The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 41

Chapter 41 : Extra 3 : Maid Ruri’s Observation Diary of the Duke and Duchess


O Month X Day

It seemed Dietrich-sama had invited Melodia-sama for a night stroll but Melodia-sama coldly refused him.

“Let’s go for a walk when the night comes.”

“It’s going to be too cold so, no.”

However, when the night came, Melodia-sama, who had turned into her wolf form, held a leash in her mouth and went to Dietrich-sama. Although she couldn’t speak in her wolf form, the sparkling eyes and the way Melodia-sama looked up at Dietrich-sama, it was clear for everyone to see what her intention was. 

“Come on! Let’s go for a walk! Hurry up!”

Melodia-sama seemed to have a different personality when she was in her wolf form. When it was time for a walk, Melodia-sama would be spinning around Dietrich-sama while wagging her tail excitedly. Dietrich-sama then smiled at Melodia-sama.

“Okay Melodia, let’s go for a walk!”

And off they went. 

How should I say it… The two of them were really a harmonious couple. Although the curse had been lifted, Dietrich-sama still retained the same simple-mindedness even though he had become a human now. And now that Dietrich-sama was back into his human form, he still loved Melodia-sama so deeply even when Melodia-sama turned into her wolf form. 

Seeing the two of them really healed the hearts of all the employees. 

O Month Y Day

The morning came and although Melodia-sama was still half-asleep, she realized she had made a terrible mistake. 

Dietrich-sama, who was sleeping next to her, had been using her lap as a pillow and Melodia-sama thought of brushing Dietrich-sama’s hair while he slept. She grabbed a brush and brushed his hair roughly, just like a dog. Dietrich-sama showed no resistance despite the rough brushing too.

After 10 minutes, Melodia-sama finally came to her senses. 

She realized she had brushed human Dietrich-sama with all her might, thinking she was brushing dog Dietrich-sama. There was a lot of hair stuck in the brush. That amount of hair wouldn’t be a problem for a dog but for a human, it was a really big problem. 

Melodia-sama thought she had no one else to blame but herself if Dietrich-sama became bald. 

I didn’t really know what to say but I tried to cheer(?) Melodia-sama up by telling her that it was natural for a man to become bald when they became older. 

Z Month XX Day

Dietrich-sama wanted to give Melodia-sama a present. He asked me and Gilbert-sama to help him choose. And so, the three of us went to look for a present for Melodia-sama. 

Our first stop was a store that sold supplies for pets. Dietrich-sama said that Melodia-sama looked very happy when she received a ball from her previous boss and so he thought…. Of getting something for Melodia-sama too.

He saw Melodia-sama looking interested in a collar decorated with ribbon in the store display window.

The shop assistant then went over to us. 

“Is it for your doggie?”

Dietrich-sama then replied with all of his honesty.

“No, it’s for my wife.”

The shop assistant kept on staring at Dietrich-sama, looking extremely uncomfortable to be here. I did my best pretending to be a stranger to Dietrich-sama.

ZX Month XY Day

Finally, Melodia-sama was pregnant.

But when did you guys….?! Don’t tell me, while in dog form….?!

And so many others. Not a single servant had a normal imagination but everyone was engulfed in a joyous mood, wanting to celebrate for the happy couple. 

Out of everyone in the mansion, Dietrich-sama, who had broken his leg, was the happiest. 

But how did Dietrich-sama break his leg?

The reason was simple. Dietrich-sama was so extremely happy when he heard the news about the pregnancy that he fell from the second floor balcony. Melodia-sama offered to cast healing magic to heal the broken leg but…

“Even this pain is something to be happy about!”

So he said. The way he celebrated his happiness was not something common people could understand. It made me wonder what would happen on the day the child was born.

Together with Gilbert-sama, we had a serious discussion about it and so it was decided Dietrich-sama would be tied up with a rope on the day of the delivery. 

OO Month YY Day

Finally, Melodia-sama gave birth. In her wolf form. She didn’t give birth to one child. No. She had three children. Of course, the children were in the shape of a wolf.

When we asked Dietrich-sama’s opinion, he exclaimed.

“Melodia is the best wife in the world! Not only is she the most adorable woman in the world, she also gave birth to the most adorable children ever!”

Granted, Dietrich-sama was still laying with his face down on the floor because we had tied his hands and feet with rope but it was clear for everyone to see that Dietrich-sama was really overjoyed. 

Though… There was one thing that bothered me.

When should we untie the rope?

XO Month YO Day

The children grew up well. Their wolf form was not stable yet but the sight of the whole family taking a walk in the night, it was really the very picture of happiness. All of them were in their wolf form except for Dietrich-sama. 

As I watched over this family, I truly prayed from the bottom of my heart that this happiness would last forever.


T/N: So…. Umm… Melodia gave birth in wolf form…. Okay so… The one helping her during childbirth…. Was it a vet? Or a doctor? Also I love how the whole employee is like

But at the same time

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