The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 62

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 62

As mentioned earlier, after Luo Yesheng’s family was gone, he had a special ability attached when he awakened his ability, and then he was betrayed by his friends who coveted his special ability. For this reason, he became a “scattered person.” Not living in the base, and only surviving outside.

But, a person who often walks by the river, cannot avoid getting their shoes wet.[1]TN: A proverb that basically reflects the influence of the environment on people. For instance, a person who oftens steals will have a day when he will be finally caught. Although Luo Yesheng never took the initiative to be close to people, it can’t be helped that there are those who would notice him living alone, and would take advantage of him.

He is not made of mud,[2]TN: This is in reference to a story titled “A Dream of Red Mansions” where a character named Jia Baoyu said: “Women are made of water, and men are made of mud. When I see my daughter, I feel … Continue reading but he has a ruthless side in his nature― the reason why he honestly stayed as a nanny was not entirely because of the reincarnation ring.

In short, he almost lost his life after being calculated once. When he came back for revenge, his luck was a little bit worse, and his eyes were a little blind as he got the object of his revenge wrong.

That mistaken target was Xia Liuzhu. Due to a mistake caused by accidental factors, the two of them have bad blood with each other. The process and the result were not good. In the end, Luo Yesheng quietly left some supplies to express his apology.

He never imagined that one day, he would unexpectedly meet Xia Liuzhu here.

Luo Yesheng briefly explained to Bian Bian how he and the fierce aunt “knew” each other, and from his words, Bian Bian hit the nail on the head: “So Uncle Luo, did you bully that aunt?”

“Of course not!” Luo Yesheng jumped directly. His face became quite strange, he seemed ashamed and angry. His appearance was exactly like he wished he had never met Xia Liuzhu. But Bian Bian didn’t understand it, and secretly felt that Uncle Luo was trying to hide something only to make it more conspicuous― This idiom is something that she has recently learned yo.

“Is that fierce aunt a baddie?” Bian Bian asked again.

Luo Yesheng said without emotion: “Not really.”

Then he added in Bian Bian’s puzzled appearance: “She… used to be a police officer who liked to protect the weak. In short, she is not a bad person.” 

For Bian Bian, since the fierce aunt was not a baddie and knew Uncle Luo, she happily said, “Then let’s invite Auntie over to the house.”

This is the first time that Bian Bian invited a guest to the house so she hardly waited for Luo Yesheng to nod and agree and immediately called grandpa to take her down.

It was unknown if it was due to frequently eating the food that Dad Xiu’s krypton gold bought, which includes the vegetables and fruits grown from the seeds. Grandpa regained some consciousness and refused to get too close to Bian Bian from the very beginning. Even though he was able to stand behind Bian Bian, he still refused to have contact with her. Now, he can already hug Bian Bian carefully.

But maybe he was still afraid that he would accidentally hurt Bian Bian. Unless Bian Bian asked grandpa to hug her, only then would grandpa hug her. Usually, grandpa will still keep distance between him and Bian Bian.

Little Bian, who was carried off the swing by her grandpa, waved to the aunt downstairs: “Auntie, wait a minute.”

Xia Liuzhu was pulled back by the little girl’s voice from some kind of indescribable anger when she suddenly saw Luo Yesheng. After all, she’s not an ordinary person so she quickly regained her senses. The third-level zombie did not leave and just stood there. But the body facing Bian Bian had already turned towards Xia Liuzhu.

He’s monitoring my movements.

Xia Liuzhu thought vigilantly.

She raised her head and glanced at the balcony on the third floor. This residential building is only five stories high, and only the third floor has a balcony. It is precisely because of this that the two trees were particularly eye-catching.

Just now, her attention was on other things which made her almost forget other neglected circumstances. Xia Liuzhu looked at the two trees and her pupils suddenly shrank.

The tree is full of red fruits. At first, she only wondered why two such tall trees would grow on the third floor balcony. Could it be that the real estate developer made it deliberately before the apocalypse?

Until she found out that the fruit looked like cherries, she suddenly couldn’t help it.

And with her vision passing through the balcony, she could see that there were other things planted inside…

The big crystalline cherries took Xia Liuzhu’s entire mind. A gust of wind just happened to blow, and she unexpectedly couldn’t feel the heat. Her nose automatically filtered out all the other smells flowing in the air, leaving only a certain sweet fragrance emanating from those cherries.

A lot of supplies are stored in Xia Liuzhu’s space. These are all saved little by little in the early days of the apocalypse but the fruits she stored at that time had long been eaten.

Occasionally passing through the deep mountains and old forests, one can actually find some fruits from those bushes. But most of the trees wither in the strange climate of the apocalypse. Even if one occasionally finds a few tenacious fruit trees, the wild fruits are thin and small and it tastes dry and bitter.

Xia Liuzhu had only seen clusters of bright red cherries like this before the apocalypse.

She didn’t wait long. A few minutes later, she saw the little girl on the swing, followed by… every hair on Xia Liuzhu’s arm stood up.

That’s a zombie too!

All the coercion comes from him.

She had previously guessed that there is a five-level zombie here, and only the coercion of a level 5 zombie would make her feel threatened. But, she didn’t expect that a fifth level zombie would quietly follow behind a little girl.

When she thought of the actions of the third-level zombie… Could she understand that the reason why the two high-level zombies were so humane and did not attack people was all because of a little girl?

As for Luo Yesheng, who was following behind, Xia Liuzhu excluded him without hesitation―  if he could make the two high-level zombies obey, then pigs could climb on a tree.

Unconsciously, Xia Liuzhu’s focus shifted from Luo Yesheng to the little girl. When the little girl and the fifth-level zombie approached, she subconsciously held her breath.

“Auntie.” Bian Bian said, “Don’t be scared, grandpa and Uncle Zhu Yuan will not bite people.”

Xia Liuzhu thought to herself: Was it so obvious that she’s afraid?

“For you.” Bian Bian trotted over and took out something from the small bag she carried on her body.

It stands to reason that Xia Liuzhu should step back, but for some reason, her feet seemed to have taken root. Under little Bian Bian’s clear and bright eyes, she stretched out her hand.

Three plump and rosy cherries were placed in her rough palms, looking charmingly naive.

“These are the cherries I planted, they’re really sweet. Auntie, quickly try them.” Bian Bian was full of joy. Her little bag was bulging, and it was full of cherries at a glance.

There are too many cherries on the cherry tree, and a lot of cherries fall on the balcony or downstairs every day, and then break. The little girl is always distressed.

Feeling of wasting natural resources recklessly.[3]TN: An idiom that means what it says and or not knowing how to use things sparingly. However, the idiom literally translates to tyrannically ruining things something like that.

Recently, she has learned several idioms through her father~

There’s a voice in Xia Liuzhu’s heart telling her that she couldn’t eat it. Who knows if it is poisonous or not. On the other hand, under the little girl’s expectant eyes, she stuffed a cherry into her mouth.


It’s too damn sweet.

At this moment, Xia Liuzhu heard the little girl’s waxy voice: “Auntie, if Uncle Luo bullied you before, I could give you a lot of cherries and other fruits. Can you forgive him?”

Xia Liuzhu : “…”

Luo Yesheng: “!!!”

He took his eyes away from Xia Liuzhu and looked at the little girl’s back in shock― he thought that Bian Bian was simply happy to have a visitor after confirming through him that Xia Liuzhu wasn’t a bad guy.

It didn’t occur to him at all that Bian Bian was hiding such thoughts.

The touched nanny Luo forgot to correct Bian Bian for a while. He really did not bully Xia Liuzhu.

On the contrary, Xia Liuzhu was stunned for a few seconds, probably not knowing how to answer Bian Bian. Her eyes flashed twice, and surprisingly met Luo Yesheng’s gaze, she immediately found a topic: “You have the nerve to let a child stand up for you. The face is really getting thicker and thicker, shameless!”

Luo Yesheng was scolded for no reason, and his face darkened: “You are too much ah, don’t think you are a woman I’ll…”

“Heh.” Xia Liuzhu interrupted him with a sneer, “Do you think you can offset what happened in the first place by leaving a car full of supplies?”

“I said it was a misunderstanding. I apologized, and all the supplies were delivered. What else do you want me to do? Kill myself to apologize to you? !” The more he said, the angrier he became. “Besides, the fault is not all mine, aren’t you…” The words that were blurted out came to an abrupt stop when he caught a glimpse of the curious and doubtful little face of Bian Bian.

Not only is little Bian Bian curious, she was also puzzled.

The third-level zombie in the distance walked over quietly and stood alongside with the fifth-level zombie behind Bian Bian. The two cleanly dressed high-level zombies watched a man and a woman bicker with interest, especially the third-level zombie. His gray eyes keep turning, revealing invisible gossip: Go on, speak, don’t stop!


Obviously, Xia Liuzhu also noticed it, and forcibly held back the words to refute. The atmosphere was extremely strange for a moment.

In the end, Bian Bian broke the silence and pointed to the pocket of Xia Liuzhu’s combat pants: “Auntie, there’s talking there…”

Xia Liuzhu quickly took out the walkie-talkie in her pocket. It emitted a zi zi electric current sound as well as an intermittent voice: “…At…where…”

It was her teammate who came looking for her, and was barely getting into the frequency range of the walkie-talkie.

After deciding to follow the third-level zombie, Xia Liuzhu made marks along the way so it will be convenient for her to return later. But she didn’t expect her teammates would come to look for her so quickly.

She hurriedly said to Bian Bian: “I brought a group of survivors to go to the base. Little sister, I can’t take your things for nothing. How about this, is it okay if we exchange?”

Bian Bian looked at Luo Yesheng.

Luo Yesheng nodded.

Xia Liuzhu’s team members moved very fast. Half a minute later, Chen Xunfei’s clear voice came from the walkie-talkie: “Liuzhu, where are you?”

“You wait there, I’ll be back later.”

Luo Yesheng gave her a look. Xia Liuzhu did not let her teammates come over to find her.

“We’ve encountered a third-level zombie beast.” In the rustling sound of the electric current, Xia Liuzhu found that Chen Xunfei’s voice wasn’t right, “Tian Shu is gone.”

If you listen carefully, you can still hear a helpless weeping voice in the background.

“What did you say?” Xia Liuzhu’s brain buzzed. How could she still care about trading supplies for cherries, “I clearly checked when I left, and there was nothing…”

Chen Xunfei said hoarsely: “It was hiding in the ventilation duct. It should be sleeping so you didn’t find it, and then we woke it up.”

“…” Xia Liuzhu cursed fiercely.

“I took the rest of the people and ran in the direction you left. Tian Shu was left behind. It chased after a while… Then, it just stopped chasing.”

That’s because they had entered the range of the fifth level zombie. The third level zombie beast naturally didn’t dare to chase.

“Auntie, let them come here.” Under Xia Liuzhu’s flushed eyes, Bian Bian’s words soothed her like a gentle wind, “There is grandpa here so those monsters dare not come over. It’s very safe.”

The third level zombie beast instantly reminded Bian Bian of the big ant before, and knew that that monster was very scary. That time, it was only with Uncle Zhu Yuan and dad’s help that the monster could be killed. In addition, through Chen Xunfei’s words, Bian Bian knew that someone was eaten by that monster. This reminded her of what her grandpa had said, that when she has the ability to save others, she should save them.

Luo Yesheng frowned, opened his mouth to say something, glanced at Bian Bian, and swallowed the words back.

The family grows so many vegetables and raises two pigs. This kind of life is like a paradise, and Luo Yesheng selfishly doesn’t want too many people to know about it.

Adults understand the philosophy of a commoner is innocent, but treasuring jade is a crime,[4]TN: An idiom that means getting into trouble on account of cherished items since a commoner most likely couldn’t have a jade unless he stole it. Therefore, those who treasure jade become guilty of … Continue reading but Bian Bian do not.


Luo Yesheng glanced at grandpa.

Suddenly feeling the comfortableness of life during this period of time has made himself less courageous. With him and the two zombies, can’t he still let Bian Bian do something she wants to do?

With grandpa’s regained sanity, if he did not agree with Bian Bian’s decision, he would have already made a sound to stop it.


There’s the ultimate big boss.

Luo Yesheng smiled self-deprecatingly and said to Xia Liuzhu, “Bian Bian’s right, let your convoy come here.”

“Thank you.” Xia Liuzhu thanked him in a low voice, and quickly left to pick up her team.

At this time, Grandpa suddenly growled twice at the third-level zombie, as if he was explaining something.

When the third-level zombie heard it, his head shook violently. Refusing very firmly.

“ROAR!!!” The old zombie’s growl turned into a roar.

“…” The third-level zombie angrily shoved the doll and bear to Bian Bian, then resentfully turned around and ran away.

The old zombie had given him the task of capturing the third-level zombie beast.

Why him?

Why didn’t he go himself?

He only knows how to call him!

Then fight if he has the ability!

——Every time he gets angry, he forgets the fact that he can’t win against that same kind.

“Uncle Zhu Yuan, come back early, don’t be too late.” Thinking that Uncle Zhu Yuan was going out again, Bian Bian habitually told him.

“Hoho~~” The third-level zombie turned his head. The sound he emitted contained invisible ripples and even the slightest bit of anger couldn’t be seen.

Luo Yesheng was accustomed to watch from the sidelines. Although he couldn’t understand what the two zombies were saying, even a fool could see that the angry third-level zombie was coaxed by Bian Bian.

But Bian Bian didn’t know it at all. After the little girl urged the third-level zombie, she said to the old zombie like a little adult: “Grandpa, Uncle Zhu Yuan is stupid now, so don’t bully him.”

Grandpa took the doll and bear in her arms with a cool expression without saying anything.


1 TN: A proverb that basically reflects the influence of the environment on people. For instance, a person who oftens steals will have a day when he will be finally caught.
2 TN: This is in reference to a story titled “A Dream of Red Mansions” where a character named Jia Baoyu said: “Women are made of water, and men are made of mud. When I see my daughter, I feel refreshed; when I see a man, I smell a foul smell.” This mean that the sentence ‘men are made of mud’ refers to men that are hypocritical, ugly, corrupt, and incompetent.
3 TN: An idiom that means what it says and or not knowing how to use things sparingly. However, the idiom literally translates to tyrannically ruining things something like that.
4 TN: An idiom that means getting into trouble on account of cherished items since a commoner most likely couldn’t have a jade unless he stole it. Therefore, those who treasure jade become guilty of a crime. Figuratively it could also mean, “a person’s talent will arouse the envy of others.”
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