The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 26

Chapter 26: In Order to Fight the Wolf Witch Part 5


The leaves that had turned red, became fallen leaves.  Snow was starting to fall on the ground here and there. Three months had passed since I joined Fenrir Knight Squad. Crow had been flirting around with his girlfriend everyday. I really envied this carefree guy. 

Though on the other hand, I was also living an unexpectedly peaceful life. Because, although there were different kinds of missions, hardly any of the missions had any relation with the Wolf Witch. 

The kidnapping from three days ago was planned by a relative. The victim was locked in a hidden room. The silverwares thief from a week ago was actually their beloved dog and the silverwares was later discovered hidden in their house. 

The First Cavalry Unit was dispatched to solve missions that ordinary knights couldn’t. Every mysterious case was deemed as a case related to the Wolf Witch until proven otherwise. It was truly amazing that both Dietrich-sama and Gilbert-sama went here and there to solve each and every mission. 

Our days continued on without any major incidents but then, a messenger came to Fenrir’s residence. A mission for the Fenrir Knight Squad has arrived. This time, all of the jewelry in a jewelry shop had been completely stolen. The jewelry just suddenly disappeared in front of the owner’s eyes. It was decided that the culprit must be the Wolf Witch.

The owner, a woman in her 40s, was so shocked that she had dislocated her back. Right now, she was recuperating in her home. We headed to the store to inspect the site. It seemed a female staff would be explaining the situations for us on the behalf of the injured owner. 

“Oh my, Doggie-chan, are you going to investigate the place too?”


“Oh my, even though you only woofed, you have a good voice.”

Dietrich-sama… Please, do not ‘woof’ with such a serious expression on your face. 

I almost burst out laughing but we were pretending to have him act like a normal dog in front of other people, I should keep my mouth shut. Ever since I got transferred into Fenrir Knight Squad, I had developed the skill to suppress my laugh by putting strength into my abdominal muscles. 

“Fufu~ What a smart Doggie-chan! You can even reply to me!”

Dietrich-sama threw a fleeting glance at me. Was he trying to ask me to praise him? However, whether this stuff deserved to be praised or not, it still remained a mystery to me. 

We examined further inside the store. It was my first time entering a store in this caliber so my heart was thumping wildly out of nervousness. 

The interior of the store looked so refined. Wall made from mahogany wood adorned with chic wallpaper and glass cases without any hint of dirt. However, there wasn’t any single jewelry in this store even though this was a jewelry store. Everything had been stolen by the Wolf Witch. 

Gilbert-sama then started to throw questions at the female staff. 

“Umm… Did they only steal the goods that were displayed here?”

“Yes. The top quality diamond necklace that we keep in the safe-deposit box is safe.”

“I see. How strange…”


We then asked the female staff to leave us alone while the three of us conducted further investigation in the store. Gilbert-sama took out a vial of liquid and a stick with cotton padding on its end. He soaked the cotton in the liquid and then he began to tap the glass case with it. Not long after that, a black letter started to appear on the glass case. 

“What is that?”

“These are the marks from the Wolf Witch’s magic. With this, we can find out whether this place has the trace of the Wolf Witch’s magic or not.”

“Ooh.. I didn’t know there’s something like that.”

It seemed it was a special item that the Fenrir family made during their thousand years war against the Wolf Witch. The black ink would only appear when it came in contact with the Wolf Witch’s magic. 

“It seems the Wolf Witch is definitely the one behind this case.”

Most of the mysterious incidents in this world were related to the Wolf Witch but in between all those cases, there were some copycat criminals too. 

“There are some people who purposely planned for the Wolf Witch to be blamed for everything so the case could remain unsolved.”

“My goodness…”

“These kinds of people are a great nuisance to our family.”

“Of course.”

But this time, the Wolf Witch was definitely the culprit. 

“The Wolf Witch definitely came to this store.”

“It’s hard to make magic appear when you’re staying in the middle of nowhere so I’m sure she must’ve come to this store and cast her magic herself.”

Most probably, she had stolen the jewelry the day before and cast illusionary magic to make it as if the jewelry were still there. After the time was right, she then lifted her illusionary magic off. 

“With that scenario, it’d result in a mysterious case where the jewelry suddenly got stolen.”

“I see.”

The Wolf Witch’s magic trace continued on from the glass case to the door. 

“Gilbert, Melodia, we’re going to run after the magic trace now.”


“Yes, Sir.”

Before we left the store, Gilbert-sama put a collar on Dietrich-sama’s neck and connected the collar to a leash. We had to do this because there was a royal decree that required dogs to be leashed when walking in the city. Dietrich-sama’s face profile looked crisp and valorous as he obediently followed the royal decree. 

“Well then, let’s get moving.”



We dashed out from the jewelry store and ran after the Wolf Witch’s magic trace. Or so I thought. I thought we were going to run but it turned out we were walking slowly.

“Umm… Gilbert-sama, aren’t we in a hurry?”

“We will look conspicuous if we run in the middle of the city.”

“Well, you’re right.”

He looked graceful, as if he was taking his dog for a walk. I also held my staff, which looked like a parasol in disguise, in a way that looked like I was enjoying a walk in the city. 

The black spot that indicated the Wolf Witch’s magic continued until we passed through the nobleman’s shopping district, out to the central district and went on until we gradually entered a less crowded area. 

We finally arrived at a bar in a low-lying part of the city. There wasn’t any sign in any of the visible places. It gave off the impression of a hidden store that was only frequented by the regulars. It looked like they didn’t use the first floor for business. It was completely dark inside. 

“Somehow, this place looks a little creepy.”


“But, we have to continue forward.”

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