The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 52

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 52

The sky was dark and gloomy, but the temperature in the air did not drop in the slightest. The heat, black clouds, and gusty winds swept across the ground lifting dry dust… The rapid changes in the weather seemed to be brewing an upcoming storm.

In such depressing and ominous weather, a military armored vehicle drove out of the base gate. Driving in the direction of M City.

“I’m afraid it’s going to rain heavily. Captain, shall we find a place to wait for the rain to pass before leaving?” Liu Shiyuan, the only female among the members of the Ye Feng team, looked at the ominous sky and frowned.

Bai Wen sat in the backseat with his eyes closed. After hearing what was said, he opened his eyes. He has a pair of monolid eyes, which seemingly appears ordinary, just like an ordinary person sitting in the car. As long as one does not pay special attention to him, it will be unlikely for someone to notice a person sitting there.

But when he opened his eyes, the air around that position had a distinct change. A strong aura that could not be ignored erupted, indicating that there is a distinguished person sitting there, who was very powerful at first glance.

Liu Shiyuan and the other team members had long been accustomed to their captain’s “sense of presence”. They just eagerly waited for their boss’s instructions. However, Du Mingyu, who was sitting on the other side, shrank his neck, as if afraid. Not daring to look at Bai Wen.

After joining the Ye Feng team, his eyes would occasionally meet Bai Wen’s gaze in mid-air, and he always felt that the other party’s eyes were scanning his body like lasers. Revealing all the secrets he carried without reservation.

In other words— every time Du Mingyu meets Bai Wen’s gaze, Du Mingyu will avoid it guiltily, which is a subconscious action.

“Accelerate forward according to the map.” Bai Wen said indifferently, “Both sides of the highway are low plains. There’s no housing, and even if there is, it’s for forest guards at best.”

Through the reinforced bulletproof glass, his gaze swept across The undulating mountain forest in the distance: “Who knows how many zombies there are in the woods. Drive the car to the plain to find a shelter from the wind and rain, and when the rain falls, if we encounter a group of zombies, will the car drive faster in the plains, or in the highway?”

The embarrassed Liu Shiyuan did not speak.

“Captain is right. Xiao Yuan’er, when will you learn to grow meat and develop brains at the same time?” The team members laughed cheekily.

Liu Shiyuan was annoyed, she squeezed her stomach, and threw a can at Tang Ci, who dared to say she was fat. Smashing and causing the other party to scream ‘aiyo ayio’: “Yo! Honeydew flavor. Thanks wife, I like it.

“Motherf***er.” Liu Shiyuan rolled her eyes, “Captain, he took advantage of me.”

“Well.” Bai Wen closed his eyes and pretended not to see it.


Yu Xiaole stepped on the accelerator and the armored car let out a beast-like roar. Chewing a gum in his mouth, his eyes lit up abnormally, “Brothers, sit tight!”

The car rumbled forward. The modified armored car was like an enraged lion in the mountain, racing down the wide highway.

“Shit, I shouldn’t have let this kid drive!”

“He f***ing thought he was driving a bumper car!”

Along with Liu Shiyuan and Tang Ci’s your sentence, my sentence[1]TN: This is just the literal translation of the idiom, which means talking to each other alternately, or each expresses their own opinion. verbal abuse, Yu Xiaole, who was like a mad dog who had broken off his chain, went on a rampage with joy.

Du Mingyu just laughed like a good old man. From time to time he would take a few words to console the two people’s tucao conference[2]TN: It is a Chinese slang that means finding fault or roasting each other, ‘tucao’ in Chinese means sarcasm, complaining, or finding fault. . As if he regards himself as the team’s lubricant, resolving all conflicts and tit-for-tats.

“Hey, there’s a small group of zombies in front, look at me.” Yu Xiaole grinned and slammed the steering wheel. The armored vehicle drove in an S shape towards the group of zombies who were madly rushing over after hearing the sound. Noting every aspect, smashing each zombie under the wheel.

“Hahahaha!” The wipers were activated, sweeping the “watermelon juice” off the windshield along with some flesh. He then turned back to receive the compliments of his teammates, only to be confronted by the cold gaze of his captain, who had somehow moved up behind him.

“…” Damn. I’m going to die. I’m going to die.

He squeezed out a smile that was worse than crying: “…team, captain.”

“There’s a car in front. It looks quite new, go down and try it?”

“No, no, no. I was wrong captain.”

Bai Wen returned to his seat. Yu Xiaole drove honestly, not daring to play any tricks again.     

“Captain, Xiaole didn’t do it on purpose.” Du Mingyu smilingly said, “He’s still young, so he likes to play.”

The others seemed to be accustomed to Du Mingyu’s pleading words, and felt that it was normal given his temperament. Yu Xiaole even glared at Tang Ci and Liu Shiyuan from the rearview mirror. These two were simply not human. They were the closest to him, and yet they didn’t even remind him when the captain moved behind him.

He feels that the newcomer Du Mingyu, is simply a caring little cotton-padded jacket.[3]TN: This is an idiom, a metaphor in particular, which generally refers to the intimate relationship between a daughter and her father or mother, because daughters are usually more delicate, gentle, … Continue reading

Bai Wen frowned. His dislike for Du Mingyu that flashed across his face can be clearly seen, and then he said, “You go drive.”

“Huh?” Yu Xiaole reacted more than Du Mingyu. With drooping head and ears, he finally changed positions with Du Mingyu. The latter was cautious, as if it was a very honorable thing to get the captain’s orders. His overflowing excitement and happiness could be clearly felt even by others.

Yu Xiaole’s subtle feeling of being replaced disappeared in an instant. He immediately leaned in front of Bai Wen like a pug as if nothing happened: “Captain, isn’t the information provided by the base says that apart from the two high-level zombies around Jinxin Community, there is a high probability that there are still other high-level zombie beasts? When we have killed those two zombies, and stroll around there, maybe we can find a third-grade fire crystal for Du Mingyu.”

The first thing that Du Mingyu did when he joined the team was to quickly integrate himself into the team’s affairs—he took out a third-grade wood crystal and presented it, in the name of being teammates, to Liu Shiyuan, who was at the critical stage of promotion at that time. Relying on this third-grade wood crystal, Liu Shiyuan successfully advanced.

Du Mingyu is a fire element, but there is no third-grade fire crystal in their team, so Bai Wen promised to hunt down a third-grade fire crystal for Du Mingyu. During this month, the team gave Du Mingyu a lot of second-level fire crystals. When he arrived at the base, he was already at the peak of C class. With a lot of second-level fire crystals, he broke through to B class.

Although he already had a breakthrough, the team still owes Du Mingyu a third-grade fire crystal.

It was unknown what Bai Wen thought, but after a while, he said “Yeah”.

In the driver’s seat, Du Mingyu’s fingers tightly clenched the steering wheel. The corners of his mouth rose imperceptibly.

In M City, hundreds of kilometers away, the entire city unknowingly became grandpa’s property—because he’s the only fifth-level zombie in the city.

Zombies and zombie beasts below the fifth level are all Grandpa’s “subordinates”.

Even without Grandpa by her side, or Luo Yesheng’s company, Bian Bian can go out alone. Occasionally, she encounters an ordinary zombie alone, when it sees Bian Bian, it immediately turns around and runs away.

As for the survivors of the entire M city, it seems that there were only Bian Bian and Luo Yesheng.

At least, when Luo Yesheng went out to look for supplies with Bian Bian, he didn’t encounter anyone.

However, after searching, Luo Yesheng did find some food, but not much.

It can be seen that when grandpa found the food that hadn’t been taken away from Jinxin supermarket, it couldn’t be called lucky. It should be called a miracle.

“Bian Bian, we can’t stay here anymore.” After counting the remaining food, even if the two zombies eat a little less, it will only be enough for the two of them to eat for a week at most.

M city is indeed safe, but food is a pressing issue. No matter how safe a place is, how can they live without food?

Even if the invisible “Dad” of Bian Bian occasionally gives some food to them, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

Besides… The food that was delivered was practically a variety of small snacks that were only suitable for Bian Bian to eat.

Luo Yesheng didn’t quite understand it after the first and the second time, but after three or four times Luo Yesheng understood.

“Dad” is unwilling to share Bian Bian’s food with him, so he delivers the food selectively—does he have no shame that he will eat the child’s food?

Luo Yesheng, who wanted to understand this, smiled bitterly. Of course, he would not accept “relief” with peace of mind, but the other party’s operation was really… It was very inconsistent with the person in his impression.

If he has to say it, only the word “childish” fits.

There is another thing that puzzles Luo Yesheng——


The crisp sound of wind chimes echoed in the living room, and then Bian Bian’s happy voice could be heard: “Dad is here~”

Looking at the string of wind chimes, Luo Yesheng’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch.

“Dad, this is the red string I weaved. Giving it to Dad, does Dad like it?” Bian Bian’s little hands were holding a red string with a small wooden tile that was strung together. The shape was simple, and there is a square above the small wooden tile with the word “Bian” written on it. That was Bian Bian’s name, which was what Luo Yesheng had taught Bian Bian to write.

The little girl has written it according to the pattern dozens of times, and when she wrote the word “Bian” again, she could already write it beautifully.

Bian Bian seems to have a unique talent in terms of learning to write and recognizing words. Luo Yesheng knows pinyin, but he is not a teacher. One taught bumpily, while the other studied earnestly. In a short period of time, Bian Bian had already known hundreds of words.

There is a small whiteboard in the living room, which Luo Yesheng found in a high school and then was brought back—it is convenient for Bian Bian’s father to write.

“Dad likes it very much.” At this time, a marker floated in front of the small whiteboard, and five big words immediately appeared.

Bian Bian raised her little face, reading it word by word, and recognizing these five simple words. Then, her little face burst into joy, as if she had received the best affirmation and praise.

“I can only weave this one now. Wait for Bian Bian to learn to weave more. Next time, I will weave a better one for my father.” Bian Bian said earnestly. She learned to weave strings from a set of picture books.

Luo Yesheng, who was at the side, explained for Bian Bian: “Bian Bian learned things very fast, and she can learn many things at a glance.”

If this was placed before the end of the world, the little girl would have been taken to a special institution to check her IQ.

When he first met Bian Bian, in Luo Yesheng’s impression, although the little girl was smart and sensible, she was ignorant of many things. However, in less than a month, at a speed visible to the naked eye, Bian Bian showed a terrifying learning speed just through inferencing.

She has a good memory and a fast learning speed, yet Luo Yesheng doesn’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Hearing what other children said… it seems that being too smart is not very good. Luo Yesheng recalled some examples he had seen on the internet before, as well as examples from his own school.

Those prodigies who became famous at a young age have received widespread attention because of their intelligence, and the pressure on their bodies is much higher than that of ordinary people. Once they collapse… How many prodigies became mediocre when they grew up. Facing those sighing, regretful, and disappointed eyes, they ultimately ended up unaccomplished or had gone to other endings.

The marker drew a bold cursive calligraphy on the whiteboard: “The child I raised is of course smart.”

This overflowing self-confidence…

Luo Yesheng’s mouth twitched.

Yes, this is what puzzles him.

There is a big difference in the tone of speech between this father and the person in his impression. If it is the “Dad” in Luo Yesheng’s impression who made his heart cold as soon as he appeared, with the other person’s character, when he received the red string given by Bian Bian, there is a high probability that the sentence he will write would be: “So ugly.”

Hearing his evaluation of Bian Bian being able to learn things quickly, the other party will just ignore him directly.

In addition to the above, the most important thing is that the handwriting on the whiteboard is different!

So… Luo Yesheng has reasons to suspect that Bian Bian has more than one invisible dad, but——


Yes, there’s still a childish ghost.

This guess is so weird that Luo Yesheng dared not believe it. It’s just that one invisible dad cannot talk but also can’t communicate, and yet the others cannot too?

Could it be that this dad’s “Specification” was gathering together?

Either he has a problem with his brain or he has a problem with his eyes.

“Dad, have you eaten yet?” After giving the gift, the thoughtful little padded jacket began to care about dad.

Nong Jiusi directly “pulled” the red string out of the game. In the literal sense of “pulling”, what appeared in front of Bian Bian is that the red string disappeared before her eyes.

Lord Jiusi was very satisfied with the system’s knowledge of current affairs.[4]TN: The system’s ability to adapt to the current situation. LoL. His slender and beautiful fingers held the red string and looked at it for a while, and then, he put it on his wrist.

Lord Jiusi, who was full of anger in the morning, was in a rare happy mood, so he wrote a few words to tease her: “Dad was in a bad mood and can’t eat.”

“…” Luo Yesheng’s translation machine went online, he also conveniently taught Bian Bian to read. This is fucking coquettish right? Huh? Huh? !

Looking at Bian Bian again, when the little girl heard it, she was really anxious: “Daddy, who bullied you?”

Nong Jiusi was slightly startled. “I’ll let grandpa beat him to avenge daddy!” Bian Bian clenched her little fists, while her soft little face was panting with rage. Those who bullied daddy were all big bad guys.

If she needed help at ordinary times, she would ask Luo Yesheng and Zhu Yuan—although the latter could not understand.

Bian Bian, who dearly loves grandpa, never asks grandpa to do other things. She takes care of grandpa instead.

Being able to ask her beloved grandpa to help, shows her dad’s importance.

“See, my daughter is not raised in vain right?” Nong Jiusi supported his perfect chin and smiled at Nong Tang beside him.

Nong Tang hurriedly nodded.

At this moment, a row of scarlet letters suddenly appeared in the air:

Warning! There are powerful ability users approaching, and their strength is not weaker than Lu Yu. Their targets are Lu Yu and Zhu Yuan. Please, dad must protect Bian Bian well.

The smile on Nong Jiusi’s face faded.

“…” At that moment, Nong Tang was so frightened that even the dragon horns above his head softened.


1 TN: This is just the literal translation of the idiom, which means talking to each other alternately, or each expresses their own opinion.
2 TN: It is a Chinese slang that means finding fault or roasting each other, ‘tucao’ in Chinese means sarcasm, complaining, or finding fault.
3 TN: This is an idiom, a metaphor in particular, which generally refers to the intimate relationship between a daughter and her father or mother, because daughters are usually more delicate, gentle, and considerate, and interprets to family love. -According to Toutiao Q&A.
4 TN: The system’s ability to adapt to the current situation. LoL.

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