The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 57

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 57

The child’s soft voice resounded in the silent environment. Yu Xiaole’s ribs hurt badly, but the little girl’s words made him subconsciously retort: ​​”What enemy, what are you talking about!?” 

Bian Bian’s eyes were red, her little finger pointed at the comatose simple and honest man on the ground, and asked in a nasal voice: “This big bad guy is called Du Mingyu, right?”

“That’s right.” Yu Xiaole nodded, almost forgetting that the one he was talking to is just a little girl.

“Then he’s Uncle Zhu Yuan’s enemy. There is nothing wrong.” Although Bian Bian spoke slowly, her words were eloquent and logical. She recalled the day when she first met Zhu Yuan, and said seriously, “That day I washed my little skirt clean and placed it on the balcony to dry, and then I heard gunshots. Right there.” 

The little girl pointed out exactly where she was at that time. The balcony outside the kitchen on the third floor.

Then she da da da ran to the street, raised her little hand, and made a shooting motion: “That big bad guy was standing beside a car. He shot Uncle Zhu Yuan and drove away.”

“I heard Uncle Zhu Yuan said very angrily and sadly, ‘Du Mingyu, you are going to die a horrible death!’, I remember it very clearly, I can’t remember it wrong.” Bian Bian said, “Uncle Zhu Yuan also killed two monsters, and then he flew up. Grandpa said, when you have the ability to help people, you must help them, so I saved Uncle Zhu Yuan.”

“Uncle Zhu Yuan made me a lot of delicious food, he was very good… But he turned into a monster later, yet Uncle Zhu Yuan never bit people. He definitely wouldn’t bite people.”

“This big bad guy did it on purpose. He bullied Uncle Zhu Yuan who couldn’t speak. He’s very bad! You guys are very bad too!”

In the face of the little girl’s fierce accusation, the Ye Feng members were inexplicably guilty, but Liu Shiyuan got the third-grade wooden crystal that Du Mingyu gave when he joined the team and successfully advanced. She immediately said: “Little friend, Du Mingyu told us that he and Zhu Yuan were good friends. The two killed a third-level zombie beast together. Unfortunately, Zhu Yuan sustained injuries and died. Du Mingyu was our teammate, we can’t rely on your one-sided story and just believe what you just said.”

In Bian Bian’s perspective, what she said was the truth, so others should believe what she said.

She understood what Liu Shiyuan said, but she couldn’t refute it. Her little face turned pale with anxiety: “I-I didn’t lie.”

“Everyone, I think what Bian Bian said is very clear.” Luo Yesheng walked over, “She’s just a child, so there’s no need to make up such detailed lies. She just repeated what she saw and remembered, that’s all. You also don’t have to wonder why a child can remember so clearly, I believe you all know what’s going on in your heart.”

——Before the eyes of several members of the Ye Feng team revealed the “WTF! This little girl is a big boss” meaning. Luo Yesheng saw it all in his eyes. Even if he couldn’t know the specific content of their exchange, it was still possible to guess.

Since this group of people mistook little Bian Bian as a powerful ability user, he would naturally use it to beat them at their own game, so as not to expose the existence of “Dad”.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then their expressions changed. They all didn’t speak.

If they go according to what the little girl said, they would be completely unreasonable. Even the injured Yu Xiaole should not hold the other party accountable. So much that, the best way is to hand over Du Mingyu directly.


“Captain, how about we wait for Du Mingyu to wake up before asking him again?”

Beads of sweat rolled out of Yu Xiaole’s forehead due to pain. Du Mingyu has always been honest and sincere in the hearts of the team members. Usually, Du Mingyu will also mediate in everyone’s quarrels. Now that they found another image of him from the little girl’s mouth, it is really difficult to put the two together.

“I think, maybe… maybe there is some misunderstanding.” 

In the end, he didn’t even know why his voice was getting smaller.

“No need to ask.” Bai Wen said coldly, “When we were leaving, Du Mingyu made a gesture to Zhu Yuan.”


Everyone looked at each other.

Bai Wen pinched his glabella with a rare ugly expression: “…I thought that gesture might be Du Mingyu trying to get Zhu Yuan to remember.”

After all, according to Luo Yesheng, those two high-level zombies evolved consciousness.

Then it’s also possible to awaken their memories.

Du Mingyu and Zhu Yuan are good friends…Although Bai Wen has always held an unconvinced attitude towards Du Mingyu’s words, this is just a subjective feeling. There is no evidence. Not to mention, Du Mingyu is also a member of the team.

“We’ve been used as gunmen.” Bai Wen calmly concluded in one sentence, unable to discern his mood.

The team members opened their mouths, intending to refute, but could not find a point to refute. Then ultimately lowered their heads with a gloomy expression.

Sometimes once a conclusion has been reached on a certain matter, when you look at it again, you will find a difference——for example, when a few of them were entangled with Luo Yesheng and the fifth-level zombie, instead of helping, Du Mingyu ran into the broken wall instead. 

It can be said that he was only concerned about his best friend, who had become a zombie and was not able to recognize people.

It can also be said that he went in to take the opportunity to kill the third-level zombie in order to obtain the crystal.

Once the third-level zombie dies, judging from Luo Yesheng’s and the fifth-level zombie’s reaction, they would definitely fight them to death, and they will fight with all their might. If Bian Bian did not appear, with the strength of the Ye Feng Team, it is very possible to cooperate with each other to kill the fifth-level zombie and Luo Yesheng.

Moreover, they came to M City for the mission, so not only will they complete the mission, but they can also get the rewards when they return to the base, and they’ll have two more high-level crystals. There was no loss in this single trip and they instead made a profit.

Going a step further, they promised Du Mingyu that they would find a third-grade fire crystal for him, but they didn’t find one along the way. At this time, the team had a fifth-grade metal crystal and a third-grade wind crystal, so they could exchange the third-grade wind crystal for a third-grade fire crystal with someone else.

Shit, can’t think about it anymore. Thinking about it, they felt more and more stupid.

Looking at the simple and honest man who’s similar to a rag bag on the ground, thinking back to the time he usually gets along with them, what is hidden under that face that always smiles?

“I’m suddenly a little cold.” Liu Shiyuan murmured while rubbing the goose bumps on her arms.

Tang Ci opened his arms and mischievously winked at her: “Wifey, come into my warm embrace.”

“Get lost.”

Tang Ci was very regretful, he then turned to pat Yu Xiaole’s shoulder. Yu Xiaole was usually close to Du Mingyu.

Yu Xiaole clutched his ribs, sullenly.

“But we still have to take the person.” Bai Wen unhurriedly said with the same expression, “Ye Feng Team doesn’t have the habit of abandoning their seriously injured teammates halfway. I also can’t really push him over to your uncle to be bitten.”

He stared at Bian Bian’s clear eyes and bent slightly, taking Bian Bian’s height into consideration. His demeanor and tone did not treat Bian Bian as an ordinary child, but instead placed Bian Bian in the same position as himself.

Bian Bian pursed her lips.

Thinking that this big bad guys’ head doesn’t seem so bad.

She looked at Luo Yesheng as if asking for help, the latter’s eyes were full of encouragement.

Only Bian Bian could be considered Zhu Yuan’s real “family” in the scene, and she is the only one who has the qualification to make decisions on behalf of Zhu Yuan.

“However, what Du Mingyu did cannot be forgiven. In accordance with the rules of the Ye Feng Team, I will abolish his ability.” Bai Wen added.

Bian Bian didn’t know what “abolishing his ability” meant, but from Uncle Luo’s expression, she could tell that the big bad guy’s head gave a very severe punishment for the big bad guy surnamed Du.

After hesitating for a while, Bian Bian turned her head and looked at the third-level zombie who had already straightened his leg and was slowly hitting his bones with his hands to align and integrate them.

“Then…then do as you said.” After a while, the little girl nodded seriously. “Thank you.” Bai Wen stretched out his calloused hand.

What is this big bad guy’s head thanking her for? Bian Bian was at a loss.

She knew what it meant when others stretched out their hand— she’d seen grandpa and other uncles meet and express friendship before, they would shake hands.

She had never experienced shaking hands.

The two hands, one big and one small, were clasped together. Saying that it was clasped, but in fact, Bian Bian’s little hand was holding Bai Wen’s index finger.

“My name is Bai Wen.”

“My name is Bian Bian.” Bian Bian reflexively responded politely.

The next second, Bai Wen uttered a sentence that left everyone present with a blank expression——

“Bian Bian, I want to challenge you.”

!  !  !

“Captain!” Yu Xiaole was stunned and became incoherent. The depression and sadness brought by Du Mingyu’s true face instantly dissipated, “That, that, that’s just a little girl ah.”

Liu Shiyuan: “Captain, it’s not good for you to be like this, right?”

Tang Ci: “Captain, shall we withdraw first?” 

The three team members seemed to be frightened, and each one tried to dispel Bai Wen’s thoughts with words.

It is common for an ability user to challenge another ability user to learn from each other. Those who are experienced know that fighting is the fastest way to improve strength. There is no other way.

In order to improve their strength or break through a bottleneck, many ability users will choose to fight. As for fighting, there are various ways. There are those like Luo Yesheng who specially look for high-level zombies to fight with— they can fight if they can, and they can also get crystal. If they couldn’t win the fight, then run.

Others, like Bai Wen, send out invitations to challenge other ability users, on the grounds of learning from each other. Both sides point-and-shoot.[1]TN: This is different from its English counterpart which refers to a camera. In Chinese “point-and-shoot” or “point to the end” which is the literal translation, could have many meanings that … Continue reading

Bai Wen is young yet he has dual abilities. If he wants to advance his dual abilities at the same class, while gaining strength to become stronger than those of the same class at the same time, naturally the effort and sweat he put in will also be multiplied. 

He ignored the chatter of his teammates. His straight forward gaze was locked at Bian Bian. The expression in his eyes was extremely serious——

He’s serious about the challenge invitation. It’s not a joke.

Luo Yesheng eyelids twitched as if they were having cramps. He calmly pulled Bian Bian behind him: “Captain Bai, isn’t it a bit out of status for you to challenge a five-year-old girl?”

Bai Wen shook his head: “Although Bian Bian is young, her strength is very strong. I think she should be an A class. Moreover, her ability happens to restrain me. Such a master, it would be a pity to miss it.”

Luo Yesheng: “…”

You are blind, ok? Where does our Bian Bian look like a master?

Also, where did you see her ability restrain you? ? ?

Probably seeing Luo Yesheng’s strange expression, Bai Wen suddenly lowered his head. His gaze fell on Bian Bian, who was peeking behind Luo Yesheng: “The object of my invitation is Bian Bian, whether to accept or to reject, it should be answered by Bian Bian herself. I think Bian Bian has the ability to judge.”

However, how can Bian Bian understand what a challenge is?

“Big bad guy’s head, are you going to hit me?” She asked blankly.

Being crowned as the head of the big bad guys, Bai Wen’s face changed in an instant. If you didn’t observe carefully, it would be difficult to find out. Also, the corners of the mouths of the other Ye Feng members had long twitched— wanting to laugh, but didn’t dare to. It was very hard to hold it in.

“…No.” Bai Wen seemed to be facing the fact that Bian Bian was only five years old at this time. Her logical thinking was different from that of an adult. He rubbed his temples, probably thinking about how to explain the meaning of “challenge” to the little girl.

No one noticed that Luo Yesheng’s expression froze for a moment.

There was a small force at the top of his back, writing something— in a blink of an eye, he understood.

Bian Bian’s dad is writing on his back!

He almost forgot that there’s also an invisible person at the scene.

This feeling is too weird, nothing like a human finger touching his back. Moreover, when he realized that Nong Jiusi was standing behind him, the hairs on Luo Yesheng’s neck stood up one by one without exaggeration. 

Nong Jiusi: “…” 

It was unknown how long it took, yet it seemed that only a moment had passed. Luo Yesheng finally felt what “Dad” wrote——

“Promise him.”


Promise what?

Bewilderment flashed through Luo Yesheng’s dark pupils, then it quickly receded. He understood what her father meant.

It was for him to let Bian Bian agree to Bai Wen’s challenge invitation.


After swallowing with his dry throat, Luo Yesheng, who was sweating on his forehead smiled stiffly: “Bian Bian, agree to Captain Bai, ok?”

“?” Bian Bian bit her little finger.

But, she can’t beat the big bad guy’s head ah.


1 TN: This is different from its English counterpart which refers to a camera. In Chinese “point-and-shoot” or “point to the end” which is the literal translation, could have many meanings that can be used in everyday life however, in this case this refers to practice/martial art practice which intends not to endanger people’s lives. For instance, if you knock someone down, lets say, in a boxing competition, you do not keep hitting him until he dies since there is a clear indication of who will be the winner or the loser, and is not judged by life or death. It is merely comparing with each other without any grievance or vendetta.
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