The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 58

 Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 58

In fact, the situation at the scene is quite ridiculous, or in other words, if there is a bystander watching quietly, he will definitely be confused.

There was a bloody man lying on the ground, which looked like half of his foot was in the coffin, but no one paid him any heed. He was left to fend for himself.

Not far away, two zombies were stupidly standing quietly, neither screaming nor biting people. They look cute. In front of them stood a small figure, and now this small figure was being challenged by a powerful ability user whose strength was not lower than that of an A class. 

Exactly like an elephant challenging an ant.

At this moment, the other members of the Ye Feng Team wished they could grow a few more hands, so that they could restrain their captain at once and run away.

Even if the little girl is an A class ability user, isn’t she just this big? No matter how you look at it, it feels like their own captain is bullying the little girl.

However, there’s a trace of shame that rose in the hearts of the team members after the little girl nodded and agreed to the challenge. One after another face palmed as they look at Luo Yesheng

There is a row of question marks on top of their head.

It is estimated that regardless of the relationship between Luo Yesheng and Bian Bian, judging from Luo Yesheng’s previous reaction, he should be very fond of the little girl. As a result, not only did he not stop it, but instead made Bian Bian agree to the challenge. But why?

Confident in the strength of the little girl?

Combat and real strength are two different things. Some people have very strong abilities with almost zero combat experience. Even if they encounter someone weaker than themselves, they won’t even know how they died.

Just like a giant with bare brute force, no one dares to confront him head-on. But as long as one uses one’s brain a little, and uses one’s own strength to attack the other’s weaknesses, it is not difficult to defeat a giant.

In other words, if the little girl’s ability is very strong, and she has little actual combat experience, compared with Bai Wen, who has survived in battles all year round, who’s strong and who’s weak is clear at a glance―how much combat experience can a child have?

It was impossible to restrain the captain and run halfway. Everyone stepped back to make room for the challenge. Even the old zombie dragged the third-level zombie back, as if to make sure that his most precious treasure would not have an accident. Everyone’s attention was on Bian Bian and Bai Wen. In contrast, no one paid attention to the two zombies.

Bian Bian looked at the head of the big bad guys with big eyes. Thinking of fighting the big bad guy’s head, the little girl pursed her lips, and unconsciously hugged the little bear in her arms tighter.

――Yes, Bian Bian’s understanding of “challenge” is “fighting”.

Speaking of which, Bian Bian had fought.

It was when she was three years old, her grandpa took her to live in a small base for only a month. This small base was later destroyed by a zombie tide.

There are quite a few survivors in the base, and Bian Bian is the youngest. Apart from her, there’s also a little boy of about seven years old. His parents are both ability users, so he was able to survive.

There are only two children in the base hence, the little boy is inevitably a little curious about this little sister, so he often comes to Bian Bian.

Even in the base, grandpa took Bian Bian with him wherever he went, and never handed her over to others.

However, it’s rare to meet peers who are not of the same age. When the little boy came over to find Bian Bian to play, not only would grandpa not refuse, but he would also encourage little Bian Bian to make friends with this little brother.

The seven-year-old boy and his parents have experienced three years in the apocalypse, so he already looked like a little adult. Therefore, he takes great care of his little sister, and would occasionally share the snacks he saved with Bian Bian. Coaxing her to call him brother.

Sometimes the little brother would kidnap little Bian Bian away when grandpa wasn’t paying attention―said it was kidnapping, but in fact, he was taking little Bian Bian from the place where he lives to the yard downstairs, and then swish swish[1]TN: Onomatopoeia for climbing the tree “very fast”. climbed up the tree a few times to show little Bian Bian his superb tree-climbing skills.

After climbing up on top of the tree, looking down, one would face little Bian Bian’s adoring eyes accompanied with a soft, milky cute voice: “Brother is amazing.”

But the car overturned once. There were several teenagers in the base. Because grandpa was a powerful ability user at the base, everyone respected him, and didn’t dare to be presumptuous even to Bian Bian. The teenagers probably wanted to please Bian Bian. They usually don’t have the chance to get close to her. This time, Bian Bian was kidnapped by his little brother and was taken downstairs. When the opportunity came, they rushed over and expressed that they wanted to take Bian Bian to play.

Bian Bian was not familiar with them. After grandpa’s teaching, not everyone can take her away. Facing the goodwill of the teenagers, Bian Bian said seriously: “I have brother.”

At this time, the little brother, who’s afraid that they would forcibly take Bian Bian away, neatly stepped down from the tree and pulled Bian Bian to go back upstairs.

The teenagers looked displeased. What? Treating them as bad guys huh? Escaping at the sight at once?

As a result, one of the teenagers pushed the little brother. Probably the force was too much for a seven-year-old kid that the little brother was immediately pushed to the ground, knocking his head.

Seeing her brother being pushed, little Bian Bian got angry, with puffed cheeks she shouted “Don’t bully brother”, and pushed the boy who knocked her brother. In the end, instead of pushing someone down, she pushed herself into a stagger, and sat with her buttocks on the ground. It was so painful that her puffed cheeks deflated, forcibly trying not to cry.

But golden peas were already looming in her eyes.

The teenagers were immediately dumbfounded… This guy started crying before she was even kidnapped out to play. When the adults found out, they couldn’t even explain!

When the little brother saw Bian Bian fall, he thought that the teenager had done it. Without a word, he got up and rushed towards the teenager with a clenched fist.

The confused child was uncontrollable. It was not good for the teenager to fight back so he was beaten on his body painfully. When the other teenagers saw their companion being beaten, they hurriedly stepped forward to help lift the little brother away.

So many people were bullying brother together. Hence, the loyal Bian Bian, quickly got up and joined the battlefield to help her brother.

And this is how the fight started.

Afterwards, Bian Bian and his little brother did not suffer any injuries, but a few teenagers have several tooth marks on their hands and legs―bitten by Bian Bian.

Grandpa properly taught Bian Bian: Must not fight with others casually.

Bian Bian nodded obediently, while she secretly thought in her heart: She isn’t fighting, she is helping brother.

Two years later, facing a taller and stronger opponent, Bian Bian doesn’t even know how to start. If it wasn’t for Gray Gray in her arms, the little bear who gives her a little courage, the little girl would’ve drilled behind her grandpa.

Cannot beat ah!

Why did Uncle Luo ask her to agree?

The little girl was very distressed.

Just at this moment, Bian Bian suddenly felt her hand being held.

In the next second, the little girl, who didn’t know what to do, bent her eyes into cute crescents.

Ah right! Forgot that dad was here!

“Bian Bian, I’m going to start.” Facing the opponent, who’s only five years old, Bai Wen showed 12 points of seriousness. Not only did he not hold back when he took a shot, a water ball suddenly appeared out of thin air and instantly wrapped Bian Bian’s small body.

Upon seeing this, Luo Yesheng’s eyelids twitched. He had just suffered a loss from this water ball.

Once the body is wrapped in this water ball, strong water pressure will come from the surface. It was as if the body had entered tens of meters into the deep sea​​, along with lack of oxygen.

A person’s first reaction to a sudden lack of oxygen is to find ways to get it. It will be difficult to think of other things in mind. He knew that her father wouldn’t just watch Bian Bian have an accident, but when he saw Bian Bian wrapped in a water ball, Luo Yesheng uncontrollably stood up――

His worries were clearly unnecessary.

With a soft pop, like a balloon that had been poked a hole, the water ball turned into a water curtain and fell, wetting the ground. Looking at Bian Bian, she didn’t even move a bit from beginning up to now. Even her expression didn’t change. She’s still smiling with bent eyes. There was not a drop of water on her face. 

In other words, the water ball just now didn’t touch her at all.

Ye Feng team members: “…!!!”

Immediately after that, the ground under Bian Bian’s feet shook violently. Then it suddenly split open, and a pitch-black hole emerged. Looking down from the crack, there were turbulent deep waves that were surging. As if opening an invisible giant mouth, which was waiting for its prey to fall in.

Luo Yesheng’s pupils shrunk to the size of a needle tip. From a bystander’s point of view, it can be seen that the reason why Bai Wen was so strong is not only because of his water ability, but also because he possessed earth-based ability.

This is actually a dual-type ability user.

It seems that Bian Bian is caught in a dead end. She can only be forced to fall into the crack. Once she falls, she will be swept into the waves and disappear completely.

It was a wonder whether Bai Wen’s trick was created by combining his dual abilities and then merging it with the terrain? If he had used this to deal with grandpa before…


No one knew what happened. Bai Wen, who performed this trick suddenly vomited a large mouthful of blood. His originally upright body bent down, as if he was suffering from an unbearable pain. His exposed skin was red and swollen. The veins on his neck and temple were bulging. Finally, with a bang, his right knee heavily hit the ground. Directly knocking a hole out of the hard cement stone slab. 

Bian Bian, who’s on the opposite side, lightly took a step to the side. The slit under her feet closed in a blink of an eye, as if the image of what had happened just now was only everyone’s illusion, nothing more. However, upon closer inspection, it can be seen that the place where the ground closed is obviously was forcibly closed by a powerful force.

The Ye Feng team members looked at each other. They saw their silly appearance with their mouths wide open from each other’s eyes.

Luo Yesheng quietly exhaled.

Bai Wen’s body swayed, and then he exerted a force on his right leg and stood up with difficulty. His complexion was as pale as paper. The blood on the corner of his mouth was slightly dazzling, but his direct eyes lit up with a scorching light at this moment.

“Big bad guy’s head, are you okay?” In the terrifying silence, a child’s soft voice sounded surprisingly a bit harsh.

Of course, this is just the feeling of the Ye Feng members. Their eyes on the little girl has completely changed.

Yu Xiaole even protected his ribs and took a step back.

With the captain’s strength, even against an A class upper-level, he has the capability to fight. In the end, how strong is this little girl to be able to defeat their captain so quickly? ? ?

“It’s nothing.” Bai Wen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his backhand, and looked at Bian Bian with burning eyes. After a while, he said in a confident tone, “You are an S class.”

Bian Bian was confused. Although she knew what abilities are from her grandpa, she didn’t know much about ability class.

From Bai Wen’s movements and expression, it can be seen that this big bad guy’s head seems to be saying that she is very powerful.

Bian Bian, who’s in the center of the battle, actually didn’t know anything. The scene she saw was blurry. It was not until she was led a step by her father that she could see things again before her eyes— she saw the big bad guy’s head kneeling on the ground while spitting blood.

The big bad guy’s head said she was amazing. That is to say, Dad was amazing. Bian Bian’s eyes were shining. She nodded heavily. Her little face showed a bit of smugness and pride.

It turns out, Dad is so amazing!

“…” The Ye Feng members took a breath of cold air.

S class ability user?

What the hell! There’s only two in the entire Beiji, okay? 


1 TN: Onomatopoeia for climbing the tree “very fast”.
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