The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 27

Chapter 27: In Order to Fight the Wolf Witch Part 6


Dietrich-sama put his forefeet on the doorknob and dexterously opened the door. The door opened with a creak and… The sound of something heavy. As soon as we entered the place, we saw a staircase leading to the basement. It was completely dark here too. It felt damp here and it smelled of mold. I took out a magic lamp and turned it out. The place looked a little brighter now. 

“This place looks very old.”

“You can really feel that this place has been here for years.”

“Big brother, Melodia-san, please watch your feet.”

We went down the stairs and saw a door on the end of the stairs. Dietrich-sama was twitching as he tried to listen to what was going on the other side of the door. 

“Big brother, how is it?”

“I can somehow hear the sound of an old woman and the sound of spell incantation.”

“How many people do you think are there?”

“About seven or eight people.”

Is it a cultish group? How creepy. 

“Are you guys ready? I’m going to come in.”

“Ready when you are.”

“Me too.”

“Well then-”

Gilbert-sama twisted the doorknob open but the door didn’t open, it looked like the door was locked. Gilbert-sama clicked his tongue and at the same time, he kicked the door with all of his might. The door then opened easily. Or rather, the door was broken.

The place was dimly lit. There were several small round tables with small lit candles on top of it. The room was very dusty, as if no one had cleaned it for a very long time. The ceilings were covered with cobwebs. 

Just like what Dietrich-sama had said, there were 7 people inside. They were clad in black cloaks and they were holding a lock stick on their hand that looked like a staff. These people were surprised and alarmed as they saw us suddenly appear. 

In the center of these 7 people, there was a woman with a deep hood covering her head. Her back was bent, this must be the old woman. She must be the one who was chanting the incantation.

There was a magic circle painted on the floor along with gemstones, necklaces, earrings and rings. Gemstones that had been transformed into magic stones contained a lot of magic power. Because of that, they were often used as a medium for magic. 

“Just as I thought.”

“Oi! You guys! What are you guys trying to do here?!”

First, I needed to break the illusion. I tapped the ground with my parasol-shaped staff and began to chant. 

“-Illusion, clear the false image away, reveal the truth!”

Like a mirage, the scene before us was shaking and distorted. The Wolf Witch’s magic was so powerful that I couldn’t break the illusion. I tapped the ground several times with my staff, increasing the amount of magic in order to break the Wolf Witch’s illusion. Then, the figure of those people standing around the old woman became distorted before they suddenly vanished. Not long after that, the figure of a person was replaced by the figure of a wolf. 

“Here they come!”

The illusion had been broken, revealing their wolf figure. The wolves then rushed out to attack us. One of the wolves leaped up toward me, baring his fangs but Dietrich-sama was quick to protect me. Dietrich-sama rammed at the incoming wolf and mercilessly bit the wolf’s neck. 

Gilbert-sama also drew his sword out, slashing the incoming wolf one after another. It didn’t take long before all the remaining 6 wolves were defeated. The only thing remaining was breaking the old woman’s illusion. 

We needed to make sure the one before us was the Wolf Witch. There was a possibility an innocent citizen got dragged into this mess and the Wolf Witch was using her illusion to deceive us. 

After the wolves that served as her pawns were gone, the old woman drew a knife in a speed that was unthinkable for an old woman and rushed toward us while snarling just like a wolf.

There was something dripping from the tip of that knife. 


“Melodia, what’s wrong?”

“Something is dripping from the knife.”

“Probably poison. Gilbert, the knife is lathered with poison! Be careful!”


Even if we fought her, we could only defend ourselves. We needed to break the illusion first. This time, I tried a different method. I sprinkled the floor with holy water before I started chanting again. 

“Holy mist, reveal the truth-!”

A thick mist was drifting in the room. Almost immediately the figure of that old woman became distorted before the reality of her figure was revealed. A young girl with wolf ears. She was undoubtedly the Wolf Witch. But my relief was short-lived. I was soon taken aback by the sound of Dietrich-sama’s scream. 

“Melodia, behind you!!”

I must’ve been distracted for a moment. I didn’t realize there was something approaching me from behind at all. 


The Wolf Witch had summoned a new wolf as her pawn. Unlike the black wolf I had seen before, this wolf was gray and it was one size bigger than the black wolf. 

A chill ran down my spine.

The wolf opened his big mouth, ready to bite me. My body was frozen stiff, I couldn’t move. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth, preparing myself for the incoming assault. 

But… The pain didn’t come. I wonder why? 

I slowly opened my eyes and I was instantly greeted by the sight of Dietrich-sama’s figure. 

“Melodia, are you hurt anywhere?”


“I’m glad.”

After he said that, Dietrich-sama shook his body. The wolf had bitten Dietrich-sama’s neck instead. 


“This impudent guy!”

He shook his body once again and the wolf finally let him go. Then drip by drip, blood started to overflow from Dietrich-sama’s neck. The wolf lowered his posture, ready to pounce on Dietrich-sama again. Of course I wouldn’t let him do as he pleased. I threw the magic lamp I had brought at the wolf. 


The damage from being hit by the magic lamp was insignificant but the wolf flinched from the light emitted by the magic stone. Dietrich-sama took that opening and head-butted the wolf. After that, Gilbert-sama swung his sword at the faltered wolf. 

“This guy!!”

Gilbert-sama thrusted his sword deep into the wolf. 


The wolf was dead and at the same time, the Wolf Witch was nowhere to be seen. 

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