The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses Chapter 66

Translator: AmidstTheSeaOfFlurries

Chapter 66

When adults are frightened, most will subconsciously scream, or will be too scared to speak.

For instance, they’ll be unable to react, feel loss of voice, weak legs and the like.

But when a child is frightened, the reaction is much simpler— crying.

Yet Bian Bian not only did not cry, she even tried to keep her already big eyes wide open. Trying to glare back at those eight eyes, to compare who has bigger eyes than the other. However, the hideous monster had eight dark red eyes of varying sizes. They were even more terrifying in the evening, staring at her, with its frightening appearance  which made her instinctively afraid.

So that glare was not imposing at all.

Immediately afterwards, at the sight of Bian Bian’s tense, fearful, yet still wanting to fiercely glare back look, Eight Eyes abandoned the struggling food on the giant web; swayed its eight hairy steel-like legs, and rushed towards Bian Bian.

From the looks of it, it seems that Bian Bian has been included in the new food category. It couldn’t wait to come over and take this prey into its pocket.

The top of Bian Bian’s head was gently pressed down, delivering a bit of comfort.

“Daddy.” At that moment, Bian Bian, who was frightened by the monster, felt a sense of courage in her heart for no reason, and she wasn’t scared at all!

She looked down at herself, and quickly found the reason for her fear just now— because her best friend Gray Gray was not around.

The magician had switched scenes quickly, so Bian Bian didn’t have time to bring the little bear with her.

Looking at Eight Eyes rushing over, the man let out a soft chuckle, as if he was admiring this monster’s courage in courting death.

He glanced in the direction of the old zombie.

Grandpa, upon finding his precious baby frightened by the monster, looked for the right direction, and greeted it with fury.


Eight Eyes felt something, and stopped in its tracks. The elderly zombie’s pressure is there, as long as their level was below that of the old zombie, they should avoid him at this moment, instead of charging forward.

It’s clear that Eight Eyes is not afraid of the old zombie, and possibly even wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Perhaps because it’s big and courageous, it thought that it is possible to take two prey at once.

As a result, halfway through, he stopped charging forward and even turned around and ran away.

This area has become its territory. Between the large and small buildings in the city, there are white and sticky spider silks, which can’t be easily seen under the dim evening light. Once a prey accidentally bumps into the spider silk, it will be instantly entangled, struggling to escape. It will then feel one of the spider threads wrapped around its prey and it will leisurely come over to take it away.

The big spider with eight hairy legs is very fast. In addition, it is very familiar with this area. Unlike Zhu Yuan’s wind ability, which allows his body to “leap” over short distances, Grandpa can only chase the enemy through running. Hence, he lost sight of the big spider in a blink of an eye.

At the same time as the big spider disappeared, a transparent and durable spider silk hoisted up the prey on the giant web, followed by the other snow-white spider threads that wriggled as if they were alive, and began transporting the prey like a conveyor belt.

Obviously, the big spider did not forget to take its prey with it during its escape.

The prey, which was wrapped with spider thread that its eyes and nose couldn’t be seen, struggled more and more. From a distance, it looked like a white silkworm chrysalis.[1]TN:

“Follow it.”

It was unknown whether Grandpa heard the magician’s words, but in any case, he looked back at Bian Bian and immediately whirled around to follow the prey that was being transported by the spider silk conveyor belt.

“Grandpa!” Bian Bian mentally compared the size of the big spider to the big ant she saw last time. Comparing the two, the big ant can only be regarded as a small ant. Therefore, Eight eyes must be more powerful than the monster last time.

Seeing that grandpa continued to chase, worried about him, she rushed forward a few steps.

And then, she couldn’t see anything because of her height.

“Daddy, let’s go find Grandpa.” Bian Bian turned back, she still didn’t know why Dad brought her and Grandpa here. Anxious about Grandpa, her little face is filled with worry, “That big monster is so scary, what if Grandpa can’t beat it?”

Anyway, Zhu Yuan won’t die for a while, so the magician took out the small notebook and pen in Bian Bian’s bag, and wrote the word “Ok”.

After just writing it——

【+50 Intimacy points】

Magician: “…….”

Lowering his gaze, he stared at Bian Bian with some inexplicable meaning.

An inexplicable impulse led the magician to write another sentence. In order for Bian Bian to recognize it, he tried to write it as simply as possible: “Zhu Yuan is there, grandpa went to rescue.”

Of these words, the only one Bian Bian didn’t know is the word “rescue”. The magician is not as thoughtful as Lord Jiusi, who also marks the pinyin in writing. Yet, Bian Bian is able to guess the last word through the previous words— like fill-in-the-blank.

The clever little girl immediately pointed at the giant empty web and said, “Daddy, is the white worm moving on it just now Uncle Zhu Yuan?”

The corner of the magician’s mouth rose imperceptibly for his nominal daughter’s IQ.


Bian Bian: “Daddy, you knew that Uncle Zhu Yuan was caught by the big monster, so you brought me and grandpa here to save Uncle Zhu Yuan?”

The floating pen tapped on the word “Yes”.

As a result, the expected system prompt did not appear.

Magician: “……”

How did this little gadget’s brain develop?

Bian Bian doesn’t know where the big monster has gone, but she somehow believes that her daddy does. The magician did not put the small notebook and pen back in Bian Bian’s bag, since Bian Bian can determine her dad’s location and follow him based on the floating pen.

All those crisscrossing spider threads in mid-air dissolved as the magician passed by. They immediately turned into snow-white light dots, sprinkling down. Bian Bian, who was following behind, couldn’t help but reach out her hands curiously to catch those light dots.

These spider silk is covered with toxins. When a prey touches these spider silk, it will gradually lose its ability to resist. However, the magician did not stop Bian Bian in catching those “light dots”. Naturally, it was because the spider threads which he had dissolved posed no danger.

The light dots fell on the palm of her hand. Then, an ice-cold sensation followed, as if what was falling were fine snowflakes. Bian Bian is surrounded by these “Snowflake light dots”. This area, which was covered by spider silk, is unknowingly relieved of danger.

【+30 Intimacy points】

The magician stopped in his footsteps.

At this point, the total intimacy points between him and Bian Bian has reached 410.

If the system reward is added— 50 points will be rewarded after saving Zhu Yuan, by then he only needs to increase it by 40. After the intimacy points reach 500, he can communicate with Bian Bian without hindrance.

“I hope it’ll be soon.” The magician’s face showed obvious impatience.

Probably, the only reason that supports his decision to save Zhu Yuan instead of sleeping now, was to gather 500 intimacy points.

As he walked around, the magician calmly looked at the surrounding environment. Compared with the buildings on the Empire Star, the external material of this planet was so poor that people wouldn’t even want to leave a review.

At first glance, it is a barren planet, devoid of any value.

In such a barren planet, zombies and zombie beasts emerged, as well as humans with awakened abilities— since they really exist, it can be seen that this planet is eroded by dark matter which causes such results.

So, which galaxy in the vast universe is this planet that he is forced to get in contact with because of a game?

Looking at this area, there are only a few places where the big spider could hide. The old zombie followed along the direction of the spider-silk-wrapped-Zhu Yuan, easily finding its hiding place.

Before the apocalypse, this building was probably one of the landmarks in the city. There’s still a broken plaque attached at the entrance— XX Stadium.

Several large connected structures formed an enclosure, high on one side, and low on the other. In the middle is a huge stadium with seats that can accommodate tens of thousands of people.

Rather than a stadium, it was more like a sports field. Before the end of the world, this field was often used for various sports competitions and is divided into numerous areas. But now these separated areas have all been violently demolished, leaving an empty stadium covered with countless cobwebs.

Those cobwebs were densely packed with “cocoons” of different sizes which were not moving.

The big spider, which had grown bigger, is crawling back and forth leisurely, as if inspecting its prey. From time to time, it thrusts one of its feet into a “cocoon”, which then shrinks after a few breaths. Then, the spider silk melted into the spider web, expanding its coverage.

The spider web wriggled, and after a while, Zhu Yuan, who was completely covered with spider silk, was teleported into the base camp. It was visible to the naked eye that the arc of his struggle became smaller, as if he was losing strength.

The big spider stirred its two stout chelicerae[2]TN: under its head, and the cocoon, Zhu Yuan, was quickly transported to a few human-shaped cocoons, “sitting in a row” alongside them in a friendly manner, which was oddly cute.

After doing all this, the big spider quietly crouched in its base camp. Its eight dark red eyes calmly watched the only entrance. Judging from its movements, it seemed like it was waiting for rabbits.[3]TN: An idiom that came from a fable by Han Feizi entitled Five beetles, which means to wait idly for opportunities, or to trust chance rather than show initiative. It is also used to satirize the … Continue reading

Outside the stadium, the old zombie stood at the entrance, cautiously not entering. There was a lot of spider silk wrapped around his body, but these spider silk had become semi-metallic. No matter how terrifying its toxin was, it would not work for him.

The old zombie roared into the stadium. The ugly monster inside seemed to be deaf, not hearing his threats at all, and was not even afraid of his coercion. It was like a thousand-year-old turtle,[4]TN: The word “turtle” in Chinese also means a bastard, or a servant in a brothel, so it was actually quite funny in this context knowing the other meaning of the word. treating the stadium as its shell, and not coming out.

Did Eight Eyes escape back to the base camp, or did it deliberately lure the enemy?

This thought flashed vaguely through the little self-consciousness that the old zombie had recovered.

“Fleeing back” and “luring back” is a one word difference, but the meanings vastly differ.

Moreover, the stadium in front of him gave the old zombie a strange sense of danger, which made the zombie very puzzled— he knew that in this city, in terms of rank, he was the highest.

In other words, if he wanted to, he could be the king of this city.

There was no mistake that the level of the big spider is not as high as him, but it is precisely because of this that the danger posed by the stadium makes the old zombie instinctively stop.

The light in the sky faded very quickly. It was still “bright” a few breaths ago. At this time, it was already shrouded in darkness, which meant that the entire city would usher in extreme darkness.

“Grandpa!” In the gradually enveloping darkness, just when the old zombie decided to enter the stadium, a familiar voice echoed in his head.

The old zombie turned back abruptly. The little girl in the distance, surrounded by the dissolved spider silk light dots, just like a warm little fairy in the dark night, stumbled towards him.

It can’t be helped, Bian Bian ran and jumped following her dad throughout the journey. Thus, her two little short legs were tired from running. Seeing grandpa, she very excitedly speeded up.

Tired of running or something, all became clouds.

Those dissolved spider silks, which had turned into specks of light and floated around Bian Bian, became the most convenient “light source”.

The big spider lurking in the stadium probably doesn’t know what it has “lured back”.


1 TN:
2 TN:
3 TN: An idiom that came from a fable by Han Feizi entitled Five beetles, which means to wait idly for opportunities, or to trust chance rather than show initiative. It is also used to satirize the fluke mentality of delusional gain for nothing; and is generally used as an object or attribute in a sentence with a derogatory meaning.
4 TN: The word “turtle” in Chinese also means a bastard, or a servant in a brothel, so it was actually quite funny in this context knowing the other meaning of the word.

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