The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 43.1

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 43.1

Bian Bian, who had just received the treasure chest the moment she woke up, and now the little dress, feels very happy. She can’t wait to share her joy with the invisible uncle.

“Uncle, the candy you gave is so beautiful. Bian Bian has never seen such a beautiful candy… Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan both like to eat it very much, and there are lights. Thank you, Uncle. I will never be scared again at night… …The knife is also very beautiful. Bian Bian likes them very much.” She carefully counted with her fingers, and did not mention that the new knife had broken the old one.

She was the one who accidentally broke the old knife. It was not the fault of the new knife.

After the little girl finished speaking, she waited expectantly for her uncle’s response. However, after waiting for a while, nothing moved in the room.

She was a little disappointed: “Uncle, have you left?”

There was no response.

The little girl’s white and delicate face slowly dimmed. From her expression, it could be seen that she was a little uncomfortable, but she was trying her best to suppress it.

Looking at the cute little suspenders in her hand, the joy of receiving the gift diminished a lot.

Invisible uncle treats her very well. He always gives her a lot of things, and also helps Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan fight off bad guys. My uncle is not good-looking, so he doesn’t want to see her, but why doesn’t he even want to talk to her?

“Uncle.” The young and tender voice of a child resounded in the room. Bian Bian folded the little suspenders and put it in the closet, she didn’t plan to change to it now. She then walked out of the bedroom holding the metal box in her arms.

The magician stood at the corner of the bed, taking it all in his eyes. His expression was dull. Soon after, he went offline.

He thought that he was just a little interested in her because the game connects the two worlds. Human children, these naive and weak species, will die if you don’t pay attention to them. Since he noticed her through the game, he paid a little attention to her in passing.

Now, he has more important things to do.

The people who were borrowed should also be returned.

Little Bailey, who was on the bed, was injected with sleeping pills by the little robot.

The magician picked up little Bailey, with obvious disgust between his eyebrows, and then he put something on the girl’s face. In the blink of an eye, the girl turned into a skinny witch.

The pale-faced man walked out of the hotel carrying Little Bailey.


It wasn’t until the magician went offline that the system breathed a sigh of relief. Although it successfully prevented the virus invasion, for some reason, there is always a feeling that the virus was caused by the magician.

Feeling that this kind of speculation is too terrifying, the system forced itself not to think too much. As long as the magician does not engage in moths![1]TN: A commonly used phrase in the chinese internet that means to not evolved into a trick that harms and benefits oneself.

Looking at the lovely Bian Bian, the system’s devastated mood instantly turned refreshing.

On the other side, Xiu Jin, who took Xiu Yan to find Mu Xingzhi finally found Doctor Mu who had just got off the operating table in the hospital.

Mu Xingzhi was dressed in a simple white coat, his facial features were beautiful but not enchanting. A pair of plain black-framed glasses hangs on the bridge of his nose and a hearing aid also hangs from his neck. He casually inserted his hands in the pocket of his white coat. His temperament is clean and gentle.

Despite working all night, the tired man swept away his exhaustion when he saw the Xiu brothers, “How come Xiao Qi is here?”

Looking at Xiu Yan once again, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

“Let’s go to my office and talk if you have something.” Mu Xingzhi put away his surprise.

When they reached Mu Xingzhi’s office, Xiu Jin worried that there’ll be awkwardness between Xiu Yan and Mu Xingzhi. In order to avoid such embarrassment, he decided to utilized a blitzkrieg strategy.[2]TN: An idiom that means to resolve something in the shortest time possible/ to get something done quickly. However, before he could speak, Xiu Yan’s communicator lit up.

Xiu Yan’s people said that Little Bailey was found.

Worried about his granddaughter, Old Bailey was fidgeting and was already in tears. He finally decided to go to Little Bailey’s room to wait for Xiu Yan’s good news. As a result, as soon as Old Bailey entered the room, he saw his granddaughter lying on the bed soundly asleep, and there was another magician’s card on the pillow with the word “Return” written on it.

Old Bailey cried with joy.

However, Xiu Yan’s subordinates who were left to guard around Old Bailey’s house felt their scalp went numb, and their backs were cold―they had been patrolling the house, how did the magician send a big living person back without alerting them?

It simply made the old faces of these battle-hardened warriors blush.

Hearing the report from his subordinates, Xiu Yan’s body radiated with anger and coldness. Then, he turned around and left. His military boots stepped on the ground, producing a chilling sound.

Xiu Jin hurriedly chased him. Since there are people in the hospital, he had to consider Xiu Yan’s background and yell, “Don’t want him to help track it down, huh?”

The word ‘Magician’ was hidden.

Xiu Yan didn’t reply, his figure disappeared before Xiu Jin’s eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Xingzhi poured two cups of water. One for himself, and the other was pushed to Xiu Jin.

Xiu Jin closed the office door. Without concealing anything from him, he explained the situation in a few words, and finally muttered: “This person is too savage.”

Mu Xingzhi, who roughly understood the cause and effect, shook his head.

Seeing him like this, Xiu Jin said, “Do you know the magician too?”

Mu Xingzhi took a sip of water and smiled gently: “I took over a patient who was kidnapped by the magician before, so I know a little bit indirectly.”

Xiu Jin let out an “Oh”, a little irritably: “Father gave Xiu Yan an ultimatum to catch the magician within two days…”

“Impossible.” Mu Xingzhi said decisively.

“Why?” At any rate, his brother is a military boss, and even the famous Star Pirate gang can be beaten completely.

“The magician… Even if your brother knows which sea he has been to, he can only track where he has been to previously. He cannot track his exact location. He should have a disguise item that covers his whereabouts, which can change his appearance and also conceal his scent. So unless he exposes himself, he can’t be found.”

“Speaking so highly of an ordinary person.” If Xiu Yan can’t even catch the magician, wouldn’t it appear that the empire is incompetent? In case the magician wants to kidnap members of the royal family in the future?

Mu Xingzhi smiled and looked at Xiu Jin: “Do you think the magician is an ordinary person?”

“?” Xiu Jin heard other meanings from Mu Xingzhi’s words.

Mu Xingzhi thought for a while, and said, “At least in my understanding, it is impossible for an ordinary person to come without a shadow and leave without a footprint at will.[3]TN: an idiom that means to come and go without a trace.

Xiu Jin was stunned for a moment: “You mean the magician is not a human?”

If this is the case…

“I have to tell Xiu Yan.”

If you want to catch those that are not human, naturally you have to use non-human methods.

“I’m just guessing.” Mu Xingzhi sighed, “Except for the Dragons, there was no non-human that dared to be so presumptuous.”

Even the four great nobles who want to live in the Empire Alliance as ordinary people must strictly abide by the human rules―They cannot reveal their true body in front of humans.

Therefore, the Feather Clan and the Mermaid Clan do not engage with the secular world at all. It is better in their own territory as they can be free and unrestrained compared with being with the humans.

If the magician is not a human, once he is arrested and brought to justice for the things he did, the four great nobles will ultimately decide whether he lives or dies.

If he is a human, it is up to the human race to decide.

Of course, on the premise that he can be caught.

“It doesn’t matter.” Xiu Jin rubbed his face. It is Xiu Yan who should have a headache. He is only responsible for looking beautiful and making money to raise the child.

Thinking of his darling daughter, Xiu Jin yawned: “I’m going back.”

“Wait a minute.” Mu Xingzhi took out a document from the drawer, “I have something here that needs your help.”

Xiu Jin was extremely disappointed afterwards. Regret for agreeing to help Mu Xingzhi, so much that he couldn’t play games for the next few days and that he can only go online to take a quick look at his darling daughter.


1 TN: A commonly used phrase in the chinese internet that means to not evolved into a trick that harms and benefits oneself.
2 TN: An idiom that means to resolve something in the shortest time possible/ to get something done quickly.
3 TN: an idiom that means to come and go without a trace.
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