The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 55

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 55

Currently, the Ye Feng team headed by Bai Wen turned around and walked towards the road where they came. The expressions on everyone’s faces were relaxed, with Yu Xiaole still whispering: “Let’s go to other places and see if there are any zombies and zombie beasts.”

Hearing this, Tang Ci said with great relish: “Find what fart! There’s a fifth-level zombie sitting here. The zombies and zombie beasts with some strength in the entire M City have yet to run to other places with their tails tucked between their legs to dominate and claim the throne.” 

Liu Shiyuan smacked her mouth, as if she was thinking about something: “There’s a big box of chocolate as a reward for this mission. Now it’s good, it’s gone. sob sob sob.[1]TN: This is the word that I thought fits the chinese onomatopoeia for coquetry and cute crying. It’s like ‘I’m crying but not really crying’ expression.

Bai Wen’s ears automatically filtered out the broken words of his teammates, his eyes held thoughts as he pondered: to whom does the breath that gave him a strong sense of danger belongs to? 

However, except for the fifth-level zombie with the highest strength, there was no other candidate that might have this aura.

No one expected that the third-level zombie would suddenly make a move. As he roared frantically, he had already rushed over like a cannon at the same time. 

“Be careful, Du Mingyu!” Yu Xiaole was the closest to Du Mingyu. Seeing that Du Mingyu seemed to be shocked by the sudden attack of the third-level zombie, standing there frozen, unable to move, he subconsciously ran over and knocked Du Mingyu away.

As a result, his reaction time was delayed. The third-level zombie grabbed his shoulder and threw him heavily. Yu Xiaole’s body was thrown like a rag.

“Xiao Le!”

“Roarrr!” The gray eyes of the third-level zombie were trembling violently. Zombies have no memory of the past, but the vague gesture stimulated him, making him go crazy. He wanted to tear the human being in front of him into pieces.

He couldn’t see anyone else in his eyes, except Du Mingyu, nor could he hear the fifth-level zombie stopping him. Everything he felt turned into a single thought in his mind——

Tear him apart.

“No! A Yuan… I’m Mingyu.” Du Mingyu, who was pushed down by Yu Xiaole, got up. He retreated a step as he looked at the zombie in pain. As if he wanted to wake up the zombie’s consciousness with his words.

The weeds growing in the stone crevices seemed to have eaten a growth accelerator. In the blink of an eye, several long vines grew, entangling the limbs of the zombie.

A piece of earth and stone fell out of nowhere and smashed into the third-level zombie whose limbs were temporarily bound by vines.

Just when the earth and stone were about to hit the third-level zombie, a firelight suddenly appeared and collided with the earth and stone, producing a loud “bang” sound. The earth and stone shattered into dust, scattering everywhere and in everyone’s faces.

“Are you okay?” Liu Shiyuan hurriedly helped Yu Xiaole, wiped the dirt on her face, and said fiercely, “Damn, we’ve been deceived. They’re black who wants to eat black!”[2]TN: “black eats black” means a villain wants to do something bad to another villain.

Yu Xiaole fell badly, there was blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He gasped, and looked at his shoulder with some difficulty. He was wearing a T-shirt, and the clothes on his shoulder had been torn, showing five bruised fingerprints. Fortunately there was no broken skin.

His lips trembled in fear, “No, no scratch.”

With a few crackling sounds, the third-level zombie broke off the vine. He violently roared, and rushed towards Du Mingyu once again.

Du Mingyu still shook his head in pain, unable to deal with his former friend. Seeing that he was about to be thrown to the ground by his former friend, Bai Wen frowned, and finally took a shot.

“Wait!” The sudden change caught Luo Yesheng off guard. He is the only person here who knows the third-level zombie best. Although Zhu Yuan loves to drool at him and Bian Bian at ordinary times, always being restless, and wanting to bite them, it was actually just drooling. Even without Grandpa’s threat, he wouldn’t really bite them.

On the contrary, the greatest pleasure of the third-level zombie is to bite on some strange things. Whether it’s delicious or not, as long as he can swallow it, he will swallow it.

He suddenly went crazy and revealed his nature as a zombie and attacked Du Mingyu. Even ignoring the fifth-level zombie who was stopping him, which completely subverts Luo Yesheng’s understanding of him.

“Misunderstanding!” Luo Yesheng ran over quickly, but it was too late, Bai Wen had already launched his attack, and a large ball of water wrapped Luo Yesheng who was running over.

One of Bai Wen’s abilities: Water.

Among the five elements, water overcomes fire.

As for the ability users of the same level, the side with the subdued attribute will inevitably be at a disadvantage. Luo Yesheng’s face flushed red due to suffocation. The firelight within the water ball flickered. To break this water ball, Luo Yesheng obviously needed a little more time.

Bai Wen looked at Du Mingyu, who’s still in pain, with a confused expression, and then turned to the third-level zombie, who was entangled with earth, rocks and re-grown vines. He was not in a hurry to make a move again.

The fifth-level zombie walked silently behind the third-level zombie. His gray and cold eyes met Bai Wen’s calm eyes.

“Captain, Xiaole has two broken ribs!” Liu Shiyuan said angrily, “This kid did it on purpose in order to let us relax our vigilance. Wanting to take us all in a pot!”[3]TN: a metaphor that means to eliminate/kill all.

Luo Yesheng, who was struggling to break the water ball, rolled his eyes while holding his breath. He feels very depressed. With his strength, coupled with his special ability, as long as he was not facing a water type ability user with the same level, which can subdue him, he was almost invincible.

However, he encountered Bai Wen, who possessed the water element and had the same level as him, still with a dual ability. Dual abilities complemented each other and were more powerful, which just subdued and killed his abilities.

The old zombie seemingly raised his head and took a glimpse in the direction of the terrace. He didn’t make a move, but when the third-level zombie broke free again from the vines, he reached out as fast as lightning and grabbed the back of the third-level zombie’s neck, and roared at the third-level zombie’s ear. 

“…” The frantic expression of the third-level zombie paused.

It was as if a furious lion had been smoothed out of his fur. It could be seen with the naked eye that he was slowly “calming down”, and a look called “grievance” could be vaguely seen on that terrible blue and pale face.

Ye Feng Team: “…?”

Damn, you bit someone first and yet you feel wronged?

Seeing that the situation seemed to be under control, Du Mingyu, who was in so much pain that he lost his ability to fight, stiffened slightly. His face changed in an instant, but he firmly suppressed it.

“Puff—” The water ball broke open, and Luo Yesheng, who was drenched and dripping with water, coughed and activated his ability to dry the clothes on his body.

To say that it was slow, but it’s actually fast. It has only been more than ten seconds since the sudden attack of the third-level zombie. Luo Yesheng’s voice became hoarse because of suffocation. He said solemnly: “Everyone, this is just a misunderstanding!” 

The scene was quiet. There was only the smell of burnt saltpeter after the fireball and the earth and stones collided. From beginning to end, the fifth-level zombie, who did not join the battle, seemed to have stabilized the overall situation at this moment.

The third-level zombie has become very honest under his hands. The chef a.k.a. wizard hat that was made of metal sheet on his head fell off during the brief battle just now, and a circle of indentations appeared on the pale bluish skin on his forehead—it was, of course, pressed by the iron hat. 

“A Yuan…” Du Mingyu’s trembling voice was particularly loud in the silent environment.

As soon as he heard his voice, the third-level zombie, who had become docile in the hands of the old zombie, strangely trembled, and his calm eyes wavered again.

“A Yuan, it’s me, I’m Mingyu, have you forgotten me?” Du Mingyu took a step forward. His red eyes were enough to make onlookers feel moved by his emotions, even if they couldn’t fully empathize with him.

“Du Mingyu, don’t irritate him!” Liu Shiyuan, who had scolded fiercely before, seemed to have noticed something, and hurriedly said, “This zombie seems to be very sensitive to you, and maybe he still recognizes you.”

“Recognize?” Luo Yesheng rubbed his buzzing temples and frowningly looked at Du Mingyu, “You know him?”

Du Mingyu said in a hoarse voice, “He’s my good friend…”

Luo Yesheng’s frown deepens.

After being forced to become Bian Bian’s nanny because of the reincarnation ring, he roughly understands ​​the circumstances between Bian Bian and her grandpa, and Bian Bian and Zhu Yuan.

From what Bian Bian has told him, it could be inferred that Zhu Yuan was initially injured by a gunshot and was rescued by Bian Bian. Later, when he fought with the third-level zombie beast, he was accidentally infected. In order to not make Bian Bian sad, Zhu Yuan said that he was not infected, and that he wanted to leave Bian Bian to go to the base to seek revenge on his enemy. Then, he turned into a zombie on the road, and took the initiative to return to Jinxin Community.

“Roar!!!” The third-level zombie was out of control again, and a terrifying tornado rolled in without warning. The fierce wind was practically like a cold murderous blade, which cuts through everyone’s skin. The fifth-level zombie was forced to lose his control over him, and then the tornado swept towards Du Mingyu with an irresistible force.

Once you get caught, there’s only a little chance of survival.

A flash of fear swept through Du Mingyu’s eyes—the wind element belongs to the mutation type, and its attributes are stronger than the five elements. Facing the tornado produced by the third-level zombie, the power is completely different from before, just like heaven and earth. He shockingly discovered that his fire elemental ability was completely useless at this point.

“Captain, help!” At the critical moment, Du Mingyu loudly yelled. He knew that Bai Wen didn’t like him, but he was a member of Ye Feng. As the captain, he would never put him in danger.

Sure enough, the powerful strength of Bai Wen’s dual-elemental ability was vividly displayed at this moment. When other people dared not confront the tornado and could only avoid it, he brazenly greeted it.

It was unknown what he did, but the terrifying tornado seemed to have been pressed with a pause button. Then, just like a mosaic that turned into particles, it disintegrated inch by inch.


The body of the third-level zombie flew out backwards and smashed heavily into a wall. A large hole was broken into the wall as gravel splattered.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan!”

Roarrr! ! !

The old zombie looked at the large hole in the wall. The situation of the third-level zombie could not be clearly seen under the rubble.

He moved.

The strongest combat power of the two sides collided. The dark clouds gathered and became more and more thicker, as if painted with ink by a brush, the light became darker.

The ground beneath everyone’s feet trembled unbearably.

Yu Xiaole was injured and was unable to fight. Liu Shiyuan had to support and sit next to his side. Tang Ci was fully vigilant to Luo Yesheng. When the latter wanted to go into the wall to inspect the third-level zombie, he lifted up a piece of earth and stone from the ground to block his way.

However, everyone could hardly stand firm at the moment because of the shaking ground,.

Tang Ci stood firm. He held his gun at Luo Yesheng and gritted his teeth: “Don’t blame me for being rude!” 

In the previous battle, everyone in the Ye Feng Team forgot that they still had guns in their hands.

A metal piece condensed into a gun, and unlimited bullets spurted out, hitting the water droplets surrounding Bai Wen layer by layer. When all the water droplets scattered, the bullets also lost their original momentum and disappeared into the air.

Facing the fifth-level zombie, Bai Wen didn’t lose in the slightest.

During the melee, Du Mingyu, who did not pay attention to the calls of help, quietly entered the smashed wall. The third-level zombie was hit by Bai Wen. His chest slumped, and less than half of his body was crushed under the rubble. Although he struggled, he could not get up.

“A Yuan.” Du Mingyu smiled and crouched down beside the third-level zombie, “I did not expect your strength to become so strong after becoming a zombie. Congratulations.” 

The third level zombie ho-hoed, trying hard to lift his upper body to bite him.

“Tsk tsk.” Du Mingyu said curiously, “As a zombie, you can actually resist eating people. Could it be that you haven’t eaten raw meat since you turned into a zombie?” 

“Forget it, there’s not much time. I won’t catch up with you anymore.”Du Mingyu’s eyes flickered with cold light, and his simple and honest face was covered with coldness, “Good brother, donate your crystal to me, ok?”

Looking around, he locked on to a sharp stone. He grabbed the hair of the third-level zombie, carefully avoiding being bitten, and slammed the zombie’s head against the sharp stone—in this way, when Bai Wen smashed the third-level zombie into the wall, the back of his head smashed into a sharp stone as a result.

It was Bai Wen who killed Zhu Yuan.

Du Mingyu had a pleased smile on the corner of his mouth.

The next second, his smile froze on his face.

Before his brain had time to feed back an emergency response to his body, the whole person swirled and flew up. Like a balloon that has lost its air inside, smashing all over the wall over and over again. Then, he also slammed into the hole that the third-level zombie smashed into. The hole expanded twice its original size. As he flew out, he slammed into an abandoned car, which was instantly smashed into a pile of metal.

The loud noise made everyone subconsciously stop what they were doing. The members of Ye Feng looked blankly at Du Mingyu, whose life or death situation was unknown. A “WTF” popped up from the top of their heads.

what did just happened? ? ?


1 TN: This is the word that I thought fits the chinese onomatopoeia for coquetry and cute crying. It’s like ‘I’m crying but not really crying’ expression.
2 TN: “black eats black” means a villain wants to do something bad to another villain.
3 TN: a metaphor that means to eliminate/kill all.
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