The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 46

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 46

“Bian Bian, give me the small red bottle in the bag.”

The spacious kindergarten classroom is filled with an enticing aroma of meat that makes one’s mouth water.

Between two stools was a roasted chicken that wasn’t too fat nor too thin. After being roasted for a while, it had already shown a golden yellow color that makes one’s index finger move.[1]TN: An idiom that originally refers to a foreshadowing of a delicious food that later describes the greedy appearance of seeing delicious food. The oil spilled from the skin fell on the ground and condensed into a small puddle.

Luo Yesheng’s body that was previously covered in a piece of metal was now only wrapped around his waist. His limbs were freed, and he could already use his abilities. In fact, if he wanted to escape, he could actually take advantage of this freedom to seize Bian Bian and escape.

Yet out of responsibility for his own life, as well as the disparity in strength between the two sides—particularly the one who was hidden, he did not escape.

Furthermore, he, who hasn’t fully recovered from his injuries, may not be able to kidnap people successfully. The other party isn’t an unarmed little girl, but an ability user.

Luo Yesheng decided to take one step at a time, and then wait for an opportunity.

Therefore, although his limbs were freed in order to be a good “cook”, the tight metal around his waist and abdomen was like a warning—if he had any suspicious reaction, the metal sheet would move first before he did something.

There is a sink in the kindergarten. Luo Yesheng efficiently plucked the chicken’s hair and cleaned its internal organs, and then used his ability to burn them to avoid being smelled by the zombies.

Luo Yesheng had seasonings in his backpack. He brushed a layer of oil on the surface of the processed chicken, and temporarily used a stool in the classroom to build a grill. He then roasts the chicken on it.

His right hand is like a gas stove that constantly emits heat that he can control at any time. He’s quite skilled, and at first glance, it can be seen that he’s a barbecue expert.

At this moment, he asked Bian Bian to take the chili powder.

Bian Bian obediently handed it over.

The little girl was already attracted by the barbecue’s aroma. Her eyes are shining brightly and she didn’t even feel hot while waiting for it to be cooked. Moreover, she feels that this big bad guy doesn’t seem so annoying anymore, even though the hair on her forehead is wet with sweat sticking to her face.   

Luo Yesheng  always paid attention to her expression, thinking that now was a good opportunity to talk, he asked again: “Bian Bian, who are you with?”

Bian Bian answered smoothly, “Grandpa.”

Luo Yesheng was overjoyed. Sure enough, it‘s convenient to ask at this moment. He suppressed his excited heart. His pale face that just had a tinge of blood grew paler.

——The continuous input of fire ability on his hand is a lot of consumption for Luo Yesheng, who has yet to recover from his injuries. Fortunately, the needed heat for roasting a pheasant wasn’t too high, so he can still afford it.

He continued to speak in a gentle tone, “Why didn’t he come?”

Bian Bian was annoyed. She unexpectedly mentioned grandpa to the bad guy just now. This time she didn’t say anything. She glanced at Luo Yesheng, moved her feet, and stayed a few distance away from the villain.

Luo Yesheng: “…”

He really couldn’t figure out why the little girl looked at him with an expression of “this is a big bad guy”. Although he wouldn’t issue his self a good person card, he didn’t commit murder or arson, ok?     

The depressed ability user took a deep breath and changed his question: “Did you and grandpa have always lived here?”

Bian Bian continued to look eagerly at the wood of the grilled chicken. It wasn’t polite to not answer other people’s questions continuously, so she took a few steps away from Luo Yesheng before saying, “I won’t tell you.”

Luo Yesheng: “…”

“Why?” He shamelessly asked, “Look, you stole my chicken, tied me up, and even asked me to roast this chicken for you … I have done all these things. It would be reasonable for me to get angry, but I’m not. Bian Bian, don’t you think it’s unfair for me?”

Bian Bian didn’t know what fairness and injustice meant, but Luo Yesheng’s words made her suddenly think: This bad guy really doesn’t seem to be angry.

“If your grandfather is here, you should ask him to come over so that we could meet and talk.” Luo Yesheng turned the roast chicken over, “I can’t beat you,[2]TN: The “you” in here is written in its plural form in chinese. yet you[3]TN: The “you” in here is written in its plural form in chinese. attacked me for no reason and stole my chicken… There should always be a reason, right?”

He concluded that Bian Bian’s grandfather had used some method to hide. Consequently, it wasn’t told to Bian Bian.

It’s a pity that he is destined to have a conversation like that of chicken and duck talk.[4]TN: A figurative language that means talking without understanding each other.

Bian Bian’s big eyes stared at him, unmoved by his words.

What she thought was: You beat grandpa, yet grandpa just tied you up and stole meat. It was already very polite.

In the past, Bian Bian used to follow grandpa around. When they meet those bad guys who wanted to play dirty tricks or lay their vicious hands on them, grandpa would teach them a hard lesson.

He uses practical actions to teach Bian Bian the concept of repaying kindness with gratitude and revenge for animosity.

He wants his precious granddaughter to be kindhearted, but he won’t let her be kind without principle.

Therefore, for Bianbian, Luo Yesheng is a bad guy who beats grandpa. Stealing the bad guy’s meat as well as asking the bad guy to do things is just a matter of course, which is also part of her grandpa’s revenge.

Luo Yesheng’s eyes narrowed slowly. Even after what he said, Bian Bian’s grandfather still didn’t show up, and Bian Bian didn’t even say anything.  She just looked at him. The expression in her eyes that screams of he was not a good person became more obvious.

Right at this moment——

Luo Yesheng suddenly had goosebumps.

If he had to describe it, it was as if a cool breeze suddenly blew in a room with a high temperature—it is important to note that in summer, even if it’s windy, it is still hot.

Was it an ice ability user?

No, it wasn’t an ice-type ability.

The ice ability only changes temperature. On the other hand,  Luo Yesheng vaguely felt as if he had entered a gloomy, deep, and ice-cold dark world, where he could not even see his fingers.

Someone silently arrived.

Except for the grandfather that Bian Bian has mentioned, Luo Yesheng couldn’t think of anyone else. In addition, there’s a voice in his heart that says: This is the mysterious person that sneaked up on him and Feng Leijie.

It was Bian Bian’s grandfather.

He didn’t guess wrong!

Luo Yesheng’s breathe tightened, and his hand that had just taken a bottle of pepper seasoning trembled slightly.

That person really has the special ability to turn invisible.

Although the thoughts in his heart turned, Luo Yesheng’s face didn’t reveal the slightest. Since Bian Bian’s grandfather is a powerful ability user, and also has the ability to become invisible, regardless of the other party’s motive to sneak an attack before, he can’t afford to offend him. So he must temporarily swallow his anger.     

“Was it Bian Bian’s grandpa?” Luo Yesheng tried to keep himself calm, “Hello, I’m Luo Yesheng, I think… there may be some misunderstanding between us.”

Bian Bian, who was staring closely at the grilled chicken in fear of being burnt by the bad guy, heard Luo Yesheng’s words, so she hurriedly raised her little face and looked at the door.

Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan didn’t come in. So who is the bad guy talking to?

She quietly turned her head and saw the bad guy sitting on the ground. She suddenly didn’t want to stay here any longer to continue being with the bad guy.

Immediately afterwards, there was a loud noise in the classroom, “screeechh”—it was the harsh sound of the stool legs rubbing against the ground. Bian Bian followed the sound and saw that the stool closest to her was moving.

It’s my uncle! Invisible uncle came.

Don’t know which uncle it was…

This thought flashed in the little girl’s mind subconsciously.

Although Luo Yesheng was staring at the direction of the stool, he did not let Bian Bian’s reaction slip by from the corner of his eyes. Seeing her tender face full of joy, he was certain that the person who came was definitely her grandfather.

His throat was a little dry. He suppressed all his thoughts, and slowly said, “Bian Bian’s grandpa, I…”

Before he could finish what he was about to say, there was a knock on the podium behind him. Luo Yesheng quickly turned his head, only to see a piece of chalk floating in front of the wall panel on the podium, inadvertently writing down a string of words——

Idiot, I’m her father.

The “idiot” Luo Yesheng: “…”


1 TN: An idiom that originally refers to a foreshadowing of a delicious food that later describes the greedy appearance of seeing delicious food.
2, 3 TN: The “you” in here is written in its plural form in chinese.
4 TN: A figurative language that means talking without understanding each other.

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