The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 47

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 47

This sentence shocked Luo Yesheng.

Is it dad?

Shouldn’t it be grandpa?

He looked at Bian Bian uncontrollably.  Yes, the little girl didn’t say that there was only a grandfather by her side.

The other party appeared but didn’t speak. Instead, he communicated with him by writing. Is it because of some special reason that he couldn’t speak and could only use this way?

A new sentence appeared on the blackboard: “Do your job well, and your life will be spared.”

The straightforward words made Luo Yesheng’s eyes turn cold. His heart was full of anger. On the account that it wasn’t good to vent his anger in front of the little girl, he should bear it with a good temper. Now, the true master appeared. However, he was threatened and insulted unceremoniously by the other party. Clay figurines also have three-point earth![1]TN: It means that no matter what type or kind of person, they also have a little temper.

He paid attention to Bian Bian through the corner of his eyes, thinking about the distance between them. If the other party really wanted to attack him, even if he couldn’t beat him, he could still use the little girl to fight for more opportunities for himself.

“I like obedient people.” A new sentence was written on the blackboard, “Usually, those who are disobedient become dead in my presence.”

Luo Yesheng’s pupils shrink, not because of the meaning of this sentence. But——

a terrible murderous intent enveloped him, and it seems that as long as he made any unusual movement, the ending result would be a separation of a person’s head from the body.

Luo Yesheng had never been so frightened before. In a trance, he seemed to have fallen into an abyss of 10,000 meters. Experiencing a terrifying pressure and the feeling of suffocation at the same time.

The terrifying murderous intent suddenly disappeared, as if it had never appeared before. The flames coming out of Luo Yesheng’s hand flickered and died out.

The clothes on his back were already wet with cold sweat.

When the murderous intent disappeared, he lightly breathed out a sigh.

He clenched his stiff fingers. His strength returned to his limbs, and his stagnant thoughts began to run. Luo Yesheng finally understood that the other party’s “your life will be spared” were not casual words nor insults. The other party was just stating an obvious fact.

This is the contempt of the strong against the weak.

Grinding his back molars, his voice darkened: “Sir, was it you that day?”

“Any objection?” the chalk wrote—the magician responded to him.

Luo Yesheng’s tense body suddenly loosened. The mysterious man who secretly attacked him and Feng Leijie that day was indeed this person.

“Why?” Luo Yesheng’s question was purely out of doubt.

He really couldn’t understand. Bian Bian’s father had such terrifying strength. If he did something to them, why bother to attack them secretly?

——Of course, Luo Yesheng didn’t know that there were two people from the beginning to end of  the battle that day.

Xiu Jin didn’t have an NR device, so he could only manipulate the screen to trip people up, which then appeared as a sneak attack. On the other hand,the magician went online in the second half of the battle and directly sent Feng Leijie to the western paradise.[2]TN: This actually has three meanings; however, what most fits this sentence is; it refers to the place where the soul will go after death/the underworld. It also means death.

The magician was rarely patient: “I’m in a good mood.”

Luo Yesheng’s face suddenly became difficult to describe.

The magician pursed his lips coldly. No one saw the irony in his eyes. Two pale fingers held the chalk: “Doesn’t even understand the law of the jungle?”

Luo Yesheng said blankly: “I have been taught.”

Seeing that uncle was talking with the bad guy , Bian Bian obediently kept quiet. On the other hand,  Luo Yesheng lowered his eyelashes, ignited his ability, and continued to roast the pheasant that he had not finished cooking. Without saying a word.

The classroom suddenly fell silent.

Bian Bian looked at Luo Yesheng who had a bad expression, and then at the blackboard. She couldn’t read so she could only hear Luo Yesheng’s words. However, she couldn’t understand what he and her uncle were talking about.

The little girl eagerly looked at the blackboard. Thinking that it would be great if she could read, so that she would know what her invisible uncle said.

Immediately afterwards, she became happy because of something—it was not that her uncle didn’t want to talk to her, but that he couldn’t talk. If her uncle could talk, he wouldn’t choose to write just to communicate with the bad guy just now.

At this moment, a pair of silver bracelets appeared out of thin air, one fell into BIan Bian’s arms and the other was thrown at Luo Yesheng. The magician wrote with the chalk: “Put it on, and tell her to put it on too.”

Luo Yesheng held the bracelet and couldn’t think of what material it was made of. He couldn’t help but ask, “What is this?”

“Just do what you’re told to.”

Luo Yesheng gritted his teeth and put the bracelet on, on his hand. He didn’t know if his eyes were making tricks but he felt that the bracelet that he just put on the back of his left wrist, flashed with light.

He didn’t understand why the magician had to go to the trouble of letting him pass the message to Bian Bian… Forced with the fact that his right to live was not in his hands, he had no choice but to comply.

He turned his gaze to Bian Bian who was curiously looking at the bracelet. Normally, he should’ve loathed this little girl by now, however children shouldn’t be involved to adult’s matters. Luo Yesheng said with a complicated expression: “Bian Bian, your dad said that you should put on the bracelet.”

Bian Bian froze for a moment.

Why did the bad guy say that uncle is her dad?

She put the bracelet on while thinking about it. Compared with her thin wrist, the bracelet was much larger. However, when the bracelet touched her skin, it automatically shrunk to the size that fit Bian Bian. Then, the silver light flashed.

After a while, Bian Bian understood the purpose of the bracelet. There wasn’t a voice that told her, yet she just knew what this bracelet was.

【Reincarnation Ring: This ring is divided into a primary and secondary ring. The wearer of the primary ring can command the wearer of the secondary ring unconditionally. The wearer of the secondary ring cannot disobey the order, let alone do anything that is detrimental to the wearer of the primary ring. The reincarnation ring is suitable to use for owner-pet relationship, hence, it’s also called the pet ring. In order to make its name sound cooler, the creator changed its name to reincarnation ring.】

Probably because she has a magic ball that glows that can be used as a lamp, Bian Bian didn’t show surprise to the reincarnation ring. She just thought that it was interesting.

She shook her right hand into circles and looked at Luo Yesheng, who was on the opposite side, so…will this big villain be her pet in the future?

Just like Bian Bian, when she put on the primary ring, Luo Yesheng understood the function of the bracelet. Moreover, when he looked at Bian Bian at this moment, the first thought in his mind was: absolutely mustn’t hurt her.

Luo Yesheng: “…”

Didn’t he just become a dog that was tied around the neck by its owner with a leash?!

“What the hell is this!” He suddenly jumped up from the ground, practically roaring out this sentence. At the same time, he used his other hand to break the secondary ring, trying to remove it from his wrist.

However, the bracelet was tightly attached to his wrist. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move it.

“Don’t take it off.” Bian Bian put her hands on her waist like a little ruffian.

Luo Yesheng moved his hand away from the secondary ring, very obediently.

Luo Yesheng: “…”

Bian Bian’s eyes lit up, and she said, “Sit.”

Luo Yesheng sat on the ground.

“…” No, he didn’t want to! But he couldn’t control his body.

Bian Bian seemed to have found an amusing toy. She was about to try it again, but the bad guy’s face looked particularly unsightly, and his eyes were red.

Did the bad guy cry?

Bian Bian blinked her eyes.

Luo Yesheng’s bloodshot eyes were flushed with anger. The little girl naturally regarded such appearance as the villain cried.

She realized in hindsight that this kind of behavior didn’t seem to be good, so she subconsciously aborted the “order”.

“You…don’t cry.” Bian Bian was a little at a loss, “I won’t bully you anymore.”

Luo Yesheng almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

“Laozi[3]TN: Means “I, your father” didn’t cry!” He yelled angrily. An adult wouldn’t even be happy being controlled by others. This was worse than killing him.

“If you want to kill, kill as you wish,” Luo Yesheng turned to the blackboard, raised his left hand, and said coldly, “Of course I understand the law of the jungle, but the weak also have dignity! Either take it off or kill me.”

Bian Bian anxiously clenched her little hands tightly. Listening to Luo Yesheng’s hoarse voice, she felt more and more guilty, pursed her petal-like lips, and stickily said: “Not right…”

However, before the words were spoken, the magician waved casually. The little girl opened her mouth and found that she couldn’t speak.

Bian Bian was puzzled. Then, she saw the bad guy stand up, his body was slightly leaning forward—not like he stood up by himself, but it seemed that someone had grabbed his neck and pulled him over.

Bian Bian looked increasingly bewildered.

The magician grabbed Luo Yesheng’s throat with one hand, while holding a chalk in his other hand. The latter could read each word clearly as it was written out, stroke by stroke: “Once the reincarnation ring has been put on, no one can remove it without my permission. Unless, you cut off your own hand.”

“Do you want to cut it off? It’s possible, anytime.”

Luo Yesheng trembled. In fact, the hand that was holding his throat didn’t use much strength. However, it seems that his body’s strength has been drained away right at this moment. He stared at the words on the blackboard, and it seemed that each word showed contempt for him.

Is this person really Bian Bian’s father?

How could he fathered such a pure daughter such as Bian Bian?

——Although Bian Bian had just given him a few orders through the reincarnation ring, Luo Yesheng’s anger was aimed at the magician. Not at Bian Bian.

“With a dismembered hand, there would be no reincarnation ring. Just that, I have other ways to make you obey my daughter.” the chalk wrote on the blackboard unhurriedly. Every word was written so beautifully that it almost seems strange, “Want to try it?”

” …”

“Is it to live a life worse than death, or to be my daughter’s dog? I’ll give you the opportunity to choose freely.”

Luo Yesheng was thrown back to where he was just now. He was silent for a few seconds. Finally, he smiled a little miserably, and calmly said, “You have a good dad, Bian Bian.”

Luo Yesheng doesn’t have a mother-in-law’s temperament[4]TN: An overly sensitive temperament.. Now that he has made a choice, he will not dwell on it any more. Anyway, he survived. If worse comes to worst, he’ll just regard himself as Bian Bian’s nanny. In this way, he’ll feel much better in his heart.

Bian Bian was finally able to talk again. Fiddling her fingers, she awkwardly said: “I’m sorry… If you don’t like this bracelet, you can take it off.”

Although this villain is bad, what she did just now was also very bad. Her dislike for the bad guy does not affect Bian Bian’s guilt for what happened just now.

Hearing the little girl’s soft voice, Luo Yesheng smiled bitterly: “I can’t take it off.”

“Then I’ll let uncle take it off.” It was given by my uncle, so my uncle will definitely be able to take it off.


Luo Yesheng frowned.

“Uncle, I don’t want this bad guy to be my pet. It’s not good…” Bian Bian trotted to the podium and pulled the magician through the chalk floating in the air.

As long as the magician stretched out his hand too, she could pull him.

However, the magician just stuffed the chalk in his hand to Bian Bian’s small ones, and took another piece of chalk: “Tell her that I’m her father.”

“?” Luo Yesheng’s gaze fell on the words on the blackboard.

Bian Bian continued to pull without giving up, so the magician simply threw the chalk into her hand once again.

“Bian Bian, your dad said that he’s your dad.” Luo Yesheng said bluntly. He even almost faltered.

Could it be that this dad just took office?

“…” Bian Bian wanted to say that she didn’t have a father. But, when she thought of her uncle’s kindness to her, the little girl changed her tune very naturally, and persistently continued the topic just now, “Dad, can you take off the bracelet from the bad guy’s hand?”

The magician who was in a good mood crouched down and looked at Bian Bian. His dark pupils were like fragmented stars on a cold night. Still cold, but with a little more light.

“Dad?” Bian Bian sensed a different feeling inexplicably. She raised her little hand and brushed it past the magician’s eyes.

The magician gently hooked his lips, stood up and wrote with chalk: “Dispel my daughter’s idea of ​​letting you take off the reincarnation ring.”

Of course, this was written for Luo Yesheng.     

Luo Yesheng took a deep breath. Calmed his mind, and gently smiled: “Bian Bian, I’ll wear the reincarnation ring voluntarily. You can ask me to help you with whatever you want to do in the future.”

The villain’s performance from the beginning to end was completely different, and Bian Bian, who had no ability to detect lies for the time being, simply believed what he said.

Another sentence appeared on the blackboard. Luo Yesheng frowned, and hesitantly said, “I’ve injured your grandpa and uncle before, so I should atone for it.”

When did he injure her grandpa and uncle?

When the words fell, he saw Bian Bian’s white as a steamed bun face bulged up, and then she glared at him. That bit of guilt and embarrassment disappeared instantly.

Luo Yesheng: “…”

The wrinkles between his brows deepened, and some situations that he had overlooked before gradually appeared in his mind, that he would soon clarify.

The magician walked out of the classroom door. There were two zombies outside. One was squatting under a bald tree, digging mud and poking ants. While the other with gray eyes is staring at the door of the classroom, resembling a stone carved statue.

“The brains of the zombies are even more useless than that of a good-for-nothing.”  With the magician’s almost mean comment, it was unknown whether he was talking about Lu Yu or Zhu Yuan. Anyway, fortunately they couldn’t hear it.

“Do you think that temporarily restricting Luo Yesheng’s freedom and letting Bian Bian go in alone, without you following, would let Luo Yesheng become obedient because Bian Bian doesn’t seem so aggressive?”

“Are you worried that your identity as zombies will expose your relationship with Bian Bian? Which would then let Luo Yesheng perceive the danger and escape desperately. Once he escapes, there will be no free cook.”

“Have you ever thought that if Luo Yesheng really wants to do something, before you could even kill him, the probability of your granddaughter being dragged by him to serve as a scapegoat is as high as 90%. Even if she doesn’t die, she will suffer a living hell.”



Seeing that the pheasant was about to be cooked, the fragrance pervaded the air, scattering everywhere. Bian Bian, who eagerly waited for a long time, cheered.

Heavy footsteps came from the door——

Luo Yesheng’s pupils suddenly shrunk to the size of a needle. What did he just see? Those were the two high-level zombies!

“Get out of the way!” He yelled at Bian Bian. After yelling, he was stunned. He mockingly thought to himself: The baby’s dad is here, it wasn’t his turn to worry.

The next second, he heard the little girl’s soft and excited voice:


Luo Yesheng: “…???”


1 TN: It means that no matter what type or kind of person, they also have a little temper.
2 TN: This actually has three meanings; however, what most fits this sentence is; it refers to the place where the soul will go after death/the underworld. It also means death.
3 TN: Means “I, your father”
4 TN: An overly sensitive temperament.
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