The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 60

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 60

 “What are you doing? Lie down obediently!”

The door of the ward opened, and Mu Xingzhi, dressed in a white coat walked in, squinting at Xiu Jin who was sneakily trying to hide something after he came in.

His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince might have Mercury retrograde[1]TN: The time period in which things go wrong. There are actually three or four times a year in which the planet mercury is said to go retrograde. It means that the planet Mercury appears to move in … Continue reading in the past few days. First, there was a problem in his business, which he needed to deal with in person so he had to leave the capital star. Thus, he took a group of people to go, but he encountered a group of star thieves halfway, and they fought without saying a word.

Xiu Jin was riding a small mecha. Because he wanted to keep a low profile, the overall function of the mecha leaned more on being cozy, which was suitable for sightseeing.

In the face of a professional and experienced group of star thieves, this small mecha is not so impressive.

But fortunately, although the mecha is small, the materials used were the most expensive. Just the cost for the material of the fuselage alone can create two military armors… These have become the main reason why Xiu Jin was able to escape with his life.

The star thieves probably did not expect that a small mecha could be so resistant to attacks. Furthermore, the rescue was able to come so quickly!

It was originally fine, but something bad happened. After the rescue arrived, the small mecha which protected Xiu Jin was damaged and it also ran out of its power source. So Xiu Jin had to be transferred to the rescue team’s mecha——

Then, he was assassinated.

The assassin moved too fast. Kerfu, who has been closely protecting Xiu Jin, discovered it too late. Even if the blood clan was famous for their speed, he was only able to knock Xiu Jin down. The bullet hit below his abdomen away from the fatal point, piercing him through. 

Kerfu knew something was wrong. The rescue team were all royal guards and were absolutely loyal. How come someone suddenly assassinates him? The assassin must be caught and questioned.

Who would have thought that the assassin would not be able to hit a single blow, so he simply committed suicide. He took some kind of a new neurotoxin, so it was absolutely impossible to save his life.

Xiu Jin was seriously injured. When the bullet penetrated his body, it released the same neurotoxin that the assassin used to kill himself. The gunshot wound could be quickly treated through the medical chamber, but the medical treatment on the mecha couldn’t cure the neurotoxin.

Seeing that Xiu Jin was in danger, Kerfu suddenly remembered that Xiu Jin had a mer pearl—the useless mer pearl. Mermaids change their scales every hundred years. When they change their scales, they turn into mer pearls. This thing is relatively precious as mermaids firmly hides them just like an undergarment and never gives them to others

Mer pearl also has a function of detoxifying hundreds of poisons. When the three Xiu-brothers were born, Mu Xingzhi gave one each. When Xiu Jin was a child, he drugged himself in order to test the use of the mer pearl. As a result, that mer pearl was useless. Since then, he did not think much of the efficacy of that mer pearl, thinking that Mu Xingzhi just coaxed them to play. From then on, he treated that mer pearl as a marble.


Fortunately, although Xiu Jin treated that mer pearl as a marble, it was still sent by Mu Xingzhi. He later embedded the pearl into one of his favorite belt buckles.

This time, Xiu Jin happens to use this belt on this trip.

With trembling hands, Kerfu undid Xiu Jin’s belt, pulled out the mer pearl on it and stuffed it into Xiu Jin’s wound, saving Xiu Jin’s life that was hanging by a thread.

At that time, Xiu Jin’s heart had stopped beating, and then, without stopping, he sent the person to Mu Xingzhi at the fastest speed.

The news of the assassination of the seventh prince of the Empire made the Emperor furious. He ordered a thorough investigation to find out who was responsible for Xiu Jin’s assassination. This incident made a lot of noise in the star network. But until Xiu Jin lay in the medical chamber for a week and finally woke up, they still haven’t found who assassinated Xiu Jin.

The assassin who committed suicide is an unregistered resident, the star network doesn’t have his information as he sneaked into the rescue team with a ***.[2]TN: This was written as is in the raw.

 After Xiu Jin woke up, he was admitted to the ward of the hospital where Mu Xingzhi was staying. This was what Mu Xingzhi requested from the Emperor. He believed that it was safer for Xiu Jin to stay in the hospital until he recovered.

During the hospitalization, Mu Xingzhi confiscated all of Xiu Jin’s electronic devices, even his photon computer—on the grounds that all electronic devices stimulate his nervous system.

“…Nothing.” Xiu Jin studied his nails, stuffed his photon computer under the mattress, and looked back at Mu Xingzhi innocently, “I just got off the bed to go to the bathroom. You want to control this too! I’ve already told you, I’m well enough to be discharged!”

“Whether you can be discharged or not, I have the final say.” Mu Xingzhi was indifferent to his daily futile struggles. He then stretched out his hand, “Take it out.”


“Don’t let me lift the mattress.”

“…” The seventh prince silently cursed profanities, pulled out his photon computer, and threw it over with a blank face. Mu Xingzhi took it and lightly pressed on its activator.

This is an unregistered, new photon computer, which he can guess with his feet was the smart butler’s ghost, who comes to deliver nutritious meals on time every day— also, only AIs would dare to do so.

There was only one icon on the photon computer. Mu Xingzhi glanced at it, the icon was the avatar of a little girl, smiling at him with bent eyebrows.

“I didn’t know you’re interested in this kind of little game.” Mu Xingzhi glanced at it twice. Under Xiu Jin’s nervous expression, he didn’t open the game. With a flip of his fingers, he put the photon computer in the pocket of his white coat.


This is the fifth photon computer that Mu Xingzhi has confiscated since Xiu Jin was hospitalized for so long.

Xiu Jin still had time to delete the game icon the first four times, but this time it was too late.

Dammit, Mu Xingzhi knows that I’m playing a child raising game… It’s too shameful, no, he has to get it back!

“Just read a book if you’re bored.” Mu Xingzhi opened the cabinet next to him, “There are so many, enough for you to choose.”

Xiu Jin let out a “hum” from his nostrils without saying a word. With a look of displeasure at being robbed of his photon computer, he tried to get close to Mu Xingzhi, wanting to take the photon computer back stealthily.

“I have other patients,” Mu Xingzhi put his hands in his pockets and smiled slightly, “The queen will visit you later, will you see her?”

Xiu Jin suddenly looked indifferent, and he stopped trying to grab his photon computer anymore. He turned around and lay back on the bed. Took a book, and sneered: “Okay. Tell her, if she dares to come, I also dare to beat her.”

“Okay.” Mu Xingzhi exited the ward, closed the door and said helplessly to the graceful woman standing outside, “Queen, you have also heard what little seven said. He has yet to recover from his injury and is playing a little temper. You[3]TN: courteous ‘you’ or the formal one is used here. shouldn’t mind.”

The queen’s delicate face showed genuine love, holding a handkerchief in her hand, wiping the corners of her eyes: “How could I blame him? Little seven suffered this time… Then you help me tell him, mother will come again next time.”

She then glanced at the door of the ward reluctantly. Surrounded by a group of servants, she left the hospital with great momentum.

Inside the ward, Xiu Jin turned over. The icy expression on his face changed, and then he tiptoed out of his bed. Came to the door and took a look to confirm that Mu Xingzhi had left.

“Simply a ghost.”[4]TN: There’s actually an idiom in this, which literally translates to “the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.” This, I believe is pretty much self-explanatory. He muttered. Not knowing whether he was talking about Mu Xingzhi or the queen.

——The assassination of the Seventh Prince shocked everyone. There were many people who came to visit, but they were all blocked by Mu Xingzhi. Only the queen comes every day, showing deep affection between mother and son.

There’s also a rhetoric to the emperor: “I know little seven doesn’t like me, but this time it was so dangerous that he almost died. I’m really distressed. If my sister knows, she will also hope for me to take her place and love little seven more.”


Xiu Jin pressed a button on the bed and with a few clicks, the bed changed shape. The center sank, and inside was a storage cabinet. The seventh prince reached inside and took out a new unregistered photon computer.

What a joke, knowing that Mu Xingzhi would confiscate electronic devices, he would of course, prepare a few more— he asked the smart butler to take a box of unregistered photon computers.


The game was skillfully turned on. Luckily there’s the baby girl’s company during this period of recuperation, although the time spent on playing the game each time cannot be too long.

He was badly injured this time, and electronic devices did affect his nerves. The person would be uncomfortable playing games for too long.

However… only playing games can make him relax.

Humming a little song, the first thing daddy Xiu did online was to poke Luo Yesheng a few times, and then drag him a few times. Causing the latter to fall and do a few somersaults. This way, the other party was more pleasing to the eye.

From the photon computer’s screen, Xiu Jin couldn’t see the wind chimes hanging on the wall at all. Also, he had been a little puzzled lately.

“I always feel that the favorability level has risen more slowly than before.”

The sudden increase in favorability level before made him confused. But now, the growth is slow and he still hasn’t found the pattern. If he asks the system, the system will only throw the pot to the baby girl.

Xiu Jin felt that the spicy chicken[5]TN: Slang for being trashy. system was targeting him.

On the screen, the baby girl is sitting on the balcony with her head down as Luo Yesheng washes her hair. The two zombies were a little farther away with two buckets in front of them, obviously washing their hair too.

Xiu Jin remembered that he had unlocked another column of food today. When he was preparing something earlier, he was interrupted by Mu Xingzhi who came in.

He clicked into the market, and the four icons which were unlocked this time were beyond Xiu Jin’s expectations.

【Fruits and vegetables: Outstanding farmers can grow them in a very short time.】

【Fertile soil: Match with fruits and vegetables, the growth will be gratifying.】

【Pink pig: The fattest can be up to 300 catties. The advantage is that the meat is fresh and tender. The disadvantage is that it needs a lot of feed to fatten it.】

【Pig Feed: Pink Pig’s favorite.】

This time, the unlocked icons were not limited to one purchase per day, but the price has increased several times compared to before.

However, His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince was so poor that all he had was money. This amount of krypton gold in his eyes was no different to a dime.

Considering the comprehensive factors, Xiu Jin’s krypton gold bought two bags of seeds, several bags of soil, two pink pigs, and more pig feed.

After deducting the fee, two pink and tender piglets appeared in the living room on the screen.


“What’s that sound?” After washing his hair on the balcony, Luo Yesheng, who was gently wiping the little girl’s soft hair with a towel, suddenly turned around and looked at the door of the balcony.

Hum hum gwk gwk ~~

“Uncle Luo, what’s wrong?” Bian Bian’s wrapped little head heard nothing.

Luo Yesheng frowned. The two zombies farther away were both grunting as they wash their hair, so they didn’t hear the sound inside the house.

“There are voices in the house.” Luo Yesheng took off the towel and put it aside, picked up Bian Bian, and walked to the door vigilantly.

The next second, a pink and tender little thing rushed over. Luo Yesheng unexpectedly kicked it over, and the little thing pia flew out.

“Uncle Luo, what is that?” Bian Bian is curious.

“…” Luo Yesheng’s eyelids twitched wildly. If he was not mistaken, it was a… pig.

There’s actually an extra piglet in the house? ? ?


The fellow little piggy heard the sound from the kitchen, and hurriedly ran from the living room to the kitchen, hum hum gwk gwk, and kept using its pig’s snout to nudge its companion on the ground.

The one on the ground was also tenacious. He was kicked by Luo Yesheng and actually didn’t die. Not only was it not dead, it wasn’t even injured at all. It was nudged a few times by its companion, and it got up energetically.

The two little pigs nudged each other for a long time, then they came over together with their four hooves, raised their black little eyes and looked at Bian Bian.

Yes, they only looked at Bian Bian. They didn’t even look at Luo Yesheng.

Luo Yesheng: “…”


Bian Bian’s eyes lit up for a while, then she hurriedly slipped off Luo Yesheng’s body. Apart from chickens, fish, and mice, Bian Bian had grown this big, yet she had never seen any other living, normal animals.

She squatted on the ground and carefully poked the heads of the two little pigs with her hands. This poke seemed to open a certain mechanism, and the two little pigs directly nudged her to the ground, seemingly indicating their enthusiasm.

Luo Yesheng passed over one person and two pigs and came to the living room. Sure enough, there were several large bags of pig feed in the living room. In addition, he picked up two bags of seeds on the table. Seeing this, his breathing suddenly became rapid.

It’s actually fruits and vegetable seeds, and still with soil!

“Sir,” Luo Yesheng took a deep breath and put down the seeds, “Do you mean, Bian Bian and I don’t need to go to the base, and that we’ll continue to stay here?”

Why else are they given seeds and pigs for.

With these seeds, once they are planted, there will be an available food source, and there’s also available meat. So they really don’t have to go to the base anymore.

Xiu Jin was asking the system about the gender of the two pigs.

System:【All males.】


Looking at the two pigs nudging his precious daughter, Xiu Jin had a dark face: “Change their gender to female for me!”

System: …



1 TN: The time period in which things go wrong. There are actually three or four times a year in which the planet mercury is said to go retrograde. It means that the planet Mercury appears to move in an opposite direction to planet Earth. Although this was just an illusion as the planet just moves much slower than the Earth during those times, according to Comstock-Gay when this happens, your gadgets as well as your thought process are likely to go a little out of order.
2 TN: This was written as is in the raw.
3 TN: courteous ‘you’ or the formal one is used here.
4 TN: There’s actually an idiom in this, which literally translates to “the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed.” This, I believe is pretty much self-explanatory.
5 TN: Slang for being trashy.
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