The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 59

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 59

Even if one doesn’t want to believe that a little girl has S class ability, the result before one’s eyes was clearly laid in front of the Ye Feng team. Not to mention that even the captain believes it.

Everyone could only close their mouths. Wanting to see but not daring to look at Bian Bian.

“Big bad guy’s head, I have beaten you. You can go now, ok.”

The words that Bian Bian said just now carried much more weight than before.

“Tang Ci, go and drive the car over.” Bai Wen was in no rush to respond to Bian Bian. He whispered an order to a team member.

After a while, Tang Ci drove the car over. Bai Wen said to Luo Yesheng, “I initiated the challenge, Bian Bian agreed, and I lost. I have some firearms and supplies here. You can choose whether you want weapons or supplies.”

Saying this, he gestured to Tang Ci to open the trunk.

Luo Yesheng: “…”

Damn, so arrogant.

There are more than a dozen boxes of food, ham, canned meat, instant noodles, biscuits… as well as drinks and beer in the trunk. The overall quantity isn’t large, but there’s a lot of variety.

Since the other party wanted to send something, Luo Yesheng did not act polite. The weapons they brought were useless. He pointed to one of the boxes of canned meat and did not ask for more: “Just this.”

Tang Ci muttered: “Really know how to pick good things. “

But he also swiftly moved a heavy box of canned meat out of the car, and then looked at Bian Bian. The latter’s height was not enough to see the inside of the car, however she couldn’t help but be curious. While pretending not to care, she stood on tiptoe and looked hard.

That little look is strangely cute. Tang Ci couldn’t help but be amused, thinking that no matter how powerful this big shot is, she’s only five years old.

So on his own initiative, he took another canned fruit juice drink and handed them to Luo Yesheng.

The atmosphere between the two sides is unprecedentedly harmonious.

“Some food processing factories in the base are already on track.” Bai Wen probably saw something from Luo Yesheng’s expression. He pondered for a moment and said, “With your and Bian Bian’s strength, you will definitely be valued when you go to the base.”

Luo Yesheng thought to himself, it is Bian Bian’s “S” class ability that would be valued.

“But when you get to the base, your two family members can’t follow.” Bai Wen also said.

“Thank you, we’ll think about it.”

Now it’s time to leave. Several people got into the car swiftly, and also conveniently carried the passed out Du Mingyu up. Before leaving, Bai Wen pressed the car window down and looked at Bian Bian, but talked to Luo Yesheng: “Regarding Bian Bian’s class ability, no one else will know except us.”

Is this to keep it a secret?

Luo Yesheng raised his eyebrows and watched the armored car leave in the cloud of dust.

He subconsciously looked at Bian Bian. “Dad” should be standing beside her. He asked Bian Bian to agree to Bai Wen’s challenge and act on the sly. Intending to let the members of the Ye Feng Team to think that Bian Bian had the terrifying strength of an S class. Isn’t it in the hopes that the members of the Ye Feng Team spread Bian Bian’s strength?

Once there is an S class ability user here, unless the person in charge of the base comes, who would dare to come here recklessly?

But if Bai Wen plans to hide Bian Bian’s existence, wouldn’t it go against her father’s plan?

“Your Excellency?” After thinking about it, Luo Yesheng decided to ask the other party’s meaning. He’s just a nanny, so he should first listen to the imperial decree before taking the next step.

“Uncle Luo, Dad has left.” Bian Bian raised her little hand, Dad squeezed her wrist just now, so she knew that Dad had left.

Luo Yesheng opened his mouth, forget it. The boss has his own arrangements.

He opened a can of juice for Bian Bian, and then looked at the box of canned meat. It was a mix of several kinds of canned meat, and the date was recently. 

The largest base in the north really lived up to its reputation. The food alone was enough for him to yearn for.

“Bian Bian, it seems that we really have to go to the base.”

Bian Bian took a sip of the fruit juice, it was a bit of a soda. It was sizzling. The little girl’s little face frowned, she thought it was delicious. Finally she said “But what about Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan?”

“Can’t leave Grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan behind.” Bian Bian said firmly.

Luo Yesheng couldn’t help but sigh. This is their biggest problem in going to the base.


In the armored car.

Yu Xiaole’s ribs have been connected. He is half leaning on his seat. In the middle of the car lies the half-dead Du Mingyu, whose injuries have been simply treated.

“Captain, will you really abolish Du Mingyu’s ability?” Liu Shiyuan was in a complicated mood, “If it’s abolished, he… won’t be able to survive.”

Bai Wen sidestepped the question: “Apart from Bian Bian and Luo Yesheng, have you found anyone else?”

Several people paused before realizing what their captain asked.

“There shouldn’t be.” Yu Xiaole racked his brain, “There’s just the two of them living… Captain, do you suspect that there were other people there at that time?”

Liu Shiyuan knew that the captain wouldn’t ask such a question for no reason. She thought deeper: “Captain, do you suspect that Bian Bian is not an S-class, and the real S-class is someone else that was just hiding in the dark, and borrowing Bian Bian’s hand to accept your challenge?”


Yu Xiaole and Tang Ci’s bodies couldn’t help but straighten up.

“Well.” Bai Wen nodded.

“I just said that a little girl couldn’t be an S-class.” Yu Xiaole murmured, “Even if she has awakened her ability from birth, it’s impossible for her to advance to S-class in such a short period of time.”

Tang Ci expressed his opinion, “But if there is another person who’s already an S-class ability user, why didn’t he showed up in person and instead use Bian Bian’s hand to spar with the captain?”

“Yeah, Captain. I couldn’t guess this point ah.” Liu Shiyuan took over and speculated, “Also, even if he’s an S-class ability boss, how did he conceal his aura in the course of his actions without us noticing.” 

From beginning to end, they thought it was Bian Bian who took action. They didn’t realize that there was another person.

Several people were staring at Bai Wen with wide eyes. Even Tang Ci, who’s driving, looked through the rearview mirror.

“It’s just my guess.” Bai Wen was silent for a few seconds, then frowned, and even lowered his voice, “During the fight, I felt that the other party was… warning me, asking me to be more interesting. But it’s possible that it’s just my illusion.”

Everyone understood. They finally knew why the captain was so easy to talk to, and still chose to hide the fact that there is an S-class ability user in Jinxin Community.

“That…” Yu Xiaole muttered slowly, “Do you guys think that it’s possible that that S-class is a zombie in hiding?”

After speaking, he found that everyone was looking at him as if they were looking at a fool. He couldn’t help but be embarrassed, “I’m just guessing.”

At this moment, a painful sound rang out, followed by a hoarse cough. Du Mingyu, who was lying in the middle of the carriage, twitched and slowly opened his eyes.


With a box of canned meat, Luo Yesheng boiled a large pot of meat porridge in the kitchen. After the porridge was cooked, Bian Bian used Zhu Yuan’s own rice bowl to scoop him a big bowl of porridge.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan was injured and has taken revenge today, so he needs to eat more.”

The  third-level zombie hugged his own bowl and clumsily held the spoon. Unafraid of being scalded, he proceeded to eat. Compared with the crude table manners of the third-level zombie, Grandpa ate much more graciously, and used the utensils more smoothly than before.

Bian Bian distributed a bottle of canned drinks for each person.

There were six cans in total. She had drunk a can before, so there were five left. She was reluctant to drink any more during dinner. Therefore, apart from the vacant spot in front of her, everyone else had a can in front of them.

Soon, grandpa stretched out his pale blue fingers, and pushed the can of drink in front of him to Bian Bian, while muttering in a low voice.

Seeing this, the third-level zombie followed suit and pushed the can over, which belonged to him.

Then, the two zombies turned their heads together, staring straight at Luo Yesheng with their cold gray eyes.

Luo Yesheng, who had just pulled the ring apart and was about to take a sip: “…”

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