The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 65.1

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 65.1

Based on the Empire Alliance’s time, half an hour ago, the magician got rid of the tail following behind him, changed his disguise mask, and even the mecha he drove changed its appearance in an instant; crossed a space node and then stuffed itself into the vast universe.

The universe is boundless with extreme darkness. It seems that there’s no way forward. It is unknown how long it will take to be lucky enough to come across a planet, unless you follow the route to other life galaxies.

But looking at the path the mecha was taking, it was obviously aimless, without following any route. It’s just floating in the universe, completely leaving the Empire Star.

“My lord, won’t we return to the Empire Star in the future?” The artificial intelligence appeared as a robot.

The magician was half lying in the driver’s seat. He had torn off his disguise mask, revealing a pale and bloodless face. His lips were as pale as his face. He squinted his eyes, and the cold light in the mecha cast half of his face into darkness and half into light. As if the man sitting in the driver’s seat is not a real person, but a cold machine.     

Hearing the AI’s words, the corners of his pale lips twitched lightly, “The famous weapon of the country is personally tracking me down, and he still has a good personal relationship with a Dragon. What, stay and go to prison?”

The AI was probably out of its mind as it said rather suspiciously, “My lord, what you mean is that, if General Xiu finds that Dragon Lord for help, and the two of them joined forces, there is no way for you to escape?”

“…” The magician turned his head sideways and stared at the robot with a gloomy expression.

The artificial intelligence seemed to perceive some kind of danger at this glance. It closed its mouth very decisively and took two steps back, intending to give the master what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over experience.

After a while, estimating that the master’s anger had dissipated, the artificial intelligence came up again. Between “possible destruction” and “responsibility”, it considerately chose the second option: “My Lord, your injury must be dealt with, otherwise there will be a risk of infection.”

The situation on the Empire’s border is good, and no criminals have crossed the border. Consequently, Xiu Yan has been staying in the remote command center of the Empire star during this period of time. When the magician sneaked into the earl’s house silently and kidnapped the old earl’s granddaughter, Little Bailey, late at night, the Emperor ordered Xiu Yan to catch the magician.

After that, it was unknown how Xiu Yan managed to do it, but he searched the magician’s coordinates several times. Both sides went back and forth. Xiu Yan kept biting at the magician but he couldn’t capture him by all means.

Only by really confronting the magician will you know how difficult it is to deal with this man who always wears a disguise mask with an unknown identity.

However, under the pressure of the country’s powerful weapon, even if the magician is skillful and at ease, he is not a man of steel, and injuries are inevitable. Naturally, he has no energy to go online and play any child raising game.

Xiu Yan has not been able to catch the magician. What should have been a cat-and-mouse game turned into a game of chess, which made him cherish the talent of the magician.

Thus, Xiu Yan thought of asking Nong Jiusi for help.

The magician is not an arrogant person, and of course he wouldn’t do things that are beyond his capabilities. He made a quick decision and set up his mecha, shook off the pursuers, and entered the vast universe.

As for whether to return in the Emperor Star in the future,

as long as he wants to, he can do it any time.


After pondering for a moment, the magician raised his hand and said, “Bring it here.”

The AI quickly brought the prepared medical supplies over.

The magicians don’t like medical cabins. Unless he is seriously injured and is unable to move, he will enter the medical cabin condescendingly. Otherwise, he will deal with his own injuries, and let the AI help in places that he couldn’t reach.

The poor artificial intelligence occasionally acts as a professional doctor.

He is injured in his abdomen by a lightsaber.

In the age of intelligence, the vulnerable human beings are improving their strength while also increasing their lifespan.

Weapons with high lethality are sometimes much stronger than the special abilities of non-human beings.

No matter how fast the Feather clan can fly, can they be faster than mechas?     

The Mermaid clan are the kings of the sea, but no matter how strong they are, how long can they resist the endless stream of sea weapons developed by humans?

This is why the four great nobles succumb to the human race.

Human creativity and ability to reproduce have stood at the top of the pyramid since ancient times. They look extremely fragile, but they are invincible.

The wounded area ran across the entire abdomen, and even the beating internal organs could be seen through the wound. But strangely, not a single drop of blood spilled out of the wound.

A normal person with such an injury would have collapsed long ago, but from the magician’s face, one couldn’t see anything strange at all. No matter whether he’s injured or not, his face is always unusually pale.

Skillfully stitched the large wound with needle and thread, and squeezed a tube of medicine to accelerate wound healing on the sutured wound. The huge wound was treated in just a few minutes.

The eyes of the AI robot move on the master’s wrist from time to time, not else, but for the red string on the master’s wrist, which reflects a different color in this cold mecha.

It seems that after the master finished playing a game one day, this red string suddenly appeared on his wrist. Moreover, there’s a wooden sign on it written with the word “Bian”.

After treating the wound, the magician got up and left the driver’s seat. He handed the authority to drive the mecha over to the artificial intelligence. He then went to his room to take a shower and changed into clean clothes.

It was unknown what he was thinking. After a while, the magician put on the “glasses” that had been shelved for a while and entered the game.

As soon as he went online, he was not in the living room that he thought, but in another place where his titular daughter enthusiastically sent him a stone “bullet”.


“Bian Bian, here, let’s go home.” Luo Yesheng, who saw the bullet freeze in mid-air, instantly understood where the ultimate boss appeared. Fortunately, the team’s attention was all on Luo Yesheng, and no one paid attention to where the “bullet” flew.

Except for Ayun.

He is the teacher who taught Bian Bian how to use the slingshot, so of course, he will pay close attention to the first bullet fired by his student. Then, he found that the bullet stopped mid-air, then after a few seconds, it continued moving forward. Finally, after losing its momentum, it gently landed on the ground.

The few seconds the bullet stagnated in mid-air seemed to be his illusion.

However, after losing his father, the half-grown teenager became very sensitive to everything around him. He was very sure that he was not mistaken.

Ayun pursed his lips, and lowered his head without saying anything.

Without being reminded, Bian Bian didn’t know that her father was here. However, listening to Luo Yesheng’s words, she obediently stood up, “Brother, I’m going back oh~”

Ayun: “……”

He failed to nod.

A sudden intuition prevented him from making the move.

Just as animals can perceive danger and run away in advance, the teenager suddenly felt that if he nodded his head, something bad might happen.

Luo Yesheng led Bian Bian home. After making sure that the people in the convoy were far enough that they couldn’t hear him, he said to the little girl who was walking while fiddling with the slingshot, “Bian Bian, boss is here.”

“Daddy?” Bian Bian’s attention immediately moved away from the slingshot. She turned her head in surprise, “Dad, where are you?”

The magician looked at the little girl and faintly raised the corner of his mouth, “I haven’t come for a long time, but you still remember me.”

Bian Bian’s reaction seemed to please the uncertain magician. For the first time, he raised the hand wearing the red string and pressed it lightly on top of Bian Bian’s head.

“Daddy.” Bian Bian’s eyes were curved into crescents, and even before the magician pulled away, she accurately pulled his finger.

No one saw the magician’s hand frozen in place.

From Luo Yesheng’s point of view, Bian Bian raised her hand to “grab” something. Luo Yesheng even wanted to reach out to see if someone was really standing there.

Fortunately, his longing for the future prevented him from doing this death-seeking behavior.

“Dad, your hands are so cold.” This is the first time that Bian Bian has held the magician’s hand. In the past, she used to hold Nong Jiusi’s hand. As for Xiu Jin— this unlucky guy doesn’t have any projection equipment. He could poke his darling daughter, at most. As for wanting to hold and hug his baby girl, it’s all impossible.

In addition, Bian Bian has vaguely felt that her dad seems to be different, but she can’t accurately tell what the difference is. Therefore, she can only guess which dad this is when dad appears, based on her relationship with that daddy.

However, sometimes, the little girl herself will get dizzy. So the little girl will not think about it subconsciously.

Anyway, for her, as long as daddy comes, she will be very happy.

It doesn’t matter which one it is, or what the difference is.

It was unknown if a child’s perception is better. Before, when Bian Bian held her dad’s hand, it would give her a warm and safe feeling, but now, holding her dad’s hand, she feels very cold.

It’s the kind of coolness that makes Bian Bian uncomfortable.

“Dad, is there something uncomfortable?” Bian Bian raised her little face. She couldn’t see her father, but through the fingers she was holding, she knew that he was right in front of her.

The magician’s eyebrows raised slightly. His eyes were relatively long and narrow at the end. At that moment, when his eyebrows were slightly raised, the corners of his eyes once again appeared longer. His deep pupils hide thousands of thoughts, which were more bladelessly cold.

However, at this moment, the frosty emotions in his eyes loosened for a moment. The little girl’s simple words caused the emotions in his eyes to overflow, as if breaking the ice. Then, he closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, all the emotions in his eyes froze once again.

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