The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 48

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 48

“Grandpa” Luo Yesheng took a deep breath and looked at the familiar fourth-level zombie. Then, he saw the third-level zombie behind the fourth-level zombie.

He finally understood why Bian Bian would define him as a bad guy.

Why Bian Bian’s father attacked them that day.

It was all explained.


he looked down at the piece of metal on his waist and abdomen—this is not Bian Bian’s ability, it was made by the fourth-level zombie.

But… Why were those two zombies just standing at the door, and still weren’t rushing over like other zombies when they smelled fresh flesh and blood?

Judging from their actions, except that they looked no different from other zombies in terms of appearance, they are completely inconsistent with the characteristics of a zombie.

No zombie can resist the temptation brought by flesh and blood. They are just living dead. They have no nature at all.

There was once a cruel example in a certain base, which led to the downfall of an entire base——

A family member of an ability user was inexplicably infected without being exposed to the source of infection. The ability user not only concealed and did not report the matter, but instead kept the infected family member at home.

At that time, the post-apocalyptic world had just begun. The number of powerful ability users weren’t much in the early stage, and the strength of the base was not strong. That ability user firmly believes that even if his family was infected and turned into a zombie, he wouldn’t hurt himself. However, the end result was the destruction of the entire base.

This lesson warned the survivors not to believe that their infected family members are still conscious. Infected zombies have no self-awareness. They only have the most basic predatory instinct.

They have no heartbeat or breathing. Their bodies are rotten and cold, and their nails and teeth contain deadly viruses. Once bitten or caught, a person will turn into a zombie. The fastest would be within a minute and the longest time would be within twenty-four hours.

No one will be spared.

After stabilizing the situation, the major bases tried to find the source of the virus, and then developed a vaccine.

To no avail.

The scientific research team is still working hard, yet they still cannot develop an effective vaccine.

“This is my grandpa.” With the reincarnation ring, Bian Bian was no longer worried about grandpa being discovered by the bad guy. She pointed to the third-level zombie, “That’s Uncle Zhu Yuan.

Bian Bian’s little face became serious, “I saw you fighting Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan together with another bad guy that day.”

Luo Yesheng opened his mouth. Knowing that he was in the wrong, he couldn’t make a sound.

It took a while before he said in a hoarse voice, “They… didn’t bite you.”

The impact brought by the two high-level zombies on Luo Yesheng was even greater than that of the magician. The magician merely had the strength to crush him directly. While on the other hand, the two high-level zombies’ awareness was too shocking.

Could it be that high-level zombies really have consciousness?

The strongest zombie he has ever encountered is the fourth-level zombie in front of him, so Luo Yesheng couldn’t find any other reference.

Bian Bian was inexplicably proud. She raised her little chest, tilted her little face up, and her big eyes seemed to be sparkling, “Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan won’t bite me.”

If Luo Yesheng heard someone say on the road that zombies won’t bite people, he would absolutely scoff 10,000 times to that person, completely unconvinced. But now that the facts are in front of him, he can’t bear not to believe.

There are too many things in his mind today. Luo Yesheng, who has not yet recovered from his injuries, had a splitting headache. Finally, he decided not to think about anything. Making his mind empty as a piece of wood.

After a few minutes, the roasted pheasant is finally ready.

Bian Bian divided the roasted pheasant into several portions. Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan each had one, and she also had one for herself. The chicken butt part was naturally given to Luo Yesheng.

Luo Yesheng “….”

As for the two chicken legs, Bian Bian gave one for grandpa and the other for the magician.


The magician was not in the classroom at the moment.

Bian Bian, who didn’t get a response, put down the chicken drumstick in disappointment—she thought that her dad had already left.

Luo Yesheng coldly watched as the two zombies gnawed on the fragrant roasted pheasant. The zombies didn’t eat humans, on the other hand, they ate human food like a living person. This picture really subverted his understanding.

Then, he noticed Bian Bian’s movements. He asked without batting an eyelid, “Bian Bian, won’t your father be by your side all the time?”

He sensed that the magician was not in the classroom.

——The seemingly non-existent coldness and oppression were gone.

Bian Bian nodded.

Luo Yesheng wanted to ask again, but the old zombie suddenly roared at him inexplicably. He understood the hidden meaning of this roar—pets should have pets’ self-consciousness. They don’t ask questions to their owners.

With a deep sigh, he stopped talking.

Bian Bian was eating the fleshy meat, her mouth was full of grease. Finally, she burped happily and touched her bulging belly. The little girl’s eyes bent into crescents, and she hummed a nursery rhyme that only she could understand.

It feels really good to eat meat.

With Luo Yesheng—the walking cook, Bian Bian’s quality of life has significantly improved.

Luo Yesheng lived in Jinxin Community. After being threatened by the two zombies, he lived on the fourth floor. That is to say, he and the two zombies lived on the same floor.

Sleeping at night is terrifying. However, it was confirmed that these two zombies really don’t eat people.

Occasionally, when the third-level zombie would drool and express “greed” towards himself, it would be roared in return by the fourth-level zombie.

Luo Yesheng often spinelessly thought with a blank face: this was probably the sense of security from zombies.

As time passed, he gradually understood the little girl’s experience from Bian Bian’s mouth, and also learned that Bian Bian’s father would not appear often for unknown reasons. Moreover, the father is not her blood-related dad—of course, this was his own conjecture.

Consequently, grandpa was infected and became a zombie. She’s too young and she needs normal people to take care of her.

Therefore… he was chosen.

For Bian Bian’s safety, and to prevent him from having any bad thoughts, they forcibly turn him into a “pet”.


It’s a pity that there’s no one he can consult with. The only person who can talk here is Bian Bian. However, Luo Yesheng generally couldn’t say to the little girl, “Bian Bian, I suspect that your father is not human.”

That’s right, the more he got along with Bian Bian, the more he felt that Bian Bian’s elusive dad is not a human being. The person is invisible. He couldn’t speak. He can only communicate through writing, and it seems that there’s a weird and scary BGM[1]TN: Background music whenever he appears on the stage.[2]TN: A figurative language that means to enter the scene.

Luo Yesheng also guessed that Bian Bian’s father is a super boss in a certain base. Because of his special ability to become invisible, he found Bian Bian’s existence when he was bored, and raised her as a pastime. This can roughly explain why he only appears occasionally to send some supplies and the like.

However, if he’s really a big shot of a certain base, if he wants to raise people, he can directly take people into the base. Is it worthy to make such twists and turns?

Come to think of it, some kind of supernatural creature best fits these characteristics.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, the spoon is used to ladle soup. It isn’t food.” Standing on the chair, Bian Bian stretched out her hand to pull the arm of the third-level zombie.

Luo Yesheng supported her small body to prevent her from falling off the chair. At the same time, he pulled her hand back, and replaced the little girl’s arm. Quickly saving the spoon in the hands of the third-level zombie, to prevent him from swallowing it once again.

When Zhu Yuan eats, he will stuff other things into his stomach if they do not pay attention. Furthermore, he has swallowed six or seven spoons.

Luo Yesheng never thought that in his lifetime, he would sit and peacefully eat at the dining table with two zombies.

Oh, and grab a spoon from a zombie’s mouth.

The third-level zombie who has been robbed of the spoon roared unhappily. The fourth-level zombie skillfully slapped him, and suddenly he became honest.

Luo Yesheng: “….”

This scene was unbelievable from the very beginning, but now it’s just normal.

He had never seen such a down-to-earth zombie.

“Bian Bian, there’s not much food stored at home. I’m going to go a little farther away this afternoon to look for supplies.” Luo Yesheng said, glancing at the bracelet—with this thing, even if he wanted to escape, after more than five meters away from Bian Bian, he would automatically go back.

Like a pet that accidentally lost its owner, it will run home by itself following its owner’s scent.

However, during this period of time, he received a lot of goods. He generally went through life and death assessments in a row. In addition, Bian Bian generously shared the remaining crystals in the metal box to Luo Yesheng. Among them were third-class fire ability crystals.

Luo Yesheng naturally advanced to the peak of B-class, halfway through entering A-class. His strength rose sharply.

However… when he advanced to the peak of B-class, Grandpa also had a breakthrough, becoming a fifth-level zombie.

He still can’t beat Grandpa.

Bian Bian couldn’t feel it, but Luo Yesheng and the third-level zombie could feel the pressure emanating from grandpa’s body.

They couldn’t see any special reaction from grandpa, who has broken through to the fifth level. Except for noticing that his stiff limbs are a little more flexible than before.

However, Luo Yesheng found that this newly promoted fifth-level zombie was trying to learn how to speak once again.

However, it yield minimal results. It was quite hard to understand what he was trying to say.

“Let’s go together.” Bian Bian finished drinking the last sip of soup, and licked her mouth in retrospect— Luo Yesheng’s cooking skills are quite good, and simple meals can have a distinctive flavor.

The quality of life has improved, and Bian Bian’s thin body has been fully nourished. One day a day,[3]TN: This was just a rough translation; it means to change from day to day. It also often describes progress or growth of crops with many connotations. and she will soon return to the healthy appearance that her grandpa had raised before.

Looking like a jade snow dumpling, which is particularly delicious.

Luo Yesheng looked at the jade snow dumpling and subconsciously shook his head, “No. It’s too dangerous.”

As a pet, he was actually acting as a nanny. After taking care of Bian Bian for a while, as if he had Stockholm syndrome, he took care of Bian Bian showing a “Father figure”. Always unconsciously substituting himself into an old father’s mentality.

This is a disease that must be cured.

Bian Bian said with reason and logic, “I’ll go together with grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan. With more people, we’ll have more power, so we’ll find more food.”

Luo Yesheng compromised. He can’t disobey orders.

An ability user at the peak of B class, a fifth-level zombie, and a third-level zombie. Three powerful guardians. If they can’t even guarantee Bian Bian’s safety, they should relinquish their strength level and report to the underworld.

With Luo Yesheng, in addition to improving Bian Bian’s quality of life, their means of transportation has also improved.

——He drove the big off-road vehicle that was parked in the underground parking lot towards Jinxin Community, looked for materials nearby, and remodeled the car. It was almost impossible to see that it was an off-road vehicle. On the contrary, it looked like a metal murder weapon.

Because of the need to keep their distance, the two zombies usually sat in the back seat, while Bian Bian sat on the passenger seat— Luo Yesheng remodeled the passenger seat into a children’s chair, which was convenient for Bian Bian.

Bian Bian was already sitting obediently in the passenger seat. Luo Yesheng raised his legs to sit in the driver’s seat. Who would have thought that his feet would slip causing his forehead to slam against the door’s window.

“Hiss” Luo Yesheng rubbed his head and sat down. These past two days have been very strange. From time to time, he would bump into something or fall. Although he would not be seriously injured, the pain was unavoidable.

He always felt that something was wrong.

“Uncle Luo, are you alright?” Bian Bian who was sitting in the child’s seat leaned over and looked at Luo Yesheng with her big eyes full of genuine concern.

——Exquisite cooking skills and various attentive care, helping Bian Bian to avoid bumping here and there, leads to Bian Bian’s current disposition.  Luo Yesheng was successfully whitewashed, and was promoted from the “big bad guy” to “Uncle Luo”.

Luo Yesheng shook his head to say that he was fine, yet, it was unknown if he had shook his head a little harder, because his head banged against the door.


He suspects that he had a nervous breakdown.


1 TN: Background music
2 TN: A figurative language that means to enter the scene.
3 TN: This was just a rough translation; it means to change from day to day. It also often describes progress or growth of crops with many connotations.

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