The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 49

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 49

The process of finding supplies was not smooth. The shops and supermarkets surrounding the area of ​​Jinxin Community have long been looted and emptied. Only the decaying bodies of those who were defeated remain there.

In desperation, they had to move further afield.

However, after searching around, there was no harvest.

They can’t go back empty-handed.

Luo Yesheng’s heart moved, thinking of Flying Dragon’s previous camp— Sunshine Holiday Hotel.

The people of the Flying Dragon organization had set up camp at the Holiday Hotel, so there must be a lot of supplies.

Now that their leader Feng Leijie has died, as well as most of the ability users in the organization, it is hard to say whether the rest will continue to stay in the Holiday Hotel. Anyway, since they can’t find supplies around the area, they might as well go and have a look.

The most interesting phenomenon in the process of finding supplies is that, whenever they encounter some zombie beasts, before they even get close, they will run away in a hurry.

If they have mental activities, they’re probably thinking: Damn, is it not good to stay in your own area? Why must you come generously to us?

The cause of this situation was, of course, the humanoid zombie expelling device—the fifth-level zombie.

Those of the same kind are more likely to perceive danger and coercion. After Grandpa advanced to fifth level, if there were zombies and zombie beasts within five miles of Jinxin Community, they would hide with their tails tucked between their legs.

Further away from Jinxin community, the number of zombies and zombie beasts increased.

However, when Luo Yesheng’s modified car passed by, looking down from a high altitude, it could be seen those living dead running away one by one, indirectly mixed with some zombie beast. As if there were ghosts chasing behind them.

At first, Luo Yesheng cautiously raised the car window to prevent those who have no eyes[1]TN: A figurative that means not looking where one is going or to not watch one’s step. who suddenly rushed over, in scaring the little snow dumpling sitting in the co-pilot seat.

Later, he found that the little girl was eager to stick her face to the glass window, and she kept looking at the scenery outside. Since there was a fifth level zombie sitting in the car, and there were no zombies who wanted to die again and was stupid enough to come up, he let the car window down. As the glass slid down, Bian Bian excitedly put half her head out and looked at the receding city center.

Glancing at the little girl’s curious face, Luo Yesheng thought, what’s there to see?

The city has long been dilapidated. From time to time, some broken limbs and bones can be seen. The ground is covered with a layer of coarse sand, and the air is filled with an unpleasant pungent smell. Every place and space reminds the survivors of this suffocating world.

However, these images, for a five-year-old child who’s keen on exploring, each brick is a different existence in her eyes.

They passed by a shop that used to be an accessory store. The things inside were smashed into a pile. Through the broken window, some dolls hanging on the wall could be seen. Judging from their appearance, they can be restored to their beauty as long as they are cleaned.

Luo Yesheng glanced at the ugly little bear that Bian Bian has been holding in her hands, and said, “Otherwise, Bian Bian, do you want to change that doll to a beautiful one?”

“Don’t want.” Bian Bian shook her head resolutely. Hugged the little bear tightly, and bent her eyes, “I have Gray Gray, Oh. Gray Gray is very beautiful.”


Luo Yesheng forced himself to withdraw his gaze from the gray bear, deeply worried about the little girl’s aesthetics.

The only person who can communicate in the car is Bian Bian. Luo Yesheng said: “Let’s first go to a hotel and take a look. If there are people there, we will exchange crystals for supplies.”

“If there is no one, we’ll go and look somewhere else.”

Bian Bian nodded obediently.

Forty minutes later, the ironhide[2]TN: This refers to the big off-road vehicle before that was customized. In addition, Ironhide is a character in the movie Transformers, who was the Autobots’ resident weapon specialist and is an … Continue reading monster slowly stopped on the street at the entrance of the Holiday hotel.

Obviously, the remaining people of the flying dragon organization have evacuated, which means that these people have also carried all their supplies.

Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to go in and investigate.

“There are lots of soft and fragrant quilts in there. We can take them back.” Bian Bian obviously knows the hotel’s characteristics and doesn’t want to waste it. “There are also knives, spoons and forks. Uncle Zhu Yuan has eaten several spoons, and there were not many at home.”

Yes, the hotel is not short of these and they also belong to the category of “supplies”.

Luo Yesheng drove the car directly to the door.

Bian Bian’s little hands were struggling to unbuckle the seat belts. But one big and one small did not rush to get out of the car. After about two minutes, a few zombies hurriedly walked out of the hotel entrance. Bypassing the ironhide monster, and walking away quickly.

These are all ordinary zombies with very stiff limbs, but at this moment, they can’t wait to throw their legs up.

“Grandpa is awesome.” Bian Bian turned around and sent an “awesome card” to grandpa, with a very proud tone.

The clever little girl had already discovered that those monsters were afraid of her grandpa who was also a monster. So she once again laid the impression in her heart that her grandpa had become powerful again.

Grandpa is always the most powerful~

The third-level zombie howled unhappily, staring at Bian Bian with the same gray and cold eyes, as if to say: Why don’t you praise me?

It seems that there’s still a bit of grievance.

Bian Bian noticed it, and immediately bent her eyes and said, “Uncle Zhu Yuan is also very awesome, oh.”

From the rearview mirror, Luo Yesheng could see the appearance of the third-level zombie—like a child that has eaten his beloved candy.

The ghost knows why he sees this emotion on the face of a zombie.

Then, Bian Bian  added another sentence: “But still not as awesome as Grandpa.”

So Luo Yesheng was fortunate enough to see how a zombie’s emotion changed from “happy” to “depressed”.


Well, anyway, these two zombies are refreshing his cognition all the time.

After a while, Luo Yesheng and Bian Bian entered the hotel. The two zombies followed not far behind.

Because Bian Bian wanted knives, forks and dishes, Luo Yesheng quickly pinpointed where the back kitchen of the hotel was, based on his experience. After confirming that the back kitchen was safe, Luo Yesheng beckoned Bian Bian to enter.

The back kitchen of the hotel is wide and is divided into several areas. From the traces left on the scene, it can be concluded that this place was used not long ago.

Luo Yesheng found a box in a vertical cabinet, and there was an unopened set of tableware in it.

All were made of crystal,[3]TN: The crystal in here was not the same crystal that was used by ability users. which was very beautiful.

He knocked on the surface of the bowl with his fingers, the sound was clear and crisp. It was a high-quality product with an equally high price.

Surviving alone, Luo Yesheng is not particular about material aspects—he is the kind of guy who can sleep even if he is given a coffin.

When he can put delicious food in his mouth, he will eat his fill. As for whether the utensil for holding food are bowls or something else, he doesn’t care.

However, after living with Bian Bian for a while, he was influenced by the little girl and became inexplicably “exquisite”. When he saw the beautiful crystal bowls, he thought of placing them on the dining table, which is absolutely good-looking.

His “little master” will like it.

If this kind of thing was put in the past, Luo Yesheng wouldn’t want it at all, since it took up space and was useless.

Now… he easily stuffed more than ten sets into the supplies bag.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, that can’t be eaten!”

Bian Bian looked left and right curiously, while the old zombie followed closely behind her.

Since advancing to level 5, Grandpa still did not allow Bian Bian to approach him—for instance, intimate gestures such as pulling his hand or trying to hug him, but the distance between him and Bian Bian has narrowed a lot, and he can almost stand directly behind Bian Bian.

With the protection of the old zombie, Luo Yesheng can let the little girl wander around the back kitchen with confidence.

Consequently, Bian Bian who was in the process of “treasure hunting” saw Uncle Zhu Yuan holding a pot and began to nibble. The little girl was full of helplessness—why does Uncle Zhu Yuan like to eat these things so much?

The third-level zombie, who was quietly trying to take a bite, discovered that he had been found. So he reluctantly let go of the big pot, and then turned his target to an unused steel wool on the countertop basin, and quickly stuffed it into his mouth while Bian Bian was not paying attention.

Then once again pei pei pei![4]TN: Spit in contempt. spat out.

Worse than grass.

Bian Bian pulled a drawer to open, she saw a pack of brand new cleaning rags and a few packs of plastic gloves. It was obviously not something good, but the little girl was as if finding a treasure. The smile on her little face was blooming like a flower, and she muttered to herself, “This one can wash dishes.”

In order to make her “treasure hunt” more convenient, she gave Gray Gray to grandpa to hold.

Probably because of advancement, plus the amount of crystal absorbed during this period of time, the old zombie who have thinned like paper have grown a lot of flesh like Bian Bian.

The tall old zombie carefully held the gray bear with his five fingers. His attention was occasionally attracted to the red stitch on the bear’s arm.

A strange impulse urged Grandpa to rip that thread off.

Because…it was so ugly.

The drawer that was opened by Bian Bian was the drawer under the kitchen sink, and as she put the “treasure” into the bag specially used for storing supplies—there was a soft “bang”. The little girl noticed that there was a small door beside the corner, and the sound seemed to come from behind that door.

The third-level zombie was walking back and forth in the back kitchen, making clunking noises from time to time. So it was impossible to determine whether there was really a sound behind that door.

Grandpa looked down at the red thread on the Little Bear’s arm once again. This time, he couldn’t hold back and raised his other hand—his palm was bluish gray, just like that of a dead man’s, and the color of his nails was closer to a dark color—it was only yesterday with the help of Luo Yesheng that the long nails was clipped. After a day, sharp arcs grew again.

Grandpa tried to break the red stitches with his sharp fingernails.

After Luo Yesheng stuffed a few sets of crystal bowl wares, he began to look for something to eat without any hope.

The third-level zombie forced himself into a gap between the bottom of the shelf and the ground. He couldn’t get in after stuffing half of his head.

The door was closed. Bian Bian glanced at her Grandpa and at Luo Yesheng, who was on the other side. She didn’t see Uncle Zhu Yuan.

A few seconds later, Bian Bian shouted loudly: “Uncle Luo, there is a door here, and I heard a sound inside.”

There is a sound?

Luo Yesheng’s expression froze, and he came over quickly.


“Huh? Your Highness, she actually did not open the door by herself, how strange.” The smart housekeeper passed behind the sofa and glanced at the screen. All the data was clearly displayed, and the smart robot couldn’t help but wonder.

Based on his cognition, human beings have an endless desire to explore, and at the same time they have a fearless spirit to find answers despite of danger—or to be more precise, a certain kind of death-defying mentality.

Based on his cognition, in such a situation, most people will be tempted to push the door open.

“…You actually peeped at me playing games?” The Seventh Prince, who was concentrating on playing games while lying on the sofa, was startled by the silent mutter of the smart butler. His face was so gloomy that water was about to drip.[5]TN: The gloominess was about to come out, something like that.

The smart housekeeper defended himself: “Your Highness, you are wronging me. I didn’t peep, I just passed by. You know, when my eyes are turning, they will automatically scan the situation of the surroundings, and the picture on your screen will be automatically sent to my database. This is not stealthily…”

“Shut up!”

“Okay.” The smart butler shut up obediently, but before shutting up, he said again in a curious tone, “Your Royal Highness, according to past data, every time you played this child raising game it makes you feel very happy. But in the past two days, when you played this game, you got angry up to thirteen times. Why is that?”

“Roll ! ! !”

This time, the smart housekeeper rolled quickly.


1 TN: A figurative that means not looking where one is going or to not watch one’s step.
2 TN: This refers to the big off-road vehicle before that was customized. In addition, Ironhide is a character in the movie Transformers, who was the Autobots’ resident weapon specialist and is an old friend of Optimus Prime:
3 TN: The crystal in here was not the same crystal that was used by ability users.
4 TN: Spit in contempt.
5 TN: The gloominess was about to come out, something like that.
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