The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 20

Chapter 20 : In Pursuit of The Wolf Witch Part 10


“Maybe the sound is too faint for us to hear. Only my big brother, who’s stuck in the form of a dog, can hear it.”

“I see.”

“Melodia-san, may I disassemble this book?”

“Yes, of course.”

I answered almost immediately and Gilbert-sama stared at me in disbelief.

“Umm… I can still read the diary even without the cover anyway.”

“I see. Well then…”

Gilbert-sama tapped the cover of the diary with the handle of his knife. We could hear the tap tap sound as the handle hit the cover but there was one spot where the sound looked a little bit different from the rest. 

“Looks like there’s something in the cover of this book.”

“Ah, Melodia-san. Is it really alright for me to disassemble it?”

“Yes. Please do so.”

With a pounding heart, I watched attentively as Gilbert-sama disassembled the cover of the book. Gilbert-sama took out a slim knife and then he inserted the knife in between the book and the cover. The ripping sound of paper could be heard as the cover was peeled from the book. It didn’t take long for Gilbert-sama to finish completely peeled the cover off. 

There was nothing on the cover. 

“Gilbert, the book.”


It seemed Dietrich-sama and Gilbert-sama had discovered something. 

“Melodia, on the back of the book, there was some sort of ink on it.”

There was a slightly dented part on the back of the book. There was a long and narrow glass tube with a silvery-white ink in it. 

“Just what in the world is this?”

“There’s some sort of writing on the book.”

“An ancient letter.”

Ancient letters were letters used for magic but it wasn’t used in nowadays magic anymore. 

“Melodia, can you read them?”

“Yes. Umm…. Dissolve this liquid with water and submerge the magic circle into it. If you do that, the light magic will be complete…. So it said.”

 “The magic will be complete?”

“Do you know what’s the purpose of the magic circle mentioned here?”

A magic circle was something like an incantation you needed to use to deploy large-scale magic. You made a circle and drew the spell within the circle. However, if you didn’t draw the spell correctly, the magic wouldn’t come to fruition. 

“In the first place, what is ‘light magic’?”

Light magic… It’s like there’s something stuck on the tip of my tongue.

I folded my hands together, trying to think. 

“Melodia, is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s just… I feel like I’ve heard about light magic somewhere before.”

“Is it not the same as the magic Melodia had used before in the cave?”

“Yes, those two are different. The one I used before is just an ordinary flash magic that’s utilized to blind the monster. You can’t use flash magic in your daily life.”

It was mainly used for a fight in a dimly lit place. The flash magic was very effective against a monster that you encountered at night. 

“It’s not that but I feel like I’ve heard about it somewhere…. Ah!”

“Did you remember something?!”

“Yes! There was this fairytale that my parents used to tell me. It was the story about a white wolf that could use light magic. That white wolf used light magic to defeat the evil witch!”

“That’s it!!!”

Dietrich-sama’s tail was wagging excitedly from side to side, he was ecstatic. 

“You’re amazing, Melodia! What a great memory you have!”

“So you mean with this light magic, we, the Fenrir family, can defeat the Wolf Witch?”

“That’s right!”

These two brothers clasped their hands together, looking very happy. Although from an outsider’s perspective, this scene looked like a dog playing with his owner. Looking at this scene before me really brought a smile to my face. 

However, although I didn’t want to ruin this joyous occasion, there was something I needed to mention. 

“Umm… We still don’t know where the picture of the magic circle is. Don’t you think it’s a little bit too fast to celebrate?”

Dietrich-sama and Gilbert-sama then immediately ceased from moving. Their shoulders were slumped down. 

“Ah… No, I’m sorry.”

“No, Melodia is right. This is not the time to get carried away.”

“That’s right. We need to hurry and find out where the magic circle is.”

“I wonder if there’s any hint in the diary of the former head of the family… In your father’s diary or something?”

My parents and the former head of the Fenrir family knew each other. So he must’ve known something about light magic. 

“We’ve gone through all of my father’s belongings though.”

“Big brother, how about if we go through them one more time?”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

This time, we went to the basement of the Fenrir family. We went to the room where they stored the belongings of the previous head of the family in order to find any clues about the magic circle. 


The storage room for the previous head’s belongings was even bigger than my bedroom-slash-living room. Here, the belongings were stored in a wooden box. The boxes were piling up like a mountain. 

“This is… Going through all of these is going to be tough.”

“We have no other choice but to do it. Let’s go look through them one by one. If you found anything that might be related to ancient letter or books about Lou Garou, put them all in the wooden box I’ve placed in the middle of the room.”


“I’ll do my best!”

We split up and began to examine the belongings left by the previous head of the family. Apparently the Fenrir family would keep every belongings of their deceased one for a while and then they’d donate them to the orphanages or other institutions. The first box I looked at had the ‘items to be donated’ label inscribed on the lid of the box. 

Inside, there were leather gloves lined with cashmere, socks that still looked brand new, handkerchief made from linen and pajamas made from silk. This box was stuffed with things that would definitely make the one they donated happy but I didn’t see any sign of hidden light magic or magic circle. 

The second box was labeled ‘stationery stuff’. Here, there were various things that looked brand new. Like a fountain pen with handles made from coral, quill pen made from white eagle feather and notebooks. 

“Melodia, how is it?”

“I didn’t find anything.”

“I see.”

Dietrich-sama had been looking through the items with the help of a servant but he also couldn’t find anything suspicious. 

“Let’s keep on giving it our all.”

“Yeah, let’s.”

I put my hand on top of the third box’s lid. 


I was about to open the box but this box was nailed shut. 

“Umm… Can I open this box?”

“What’s wrong?”

“This box is nailed shut.”

Dietrich-sama came over to me and then he said.  

“Yeah, sure.”

I used a nail puller to open the box. In that box, there was a bunch of clothes being covered in big cloth. From a horse-riding jacket,a spring coat, a three-piece suit and other articles of clothing. This box was labeled ‘do not take out’. 

“These clothes are not up for donation, right?”

“Yeah. All of these clothes have the Fenrir family’s crest on them. That’s why we can’t let other people take them out.”

When I turned the collar up, I saw there was a lining with the Fenrir family’s crest embroidered on it. A face profile of a white wolf. In order to prevent anyone from misusing the clothing with their family crest on it, the family deliberately nailed this box shut and prohibited anyone from opening the box. 

“Dietrich-sama, why is the family’s crest sewn on like this?”

“You see, I’ve told you about how the Fenrir family had been fighting against the Wolf Witch for years, right? Those who died in battle almost never returned home in one piece. So they started making clothes with distinctful embroidery to identify each individual. In this way, we could immediately know who had died.”


“On my father’s clothes, can you see the initials of his name under the family crest?”

“Umm… Where is it?”

“Right here.”

“Ah, yes.”

I folded the clothes back and wrapped them with the big cloth neatly when I noticed something. 

“Huh? This is….”

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