The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 21

Chapter 21 : In Pursuit of The Wolf Witch Part 11


I recognized the pattern of that embroidery. I immediately took out all of the clothes and laid out the big cloth. 


“Melodia, what’s wrong?”

“The embroidery on this cloth! It has the same pattern as the embroidery on the tablecloth in my mother’s belongings!”

Dietrich-sama and Gilbert-sama hurried to my side and looked at the cloth. 

“What a mysterious pattern.”

“It doesn’t look like an ancient letter either.”

However, although it did look somehow like an ancient letter, it certainly wasn’t an ancient letter.

“What is it I wonder? How strange… The pattern on my mother’s tablecloth has the same pattern but somehow they feel like unfinished artwork…”

As I unfolded the cloth, I realized this cloth was about the same size as my mother’s tablecloth. 

“Unfinished artwork and they both are the same size…”

Dietrich-sama suddenly gasped and then shouted. 

“Maybe if you join these two cloths together, they will form a complete magic circle?! Now that I look at it, the pattern here, it looks like an embroidery of a semicircle!”


“As expected from my big brother!”

I hurried back to my private room and took out the tablecloth from the box. The size of these two cloths were exactly the same. We lined the two cloths together and they formed a beautiful circular pattern.

“How is it, Melodia?”

“It does look like a magic circle.”

“What do you mean ‘look like’?”

“The letters on the embroidery… They’re not ancient letters.”

“I see….”

But our disappointment was short-lived. Gilbert-sama then took out the glass tube from my father’s diary. 

“Ah, umm… Maybe if we dissolve this liquid in water and soak the cloths in it, the magic circle will be complete?”

Which reminded me, the ancient letter was engraved in the place where we found the glass tube. 

 ──Dissolve this liquid with water and submerge the magic circle into it. If you do that, the light magic will be complete.

My voice and Dietrich-sama’s voice overlapped together upon our realization.


We immediately gave it a try. We filled a bucket with water and poured the liquid in the glass tube into the bucket. We stirred the water with a magic-resistant stick and then, we saw a glowing magic circle floating on the water’s surface. 

We soaked the cloths in the water but we were careful enough not to let our hands touch the water. The magic circle that had been floating on the water’s surface glowed even brighter and after about 10 seconds, the light subsided. 

When I stared at the cloths, the threads had melted away and in replacement of that, there were ancient letters floating.

“Hm. I knew it, this is the right method.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“So this is the light magic that will defeat the enemy of the Fenrir family, the Wolf Witch!”

We used the stick to remove the cloths from the bucket and then we used the dryer belonging to the Fenrir family to dry the cloths. We then continued to air the cloths in front of the fireplace. 

“Melodia, what do you think? Do you think this magic circle is usable?”

“Umm… It’s pretty high level magic. It uses several magic formulas that are already prohibited to use nowadays.”

Although I couldn’t really know until we actually used it, the magic circle on the cloths was finally complete. Once we cast the spell, the magic would be revealed. 

“But still, it’s strange. Why is the magic circle being kept half by the Fenrir and half by the Nonoire?”

“Maybe the Nonoire family was the one that asked the Fenrir family to keep half of it.”

“But then why didn’t father use this light magic to defeat the Wolf Witch?”

Gilbert-sama quipped in, interrupting our conversation. More and more mysteries kept on piling up.

“For the time being, we’ve already uncovered the crucial mystery. With this, we will have an advantage in our fight against the Wolf Witch.”

“That’s right.”

For now, we should be happy we already acquired the light magic. With that being said, we praised each other for our efforts. 

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