The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 50

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 50

When the third-level zombie stopped the action of forcing himself into the bottom of the shelf, the clunking sound in the back kitchen disappeared, and the space instantly became quiet. As a result, the “bang” sound from the small door came out clearly.

Like something was hitting it.

“Don’t get too close.” Luo Yesheng pushed the white dumpling[1]TN: Appellation to Bian Bian back. Frowning at the small door in front of him, with some doubts in his eyes.

When he entered the back kitchen to investigate earlier, he found this small door. He pushed the door to go in and saw that there was neither a person nor a zombie inside. He is still very confident in his ability to inspect.

Now, suddenly there was a sound… The strong muscles in the man’s shoulders bulged. Facing this unknown situation, he must not lower his guard at any time.

With a slight movement of his right hand, a ball of flame came out.

Pushing the small door open, the space behind the door is the back kitchen’s place to put miscellaneous stuff. There is no skylight, and the indoor visibility is very low. The flame in Luo Yesheng’s hand becomes a walking “lamp”, which dispels the original darkness.

The things placed on several iron racks were in a mess. The ground was littered with garbage that could not be distinguished, and the air exuded a cold and unpleasant smell.

There is a half-human-tall old-fashioned rice jar in the corner. The surface was covered with dust and fine spider webs. These were exactly the same situation that he had encountered when he came in to investigate before. Nothing more.

The only difference was that the rice jar that Luo Yesheng had determined could not contain any zombies made a crashing sound at this moment, and it was precisely because the rice jar was only half a person tall that he subconsciously ignored the possibility that there was something inside.

Luo Yesheng could have used his ability to smash the rice jar, but he did not do it in case someone was hidden inside. He raised his voice and said: “Who is it?”

There was another “bang” in response.

“Uncle Luo, is it a monster?” Bian Bian asked curiously as she came in.

“It should be.” Luo Yesheng nodded. If it was a person, it should have answered him just now.

Luo Yesheng approached the rice jar. As if it sensed that someone was approaching, the “bang” sound stopped.

The man’s rough palm lifted the wooden board above the rice jar, and the contents inside were exposed in sight. After seeing it clearly, Luo Yesheng’s face instantly turned ugly.

“Uncle Luo?” Bian Bian wanted to come over.

“Don’t come here!” Luo Yesheng almost shouted.

The frightened Bian Bian immediately didn’t dare to go over.

The old zombie’s gray eyes stared at Luo Yesheng’s back. His five fingers moved, as if he wanted to teach this cook—who dared to yell at his most important treasure—a lesson. But he didn’t do it in the end.

In case it breaks, it will not be easy to find another cook again, the old zombie thought blankly.

“Bian Bian, you go outside with grandpa and continue to look for supplies.” When Luo Yesheng turned his head, his expression had returned to normal.

“Oh, okay.” Although Bian Bian was curious about the monster in the rice jar, she walked out of the small door obediently.

Walking up to the door, she looked back. Uncle Luo seemed to be angry just now.

Was it because of the monster in that jar?

In Bian Bian’s knowledge, other monsters ran right away when they saw Grandpa. So she was a little curious about the monster that didn’t leave the jar—isn’t that monster afraid of Grandpa?

After Bian Bian walked out, Luo Yesheng frowned and looked back expressionlessly at the rice jar—there was a small zombie inside. Judging from that face alone that has not rotted, she was probably about the same age as Bian Bian… or even younger. The exact age can’t be distinguished on that blue-black face.

She had two braided pigtails. The corners of her mouth were stained with dried blood. The dark skin on her forehead was broken, and black blood flowed down, dropping on her long eyelashes.

A young zombie. Luo Yesheng had seen a lot of them. He didn’t let Bian Bian come over, one was because he didn’t want to scare her, and the other was… the child zombie’s arms were cut off, and so were both of her legs—in other words, she had her body inside, without her limbs. Like a human swine.

While she was alive, her limbs were cut off and she was thrown into this rice jar.

This little zombie is so weak that it can’t even make a sound. The crashing sound just now was due to her hitting her head against the jar wall. Even though she smelled fresh flesh, she just opened her gray-black mouth.

Five years ago, the end of the world came without warning, heralding the advent of the law of the jungle. In a world where the weak are prey to the strong, there is no longer a normal moral order. Many people are forced to grow up in the sudden cruel apocalypse. Forced to slaughter. Forced to become callous.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all to survive.

However, there are some people who, after the end of the world— have just escape from calamity,[2]TN: This was actually from chinese phrase of “If one survives, there will be future fortunes”, which generally means that when a person survives/didn’t die from a calamity, that person will … Continue reading evolved abilities. The expansion of power has fueled the evil in their hearts. Releasing the beasts that were imprisoned in the normal order of the world, thus their hideous claws and teeth pounced on their fellow countrymen…

If the little zombie in the rice jar existed before the Flying dragon organization camped in the Holiday Hotel, then she should have been discovered by their people long ago. No normal person would place a small zombie in such an important place as the back kitchen.

Excluding this, the answer emerges.

This little zombie’s limbs were cut off and she was thrown into the rice jar by the people of the Flying dragon, when she was alive. Maybe as a pastime when they were bored, or because of some other disgusting reason… But along with the death of the leader of the flying dragon and most of their people, the remaining members evacuated the hotel. The little girl who was thrown inside the rice jar was infected and turned into a zombie, and was discovered by Bian Bian.

The little zombie raised her head dully. Her turbid gray eyes stared at Luo Yesheng quietly. Luo Yesheng’s fingers paused, and then as if this was common, he stretched out and struck her slender neck. When his hand approached, the little zombie instinctively opened her mouth to bite.

With a click, the fragile neck was broken, and the little zombie’s head drooped limply.

After a while, Luo Yesheng walked out of the small door and saw Bian Bian sticking her little butt as her little hand pulled the trouser legs of the third-level zombie. Trying to rescue the stupid zombie whose head was stuck and couldn’t get out.

——The head of the third-level zombie was exceptionally stuck.

Seeing this scene, Luo Yesheng couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth. It was hard to believe that the stupid zombie on the ground was a B class ability user before his death, which was far from the “awesome Uncle Zhu Yuan” that Bian Bian has said.

Bian Bian’s little face turned red.

The reason why Grandpa was not allowed to help is because the little girl was worried that Grandpa would tear off one of Uncle Zhu Yuan’s legs!

The little girl who really couldn’t drag, panted and released her little hands. Wiped the non-existent sweat on her head, with an expression of “I tried my best,” clapped her hands, and said to the third-level zombie on the ground: “Uncle Zhu Yuan, you should find a way yourself, okay?”

“Uncle Luo.” Seeing Luo Yesheng, the little girl ran over, “What is this?”

Luo Yesheng held a pendant in his hand.

“I got it from the monster with her name engraved on it.” Looking at little Bian Bian’s red lips and white teeth, Luo Yesheng glanced at the old zombie again, and some complicated emotions flashed in his eyes. Luckily she had a grandfather who still wanted to protect her despite turning into a zombie.


the appearance of the small zombie flashed before his eyes, and Luo Yesheng’s eyes turned cold.

He finally remembered why he felt a little familiar when he heard Bian Bian’s name for the first time. As if he had heard it before.

At that time, he and Feng Leijie reached a cooperation to come to Jinxin Community. One of Feng Leijie’s subordinate slipped, and said that there was a woman who deceived Feng Leijie in order to protect herself. Providing information that there were supplies in Jinxin Community, and that there was a little girl named Bian Bian—it turned out that not only were there no supplies, there was no little girl either. Instead, they encountered two high-level zombies and ultimately fled in a hurry.


“Bian Bian,” Luo Yesheng said solemnly, “In the future, if you meet people who look like bad guys, remember, by all means, don’t talk to them. Just let… let Grandpa come out.”

After thinking about it, he felt wrong.

Even adults can’t tell whether a person is good or bad by appearance. Let alone a five-year-old girl.

Hence, Luo Yesheng hurriedly narrowed the scope: “As long as it is someone who takes the initiative to approach you, you can’t just trust them. You have to be vigilant. If they do anything wrong to you, you let Uncle Zhu Yuan bite him!”

It is impossible to let the old zombie bite a person.

This fifth-level zombie is like an ascetic monk among zombies, and is very taboo about “eating people”.

Bian Bian frowned and shook her head heavily: “Not good. Uncle Zhu Yuan must not eat people.”


Luo Yesheng grinded his back molars, raised his hand and lightly pinched the little girl’s cheeks that felt great to touch. Why is the little girl so sincere?

Little did they know that on the other side, the seventh prince who was staring at the screen, gnashed his teeth and glared at his hand. He couldn’t help sliding the screen—

A kitchen knife floated up from the corner. Turning left and right, as if aligning the direction, so that Luo Yesheng’s claws could be chopped off!

“Who is it?!” Luo Yesheng coldly looked over, and a fire ball struck against the kitchen knife that was suspended in mid-air.


1 TN: Appellation to Bian Bian
2 TN: This was actually from chinese phrase of “If one survives, there will be future fortunes”, which generally means that when a person survives/didn’t die from a calamity, that person will have good luck or blessing in the future. This is a Buddhist phrase that was later used in literary works, which talks about cause and effect. If you have great troubles, it means that you have transformed a certain amount of karma. Therefore, there will be less retribution in the future, and there will be blessings.
  1. Meo has spoken 1 year ago

    It is mention that feng mf likes young girl. The pedo feng probably torture the small zombie before her death 😫 just thinking about it making my head boil 😫

  2. Sekstifire has spoken 2 years ago

    I was thinking this when we saw the date of the transmigrator after being captured by flying dragon but the author drops in these pretty dark and upsetting things about the overall world that conflict with the cuteness of the rest of the story.

    • Spicy Salmon Roll has spoken 2 years ago

      Yes it’s heartbreaking imagining the horrors of that lil girl. I think this contrast just makes Bian Bian more precious and her grandpa more inspiring.


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