The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 43.2

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Chapter 43.2

At the same time, the empire issued a red notice for the magician. The emperor gave Xiu Yan an order to arrest the magician within two days. This changes the previous situation where the need to arrest the magician and bring him to justice is not limited by time.

The word “magician” is on the celebrity list. Some people admire the magician and regard him as an idol while the others are eager to bring the magician to justice.

As a result, many of the magician’s followers who imitated his dressing style were mistaken for him, and were arrested by the guards one by one.

In addition, no one knows where the real magician is.

Although the number of times that Xiu Jin and the magician logged in to the game has decreased, there’s still Nong Jiusi. During this time, he has been online much more frequently than before, for no other reason――

Every time he goes online, the intimacy points increase by +1+1. He just wanted to figure out the pattern of how the little girl’s intimacy points have increased for him.

Where’s the pattern?

However, after observation, the pattern was not found.

When giving gifts, although the little one jumps up with joy, the intimacy points is still as stable as an old dog,[1]TN: This is a chinese internet slang that means a person is stable, experienced, and secure. always +1.

“Uncle, I drew a picture, look.”

Once again logging in to the game, standing in the familiar living room, Nong Jiusi tapped the unusually luxurious wind chime hanging on the wall producing the crisp sound of a bell. The little girl drawing on the table quickly jumped off the chair and turned her drawing towards the swinging wind chime.

The wind chime was made by herself, oh.

She didn’t know when her invisible uncle would come and go every time. Since the uncle didn’t want to talk to her, she changed her way.

Hence, Bian Bian kept thinking about it and suddenly, she thought of the wind chime that her grandfather used to make for her that is made with shells. When the wind blows, it will make a pleasant sound.

However, that wind chime that is made of shell was broken. Later, the grandfather and granddaughter came to Jinxin community. They couldn’t find the right materials, so grandpa couldn’t do it.

Therefore, Bian Bian decided to make a wind chime, but this wind chime is different from the previous one.

Without the shells, Bian Bian used the little animals that her grandfather had folded before and strung them together. If her invisible uncle came, by just tapping it, even if it couldn’t make a sound, at least she would know that her uncle was there when she saw the little animals moving.

Bian Bian spent a whole afternoon to complete the string of small animals by herself. Then she let Grandpa hang it on the wall.

Although the old zombie was not very flexible in terms of his movements, he can still ask the third-level zombie. With the stiff cooperation of the two zombies, the wind chime that is made of folded small animals was hung successfully.

As soon as her invisible uncle came, Bian Bian carefully told him her proposal, but when she turned her head, she received a large package of materials…. for wind chime making.

In fact, it was gems and diamonds, some colorful dragon scales, plus  beautifully shaped small bells.

Among them, the dragon scales that came with different colors were asked by Nong Jiusi to Nong Tang from other clan members.

The Dragon clan will shed their scales once every 100 years. The shed scales were especially treasured. The clansmen have a large stock of it, and Lord Jiusi made a request. Therefore, every dragon generously gave their scales, and even the Dragon King is no exception.

Moreover, in order to show their respect for Lord Jiusi, the dragon scales given by each clansman were the most beautiful, the best and the most flawless.

It was even unknown how valuable these materials are. It took Bian Bian two days to make a wind chime. It was unknown where Nong Jiusi got an outline for making wind chimes. If there’s no outline, Bian Bian probably  couldn’t make it.

With the wind chime, every time it rang, Bian Bian knew that her uncle was there.


Bian Bian was a little nervous. Her invisible uncle did not come every day, so she cherished every opportunity of her uncle’s arrival.

Last time she gave uncle the little animal that she folded herself. This time Bian Bian was thinking of giving her uncle a drawing.

Bian Bian couldn’t see where Nong Jiusi was, but she knew that her uncle was by her side, because uncle took away the drawing in her hand.

The little girl looked at the drawing paper that was floating midair, and she began biting her fingers nervously.

“Uncle, I drew you.” She explained expectantly and a little nervously.

It would have been better if she didn’t explain. Nong Jiusi looked at the one-eyed scar-faced man in the drawing, and was still thinking about who the little dumpling drew. Upon hearing her explanation, his face turned black on the spot.

He looks like this?

After being raised for so long, does he look like this in her heart? !

“Uncle?” The drawing paper fell lightly on the table. The little girl was very nervous, “Did I draw badly?”

The drawing is really great. If a five-year-old child can have such painting skills, it can be seen that the child has great talent for painting.

Nong Jiusi called with a dark face: “Nong Tang!”

After a while, Nong Tang, who hurried over with his trembling dragon horns, saw his own lord standing in the projection at a glance. How is this game so popular?

Nong Tang felt anxious: “My lord, please instruct me.”

Nong Jiusi continued with a dark face: “Go get a camera. The one that can develop a photo immediately after taking a picture.”


Nong Tang turned and left.

An old green and grayish hand picked up the drawing paper on the table. Grandpa’s fingers were much more flexible than a few days ago. He still wouldn’t let himself get too close to Bian Bian, so after he took the drawing paper, he quickly stepped back.

His gray eyes stared directly at the person on the drawing paper. Grandpa stared for a long time, then raised his right hand to cover his right eye, and then looked at Bian Bian, producing a hoarse “ho ho” sound with a little joy.

Bian Bian tilted her head and thought about the meaning of Grandpa’s actions. Then, she honestly shook her little head: “Grandpa, I didn’t draw you, it is uncle oh.”

The old zombie put down his right hand. Put the drawing paper back on the table in a gloomy manner, and then turned and walked towards the window. Motionless.

Downstairs, the third level zombie was picking trash while holding the iron bucket. Recently, the third level zombie like this kind of walking style exercise.

As long as he’s not close to Bian Bian, the old zombie will not pay attention to his whereabouts. However, the scope of the third-level zombie in picking up trash is only limited to this area. He will then return at meal time.

Sometimes he will bring back a handful of crystals. Sometimes a picture album with designs, and occasionally some live, ordinary mice will be brought back, which were put in the iron bucket, producing a squeaking sound.

The old zombie forbade him from taking out the mice, so the third-level zombie whose protest was invalidated, had to put the mice on the fourth floor.

The depressed old zombie roared at the third-level zombie downstairs.

The third-level zombie replied unceremoniously.

What is he yelling at him for without rhyme or reason? Sick!

Nong Jiusi glanced at the old zombie who was standing by the window. His handsome eyebrows raised slightly, looking pensive: Do zombies also feel jealous?

The little dumpling drew him, but not Lu Yu, so Lu Yu became upset?

Hmm…Looking at the one-eyed scar-faced man in the drawing, it became inexplicably pleasing to the eye.

Seeing that my uncle didn’t respond, Bian Bian thought for a while. She climbed up the chair once again, and held the paintbrush: “Uncle, wait a minute, I’ll change it.” Nong Jiusi: “…”

Even if she changed it, I’m afraid, I still won’t look like this.

“My lord, the camera is here.” Nong Tang hurriedly returned.

With a click, a photo came out fresh out of the oven.[2]TN: A figurative language that means recently made available.

Lord Jiusi’s slender fingers clamped the photo. Looked down and admired it for a moment, and then stuffed the photo in front of the little dumpling with satisfaction.

Let her see what her father looks like.

However, when Bian Bian saw it, the handsome man in the photo disappeared like a cloud of smoke. Leaving only a blank background.

Lord Jiusi: “…”

Bian Bian’s head was full of question marks.


1 TN: This is a chinese internet slang that means a person is stable, experienced, and secure.
2 TN: A figurative language that means recently made available.

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