was just a holographic game?

It was waiting for the magician’s response.

The magician glanced at little Bailey in his hand, and threw her onto the small bed next to him. This was a small hotel that he casually found.

“I want to talk to her.” Then, the magician made another request.

The system heaved a sigh of relief. As long as no. 3 does not insist that the game is real, and needs to exchange Bian Bian with another person, its crisis will be over.

It’s normal for players to want to communicate with Bian Bian. Both Xiu Jin and Nong Jiusi have mentioned it, so the system didn’t think much about it. Not realizing that the magician’s “talk” and its idea of “communicating” are actually different.

However, this again involves intimacy points.

【You and Bian Bian don’t have enough intimacy points to communicate.】

“Is that so?” The magician’s face which was covered by the disguise mask showed a half smile. “Then what do you want me to do?”


The system hasn’t reacted yet, and suddenly it received an emergency warning: 【Attention! There is a virus invasion!

For any kind of system, viruses are the most terrifying enemy. The system cannot think about the reason why it was invaded by a virus at this time. There is only one thought left, and that is to eliminate the invading virus and prevent its data from leaking or damaging.

The magician has already quit the game and removed the NR device that was connected to an unregistered photon computer.[5]TN: I was wrong :< this was the previous “mind essence” on ch 22 and 41, so sorry I just realized that there is such an actual thing called “light brain”, which is the literal translation … Continue reading The screen of which displays the game login interface.

A small robot stretched out a mechanical arm and kept on tapping the code on the virtual keyboard. The screen was divided into code areas. With the continuous tapping of it’s robotic arm, the codes in the code area ran faster and faster, suddenly―

A red warning appeared: 【Invasion failed.

The magician frowned and took a step forward. The small robot hurriedly retreated, giving up its position.

Pale fingers replaced the robot’s cold and mechanical ones. If the keyboard had consciousness, the speed of the magician’s fingers would have caused it to go on strike. His fingers’ speed practically formed afterimages, and within half a minute, the warning that the invasion had failed, disappeared.

When he thought that everything was going well, the magician’s fingers suddenly stopped. His face turned gloomy in an instant. Staring at the code on the screen, his dark pupils flashed with shocking hostility.

The warning【Invasion failed.】appeared on the screen again, not just one, but countless ones, which filled the screen instantly.

However, after a while, the magician’s expression regained its calmness. With a tap of his fingertips, he exited the code area, and disconnected it from the NR device.

“My lord, do you want to continue?” The little robot who retreated to the side opened and closed its mouth, emitting a cold mechanical sound.

“No need.” The magician smiled leisurely, his voice rarely a bit brisk, “I already know the answer.”

The little robot doesn’t have a face, so it can’t express a dazed expression.

“It is often that what needs to be desperately concealed is the truth.” The magician walked back and forth in the room in a comfortable mood, “A game that can connect to the real world is rare and interesting.”

“I originally wanted to invade the system to take control of the game. If I can realize to shuttle between the two worlds through the game…” the magician said this, and glanced at the ignorant little robot. It was unknown what he thought of, for he didn’t continue the next words.

He turned off the photon computer. At this moment, little Bailey, who’s on the bed, woke up. Rubbed her eyes and sat up.

The magician had ten thousand ways to keep her asleep. However, he just moved his fingers, then crossed and clasped them, staring flatly at little Bailey.

Compared with the cheap daughter that was given to him by the game, the eight-year-old little Bailey is like a real princess. She is of noble birth. Although her parents died in the line of duty, there’s still the entire Bailey family behind her.

“Who are you?” Little Bailey opened her eyes and saw neither the familiar bedroom nor the familiar servant. She stood up and looked around in a panic.

Then, she met the magician’s eyes.

Where has little Bailey ever seen such eyes? Her flustered expression stagnated, and there was an obvious fear on her face. She clung to the quilt under her body, and said in a trembling voice, “I, my, my grandfather is very powerful. If you dare to hurt me, uncle emperor will kill you. You better send me back immediately!”

Towards the end, she seemed to have gained confidence and was not so scared anymore. She rolled her eyes and whispered, “Uncle, you want money right? As long as you send me home, you can have as much money as you want.”

The word “uncle” sounded inexplicably harsh, causing the magician to frown in displeasure.

“If I were you, I would keep quiet for now.” He gestured to the little robot, and the latter clicked on his body a few times, turned into a chair and walked over. The magician sat down slowly.

When danger comes, animals will have an instinctive reaction, and humans are no exception. Little Bailey obediently shut her mouth. Tears rolling in her eyes.

The magician didn’t seem to notice the tears in the little girl’s eyes. He leisurely leaned on the back of his chair and stared at Little Bailey. Neither his attitude nor his demeanor regarded little Bailey as a girl, but rather that of an adult.

“Take off the mermaid clothes you’re wearing. In exchange, you can ask me for something.”

Mermaid clothes are clothes made by mermaids, which were woven from mermaid yarn. They are impervious to winter and summer[6]TN: Cold or warm, however they are only useful for girls to wear and are extremely difficult to find.

Little Bailey understood the meaning of this sentence, and hurriedly said, “I don’t want your stuff. You send me back.”

The magician raised his hand and threw a lot of things on the bed. There is a little more impatience between his eyebrows. “Choose one. “

Little Bailey thought that the magician threw something to hit her, so she shrank in fright. After hearing what he said, she didn’t even see what those things looked like and hurriedly picked up something, which looked like a mirror and whispered, “I want this.”

The magician let out an “um”, got up and walked away so that little Bailey could take off her clothes.

The magician didn’t have any guilty conscience nor was he ashamed with regards to forcing a little girl to exchange with him. It seems that this was just a normal affair in his world.

At least, he didn’t directly rob her, which is his kindness already.

The dress is a small pink suspenders with cartoon patterns on the front and back, which is very in line with his daughter’s aesthetics.


After Bian Bian shared the candy sent by invisible uncle to grandpa and uncle Zhu Yuan, she didn’t know if grandpa and uncle Zhu Yuan were full. So she wanted to cook noodles again, however, grandpa stopped her.

She hadn’t realized that based on the appetites of the two zombies, if the two zombies were to be “full”, the supplies kept at home wouldn’t be enough even for a week.

At this moment, Bian Bian saw Grandpa take out some crystals. Counted a few of them then threw it into his mouth and chewed. The little girl was startled at first, and then her eyes lit up.

She doesn’t know where Grandpa got those crystals, but there are plenty at home.

Bian Bian immediately ran back to the bedroom and directly took out the big box of crystals. Just as she was about to walk out of the bedroom, from the corner of her eyes, she found that there was something on the bed.

The little girl hurriedly put down the metal box, and picked up the cartoon suspenders that appeared out of thin air on the bed. Looked around with shining eyes, there was a clear excitement in her soft voice, “Uncle, you came ~”


1 TN: An idiom that literally translates to “Turning the hand is the cloud and covering the hand is the rain.” This describes people’s capriciousness, or play of power, like playing tricks behind the scenes. This allusion comes from a poem by Du Fu, who was a great poet in the Tang Dynasty―called “Poor Jiao Xing Xing.”

Basically, Du Fu participated in an examination ordered by the imperial court, which guaranteed an official position upon passing the said exam. However, not only Du Fu failed to pass, but also all the students that participated in the examination. It turns out that this was all a ploy by Li Linfu, who was the prime minister at that time, to highlight his political achievements to the then emperor Tang Xuanzong.

Lin Linfu wanted to show the emperor that he was competent and all the talented people were selected by him, and there was no other that was more competent than him. Unfortunately, Tang Xuanzong actually believed this lie.  This all made Du Fu bitter, so he write poems hoping to have the opportunity to show off his talents and ambitions.

2 TN: The system
3 TN: PC (Playable Character)
4 TN: An idiom that means to reveal what one intends to hide. This idiom came from the story of a guy surnamed Zhang.

With lots of hard work and effort, he managed to save 300 taels (Chinese ounces) of silver. Although he was very happy, he was also worried that someone might come and steal such a large sum of money so he decided to find a ‘safe’ place.

After much pondering, he decided to dig a hole in the corner of his backyard where he can bury all of it. In fear that someone might notice and discover his money, he wrote a big sign that says, “No 300 taels of Silver Buried Here.”

Then, his neighbor surnamed Wang noticed Zhang’s anxiety and happened to hear him digging. After Zhang went to sleep, Wang came out and under the moonlight noticed the big sign. He already knows what it means. Therefore, he dug the money out and re-covered the hole. Although he was very happy, he was also worried that Zhang might find out his crime. So with the most ‘brilliant idea’ he too, wrote a big sign that says, “Your Neighbor Wang did not steal it.” and put it next to Zhangs.

5 TN: I was wrong :< this was the previous “mind essence” on ch 22 and 41, so sorry I just realized that there is such an actual thing called “light brain”, which is the literal translation of photon computer or the so called “optical brain”. This refers to an advanced computer in the future that performs digital and logical operations, information storage, as well as processing through light signals. Basically, a computer that replaces wires with light.

So sorry for such blunder, I’ll be more careful next time.╭(・ㅂ・)و

6 TN: Cold or warm
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