The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 64.2

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 64.2


A gunshot sounded.

The middle-aged man’s twitching body stopped. His face froze with an expression that seemed to be called relief. An oppressive silence spread among the crowd.

The boy who was pulled by the others broke free from the hands that restrained him and staggered towards his motionless father without saying a word.

Bian Bian looked up, she saw Uncle Luo withdrew his gun.

As if he knew what the little girl was wondering, Luo Yesheng explained: “These people get along day and night and have deep feelings for each other. If their teammates suddenly turn into monsters, they will be very sad if they do it themselves. I’m an outsider, and for me it’s just killing a monster so they’ll feel better.”

Bian Bian nodded her little head, showing that she understood.

Xia Liuzhu took a deep breath, got up and approached Luo Yesheng, and quickly said, “Thank you.”

Only then did the others discover that there were three more people in their temporary camp.

Bian Bian doesn’t care what these adults said. After Luo Yesheng shot and killed the infected middle-aged man, grandpa moved his body, which was blocking her view, away.

Bian Bian is not afraid of seeing dead people, and grandpa obviously knows this.

His previous action was just that he doesn’t want Bian Bian to see the process of human transforming into a zombie after being infected.

“Brother, I’ll give you some sweet candy. You won’t feel so bad after eating it.” Bian Bian took out a candy and handed it to the boy who was kneeling beside his father’s body, weeping.

The boy was stunned, his eyes were red and his eyelids were swollen. He turned his neck stiffly and looked at the little girl who was crouching beside him at some point.

A tiny palm held a small piece of chocolate.

Seeing that the brother didn’t move, Bian Bian thought for a while. She put the chocolate back into the small bag, and found a hard candy in the shape of a little rabbit.

——These beautifully shaped candies were naturally stuffed by Lord Jiusi.

“This one is also sweet.” Bian Bian said.

“Who are you?” The boy wiped away his tears and said hoarsely.

“My name is Bian Bian.”

The young man’s mood seemed to calm down. He turned his head without taking the candy from Bian Bian. He just stared at his father blankly.

“Ayun, your father… We must burn it.” After a while, Xia Liuzhu came over.

No one wants to see such a thing happen, but the facts have been set and they can only accept it.

Luo Yesheng took the initiative to act as the “corpse cremator”, and it didn’t take a few minutes to dispose the middle-aged man’s body. On the other hand, the people in the convoy were busy preparing dinner.

“Sister Xia said that these vegetables and fruits were given by the little girl named Bian Bian.”

“Isn’t that little girl Mr. Luo’s daughter?”

“No. Mr. Luo said it himself just now, he is the nanny hired by Bian Bian’s Grandpa, and that Bian Bian and her grandpa are the masters of this area.”

“I think Grandpa is also a very powerful ability user. It’s no wonder, the little girl was raised white and fat… It would be great if I also had an ability, so I could have protected my Nan Nan[1]TN: little darling or baby at that time…”


Bian Bian didn’t know that she reminded a mother, who was in the cooking logistics, of her dead daughter. She was talking to the boy whose emotions had completely calmed down.

The boy’s name is Ayun, and he’s already eleven years old.

He is the youngest in the team. Although his and Bian Bian’s age difference is quite big, he is barely considered a peer of Bian Bian compared with the adults.

“This is for you.” Ayun took out a slingshot from his pocket, “Thank you for the candy you gave me.”

Bian Bian took the slingshot and took the candy out from her bag. Ayun shook his head: “I don’t want it, you keep it for yourself ok?”

“I have a lot.”

“Even if there’s a lot, don’t share them when you just met someone.”


Ayun turned to look at her, the little girl fiddled with her slingshot curiously. She had never seen this thing so she didn’t know how to play it. Ayun took the slingshot, picked up a small stone from the ground, and demonstrated, “Like this.”

He aimed at a place, pulled the slingshot, and with a bang, a slightly larger stone a few meters away was pushed by the force.

“What does this do?” Bian Bian asked.

After all, children in the apocalypse are different from children before the apocalypse. Before the apocalypse, eleven-year-old children were still elementary school students and had no worries. But now… this young man who had just lost his only relative almost instantly has the shadow of an adult.

“You can hit zombies from a distance.” He said, “If you have more strength, you can pierce the head of ordinary zombies.”

Bian Bian: “I see, it’s equivalent to a gun, right?”

“Yeah.” Ayun nodded, the firearm resources in the convoy were tight so he can’t touch a gun. When they encountered zombies, he was also the one being protected. But from now on, the father who protected him was gone, so he had to learn to protect himself.

The elder brother in front of her didn’t cry like before, but he seemed to be more sad than before. The little girl thought seriously, then, she sent an invitation: “Brother, would you like to come to my house to play?”

Before Ah Yun could answer, grandpa, who had been standing behind the two suddenly made a sound, which sounded like “humph!”.

“…No need.” Ayun quickly looked back at her grandpa, and the sensitive boy immediately felt unhappy from this “humph!”.

Bian Bian was a little regretful. She just met this brother and she couldn’t help but think of the time when her grandpa had just left her. When grandpa left, she was very very sad. She wanted to find grandpa, but she kept in mind what grandpa said that no matter what sound she heard, she mustn’t go out.

The house was very quiet, and no one spoke to her. She was very scared and she wanted grandpa to come back.

She thought this brother’s father had left him so he must be very sad and scared too. If she talked to him a lot, this brother wouldn’t be so sad.

Luo Yesheng, who was not far away, looked here from time to time.

The two kids seem to be getting along pretty well.

“…So, you have no plans to go to the base?” Xia Liuzhu exchanged a brief glance with him, frowning, “Are you sure you want to live here with Bian Bian all the time?”

“What’s wrong?” Luo Yesheng retracted his gaze. What a joke, Bian Bian’s custody is not in his hands, it belongs to the ultimate boss. He casually said, “There are many people in the base, and people’s hearts are complicated.”

Xia Liuzhu showed no mercy: “A big man like you would know how to take care and educate children?”

Luo Yesheng: “…”

“Granted that you can be self-sufficient here, it will be fine for a short time, but Bian Bian needs to learn as she grows up. Can you, an illiterate, teach her?” Xia Liuzhu took a sip of water, “Beiji has begun to build a civilized order. I heard that compulsory education has also resumed. With your strength, it’s not that difficult to enter the base and fight for an education slot for Bian Bian. So you should take Bian Bian to the base.”

“What illiterate!” Luo Yesheng’s face is black. He said with gritted teeth, “My university is 985!”[2]TN: 985 universities are top famous schools in China. The term originated from former president Jiang Zemin’s proposal on May 4, 1998 during the centennial celebration of Peking University, which … Continue reading

“Heh.” Xia Liuzhu sneered and ridiculed.


Xia Liuzhu’s face changed slightly. Her ears moved, then she suddenly raised her head.

For a moment, she felt a cold wind blowing. Her instincts alarm went off, screaming desperately in her mind. Foreboding the coming of a terrifying danger.

Xia Liuzhu’s hair stood on end. Her muscles were tense, and her abilities were activated—

Then, she found that Luo Yesheng’s expression on the opposite side became very strange.


“It’s nothing.” Luo Yesheng quickly said. This feels too familiar— Dad is here!

So far, Luo Yesheng can be completely sure that there are three fathers in total. Based on his own guess, he ranked the three fathers in his heart.

A childish ghost.

A narcissistic ghost.

The remaining one… was placed by him as the ultimate boss, and he didn’t dare to make any mistakes.

Just based on this familiar eerie feeling just now, as if falling into the cold and gloomy abyss, it can only be that the ultimate boss has come.

If by any chance the ultimate boss sees Bian Bian having a good time with that boy and gives him the reincarnation ring too, what’s to be done?

Then, won’t he be a nanny for two kids?

“Bian Bian, it’s getting late. The uncles and aunts are going to eat. It’s time for us to go home too.” He took a few steps closer to Bian Bian.

After Ayun’s hands-on teaching, Bian Bian had already learned to use a slingshot. She was pulling the bow without knowing where to aim. Suddenly hearing Luo Yesheng’s words, her hand loosened and the “bullet” flew out.

The “bullet” flew out a meter away, and suddenly stopped in mid-air.

The magician, who has not been online for a long time greeted the bullet as soon as he went online: “…”


1 TN: little darling or baby
2 TN: 985 universities are top famous schools in China. The term originated from former president Jiang Zemin’s proposal on May 4, 1998 during the centennial celebration of Peking University, which states that China needs a world-class university, where “985 Project” was born. Thereon, the term “985 university” came into being.

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