The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 56

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 56

Thud Thud Thud!

The deeply cracked earth was closed just as before by an invisible force. Bai Wen hurriedly took three steps backwards. The tip of his right leg hit the ground a little harder, with the tip of his toe as the center, the ground cracked, but somehow he stably retreated.

His throat rolled, as if he had swallowed something. His face turned pale for a moment, and then returned back to normal.

One of the old zombie’s arms turned into a twisted posture. After two “Ka ka” sounds, it was turned back by himself.

It seems that in the fight between the two sides, one person and one zombie had not taken much advantage.

“This is, what’s going on?” Liu Shiyuan turned her neck stiffly, and with the vision of an ability user, she could see through the hole in the wall that the third-level zombie has crashed into, who has yet to come up ever since. It didn’t seem to be possible to injure Du Mingyu to this extent.

Du Mingyu is a B class ability user after all!

Bai Wen coughed, when he fought against the old zombie, from the beginning to end, he didn’t use his gun. Nowadays, whether it’s dealing with ability users or high-level zombies, guns are rarely used.

With the strength of an ability user, bullets can generally be avoided under normal circumstances. But if one of them suddenly shoots during the battle, the chance of the other party being unlucky is greatly increased.

Moreover, there will always be times when abilities are exhausted. So it is much safer to have a gun by your side.

Therefore, ability users will be equipped with guns on their bodies.

At this moment, although it might not be useful, Bai Wen took out a gun. He looked around vigilantly.

The surroundings were as quiet as a pool of stagnant water, and then a ripple suddenly appeared in the pool of stagnant water—Du Mingyu’s body twitched as if receiving an electric shock, and a painful groan came out of his mouth. One after another, as if countless hooks protruding into the eardrums of the Ye Feng team members, it went all the way within, tightly clutching onto their hearts.

“There are others.” Bai Wen’s words made everyone’s scalp turn numb in an instant, both their front and back were cold.

Ignoring the severe pain from his ribs, Yu Xiaole gritted his teeth and stood up: “There are others?”

“It seems that you guys have made up your mind to kill us quickly.” He glared at Luo Yesheng angrily, “It’s a shame just now I still… Bah!”[1]TN: Spit in contempt.

Luo Yesheng opened his mouth, but he was speechless. He didn’t even know the reason for Zhu Yuan’s sudden attack—assuming that Du Mingyu is indeed Zhu Yuan’s enemy, therefore, Zhu Yuan was so stimulated that he went crazy? 

However, no one can prove this at all. The only one who can prove it, is Zhu Yuan himself. But he has become a zombie, so what proof can he take?

He had just fought fiercely against that Tang person just now, which consumed a lot of his energy. After thinking about it, he was ready to speak.

“It’s that big bad guy!” In this almost suffocating silence, a soft childish voice suddenly sounded, and everyone subconsciously looked where the sound came from.

Then Yu Xiaole’s mouth widened little by little in surprise. So big that it could fit an apple.

What did he just see!

At some point, a small figure stood on the fence of the rooftop, and then that small figure… jumped down!

No, no, not jumping, to be precise, it was “floating.” She fluttered lightly, like a piece of weightless feather, and “floated” to the center of the battlefield.

When she landed and stood firmly, everyone could see clearly that this was a little girl wearing a pink cartoon suspenders, revealing her white small and fleshy arms.

The lower body wears a short skirt with lace, which almost covers the knees. The workmanship of the small leather shoes worn on her feet is very high-quality at first glance. There is a circle of sequins on the edge of the soles, which glitters and flashes along with the little girl’s movement. It was particularly eye-catching.

The soft long hair is draped behind her back. There are two long braids on both sides, which are tied with colored bands at the end. A butterfly hair clip is placed at the beginning of the braid on both sides of the top of her head. The butterfly gently shakes as she walks, which is as vivid and realistic as a real butterfly.

Such trinkets, of course, came from daddy Jiusi.

——Nong Jiusi disliked the clothes in Bian Bian’s cabinet very much, and the “clothing” column in the market was gray, which couldn’t be purchased.

But how can this be difficult for Lord Jiusi?

He instructed Nong Tang to buy some clothes and accessories for the little girl, and all of it was stuffed into the game.

However, Bian Bian’s two braids were actually done by Luo Yesheng’s hands.

Bian Bian’s skill of tying her own hair herself in comparison to Uncle Luo’s skill, is simply not too good.

Bian Bian was not concerned about these big bad guys’ expressions as they looked at her. Seeing that Uncle Zhu Yuan was smashed into the wall by these bad guys, the little girl was very anxious. She tried hard to see Uncle Zhu Yuan, but she was on the rooftop, and no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t see the situation inside the wall.

However, it was unknown what her father had done, and suddenly she could see the situation inside the wall—she saw the big bad guy saying something to Uncle Zhu Yuan. After a while, he took a sharp stone and was about to smash Uncle Zhu Yuan’s head into that stone.

Bian Bian was so angry.

Her little face was tense. She raised her little finger and pointed at the twitching Du Mingyu. Her eyes were filled with tears of anger, and there was a sobbing tone in her voice: “That big bad guy, he smashed Uncle Zhu Yuan with a stone!”

“I saw it all!”

Ye Feng members: “…”

After a long while, Liu Shiyuan spat out a sentence with difficulty: “So…you did this?”

She meant that Du Mingyu was beaten like this is Bian Bian’s doing.

Thinking about the situation where the little girl floated down from the rooftop, Ye Feng members looked at each other, and a sentence popped into their minds: With Du Mingyu’s tragic appearance without any resistance, could it be that this little girl is an A class boss? ? ?

Their eyes met as they secretly communicated: 

But it’s unlikely ah, how old is she?

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

What type of ability does she have?

Even the captain didn’t notice her existence, which means that she was well hidden. Practically without feeling the fluctuations of her ability, she could hurt Du Mingyu up to this extent, and still come down from the rooftop… with all of this, I actually thought of a possibility.


mental ability?

Everyone’s eyes turned dull for a moment, and their secret exchange was interrupted.

“You big bad guys, my grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan didn’t do anything, why do you want to beat them!” Bian Bian said fiercely, the child’s big eyes were full of anger towards them, so much that several adults could actually see the majestic burning anger in her clear and bright eyes. Each of them somewhat uncomfortably looked away.

How does this end?

The little girl’s revealed hand[2]TN: Revealed ability. is no less than that of the captain, maybe even stronger than the captain. The other party also has a fifth-level zombie. There are five of them, yet the combative power has already gone to both of them.[3]TN: Luo Yesheng and Bian Bian If one were to say that they have the upper hand at the beginning, with the appearance of the little girl, their little advantage had completely disappeared.

“That’s also that zombie… it was your uncle who moved first.” Facing the little girl’s bright eyes, Liu Shiyuan’s righteous words became inexplicably weaker, “Since you have seen it, you should know, if it did not attack my teammates first, there would be no such thing now! Could it be that my teammates will just stand there and let your uncle bite and turn them into zombies? !”

“Little friend, you can’t be unreasonable just because you’re young and that zombie is your uncle, okay?”

Bian Bian was still too young, so after listening to this long passage of Liu Shiyuan, she needed a little time to digest the meaning.

The more Liu Shiyuan talked, the smoother it became. Reason was originally on their side.

When she finished her last word, the young lass’ body suddenly froze. She felt a terrifying danger. It was hard to describe… It was as if she was passing through a deep part of the jungle, with no figure in sight or the road ahead. Surrounded by danger. There could be a fierce tiger lying beside her feet, which could pounce and bite her neck in the next second.

It was unknown whether it was just her delusion or not, but she felt her throat become dry and painful. As if something was really choking her neck.

No one at the scene saw Lord Jiusi’s long legs move, circling around Liu Shiyuan, with a leisure appearance, as if taking a casual walk.

A faint green glow flashed between his fingers.

Then he continued to look at the little one. Looking forward to what the little girl would do next.

Bian Bian herself proposed to go down the roof.

“Dad, I’m going down to help Uncle Zhu Yuan.” The little girl flung her short legs and was about to rush forward as an example. Lord Jiusi thought it was troublesome so he jumped down lightly with the little girl in his arms.

What appeared in the eyes of others is Bian Bian “floating” down by herself.


“It can’t be said like that. I’ve said that there must be a misunderstanding.” Luo Yesheng said at a critical moment, “Everyone calm down, things have become like this. It’s better to talk calmly about what made my family go out of control. “

After saying that, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Bian Bian wiping her wet eyes with the back of her hand. There were crystal tears on her eyelashes, he immediately felt distressed. He raised his hand to touch the little girl’s head, but was bounced off by a force.

“…” Almost forgot, since Bian Bian can come down from the rooftop, it must be her dad’s doing. Her father is here.

Luo Yesheng’s scalp went numb in an instant. He withdrew his hand in a well-behaved manner.

Bai Wen was silent for nearly ten seconds, and then he took the gun under Luo Yesheng’s sight. He had no expression. Perhaps, even if he had an idea, it could not be seen. Then, he turned his head and instructed Tang Ci: “Go and see Du Mingyu’s situation. “

Tang Ci immediately took the order and go. After a while, he brought Du Mingyu, who had fainted, over.

Du Mingyu was seriously injured, but it wasn’t fatal so he was still alive and well. It is estimated that his body is in so much pain that even though he had fainted, his expression doesn’t look very good.

“Regardless of the reason, the so-called non-eating-human zombie in your mouth injured two of my team members.” Bai Wen pointed at Yu Xiaole, and indifferently said, “I can ignore Du Mingyu’s injury, but you are responsible for the injury of another team member.”

“Captain!” Everyone was shocked. What the captain said was… taking a step back?

Even Luo Yesheng was taken aback. This captain was too easy to talk to.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan.” Bian Bian trotted over.

Everyone was slightly startled, only to discover that the fifth-level zombie had entered the hole in the wall at some point, and dragged out the crushed third-level zombie.

The third-level zombie’s right leg was twisted into a section after another, unable to stand. In addition, a large part of his chest was shrunk. If this level of injury was placed on another person, he would have breathed his last long ago.  

Looking at the appearance of the third-level zombie at this moment, Bian Bian sniffed her little nose, and the tears that were finally stopped aggrievedly fell pa ta pa ta[4]TN: Onomatopoeia for falling tears. once again.

“Hoho.” The fifth-level zombie probably wanted to say: Don’t cry, he won’t die.

The third-level zombie let out a low cry, raised his still intact hand to touch little Bian Bian, but was swatted by the fifth-level zombie mercilessly. Without any better option, he bitterly sat on the ground and tried to fix his broken leg.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan didn’t want to bite that big bad guy for no reason, because that big bad guy is his enemy!” The little girl turned around and stood in front of the two zombies in a protective posture, and faced Bai Wen aggressively.

She also saw that this big bad guy is the head of all the big bad guys.


1 TN: Spit in contempt.
2 TN: Revealed ability.
3 TN: Luo Yesheng and Bian Bian
4 TN: Onomatopoeia for falling tears.
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