The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 40

Chapter 40 : Extra 2 : Dietrich Dragging Out The Remnant of His Magnificent Dog Period


Although the curse from the Wolf Witch had been broken, Dietrich-sama was still dragging out the remnant of his dog period. To be precise, he still retained the same conduct as when he was still a dog. 

And he mainly did it when he was in front of me……

“Melodia, I’m home!!”

Dietrich-sama ran up to me at full speed, tightly picked me up in his arms and began to spin me around. If that was all he did, it would have been fine but then at the end, he licked my cheek. 

 And Dietrich-sama himself, he was also feeling very concerned about it. 

“Uwahhh! I’ve licked Melodia again! What a very sweet taste! No, I mean, I’m sorry, Melodia!~”

Although he said some strange things in the middle of it, he always looked like he truly regretted his actions every time he did it so I forgave him. Dietrich-sama had spent more time of his life living as a dog so of course it’d be hard for him to suddenly adapt to a life as a human being. 

There were other things too. He had a strange reaction to the word ‘walk’, running after me with all of his might, suddenly sat next to me then started rubbing his body against me and gave me his hand when I held my hand out to him. 

I was also dragged along with Dietrich-sama’s behavior. 

When he asked me,”Are you going for a walk?!” with such an ecstatic expression on his face, I’d nod my head.

When he chased after me and caught up to me, I’d pat his head while saying,”There, there.”

When he gave me his hand I’d say,”You’re such a good boy.”

But still, when I found myself staring at a collar in a pet store’s display window, I quickly slapped myself back to reality. I said out loud,”Pull yourself together! Dietrich-sama doesn’t need things like that!”

However… After hearing that, Dietrich-sama looked dejected. For a moment, I thought of buying him but I quickly regained my senses back again.

No, wait, wait.

If he were to wear a collar while in his human form, everyone would definitely judge him as a pervert. Not to mention, that also meant I’d be his master. 

Two perverts staying together, how fitting.

Still, there were some cute sides to him.

At night, when Dietrich-sama was fast asleep, he’d curl up his big body. I, who was in my wolf form, couldn’t contain my excitement at the sight of his cuteness. I ended up rolling on the floor because of how cute Dietrich-sama was. 

Then, there was his tendency to tilt his head to the side. I was sure this must be one of the remnants of his dog period. An adult man rarely tilted their head but maybe that was why when Dietrich-sama did it, it looked so adorable. I could even hear the ‘kyun’ sound effect. To be honest I never wanted to point out this specific behavior of his but it’d be dangerous if he were to do it at someone else’s house so I did warn him to be more careful. 

After that, Dietrich-sama, who was fully aware that I was very enamored with his head tilting gesture, started to specifically target me. 

How cunning!

I thought to myself but at the same time I also thought…

Every time he does it, he looks so adorable!

He mainly only did it while he was in front of me so it was possible he had already been targeting me this entire time. But still, everytime he did that, I couldn’t help but to think that Dietrich-sama was a very adorable man.


T/N: So in conclusion…. 

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