The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 44

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 44

Little Bian Bian has been a bit troubled recently. Anyone can be troubled, regardless of age.

Moreover, she can only share this distress with the little bear. However, the little bear is not a real person, it can only be regarded as her spiritual support. Therefore, her distress still cannot be resolved.

“Gray Gray, after my uncle came today, he didn’t pull the wind chime. But I clearly made an agreement with him that he would pull the wind chime whenever he came.” Bian Bian put the little bear on the sofa while she sat cross-legged on the floor mat, facing the little bear’s dull eyes.

If it weren’t for the extra big apple, the organic mineral water on the table, as well as the other food that her uncle gave before, she wouldn’t have known that her uncle was here.

The first time, Bian Bian thought that her uncle had forgot, but the second time that her uncle came, he still didn’t pull the wind chime. In her doubt, when her uncle came again, he however, pulled the wind chime.  

Hence, Bian Bian felt that her invisible uncle most likely forgot.

However, the next day, invisible uncle quietly came again. He put down the same food as yesterday, and added some delicious food that Bian Bian had never eaten before.

Shortly afterwards, in the little girl’s doubts, the wind chime will be rang again next time, and occasionally her uncle will give her some beautiful and delicious candies and pastries.

After this occasion occurred several times, the little girl started to get annoyed and became distressed. Then, she came up with a guess.

——Bian Bian drinks the milk powder for brain development every day. The efficacy contained in that milk powder affects Bian Bian’s brain all the time.

In other words, the already smart Bian Bian will become smarter. Not to mention that a child’s intuition is sometimes the best identification method.

“I think…” Looking at Gray Gray, Bian Bian’s little face was a little uncertain. She was also a little puzzled, “Every time uncle comes here he… seems to be different.”

Gray Gray looked at her quietly, unable to give any substantial response.

Bian Bian, who came up with this guess was not happy. She even had a few hidden fears.

Grandpa said that no one will be nice to another for no reason.

She initially thought that her invisible uncle was trying to make her fat, and then ate her. Later, with her uncle’s help as well as the various food that he gave her, she overturned this guess.

If her guess just now is true, that the uncle who comes every time is not the same person, then why would they do the same thing—being nice to her?

Survival can make a person grow up quickly without a teacher. Even if Lu Yu had been protecting Bian Bian well before he got infected, the dangerous apocalyptic world made Bian Bian unwittingly learn a lot from Lu Yu. When grandpa is there, the little girl naturally doesn’t think too much. She can live innocently under the powerful wings of her grandpa.

However, when Lu Yu became infected, she was the only one left. After spending dozens of days alone in the room, she was bound to grow a lot.

Her uncle treated her well for no reason. This unknown reason made her a little scared, which is an instinct of every living creature.

This is also the reason why Bian Bian did not directly ask her uncle for confirmation.

She was grateful for her uncle’s help, just that she was afraid that her uncle would be angry if she asked. She simply didn’t want her uncle to be angry.

So the little girl was a little distressed.

It didn’t take long for the child’s distress to be interrupted by the roar outside. Bian Bian hurriedly ran to the window, stepped on the small stool, looked down, and saw her grandfather.

Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan went out today, and Bian Bian actually wanted to go out with them. She had been “staying” at home for a long time, so she also wanted to go out for a walk. Since Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan were both there, she felt safe. However Grandpa stopped her with a roar.

Therefore, the obedient Bian Bian had to stay at home.

Grandpa held a fluttering pheasant in his hand. Judging from the range of its fluttering and the activity of its wings, it can be seen that it’s an ordinary animal, which is very rare during the apocalypse. Especially in the city.

Naturally, Bian Bian didn’t know, but she could recognize that grandpa was holding a chicken.

Behind grandpa, the third-level zombie stood not far away, staring straight at the fluttering pheasant. As if he wanted to take advantage when the  old zombie wasn’t paying attention to pounce and take a bite of it.

Grandpa looked a little impatient. After seeing Bian Bian’s small head above, he exerted force in his hand, and the fluttering pheasant’s wings stiffened. It’s body hangs straight down.

Bian Bian didn’t understand what Grandpa meant for a while. Grandpa made a gesture of opening and closing his mouth. After watching for a while, Bian Bian seemed to understand a little: “Grandpa, do you want me to eat it?”

Grandpa stopped moving and nodded imperceptibly. A low voice sounded in his lips.

Bian Bian was puzzled. She thought about it carefully, and came to the conclusion that my grandfather caught a chicken, brought it back and wanted to give it to her, but why hasn’t grandpa returned yet? Does he want her to go down?

But she couldn’t cook such big chicken. Looking at her little hands, she felt that it would be too difficult to cook that chicken just like how grandpa used to cook for her.

The zombie downstairs roared. As if urging her.

“I’ll come down right now, oh.” Well, anyway, grandpa is calling her, so she should go down.

She jumped off the chair, picked up the little bear on the sofa, as well as the beautiful knife given by her uncle, and ran downstairs.

The old zombie, who was carrying a pheasant stood not far from the gate of the community. As if he had come to the gate to pick her up on purpose.

“Grandpa.” Bian Bian glanced at the pheasant suspiciously. She didn’t expect that after grandpa roared at the third-level zombie not far away, he started to walk forward. After taking two steps, he turned his head and looked at her. After confirming that she was following, he continued to lead the way with peace of mind.

Bian Bian had no choice but to follow grandpa.

The third-level zombie, who was yelled at a few times by the old zombie,went around three meters behind Bian Bian and followed. The old zombie looked back to see if Bian Bian was catching up, another reason is probably to see if the third-level zombie was being honest.

The two zombies walked one after the other, followed by a little girl in between. Not only did they not attack the little girl, but they guard her, who was in the middle, in a protective posture. If anyone saw it, they would definitely be shocked and even feel incredible.

How could zombies not eat people and even protect them?

Following Grandpa, they walked and walked. Continuously marching on the streets.

On the street, Bian Bian’s initial doubts had completely disappeared. She looked around excitedly. Since her grandfather had become a monster, the farthest place that Bian Bian had walked was the Jinxin Supermarket. She didn’t even dare to go anywhere else.

After confirming that neither of the two zombies would bite her, when the two zombies went out during the day, Bian Bian wanted to follow. However, grandpa stopped her from following. She didn’t expect that grandpa would take the initiative to take her out at this moment.

For Bian Bian, who hasn’t been out for a long time, like a bird released from a cage, everything she sees looks good.

Even though she had walked this street with her grandpa many times before.

——After living in Jinxin Community for so long, both grandfather and granddaughter have already explored the surrounding area. Bian Bian has also walked by this street herself.

She remembered that there was a kindergarten ahead.

Grandpa told her that there were many children studying in the kindergarten in the past. There were teachers that would teach them to read, draw, sing, and dance. They could also make friends in the kindergarten school.

Bian Bian listened yearningly.

Since she was born, she has been by Lu Yu’s side and has seen many humans, but she has never met people of her age. The people closest to her age that she has ever met were ten years old.

In the apocalypse, the elderly and the children were often the least likely to survive.

That’s why Lu Yu, who picked up the newly born and discarded Bian Bian in the trash can, this grandfather-granddaughter pair, the old and the young, has been the object of “desire” for others for a long time. After all they look very good to chew.

Fortunately, Lu Yu is a B class ability user, which allows him to give Bian Bian a relatively peaceful and happy childhood in the apocalypse.

The drawing papers and brushes that Bian Bian used were found in the kindergarten, including some pinyin study books, picture books, etc. Unfortunately, Lu Yu didn’t know how to teach children how to read characters. Before the end of the world, he was not a teacher but a lonely old man. After trying a few times, in exchange of little Bian Bian’s confused appearance, he gave up the idea of ​​teaching his granddaughter to read.

Then he decided to wait till Bian Bian grew a little older, and when his ability advanced to A class. He could then take Bian Bian to the base to live and send her to study.

He heard that large bases had established basic education systems.

After all, no matter how difficult the living environment is, human beings must still reproduce, and for their race to continue, learning knowledge is indispensable.

However, he failed to get up to this point of the plan.


Soon, Bian Bian saw the kindergarten.

It can be seen that the scale of this kindergarten before the apocalypse was very large. There’s even many recreational facilities inside. But now,  the kindergarten has been devastated by time. The walls are covered with dark mottled marks, which should be blood that has solidified.

Five years ago, the apocalypse broke out on a normal working day. On that day, the children of this kindergarten sat in rows in the classroom and listened carefully to the teacher’s lecture.

Then, the virus suddenly broke out.

A teacher coughed violently at first, blood spurted out, and fell to the ground. A few seconds later, that teacher stood up, and rushed towards those terrified little faces.


Before Lu Yu became infected, when he discovered this kindergarten, he took a fancy to the recreational facilities inside. Moreover, his granddaughter could also play here.

For this reason, he simply cleaned up the kindergarten. Besides the bloodstains on the wall and some broken desks and chairs, he barely cleaned the kindergarten.

Then every time after confirming that the surrounding area is safe, he will bring Bian Bian over to let the little girl experience some of the recreational activities that children often play before the end of the world.

Therefore, Bian Bian is very familiar with this kindergarten.

The old zombie stopped at the kindergarten’s open entrance. He put the pheasant on the ground, staggered around, walked behind Bian Bian, and stood with the third-level zombie.

Bian Bian became confused by Grandpa’s actions. She turned to look at Grandpa. On the other hand, Grandpa raised his finger and pointed towards the kindergarten.

Is Grandpa telling her to go inside?

The obedient Bian Bian had to pick up the pheasant on the ground, but she held a knife in one hand and Gray Gray in the other. After thinking about it, the little girl very boldly inserted the knife into the waistband of her trousers.

Today, she was wearing the small suspenders that her invisible uncle gave and a short stretchable pants, which showed her white little arms and calves. The person looks like a large whipped ice cream, which is particularly delicious to look at.

With a free hand, Bian Bian grabbed the pheasant’s neck and lifted it up. Recently, she has become much stronger, and she can lift a few pounds of pheasant with one hand.

The little girl slowly walked into the kindergarten. She entered a yard, which had classrooms on both left and right side. Bian Bian didn’t know why grandpa asked her to come inside.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a bang from the third classroom on her right. Caught off guard, the little girl was startled, and she became a little scared.

As soon as she turned around, Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan quietly followed in. They squatted behind the children’s slide, not far from Bian Bian.

With Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan’s presence, the fear that Bian Bian felt disappeared. She then carried the pheasant and approached the third classroom curiously.

Inside the classroom, a young man collapsed on the podium. He was tightly wrapped in metal pieces, unable to move just like a pupa and even his mouth was covered by a metal piece.

Suddenly, he saw a small head peeping from the door. The man banged his head and made a humming sound.

Bian Bian glanced at him twice and immediately recognized who this man was.

The bad guy who beat grandpa!

Regarding the battle that day, Bian Bian didn’t pay much attention to the appearance of others, but she especially remembered the two villains who had been fighting Grandpa.

——A fat bad guy, and the other is the person in front of her.

Feng Leijie was already dead. This person was Luo Yesheng who was seriously injured and is quietly recuperating here.

Bian Bian knew that this bad guy was very powerful. If it wasn’t for her uncle’s help, her grandfather would not be able to beat this villain. She looked at the bad guy vigilantly.

The metal sheet covering the man’s mouth bounced like a spring, and Luo Yesheng, whose mouth was free, looked at the tender little girl in front of him in disbelief: “…You stole my chicken?”

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