The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 39

Chapter 39 : Extra 1 : Tonight Melodia is Taking a Look at Dietrich’s Bedroom


A few days ago, I officially became engaged to Dietrich-sama but to my surprise, my life remained the same. We planned to hold the marriage a year from now and in the meanwhile, I was spending my time studying the bare minimum of the noble’s courtesy and mannership. 

Dietrich-sama said.

“You don’t need to remember things like that!”

But imagining people would say things like…

“They’re taking a girl without any manners as their wife….”

I didn’t want people to badmouth Dietrich-sama because of me. 

Although Dietrich-sama didn’t actively participate in any social gathering, it’d be difficult to spend the rest of our lives without interacting with any other people. That was why I decided to learn more about the noble. It was for my own best interest to learn how to conduct myself and to learn more about the noble. 

If Dietrich-sama were to fall out of love with me, I could still work as a maid in a nobleman’s house so these lessons could serve as a good backup plan too. 

The customs and mannership in the noble society was more than I had imagined. Women were not allowed to show their ankle or to take their hat off when participating in a short tea party. One of the rules also stated that a man and a woman should never meet with just the two of them if they weren’t married yet. Even if they were already betrothed to each other, it was still not allowed. 

Because that kind of rule had been drilled into my mind, I refused Dietrich-sama’s wish to meet during the night. 

“Melodia! Why won’t you spend time together with me at night?!”

“A man and woman should never meet privately with just the two of them before they are married.”

“Wh-Who! Who taught Melodia that kind of thing?”

“Me. Myself. I’m the one who wants to learn.”


Dietrich-sama’s knees lost their strength and he fell onto the ground right here and there.

Is it really that shocking?

For a moment, I felt sorry for him but I knew if I showed my sympathy to him now, I’d be losing. Hence why I reminded myself to be strong. 

“I mean, I’m going to become a wolf at night anyway. I can’t talk so is there any point in staying together at night?”

“There is! No matter what form Melodia takes, I’m already so happy, so happy that I want to immediately start dancing!”

“In that respect, what’s going to happen to Dietrich-sama if I’m not there?”

“I will be left nothing but to dance in sorrow.”

No matter what the outcome, he will still want to dance. Still, I’m not going to dig into that even further. 

“Please restrain yourself from spending the time alone with me at night until we get married.”

“I understand. Tonight, I’ll be dancing in sorrow….”

Slowly, I became more and more curious about Dietrich-sama’s dance. Since he had a beautiful face, surely the sight of him dancing would be picturesque. 


The night came and as usual, I became a wolf. In this form, I couldn’t even speak or even hold a pen. 

Let’s just get to sleep quickly.

With that thought in mind, I jumped into my soft bed. I closed my eyes but the words Dietrich-sama had said during the day came to my mind instead. 

 ――Tonight, I’ll be dancing in sorrow…


I became so curious that I wasn’t able to fall asleep.

Just what kind of dance is that? Is he going to dance slowly or maybe furiously? I mean, he might be just joking around but there’s also the possibility of him dancing for real. 

I still found it hard to tell whether Dietrich-sama was joking or being serious. 

I couldn’t sleep so I jumped up from the bed. Dietrich-sama’s room was next to mine so if I walked along the balcony, I’d be able to see what was happening through the window. 

I immediately put my plan into action. 

I went through the window that led to the balcony. The balcony that led to the next door’s balcony was about one meter away from me. I easily jumped to it. My soft paw served as a cushion that made my footsteps soundless. 

Today was a hot day so the door was slightly opened. I opened it more for a little bit and peeked into the room.

Dietrich-sama is… there! Gilbert-sama is also here. Just what are they doing together? 

I looked even deeper into the state of the room. 

Dietrich-sama suddenly began to move. He moved both his legs and arms, starting dance steps. He spun around with a sorrowful expression on his face. 

………. Uwah… He’s really dancing for real. 

Gilbert-sama sat on a chair and stared at Dietrich-sama dancing. Gilbert-sama looked extremely sad. His gaze… It wasn’t the gaze of someone pitying a poor creature. From the expression on Gilbert-sama’s face, it was clear to see he was truly sympathizing with Dietrich-sama from the bottom of his heart. 

As expected from a person who loved his brother. No matter what he did, Gilbert-sama never did anything half-heartedly.

Coincidentally, I also felt full-heartedly surprised at this situation.

…..Let’s go back.

I turned on my heels but then… My nails clicked on the floor, causing an audible noise. 


Gilbert-sama quickly shouted. He opened the window and looked at the surroundings while drawing out his sword.


The moment he realized it was me, he had an expression that said he really wanted to run away from his spot. 

“Gilbert, who is it?”

I shook my head fervently, asking Gilbert-sama to not tell Dietrich-sama. I brought my forepaws together, begging him.

Please, please I beg you!

“Ah, no. I’m sorry. It was just a cat.”

“I see, a cat. This must be fate too. Let’s invite the cat in.”

“Ah… The cat already ran away.”

“I see…. Even a cat is running away….”

“Big brother, I will stay here with you.”

“Gilbert, thank you.”

Gilbert-sama was facing Dietrich-sama and he gestured with his hand, urging me to return quickly. Needless to say, I was also grateful for Gilbert-sama.

So in conclusion, Dietrich-sama was truly a man of his words. It was something I didn’t need to know but… He really went and did it.

And so tonight, I went to sleep while fully knowing Dietrich-sama was dancing his dance of sorrow. 


T/N: Melodia be like 

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