The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 45

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 45

No wonder Luo Yesheng blurted out this sentence, the pheasant in the little girl’s hand was exactly the “pleasant surprise” that he had encountered before. Just like a blind cat meets a dead mouse.[1]TN: An idiom that means succeeding by a fluke or accomplishing something even without the ability to do it. He was extremely lucky.

However, before his hands cooked that “pleasant surprise” and stuffed it into his stomach, he was suddenly attacked. The opponent’s attack was very standard. It wasn’t a killer move, but rather an attack to “restrict” him. He couldn’t even release his abilities.

He didn’t even see who attacked him, he thought his life was at stake. In the end, no one was interested in his life. Just that, his “surprise” was stolen.

“…” He was simply doubting his life.

When Luo Yesheng escaped, he was seriously injured and could faint any time in his car. The glass of his car has been shattered. If he faints in the car, the zombies will soon find him through following the smell of his fresh blood and chew him clean.

At the same time, he is worried about the fourth-level zombie’s retaliation. His big off-road is too conspicuous, so he had to be separated from his car. Fortunately, he encountered an underground parking lot so he drove the car into it.

Dark places like the underground parking lot are the easiest hide-out place for zombies. However, if there are zombies nearby, they will already be summoned by the two zombies who were at level 3 and 4. With the help of his car, he was able to leave the zombies behind.

In other words, although the zombies are all outside, the parking lot is very safe.

However, the parking lot isn’t a good place to recuperate.

Luo Yesheng fiercely bit the tip of his tongue, using the severe pain to maintain his waning sanity. He quickly took out the much-needed supplies from the car and put them in a backpack, and then staggered out of the parking lot.

The physical strength he exerts was too much, and his body that had lost too much blood experienced a burst of chills for a while. He didn’t have the strength to run too far. He caught a glimpse of the back door of a building next to him, gritted his teeth and turned inside. Only after entering did he find out that it was a kindergarten.

He carefully hid in the kindergarten, slowly healing his injuries with crystals. Fortunately, his luck has always been good. He was visited by the God of luck once again. No zombie found that he was hiding here. He survived the initial dangerous period safely in this kindergarten and tenaciously survived.

Later, when he recovered his mobility, he should speed up and leave here. However, Luo Yesheng remembered the mysterious man who sneaked an attack to him, and a fire that could not be extinguished kept circling in his chest.

In the apocalypse, he has been crawling and rolling for many years, and has suffered many losses before he reached his current strength. In fact, Luo Yesheng has not suffered such a big loss for a long time, but he didn’t even see the face of the enemy.

Furthermore, he originally just wanted to fight with the fourth-level zombie. Hoping to break through his bottleneck from such a process, but he almost lost his life instead.

The more he thinks, the angrier he becomes.

What if the sneak attacker is still in this area? He naively held such thoughts.

If he leaves, he wouldn’t know what the mysterious man is. What kind of ability he has, and what class… Afterwards, where would he find the person to take revenge in the future?

After checking the supplies, he found that the prepared food could still tide him over for a few days. Therefore, Luo Yesheng decided to stay in the kindergarten while recovering from his injuries and investigate.

After investigating, he found that the two high-level zombies had stayed in the Jinxin Community without moving places at all. Luo Yesheng did not dare to approach, for fear of being discovered. He only took a glance from a distance. In the end, for the sake of his own safety, he forcibly marked out the Jinxin Community and prevented himself from going there.

He didn’t think that he could survive under the hands of those two high-level zombies by dragging his severely injured body.

Until today. He was suddenly controlled by a piece of metal and lost his ability to resist. At first, when Luo Yesheng saw the sudden appearance of the metal sheet that attacked him, he immediately thought of the fourth-level zombie.

However, the pheasant that was quickly snatched overturned his guess.

If it was that fourth-level zombie, how could it secretly attack him just to grab his pheasant? After discovering him, zombies would only rush to eat him by virtue of their instinct of thirst for flesh and blood.

Zombies don’t have consciousness.

At the very least, Luo Yesheng hadn’t heard of such cases of zombies regaining consciousness.

Luo Yesheng had to exclude the zombies, and kept guessing what stole his pheasant.

He even thought—could it be the mysterious sneak attacker that day?

Sure enough, it’s still here.

However, new doubts immediately arose. The mysterious sneak attacker that day was hidden in the dark, and he had no intention of leaving him alive. Coming across him this time, he didn’t even threaten his life. Instead, he just tied him up when he was unprepared, just to rob him of his pheasant? The behavior before and after doesn’t make any sense!

Luo Yesheng, who couldn’t figure it out, gave up guessing what it was that robbed him of his pheasant. The most urgent task is to regain his “freedom” and to no longer keep this posture of being at others mercy.

To be honest, the feeling of being wrapped in metal sheets similar to a pupa is a bit hard to take.

Moreover, the hard and cold metal piece is nothing like a rope, which he can still find a way to cut. On the other hand, what can be used to cut this thing? Use his own fire ability to melt it?

Not to mention that his abilities can’t still be used, even if he can, the fire will melt the metal—he will be half-burned to death when he regains his freedom.

Luo Yesheng was in a hurry, but no matter how anxious he was, it was useless. He had to calm his heart, analyze the situation carefully and think of a way. At this moment, he heard a very soft voice from outside.

Is it a person or what?

In his turbulent mood, a little girl as white as jade carving appeared in front of him, holding his “pleasant surprise” in her hand…


One big and one small looked at each other. Luo Yesheng stared at the tender little girl. The voices in his head kept buzzing, unable to take shape for a while. Therefore, the two sides, big and small eyes, kept staring at each other.

Bian Bian is unaware of the twists and turns in his heart. She only had the word bad guy as her impression of Luo Yesheng. But Bian Bian had a smart little head so she quickly understood why her grandpa wanted her to come in with the chicken.

She remembered that when this bad guy was fighting Grandpa, his hand would spit fire. She couldn’t handle a chicken by herself, and she couldn’t eat raw meat. Neither Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan could handle it. The only thing left that could deal with the chicken was the big villain in front of her.

As for the reason why Grandpa didn’t directly bring the bad guy to Jinxin Community, but instead grabbed the pheasant and led her over… Bian Bian naturally ignored it. In her eyes, the big bad guy that was caught by Grandpa had become a cook who can make a roasted chicken!

“It’s me!” Bian Bian firmly admitted with vigor.

Facing the big villain who had injured her grandpa, Bian Bian wasn’t polite at all. She tried her best to keep her face straight, and stared accusingly at the villain with her big eyes. Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan were outside, so she wasn’t afraid.

Luo Yesheng: “…”

His tumultuous thoughts slowly calmed down. It’s not that he has never encountered young ability users. It’s just that, those young ability users with strong abilities are generally treasures of the base. They are mainly cultivated by the base and will never be released to act alone.

He calmly took a deep breath, and replaced the expression of shock and disbelief on his face with the standard image of an adult coaxing children, and said almost gently: “Little sister, what’s your name?”

Bian Bian is a polite child. Even if it was the bad guy she hated who asked the question, she still answered honestly: “My name is Bian Bian.”

Bian Bian?

This name sounds a little familiar… Luo Yesheng frowned, then said his name in a friendly way, and asked tentatively, “Is it just you?”

Seeing her shaking her head, Luo Yesheng’s heart sank. Also, no matter how he looks at her, it doesn’t seem like she lives alone.

Luo Yesheng forced a smile and tried to wriggle his body. A layer of discomfort appeared on his face.

The young man who wanted to sell his misery found that the person whom he wanted to sell his misery to was indifferent, and he felt a little depressed. Finally, he said in a sullen voice: “Bian Bian, was it you who made me like this?”

Bian Bian thought about it. It was grandpa who tied the bad guy, and Grandpa tying him up is equal to her tying the bad guy.

So the little girl nodded solemnly.

Sure enough, she’s an ability user.

The reason why Luo Yesheng believed so quickly was because he felt that there was no need for a child to lie to him—he was just a piece of meat on a chopping board, so what was there to lie about.

Moreover, the little girl said that she wasn’t alone…

“Bian Bian, where is the person you are with?” Letting a child to attack him, robbed him of his pheasant, and hid himself… This deed reminded Luo Yesheng of the person who sneak attacked him in the first place.

The young man’s breathing became much heavier.

His injuries were only 50% healed. Furthermore, he was wrapped in a piece of metal for so long. After the previous struggle, some wounds on his body split open, causing his face to look much more badly than before.

Bian Bian puffed her cheeks, and angrily said, “I won’t tell you.”

She wants to protect grandpa!

Luo Yesheng: “…”

Who said that children are easy to talk to?

Children born in the apocalypse are still difficult to deal with!

The knife that she stuck in her trouser belt made her uncomfortable. So Bian Bian threw the pheasant on the ground. With her free hand, she took out the Jiusi sword.

As soon as the Jiusi sword was taken out, Luo Yesheng’s eyes were immediately glued to it. Then, his temples jumped heavily, and his eyes flashed with uncertainty.

He actually felt a terrible danger on a dagger. It was difficult to describe this feeling, as if… what that beautiful little dumpling took out was not a sword, but a giant beast sleeping with his eyes closed.

A series of electrical currents flowed through the surface of his skin, causing him to shudder a little.

Luo Yesheng shook his head violently and pulled his gaze abruptly. When he lost the image of the dagger in his eyes, the feeling of danger that sent chills down to his spine disappeared, and the fear in his heart receded like a tide.

Just a dagger?

Was he afraid of a dagger just now?

Luo Yesheng’s throat was dry, and when he looked at Bian Bian again, there was a trace of fear uncontrollably. This trace of fear wasn’t directed at Bian Bian, but from the person she was with.

This is just a little girl, no matter how powerful she is, her ability is limited. The reason why he was caught is that, first his injuries have not yet healed so his strength has been greatly reduced, and he did not find anyone lurking nearby; the other is that the little girl suddenly attacked.

To be able to let the little girl come to see him alone, in addition to the confidence in the little girl’s strength, she also has a dagger in her hand.

Intuition tells Luo Yesheng that this sword is by no means an ordinary sword.

The fact that a little girl can hold such dagger that seems murderous and dangerous, means that the unknown person behind her will only be stronger than he imagined, and perhaps it’s also here.

Did the other party ask her to come forward just to steal a pheasant that he accidentally found?

As soon as he thought of this, he saw the little girl pushing the pheasant towards him. As if she wanted to be aggressive, she said with her serious little face, “I’m hungry.”

However, the voice failed to get rid of its milky sound, so it did not achieve the desired effect. It didn’t sound like an order, but more like a child’s soft request, which makes people unable to refuse her from the heart.

Luo Yesheng returned to his senses and looked at the little girl. The fear in his eyes slowly dissipated, and he unconsciously asked, “Bian Bian, how old are you?”

“Five years old.” After saying this, she added, “I am very powerful. Don’t think that I’m easy to bully just because I’m young.”

She waved the little knife in her hand, by the way.

Bian Bian felt that she was doing great at this moment.

Luo Yesheng thought to himself: I have yet to “bully”. On the other hand, I was put down as a prisoner by you. In the end, who is bullying whom?

However, meeting the child’s black and white eyes, it was strange that he wasn’t angry at all.

It was probably because he felt that it was useless to be angry. Anyway, the skills were not as good as the others, and he could not even beat a little girl. Not to mention that she had a more powerful family member.

Life is already in the hands of the others. What else can he do besides admitting defeat? Unless he doesn’t want this life.

Regarding the life that he has struggled to earn, Luo Yesheng still treasures it very much.

“Bian Bian, you tied me up like this, there is no way I could cook this chicken.” Since the child was hungry then just fill her stomach with food. Luo Yesheng said with a good temper, “You have to…”


Luo Yesheng remembered something that he had overlooked. Stealing pheasants to eat meat.. a five-year-old child couldn’t handle a chicken, and neither could the person beside her? Why come here specifically to find him, this prisoner?

The other party did it on purpose!

After stealing his chicken, they would still use him as a free cook?

After all, it’s not too convenient for those who aren’t fire-type ability users to cook…

For a moment, Luo Yesheng would rather have no brains.


1 TN: An idiom that means succeeding by a fluke or accomplishing something even without the ability to do it.
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