The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 61

Translator: AmidstTheSeaofFlurries

Chapter 61

The empty M city welcomed a group of survivors passing by. There were a lot of people, about over 20 of them, driving a total of three cars. From their travel-worn appearance, it seemed that they had lived on the road for a long time.

Yo, there doesn’t seem to be any zombies in this city.” A young man in the convoy who was looking through a telescope marveled.

Anyone with a little bit of common sense knows that there are the most zombies in the city, and one or two can be seen in any corner. Some of them even hide, waiting for someone to pass by.

However, if there were zombies nearby, they would have been attracted long ago by the sound of their convoy.

“It’s so strange.”

“If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.” The speaker was a short-haired woman in a race-style vest[1]TN: and combat trousers. Her exposed muscles were brimming with restrained strength. She is the only female ability user in the convoy, Xia Liuzhu.

There are only three ability users in this team, and the rest are all survivors. Xia Liuzhu is their leader. She saved all the survivors, while the remaining two ability users joined them later.

The destination of the group is Beiji. It is not difficult for ability users to go to Beiji, but with a group of ordinary people, how can the journey be easy?

Originally, there were more than fifty people in their team, but now there are only more than twenty people left.

“Will there be high-level zombies?” Through the walkie-talkie, Tian Shu, the ability user in the second car analyzed, “Should we take a detour?”

“The detour is too far.” Chen Xunfei, the ability user in the remaining car, said. “We don’t have enough diesel to make a detour, we must find diesel in this city.”

“Let’s take a look.” Xia Liuzhu took a sip of water to rehydrate, “I don’t feel coercion belonging to high-level zombies.”

“Everyone be alert.”

The convoy moved slowly, they relied on the map to find the gas stations in M City. But after finding several gas stations in a row, there was no gas in them as expected.

They have been wandering on the road for more than a month, and now with great difficulty, they have finally come across a city, also there are no zombies. They agreed that they could find a place to get off and rest— such as a bed.

The survivors stared eagerly at the ability users.

Xia Liuzhu glanced at the travel-worn crowd. Thought for a while, and said, “Then find a place to stay here for one night.”

After looking around, she found a hotel that looked fairly clean. Xia Liuzhu took the lead and led a few men whose skills were not bad among the ordinary people into the hotel to take a look.

As a result, except for the black blood stains that solidified on the ground and the walls, which showed what had happened here, there was not a single zombie.

“Sister Xia, there’s water!”

None of the three ability users in the convoy was of the water ability, which meant that the convoy was very hard pressed on water. In addition, the cities they passed through practically have no water sources.

Unexpectedly, there’s still water running from the city’s taps. This discovery made everyone jump in joy. After Xia Liuzhu said it was safe, they entered the hotel and took a bath as a group.

Xia Liuzhu asked Tian and Chen to stay and look after the survivors: “I’ll go around to take a look if there are still survivors.”

“I’ll be with you.” Chen Xunfei said.

“No need.” Xia Liuzhu smiled, “It’s more convenient for me to be alone.”

This is the truth. Xia Liuzhu is an upper-level B-class ability user, while Chen Xunfei and Tian Shu are both C-class— in fact, If it weren’t for Xia Liuzhu’s B-class ability, how could it be so easy to protect so many survivors going to the north base.

Xia Liuzhu drove away.

She is a rare spatial system. As the name suggests, the ability user that awakened the spatial ability has a specific space in their bodies to store a lot of things in accordance to the strength of their ability.

In the post-apocalyptic era, if the abilities of each system are divided according to their abilities, the most precious ability will be the space system. But the space system has a fatal weakness— except for storing materials, it has no ability to attack. As a result, the existence of the space ability, which once served as “warehouses” was contested for, and there was no human rights.

Moreover, many times, those with the spatial system are the main characters that were killed by others. Because once the ability user with the space ability is killed, the stored materials will all explode due to the death of its owner— this is similar to the rare materials that will fall out when defeating the big boss in games.

Xia Liuzhu is different from other space systems. She is unreconciled with the fact that her ability is only capable of storing materials. She exhausted her efforts in upgrading her ability. After reaching B class, she finally figured out another development for the space system— It can allow her to perform a short-distance “teleportation”, and it can also emit “space blades” that are hard to guard against.

These two abilities allow her to escape from almost any dangerous situation.

There is a touch of residual light from the setting sun hanging in the sky, just like a woman in old age that still wears heavy makeup to make herself emit the most dazzling light— Xia Liuzhu wiped off her sweat. The temperature can only drop a little after the sun has set and there is no trace of the afterglow.

In addition to looking for survivors, she will explore the surrounding environment by the way. Xia Liuzhu did not deliberately hide her tracks, but there was not a single zombie or zombie beast along the way.

Where did the zombies and zombie beasts in this city go?

Passing by a shopping mall, Xia Liuzhu stopped and entered. There was a supermarket on the top floor of the shopping mall. She was going to go to the supermarket to see if there were any remaining supplies.

All the way to the top floor, just after taking two steps, Xia Liuzhu stopped abruptly and looked at the front vigilantly— there’s a person there.

The entrance of the supermarket was a mess. There’s a fake tree that was tilted in the corner. The tree was filled with hanged dolls and other gadgets. There is a sign on the ground with the words “Do not touch” written on it.

The man is standing in front of the fake tree, wearing clean long trousers, with a tall and straight back.

Xia Liuzhu, who did not expect to meet a survivor so soon, calmed down and said amicably: “Hello.”

As if he didn’t hear her voice, the man ignored her and just raised his head to look at the top of the fake tree, where a doll hangs, covered with a lot of dust.

He seemingly wanted to take down these things that were hanging on the fake tree, but he didn’t know which ones to take. The choice was quite difficult, and it took him a while to decide for the doll on top.

The fake tree was more than two meters high, and he couldn’t reach it even if he stretched out his hand.

“Hello, may I ask…” Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, Xia Liuzhu stepped forward while being secretly vigilant.

With a bang, the man kicked down the fake tree unhappily after failing to get the doll on top, and then bent down stiffly to pick up the doll.

Xia Liuzhu paused in her steps. Her eyelids twitched uncomfortably. She stared at the man closely, slowed down the other person’s movements just now and then slowly played it in her mind.

Do normal people need to be so… stiff when they bend over? Like having rusted joints.

Finally, he picked up the doll, then turned his head slowly. The corners of his mouth grinned in satisfaction, and he seemed to be smiling. Just that, the sharp teeth in his mouth that mutated due to infection… how vicious it looked.


That face was clearly that of a zombie, which has pale blue skin. In addition, the cold gray eyes that were staring at her without any emotion suddenly gave Xia Liuzhu goosebumps under the hot temperature.

Do zombies also pay attention to pretending to be human now?

So cleanly dressed!

The zombie roared at her, turned its head and continued to circle around the fallen tree. In addition to the doll, he took a fancy to a sky blue bear.

Xia Liuzhu was stunned on the spot. She held down the space blade that emerged from her palm and did not throw it out.

What’s the situation… this zombie actually didn’t attack her? !

Xia Liuzhu’s heartbeat gradually accelerated, and now she couldn’t care about finding supplies. She stared at the zombie. After the zombie took the bear and held it in his hand, he held the doll in one hand and the bear in the other hand. As if he had found what he wanted, he turned around and walked downstairs contentedly.

Xia Liuzhu deliberately stood still. But the zombie just glanced at her, then withdrew his gaze and left.

For some reason, Xia Liuzhu lifted her feet and followed before the chaotic thoughts in her mind were cleared.

All the way out of the mall, the zombie walked in the opposite direction from where she came. Xia Liuzhu took out the walkie-talkie and wanted to notify her teammates, but the walkie-talkie was separated by a far distance so it couldn’t be used.

After thinking about it, she stuffed the walkie-talkie back into her pocket, squinted her eyes and followed behind the zombie.


“Uncle Zhu Yuan is back.”

The balcony on the third floor can no longer be called a balcony, it should be called farmland. The wide balcony is divided into several areas, which were covered with fertile soil and planted with pumpkins, winter melons, cucumbers, green beans, eggplants, corn, strawberries, tomatoes and more than a dozen kinds of vegetables and fruits.

All are full of fruit!

This has also been harvested three times.

Speaking of which, the balcony became like this all thanks to the seeds and soil bought by Xiu Jin’s krypton gold.

The seeds on the entire balcony were planted by Bian Bian. Luo Yesheng merely planned the layout.

——The seeds and soil that Dad gave were very strange. None of the seeds that Luo Yesheng planted sprouted. But, as long as they are planted by Bian Bian, they can be harvested in three days. As if they have taken a growth accelerator.

On the side near the street, Luo Yesheng deliberately let Bian Bian plant two cherry trees.

The two cherry trees that grew out of the balcony grew more than ten meters high in just five days after being planted by Bian Bian.

As for how a normal cherry tree can grow so high? It is no longer within Luo Yesheng’s consideration.

Anyway, he wouldn’t be surprised no matter how bizarre the things that her father gave him.

Luo Yesheng often worried about the two fruit trees that were too tall and were bearing too many cherries— they shouldn’t have been planted on the balcony in the first place. In case the roots become unstable, they might fall down and the balcony would collapse.

But no, whether the cherry trees or the balcony, they are all fine.

Luo Yesheng was relieved, thus, he found a rope to weave a swing between the two cherry trees, so that Bian Bian could sit and swing.

In order to avoid Bian Bian being thrown out, the swing is reinforced with a seat belt so that the little girl can be securely tied to the swing.

With it, one of the must-play entertainment items of Bian Bian every day is the swing and no matter how high the little girl swings, she is not afraid.

At this time, while swinging on the swing, Bian Bian happened to see Uncle Zhu Yuan coming back.

Grandpa stood behind the swing and was in charge of pushing Bian Bian.

Luo Yesheng was carrying an iron bucket with an apron. He had just finished feeding the pigs from upstairs, and was about to cut some more vegetables to feed them. Seeing Bian Bian swinging, he couldn’t help saying, “Grandpa, don’t push so high.”

As for when the third-level zombie will return, it is not within the scope of the nanny’s attention. Anyway, the third-level zombie will go out for a few laps every day and bring some gadgets back.

“Uncle Luo, Uncle Zhu Yuan is followed by an aunt.”


Luo Yesheng walked quickly to the edge of the balcony and looked down.

Since following the zombie into the Jinxin community, Xia Liuzhu has felt the coercion belonging to a high-level zombie.

Among the two options of “continue to follow” and “return to leave”, after hesitating for two seconds, she resolutely chose the first option.

According to the coercion she feels, if there is a high-level zombie, it would be at level five at most. Even if she can’t beat it, she could still escape with teleportation.

She wanted to see what’s the situation that kept the zombie from attacking her.

When she heard the child’s crisp voice, Xia Liuzhu’s first reaction was that she had heard it wrong——

As soon as she looked up, she saw two trees appearing from the balcony on the third floor. She didn’t recognize what kind of trees they were. All her attention was drawn to the swinging swing.

There is a little girl sitting on the swing.

The voice came from her.

Xia Liuzhu finally understood why the zombie took the doll and the bear. They were clearly brought back for the little girl!

She swallowed with her dry throat.

“Hoho~~” The third-level zombie shook the things in his hands towards Bian Bian as if offering a treasure.

And then, Luo Yesheng’s head leaned out from the balcony. His eyes met Xia Liuzhu’s.



“Luo Yesheng?!” Xia Liuzhu shouted without thinking.

Luo Yesheng shrank his head back. His face was blank as if struck by lightning.

As the swing swayed, Bian Bian’s voice floated: “Uncle Luo, do you know that aunt?”

“Don’t know!”

“Luo Yesheng, get the hell out for me!” The next second, the woman’s roar shook Bian Bian’s small body as she trembled.

This aunt is… so fierce.


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