The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 63

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 63

Don’t look at the third-level zombie who usually walks stiffly and moves very awkwardly, in fact when he uses his abilities, one can’t see his exposed cyan skin from behind, and it is difficult to identify him as a zombie.

The third and fourth-level zombies correspond to B class human ability users.

If Zhu Yuan initially mutated into a third-level zombie, after this period of time, he is already close to level four.

Logically, zombies can’t eat human food, and even if they do, they can’t absorb the energy in it. They can only eat flesh and blood―for example, when Grandpa was inside the metal wall at the beginning and couldn’t come out, it only took a month’s time for him to become skin and bones.

However, the two zombies followed Bian Bian, and ate the food that Bian Bian fed them. Their bodies were like that of humans, miraculously able to absorb the corresponding energy from these ordinary foods.

This is probably due to the food fed by Dad Xiu.

But zombies can’t understand these. Anyway, he will eat what Bian Bian feeds him.

He likes that little human.

Although he always thinks that the little human should be delicious, as he like her so much that he should eat her in his stomach, so that they will be together forever;

He was reluctant.

He wanted to hide her and not let anyone snatch her. It’s just that, he couldn’t beat that same kind…

The third level zombie could be said to be suffering.

This active-minded zombie ran fast while having these strange thoughts in his head.

He didn’t know where the third-level zombie beast was. But following the direction of that human just now―he smelled a lot of fresh flesh and blood. Along this direction, he could determine the approximate range of the third-level zombie beast. When the time comes, it would definitely be much easier to find.

Xia Liuzhu was wholeheartedly thinking about her companions that she used teleportation. She was so fast that she didn’t even know that there was a third-level zombie following behind her.

However, the speed of the third-level zombie wasn’t slow. Not long after Xia Liuzhu and the convoy gathered, the third-level zombie caught up.

“Ah!” Seeing this scene, the terrified team members screamed in horror― they are all ordinary survivors. Originally, with Xia Liuzhu leading them north to the base, everyone has already experienced many crises, big and small, and their courage has been cultivated.

But they had just escaped from the mouth of the zombie beast, and had finally met Xia Liuzhu. Before they could breathe a sigh of relief, a hideous zombie that looked different suddenly appeared. It’s like a group of lambs that had just left the wolf’s den had entered the tiger’s lair. How can they not be scared?

“Don’t be afraid, don’t worry.” Xia Liuzhu looked back and saw the third-level zombie. Her eyelids heavily twitched, and she almost thought in a bad direction. Unexpectedly, the third-level zombie didn’t even look at them. Skillfully using the wind ability, he “flew” over their heads and cleanly left them behind.

Survivors: “…”

Xia Liuzhu breathed a sigh of relief. The tensed muscles in her back relaxed. She then led the people to Jinxin Community.

“Plus Tian Shu, there are five missing.” While walking in silence, Chen Xunfei informed Xia Liuzhu of the situation, “Including you and me, there are nineteen left.”

Xia Liuzhu gritted her molars fiercely.

Chen Xunfei’s eyes were red. There were many wounds on her body. She said in a hoarse voice, “If I had stayed and joined forces with Tian Shu, this might not be…”

Xia Liuzhu held back her tears. She had learned from everyone that the third-level zombie beast did not immediately attack the survivors, but laid dormant and quietly planned. Then the first chosen target was Tian Shu.

It seems to have some consciousness. Knowing that if it killed the humans with ability first, it can peacefully enjoy a hearty dinner later.

After the hotel was inspected, they believed that there was no danger. In addition, there was not a hint of zombies around, so the remaining two ability users also tacitly relaxed.

Therefore, under the sneak attack of the third-level zombie beast that is equivalent to a B-class ability user, Tian Shu, who was an upper-level C class, was seriously injured even though he didn’t lose his life in an instant.

His body was pierced by the zombie beast. Such an injury, even if he didn’t die due to it, he would still mutate due to infection.

Thus, Tian Shu tried his best to bring up the rear and fight for an opportunity to let the convoy escape.

“You did nothing wrong.” Xia Liuzhu said calmly, “If you stay, you will only die.”

Her face tightened into a decisive line. As if swallowing all her emotions into the abyss, she slowly said, “Settle down everyone. I will kill that beast myself.”

After speaking, the young woman faced a busload of terrified and panicked survivors, who were anxiously running for their lives. Everyone squeezed into the largest bus in the convoy.

These people are all survivors rescued by Xia Liuzhu on the road. Originally, there were more than 50 in number, but along the way, there were fewer and fewer survivors encountered and there were fewer and fewer people in the convoy. Except for her and Chen Xunfei, there are only seventeen left.

Although there’s still panic and fear in the eyes of these people, when they saw Xia Liuzhu, their eyes unconsciously revealed confidence and a stable expression. It seemed that her appearance has given everyone a reassuring pill. Even if the road ahead is filled with danger and hardships, they were not so afraid.

“When I left, I met two survivors. One of them was a high-level ability user I knew before. He was very strong, and now we will go to their place to rest for the time being. That place is very safe.” Xia Liuzhu said, “Next, everyone listen carefully to what I will say and remember it firmly.”

“We are going there as guests, so everyone should restrain themselves. What to do and what not to do, you should all be clear in your hearts. If I found out that someone has ill-intentions, I will not be merciful.”

“Sister Xia, don’t worry.” The survivors nodded their heads seriously.     

Many people thought with a wry smile; Even Sister Xia said that the strength is very strong. Such a strong person is a big boss. Have they eaten enough that they have the energy to provoke?

Xia Liuzhu thought for a while, but still didn’t say anything about the fifth-level zombie. She didn’t think about it earlier, but now she realized how terrifying it is that the two high-level zombies didn’t attack people and also developed self-awareness.

Subconsciously, she felt that the less people knew about this matter, the better.

Not for anything else, but for the little girl who took the initiative and invited her to take the team over.


Searching all the way, as soon as he left the coercion range of the fifth-level zombie, the third-level zombie saw the traces left by the third-level zombie beast.

There’s a mass of gooey white stuff on the ground. He stepped on it, and when he raised his leg again, he found that he couldn’t lift it up.


At the end, he used his ability to lift his foot up. Then, a white thread was instantly pulled out from the gooey white stuff.

What is this thing?

The third-level zombie looked at it with disgust. He then pulled hard and the gooey white thread snapped. His jio[1]TN: It means foot. It is a dialectal pronounciation of 腳/脚 (jiǎo, “foot”) in Mandarin. was finally free.

“ROAR!!!” Finally, he roared provocatively. He was also on the third level. When confronted with this kind of provocation, the other party would only get angry and would not back down.

If it was a fifth-level zombie, it would only hide when it smells it from a distance.

On both sides of this street, there are few abandoned cars covered with loess. The building on the right looks as if it used to be a gym, which was only two stories high.

At this moment, there’s a sudden creaking and teeth-grinding sound in the air. Then a black shadow passed over the dusty glass.

The third-level zombie who heard the sound stared closely at the glass outside the gym, and when he saw the shadow, he turned his head sharply.

With a loud bang, a black shadow fell behind him, and his body directly crushed an abandoned car, raising the dust that spread across the sky which irritated the nose of the third-level zombie.

Heaven knows why a zombie’s nose still itches!

This is a huge spider, its body is at least the size of two cars― If the third-level zombie is still a human, he will definitely think of what Chen Xunfei said over the walkie-talkie. The third-level zombie beast hid in the ventilation duct and laid dormant, thus Xia Liuzhu didn’t find it. After Xia Liuzhu left, the team members woke up the zombie beast in the ventilation duct.

How big can a ventilation duct be?

However, with the size of the spider zombie beast in front of him, it obviously couldn’t squeeze itself into the narrow ventilation duct.

What made it so big in such a short time?

Or did the third-level zombie find the wrong one?

Whatever the reason is, looking at this hideous-looking spider with eight hairy legs, the third-level zombie instinctively felt that he couldn’t beat it.

Just like facing the fifth-level zombie―he has a clear self-awareness.

If you can beat it, then beat it.

If it can’t be beaten, then it can’t be beaten.

What to do then?

If it’s a human, the first thing that the third-level zombie should do now is to find a way to hide, and wait for an opportunity to escape.

As long as the green hills remain, there will be no worries for shortage of wood to burn.[2]TN: An idiom that means, “where there’s life, there’s hope,”

But, he usually dares to provoke even the fifth-level zombie at home. Knowing that he couldn’t beat him, he still doesn’t converge. Now, facing a big spider that he couldn’t beat, of course he will―

Continue to provoke la.[3]TN: Sound of singing/cheering.

So, the third-level zombie, who didn’t know what fear is, roared and pounced on it in a very brave posture.


1 TN: It means foot. It is a dialectal pronounciation of 腳/脚 (jiǎo, “foot”) in Mandarin.
2 TN: An idiom that means, “where there’s life, there’s hope,”
3 TN: Sound of singing/cheering.
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