The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 54

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 54


As keen as Luo Yesheng might be, thinking of his tragic situation last time, although he suspected that the “father” that appeared each time was different, he was only suspicious. Moreover, there’s no evidence. What if the other party deliberately showed a different side? After all, no one can be seen, and everything is just speculation.

For example, at this moment, he could feel his scalp turn numb in an instant. The seemingly non-existent sense of danger surrounding his body made him involuntarily glance at the reincarnation ring on his wrist—this kind of danger feels exactly the same as when he was being threatened by the magician.

That overwhelming pressure.

He bit the bullet and said: “I’ll go down and talk to these people.”

“Those ability users don’t know the specific situation. They just thought that there are high-level zombies here, so they will naturally target Grandpa and Zhu Yuan. You can’t kill all the ability users every time they come, right?” Luo Yesheng felt that “Dad” was staring at him. He knew that this was not an illusion. So he tried to relax as much as possible. “If they still don’t give up after the conversation, it’s not too late to take action by then.”

At this time, the system stubbornly appeared:【Bian Bian is currently in the learning and exploration stage. If you can solve the problem peacefully, then solve it peacefully. Fighting and killing is not good. Please pay special attention, Dad. 】

Nong Jiusi glanced at the little one. Since he went online some time ago and found that Bian Bian changed the way she called him to Dad, Lord Jiusi has been online more frequently than before. Although he’s not completely addicted to this child raising game, every time the little one softly calls out the word “Dad”, it brings a wonderful throbbing to Lord Jiusi.

Mysteriously, he established a special relationship with this little one named Bian Bian, a character in a child raising game.

Nong Jiusi had no experience in raising a child. But the system’s words also reminds him that a person’s character as an adult often depends on his/her childhood experience.

For example, a person who has lived in a cruel environment since childhood and kills every day in order to survive, will have a 90% chance of becoming a cold-blooded killing machine when he grows up, and plundering the lives of others will become his survival instinct.

Well…being reasonable is not impossible.

Nong Jiusi gave up the idea of ​​​​taking action, and with a wave of his hand, “Let Bian Bian follow me to the rooftop.”

Luo Yesheng breathed a sigh of relief: it seems that he agrees with his idea.

Bian Bian naturally listens to what her father says. Obediently hugging the little bear, she took a small notebook and a pen, and went to the rooftop with Nong Jiusi.

The roof has a wide field of vision. There is a flower terrace in the southeast. Sitting there and lying on the fence will provide a panoramic view of the scene downstairs. Moreover, there is a stone pillar next to it, and the shadow formed by the two angles perfectly covers Bian Bian’s small body. Even if someone looks up, it is unlikely to find Bian Bian. Unless someone looks from a higher place.

Just after Bian Bian sat properly, a plate of nuts and cut fruit appeared out of thin air on Bian Bian’s right hand. The plate was very delicate and beautiful.

“Dad, eat.” Bian Bian peeled a round nut with her little hand. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that it was very delicious. She didn’t put the peeled nut into her mouth, but instead raised her little hand to feed her dad.

Nong Jiusi happily accepted what the child shared.

Then Bian Bian peeled another one for Gray Gray. After sharing, she then took care of herself. She ate crunchily while curiously looking downstairs.

The peeled shells were also placed on the other side of the plate in an orderly manner—must not litter anywhere, yo~

The battle that was about to happen downstairs was effectively alleviated when Luo Yesheng appeared.

Two minutes ago, the members of the Ye Feng team stared blankly at a man, who appeared in the window on the third floor and said “Wait” to them. Then, he ran over from the other side, and directly walked to the fifth-level zombie, and turned his back to that same fifth-level zombie under their eyes.


This is simply courting death.

Because this act was so terrifying, all the members of the Ye Feng Team saluted silently. None of them spoke.

However, what shocked them even more was that the fifth-level zombie did not attack him.

The terrifying silence lasted a full minute.

“Holy shit, there’s really a fucking person.” Liu Shiyuan muttered.

Yu Xiaole’s nose itched. He didn’t hold back and sneezed, and said something that gave other people goosebumps. “Didn’t you guys notice that the fifth-level zombie jumped from the third floor? This person also talked to us from the third floor just now…”

Of course,they noticed. But it was hard for everyone to believe that this ability user was actually staying in the same room with that fifth-level zombie.

Several people looked at each other and saw incredulity in each other’s eyes.

Bai Wen took a step forward: “Your Excellency this is…?”

As a B class powerhouse, Luo Yesheng saw at a glance that Bai Wen was the leader of these people. He smiled: “Everyone, you can move the zombies in other places as you like, but sorry, not here.”

“Why?” Yu Xiaole was so curious that he hurriedly asked, “Why it didn’t attack you? How did you do it?”

Luo Yesheng explained in one sentence: “They’re my family. “

It was only then that everyone discovered that the zombie with an iron hat on the guardrail did not attack them either.

 “There are really zombies who don’t eat people.” Liu Shiyuan put down the gun in her hand and exclaimed, “It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

“What should we do Captain?” They have taken the task. If the mission is not completed, they will pay the base a penalty for breach of contract, even though they can afford it.

However, people have said that the two zombies were family members. They did not bite anyone, nor did they take the initiative to attack them. Without reason or hatred, it will not be good if they took action.

Bai Wen ignored his team members and put the gun in his hand back into his gun pocket, which clearly shows his attitude. Luo Yesheng couldn’t help but feel relieved when he heard Bai Wen ask, “You have been living here?”

“No, just resting here temporarily.” Luo Yesheng shook his head and said, “Sorry for asking but, how do you know there are two high-level zombies here?”

“We got the information from the base.” Bai Wen said meaningfully, “It was said that there are two zombies here, one is a fourth-level and the other is a third-level. Two B class ability users joined forces to kill the two zombies, but one ultimately died while the other was seriously injured. The base issued the mission, and we took it.”

Other members of Ye Feng: “???”

What’s going on? Why did the captain told everything?

Luo Yesheng’s pupils shrank.

No wonder, this group of B class ability users are targeting Grandpa and Zhu Yuan.

The base already knew what’s going on here.

As for how they knew… he can guess even with his toes that it should be said by the surviving members of the flying dragon.

Luo Yesheng sighed secretly.

“Thank you,” he said.

When the other party told him the situation, it meant that even if they wouldn’t take action with these two zombies and would not complete the mission for the time being, other teams would still come in the future to take over the mission.

There will always be someone that will do it for the crystal.

Fifth grade crystal. Even an A class ability user will be moved.

Bai Wen narrowed his eyes and looked at the two zombies. He didn’t relax just because the zombies didn’t attack. He calmly asked, “What do they usually eat?”

As everyone knows, zombies only eat human flesh and blood, they do not even touch animal flesh. These two zombies, except that the old zombie looks thin, the other zombie doesn’t seem to be “lacking in nutrition”.

The other team members froze when they heard the captain’s subtle meaning.

Could it be, the reason why these two high-level zombies didn’t attack them is that this man secretly used humans to raise them?

The relaxed atmosphere froze instantly. The invisible strings in the air gradually tightened, Yu Xiaole and the others grabbed their gun once again——

It is not uncommon to use humans to raise zombies, and this kind of behavior is extremely disgusting.

“They will eat whatever I eat.” Luo Yesheng said indifferently, “I don’t need to lie to you about this. You all know that zombies never gets full. If they really want to eat you, no matter how much they have eaten before, they will rush over the moment they saw you.” 

After Bai Wen heard this, his eyes suddenly changed, and he said, “They… have evolved their own consciousness?”

As if responding to him, the fifth level zombie roared. Shortly after that, they discovered that the fifth-level zombie’s roar was not directed towards them, but at the third-level zombie.

“Uh…it…seems to be drooling.” All aspects of an ability user’s body was strengthened, so Liu Shiyuan clearly saw the suspicious liquid dripping from the corners of the mouth of the iron-hatted zombie.


The iron-hatted zombie who had been yelled at for a long time roared back angrily. Raised his hand to wipe the liquid from the corner of his mouth, shook his iron hat, and remained silent.


Seeing it is better than hearing about it.

The interaction of the two zombies eliminated the need for Luo Yesheng’s explanation, and the Ye Feng Team once again refreshed their own understanding of zombies.

Therefore, the third-level zombie was actually craving for them, wanting to eat them, but was stopped by the fifth-level zombie. Then the third-level zombie obeyed and did not eat them?

The tense atmosphere suddenly became a little weird, and the eyes of everyone looking at Luo Yesheng also changed.

A question strangely emerged in their hearts: Is this person raising zombies, or these zombies were raising this person?

The silence lasted for half a minute, and Bai Wen nodded: “Let’s go.” He neatly abandoned this mission.

There was naturally no objection from the Ye Feng members, who follows their captain’s orders obediently. Before leaving, Yu Xiaole smilingly said: “Brother, although your zombie family has evolved self-awareness and won’t bite people, they’re still zombies after all. Our captain has principles and believes you, but it does not mean that others also have principles. Some teams in the base are very powerful, and all of them are A class… If you don’t want your zombie family members to be stripped of their crystal, take them out of here, ok?”

“Dad, those big bad guys are gone.” Bian Bian’s cheeks were bulging with fruits, and she was holding a big, tender cherry in her hand, “Uncle Luo is amazing.”

Bian Bian is sitting on top of a flower stand, while Nong Jiusi’s position was much more arrogant. He stood directly on top of the fence and looked downstairs with his hands clasped behind his back, with a somewhat bored expression on his face.

Hearing the little one’s voice, he looked back, only to see the little one’s big grape-like eyes full of admiration for Luo Yesheng.

Thinking of the little one’s previous words that questioned his strength, although Lord Jiusi’s expression remains the same, there’s a lot of turmoil in his heart.


For a moment, Nong Jiusi thought of rebuilding his image in the child’s heart, but in the end he just moved his fingers and didn’t take action.

Suddenly, Lord Jiusi raised his brows, and there was a hint of interest in his eyes as he looked downstairs.

“There’s a good show to watch.” He picked up the small notebook beside him and wrote a few words, and thoughtfully labeled its pinyin.

The words are very simple, and so is the pinyin. Little Bian Bian took a few seconds to recognize them. The earnest little girl who seeks knowledge didn’t understand and asked, “Dad, what does ‘good show’ mean?”

“…” the little notebook, “You’re Uncle Zhu Yuan.”

Bian Bian already knew the words “Uncle Zhu Yuan” when she was just learning to read and write for the first time. She hurriedly leaned on the fence and looked nervously at the iron-hatted zombie downstairs.

Downstairs, the iron hatted zombie was very unhappy because of the fierce mouth of the old zombie, so he jumped off the guardrail. When he jumped down, both of his hands were still holding the iron hat on top of his head, for fear that it would fall off his head. 

His gray-white eyes stared closely at the Ye Feng Team, as if considering whether it was possible to take a bite without being discovered by the old zombie.

Du Mingyu was walking at the end of the team. Regardless of what the other members and Luo Yesheng talked about earlier, his attention was always on the iron-hatted zombie.

From the first moment he saw the task, he was sure that the wind-based third-level zombie was Zhu Yuan.

Except for the “third level”, the location and ability all matched, and there could be no such coincidence in this world.

Sure enough, his guess was right.

Will he just leave like this?

 Du Mingyu lowered his eyes and swallowed. Soon after, his right hand made a subtle gesture towards the iron-hatted zombie.

The dark clouds quietly obscured the hot sun, as the sunlight on the ground disappeared inch by inch. The gray-white eyes of the iron-hatted zombie wandered back and forth on the members of the Ye Feng team from the beginning, and finally stopped on Du Mingyu’s body, unmoving.

He seemed to recognize something through this gesture.

The next second, an earth-shattering roar exploded in the sky.

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