The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 65.2

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 65.2

He exerted some strength to withdraw the two fingers that were being held. Bian Bian didn’t pay attention, and her body swayed under the force.

Fortunately, Luo Yesheng smartly took out a small notebook and a pen from his pocket at this time— both of which were prepared by him as tools for Dads to communicate at any time should they appear.

As a nanny, Luo Yesheng takes his job very seriously.

Because of this, Luo Yesheng also discovered a strange point.

If the words written by the Fathers on the blackboard or notebooks were not erased or torn off, the words on them will disappear on their own after a period of time, and won’t last long.

The magician took the small book and briefly wrote the two words “There’s none.”

Luo Yesheng didn’t need to translate these two words as Bian Bian recognized them. The little girl was relieved immediately, then she talked about what happened today.

The magician listened for a while and was actually induced to sleep by the little girl’s soft and childish voice. Enduring this sleepiness, when they returned home, his eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of the  various vegetables planted on the balcony.

He then looked at Luo Yesheng. It was not difficult to know that the scene on the balcony was Luo Yesheng’s hand.

He’s smart enough to know how to be self-sufficient and improve Bian Bian’s life.

Lu Yu initially had a pretty good eye for choosing people.

“My lord, I’m going to cook.” Luo Yesheng tactfully put his apron on and entered the kitchen.

Facing the ultimate boss, he sensibly allowed himself to have less contact.

“Dad, look, this is what I wrote, oh.” Bian Bian flipped out her exercise book, there were more than ten of them. On them were the characters she practiced every day.They were so neat and beautiful that it was so hard to believe that they were the words written by a five-year-old child.

In terms of learning, Bian Bian has already shown the potential of being a “Xueba”.[1]TN: An internet term that means “Learning God”. They are talented scholars whose IQ and talent  are the envy of people as they learn more easily even without much effort.

The magician was sitting on the sofa. The layout of the living room had changed slightly. The coffee table was not where it used to be as it was moved in a different direction. There’s now an extra set of desks next to it, so that Bian Bian can conveniently sit there and learn to write.

Bian Bian is sitting on the study chair. She eagerly showed her “homework” to her father, looking forward to her father’s comments.

The magician had no interest in checking the little girl’s homework. He leaned his head on the pillow, his spirit was rarely relaxed, and his expression gradually eased.

He looked at Bian Bian’s eyes coldly, he paused, and then looked at the exercise books that were stacked together. Finally, even though his eyebrows were tinged with disgust, he still casually picked one of them.

Attention! Zhu Yuan has an accident and is in danger. To rescue or not?

Considering that Bian Bian regarded Zhu Yuan as a family member, it is recommended that Dad proceed to rescue. After the rescue is successful, you can gain additional intimacy points with Bian Bian.

At this moment, the system finally couldn’t help itself, it didn’t want to say a word— the magician went online and it planned to turn itself into a mouthpiece of a hulusi[2]TN: A hulusi is a free reed instrument that is held vertically and has three bamboo pipes that pass through a calabash gourd wind chest; the center pipe has finger holes and the outer two are … Continue reading, it will not speak if it can.

How could it not say no?

It can actually cheat and quietly seek out Bian Bian and tell her about it. At that time, Bian Bian will surely ask her grandpa and Luo Yesheng to save Zhu Yuan.

But cheating is risky. Since the magician is online, comparing both sides, it’s obviously more appropriate to tell the magician.

Now it depends on whether the magician is willing to do so.

In order to strengthen its bargaining chips, it also added that there will be an increase in the intimacy points… He should agree, right? The system “thought” without hope.

Sure enough——

The magician directly ignored the two lines of bold red characters that appeared in front of him, and glanced lazily at the exercise book.

This exercise book is the first one that Bian Bian used to practice, also these were written when she first learned to recognise words. The first page is full of grandpa and the second is daddy.

Looking at the neat word “Daddy” all over the page, the magician’s gaze paused for a long time, but his expression remained the same. Then, he turned the page again, the third page was filled with the words “Uncle Zhu Yuan”.

This time, the expressionless magician finally frowned.

Soon after, he moved his gaze away and swept it towards the two lines of words in midair that were so stubborn that they refused to disappear.

The system saw the look on his face: there’s a play.

As a beginner writer, Bian Bian will subconsciously write down the people that she’s close to in the exercise book. Zhu Yuan is on the third page, which shows his importance in Bian Bian’s heart.

Bian Bian noticed that dad stopped moving when he turned to the third page. She quickly asked, “Daddy, did I spell it wrong?”

The magician closed the exercise book without answering her. He glanced at the intimacy points in the upper right corner, which showed: 330.

This intimacy point is quite high.

Because Bian Bian has vaguely sensed the difference between the fathers, the resulting intimacy points now only occasionally miscalculates, and runs to Xiu Jin. That is to say, the intimacy points of the magician and Nong Jiusi are no longer zero.

Xiu Jin buys food for Bian Bian with krypton gold in the market. It not only deducts star coins, but it also deducts intimacy points. As a result, Daddy Xiu’s intimacy points are in a perpetual cycle of harvesting and spending, and are still some distance away from the intimacy points of 500.

As for Nong Jiusi, the intimacy points he gained were secretly deducted by the system.

——Nong Jiusi uses force to forcibly stuff things over, which disrupts the system every time. Nong Jiusi does not use krypton gold in the market, but instead forcibly plugs things in this way. It can be regarded as another type of in-app purchase. Thus, it deducts the intimacy points and naturally achieves a balance between harvesting and spending.

Hence, Nong Jiusi’s intimacy points are not high.

The magician went online several times. Except for a small cartoon suspenders woven from mermaid’s silk, he didn’t make an in-app purchase in the shopping market, nor did he forcibly stuffed anything. So the system could not find a reason to deduct the accumulated intimacy points.

As a result, his intimacy points were the highest.

The magician didn’t know this, but the 330 intimacy points seemed to remind him of something. He slowly said, “How many intimacy points are needed to be able to communicate with her without barriers?”

The system answered honestly: 【500】

“How many intimacy points will be added if Zhu Yuan is saved?”

【The system will reward you with 50. Although it’s not much, but Bian Bian will increase the intimacy points for your act of saving Zhu Yuan, which is a big one.】

The magician: “Are you telling me that Zhu Yuan is very important in her heart? More important than me?”

System: “……”

Why did it not know that it had such a hint? ? ?


The system was so stimulated by this cold tone that it immediately responded: 【You are the father, while Zhu Yuan is just the uncle. Isn’t its obvious whose more important at a glance?】

There’s a crisp thudding sound from the kitchen. Luo Yesheng skillfully wields the kitchen knife to cut the potatoes into shreds. Bian Bian likes to eat stir-fried shredded potatoes. So nanny Luo will stir-fry every other day.

After soaking the shredded potatoes with similar thickness into a basin full of water, Luo Yesheng propped up his ears and found that the living room was unusually quiet.

Bian Bian’s voice could still be heard before.

After hesitating for a while, Luo Yesheng walked to the kitchen door, looked out, and was stunned.

Where was everyone?

Bian Bian as well as grandpa, who were supposed to be in the living room were gone.

“Bian Bian?” Luo Yesheng, who was holding a kitchen knife, tentatively said, “Grandpa?”

Only the quiet living room responded to him.

Although he didn’t know how Grandpa and Bian Bian had left silently as he didn’t hear a single sound at all, after thinking about it, he knew that this should be the work of the ultimate boss.

Realizing that there’s no big boss in the living room, Luo Yesheng’s tense muscles relaxed.

“Well at least say something before you leave.” Nanny Luo snorted softly, returned to the kitchen, and stuffed a few cherries into his mouth, “Alas… as soon as Daddy comes, uncle becomes grass.”


It is also a coincidence that the place where Zhu Yuan is in danger happens to be a scene that also exists in the system database— that is to say, this area is originally a scene “to be unlocked” in the game. Once unlocked, you can directly reach this area through switching scenes.

The magician unlocked this area on his own. When he switched scenes, there’s no Bian Bian and an old zombie around him— one old and one young were still in the living room.

The magician, who did not intend to save Zhu Yuan himself, went back to the living room. This time, he brought Bian Bian as well as the old zombie and held them with his hands. Of course, he was holding Bian Bian, while he “carried” grandpa.

This time, it succeeded.

This should be a space-warp technology. A game that uses this kind of technology…  there seems to be something more in the magician’s dark eyes.

System: “….”

If it had a human body, it would be able to physically experience what it means to feel cold all over the body.

After suddenly changing from the living room to another place, Bian Bian did not panic, but rather, she was more surprised. She looked around curiously and felt that this place was a bit familiar, as if she had been here before.

“Hoho! ! !” The old zombie let go of Bian Bian, sprinted for a few steps, and roared in the sky. The pressure of a fifth-level zombie spread overwhelmingly.

The sun is setting in the west, and the sky is dark. If one looked down from above, one could see some first- and second-level zombies and zombie beasts running out of the nooks and crannies in a panic. As if they are being chased by a ghost, however they are not that many.

If they have thoughts, they must be scolding the fifth-level zombie fiercely in their hearts:  Why run here instead of staying in its own nest? !

Bian Bian was just about to ask her grandpa what was wrong, only to look up and see a giant web appear in the middle of the two buildings in front of her. There’s a lump of stuff in the middle of the web. Its entire body was covered in spider thread. After hearing the voice of the fifth-level zombie, the lump began to struggle.

Immediately afterwards, the giant web shook, and a ferocious black spider quickly appeared from the bottom climbing upwards. Its speed was astonishingly fast, as it approached the lump in the blink of an eye.

Then, the big spider seemed to sense something. Its eight blood-redded eyes turned and looked straight to Bian Bian.


The magician who was still thinking about the game’s space technology suddenly looked down. In his sight, the little girl who could barely reach his thigh was fumbling to hide behind him.

Her small body trembled.

Those eight eyes frightened Bian Bian.


1 TN: An internet term that means “Learning God”. They are talented scholars whose IQ and talent  are the envy of people as they learn more easily even without much effort.
2 TN: A hulusi is a free reed instrument that is held vertically and has three bamboo pipes that pass through a calabash gourd wind chest; the center pipe has finger holes and the outer two are typically drone pipes. A Hulusi can have more than one drone pipe, on the other hand, the second outer pipe is merely ornamental, which should be the one referred to by the system in this instance. 300w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 423px) 100vw, 423px" /> 300w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 454px) 100vw, 454px" />

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