The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 51

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 51

A few hundred kilometers away from the Holiday Hotel in another city, which was one of the most prosperous big cities in the north—after the apocalypse, many bases, big and small, were established in this urban area by ability users of various identities. In the end, nine out of ten of those bases fell. Only one base that cooperated with the military remained, and expanded into the largest security base in the north—Beiji.[1]TN: North Base.

The destination of Chen Jiahe, the transmigrator, is Beiji. After crossing over, she was lucky enough to meet Zhao Jue, a low-level ability user at the beginning of the book, who later met the male protagonist, and successfully advanced to be an A class ability user.

She wants to reach the base as soon as possible through Zhao Jue. Find the male protagonist who has not yet become strong, hug his golden thigh,[2]TN: This terms is usually spoken as colloquial meaning, which means to ride on someone’s coattails. so that she can live safely in the apocalyptic world.

Unfortunately, the person offended the Flying dragon organization and was captured by their people on the way to the base. On the other hand, Zhao Jue luckily escaped.

After Chen Jiahe, who thought she was familiar with the plot of the original book and therefore possesses the aura of the protagonist, was captured by the Flying dragon, she truly experienced the cruelty of the apocalypse and despaired in purgatory.

However, God favored her once again. The woman named An Shuirou, who had the same water ability as her, saved her.

She told the other party that she had crossed over. After explaining part of the plot, not long after the pervert Feng Leijie left the hotel with a group of people, An Shuirou took advantage of the remaining ability users in the hotel who were left unprepared and knocked them out with a drug. Afterwards, these people were thrown into the mouths of the zombies one by one.

That scene… that scene Chen Jiahe could never forget in her life.

The charming and beautiful woman has a soft smile on the corner of her mouth. Like a rose blooming and swaying in the dark night. So beautiful that it makes one’s heart palpitate. She slowly turned her head, and Chen Jiahe was sure that she saw her pale face in the other party’s beautiful eyes.

“What? They tortured you. Don’t you feel happy that they ended up like this?” the woman said with a smile. Her voice was soft.

Chen Jiahe knew that her face was ugly, and her body trembled uncontrollably.

In fact, An Shuirou was right. Those scum and perverts deserved it. Seeing them unconsciously being surrounded and bitten by zombies, and then waking up in severe pain, screaming and wailing… She was very happy. The blood in her veins seemed to be heated and boiled by some kind of force, and her whole body became hot.


She was afraid of An Shuirou.


That’s why she trembled.

She couldn’t say anything so she shook her head stiffly.

She told An Shuirou that the male protagonist who ended this apocalyptic age in the book and will become the strongest person in this world should still be a nobody in the base according to the timeline.

So An Shui said softly, “Then go to the base to find this savior and see what he looks like.”

Chen Jiahe shuddered, even though she didn’t know why.

Perhaps it was An Shuirou’s ruthlessness that was completely inconsistent with her appearance that shocked her.

After that, she and An Shuirou went to Beiji together.

Chen Jiahe often wondered: Although An Shuirou’s ability is not strong, with her means and scheming, it is not difficult to leave the Flying dragon organization. Why is she willing to stay in the organization and play the role of being weak and helpless? In the end, why did she suddenly believe what she said and killed the others?

Until the two of them arrived at the base safely, Chen Jiahe didn’t have an answer.

It was not easy to find the male protagonist of the book in such a large base that had already established a system. Then, something happened that made Chen Jiahe very happy—

a B class mission was posted on the electronic screen where the base’s missions was released:

【Mission content: Kill two high-level zombies.

Mission details: There are two high-level zombies in Jinxin Community, Fuhua District, M City. A fourth-level metal type and a third-level wind type, which were very powerful. Two B class ability users joined forces to kill them but ultimately failed. One died and the other was seriously injured.】

Didn’t Feng Leijie take most of the people to Jinxin Community to kill those two zombies in order to obtain their crystals? One died and one was seriously injured? Who died?

Since the base dared to release this mission, it proves that the situation has been investigated.

So… was it Feng Leijie who died or another person?

Chen Jiahe couldn’t wait to report the good news to An Shuirou. The latter sneered after hearing it, probably mocking her stupidity: “Feng Leijie’s B class upper-level strength, compared to another who is not as strong as him, who has a greater chance of survival?”

“…Anyway, there is a 50% chance.” Chen Jiahe gritted her teeth, and then as if asking for confirmation, “Don’t you want Feng Leijie to die?”

An Shuirou grunted a seductive “hum” from her nose: “If you want to think so innocently, then continue to dream.”

“…Have you found the male lead?” she asked, after a while.

Chen Jiahe lowered her head with an ugly expression, then shook it.

“You didn’t just make up a story to coax me, right?” An Shuirou smiled movingly. Since she came to the base, this woman, relying on her amazing beauty and profound means, has managed to find a good intellectual job at the base. Living a much more nourishing life than Chen Jiahe.

On the contrary, Chen Jiahe’s strength is weak. She is a low-level ability user with a weak ability such as the water element. She has her daily work in addition to using her ability to deliver water to the base—with her ability, she can only produce less than a hundred catty[3]TN: Traditional Chinese unit of mass. A catty is equivalent to 604. 78982 in grams. of water per day—apart from producing water, she has to do other work to get enough food stamps.

She didn’t understand, she is also a woman, and she is also a water element. She and An Shuirou even had similar abilities, but not only could she not beat An Shuirou, she didn’t even have the ability to bewitch people.

Even if she secretly learns An Shuirou’s way of speaking and behavior, it still doesn’t work.

No one paid her account.

She walked with An Shuirou as if she was the latter’s maid. She doesn’t seem to even count as a foil.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was a “book transmigrator”, An Shuirou would have kicked herself away a long time ago. She thought.

“Was that a difficult question to answer?” An Shuirou, who had not received an answer, approached. Chen Jiahe smelled the refreshing fragrance of her body. Her scalp tingle. She gritted her teeth before saying, “I did not! I’m quietly inquiring about his information… I said that the male protagonist described in the book is cautious and has a strange personality. He is a typical blackened starting point male…”

“What starting point male?” An Shuirou interrupted Chen Jiahe.

“It’s…” Chen Jiahe didn’t know how to explain, “He has the characteristics of being a male protagonist, but he is not necessarily a standard good person. For his own interests, he can do murder and arson without hesitation.”

An Shuirou was noncommittal: “Continue.”

“So it is important to be careful. We must not let the male protagonist notice that I am looking for him, which will arouse his vigilance… The base is so big, it will take time to find him.”

At the same time, the electronic screen where missions were released shows that the quest about the two high-level zombies in Jinxin Community of M City has been accepted.

“Brother Zhi, someone picked it up!” In a corner of the base, Zhang Wenxi excitedly said to Tie Zhi, who was in front of him.

After escaping from the zombie beast, the two stumbled back to the hotel and found that the other people in the base camp were dead, and the supplies were also carried away. Tie Zhi almost instantly concluded that it was An Shuirou’s ghost, but apart from yelling “Fuck”, there was no other way.

So the two went to the base as planned, used the information from Jinxin Community and made a deal with the base to get paid, and temporarily stayed to rest.

They always paid attention to the progress of the mission. If someone kills the two zombies, it will be another way of revenge for them.

Most of the people living in the base are ordinary people. Some of the ability users joined the base city’s defense army, while some formed their own teams to take the tasks issued by the base. The base will take a cut to the things obtained from the tasks, and at the same time, certain rewards will be issued to the teams of ability users.

For ability users, it is useless to kill ordinary zombies and zombie beasts, and the value of the crystals obtained is not high. So their goal is usually those zombies that are above the second-level.

The base provides the task, the ability users accepts the mission. The two sides cooperate, saving both time and effort, which is much better than blindly going outside.

Of course, the base will not only send out missions to kill high-level zombies, but also other missions such as rescuing survivors.

All sorts of things. Everything that can be thought of.

This time, the team of ability users who took over the B class mission of killing two high-level zombies is called “Ye Feng”[4]TN: The literal translation is Night Wind.. There are five members in the team. All of whom are B class low-level ability users.

Consequently, their Captain Bai Wen is halfway through entering A class. What’s even more terrifying is that… he is a dual-type ability user. Even if he faces a middle-level A class ability user, he will not necessarily fall behind. His strength is very terrifying.

“That fourth-level zombie is a bit interesting. Even if the captain doesn’t make a move, we will be stable.” At this time, the “Yefeng” team that took the task was preparing before the departure. In fact, there is nothing to prepare.

All B class actual power against a fourth-level and a third-level, coupled with rich combat experience. There is also a big boss like Bai Wen. For them, this task can only be regarded as ordinary. Nothing difficult.

“You can’t say that. It’s still good to be cautious.” A team member retorted, “Don’t forget, two B class upper-levels fought with those two zombies. One died, while the other escaped with serious injuries. This fourth level, I’m afraid it’s already halfway through entering the fifth level.”

“Isn’t there still Captain?” The man muttered at first. His name is Yu Xiaole, he suddenly turned his head and looked at a teammate next to him.

This person is not old, with a medium stature, simple and honest facial features. He looks like a good old man[5]TN: This refers to people who has an easy-going temper, treats people kindly, and those who’ll not offend others. at first glance.

A month ago, a member of the “Ye Feng” team died while on a mission, so they recruited people and thus, recruited this person. After this person joins the team, he does not show the mountain nor reveal the water,[6]TN: An idiom that means being deep and low-key. One who does not express oneself and makes people feel very ordinary. but his strength is not weak, and he is also quite reliable when on a mission.

According to him, he originally lived alone, but he was lucky enough to meet a college classmate. The two walked together and became good brothers who lived their lives.

Unfortunately, however, they encountered an injured third-level zombie, and neither he nor his friend had advanced their rank at that time. They were just C class ability users and they took a lot of effort to kill that third-level zombie, but his friend was scratched by that zombie in the course of the battle.


When he talked about the past, his whole body trembled with pain. His eyes were red, and he was full of deep regret. Occasionally, the team members will notice this person mumbling to himself in front of his best friend’s photo.

Once Yu Xiaole heard him chokingly said, “…If I had advanced earlier, you wouldn’t have died…It’s all my fault…”

This kind of brotherhood has infected the members of “Ye Feng”. It is hard to find genuine affection in the apocalypse. Therefore, in just one month, the other party was accepted by the “Ye Feng” team.

But the captain doesn’t seem to like him very much… Yu Xiaole thought.

“Du Mingyu, I remember you said that you came from XX, did you pass through M city?” Yu Xiaole asked.

“Eh? Right…but I didn’t go inside the city.” Du Mingyu, whose name was called, had a naive smile on his face, scratching his head, a little embarrassed.


1 TN: North Base.
2 TN: This terms is usually spoken as colloquial meaning, which means to ride on someone’s coattails.
3 TN: Traditional Chinese unit of mass. A catty is equivalent to 604. 78982 in grams.
4 TN: The literal translation is Night Wind.
5 TN: This refers to people who has an easy-going temper, treats people kindly, and those who’ll not offend others.
6 TN: An idiom that means being deep and low-key. One who does not express oneself and makes people feel very ordinary.

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