The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 22

Chapter 22 : 《Count’s POV》And The Karma Will Come Back to You  2

T/N: This is Nador and Sistana from the manga adaptation


Staring with a chiling gaze at Bavalein, who pulled up the monetary issue card as a last-ditch effort, Duke Lönnrot took out an accessory wrapped in a pure white handkerchief.

“Is that so? And yet despite that, you’re still able to buy this?”

Duke Lönnrot dropped the cursed magic tool that they had made the girl who was their own step-daughter wore. 


The amount of money required to purchase a magic tool was far from meager. Especially a cursed magic tool that could enforce the wearer to act in a certain way. This type of magic tool couldn’t be displayed publicly, hence why their price was more exorbant than normal magic tools. 

“The most peculiar thing about this magic tool is that it was worn by Miltia, who was supposed to marry me… Ah, of course,  I’ve forcibly unfasten this from Miltia through magic.”

The only ways to forcibly take a cursed magic tool off was either by suppressing the magic power bestowed by the creator of the curse with an even greater amount of magic power or by finding the right method to break the curse. For this particular cursed magic tool, a drop of blood of the buyer, which was Countess Lyran, was required to undo the curse.

Pavada stole a fleeting glance toward Bavalein, who was sitting next to him. Judging from how stiff her smile was and how pale she became, it was clear to see the possibilities of the duke willing to cooperate with them was zero. 

…. This man’s magic power, the amount was tremendous enough that the magic power residing in this cursed magic tool amounted to nothing. Especially since this curse was dispelled forcibly, it was possible the curse in this magic tool had been 『overwritten』with an even more heinous curse and the price required to break  the『overwritten』curse would definitely be extremely expensive. 

The duke’s tone of speaking was pleasant but there was no speck of mercy in his gaze. 

“Y-You’re wrong. This… Just something that had been in our family’s custody for a long while but then my daughter put it on her own without me knowing….  I didn’t know the method required to break the curse… It’d be dangerous if we forcibly removed the necklace from her neck and something bad happened s-so… We had no other choice…!”

“Is that so?”

Duke Lönnrot actually knew the countess was the one who purchased this cursed magic tool but he never downright said 『I know you’re the one who bought it』instead the duke was speaking in a round-about way. Bavalein was none the wiser of the implications hidden behind the duke’s word. 

Hanging on her last thread of hope, Bavalein tried to come up with pathetic excuses after excuses. Even though the look of disdain in the duke’s chilling face was plain for everyone to see. 


Suddenly, the door to the parlour was slammed open. 

“S-Sistana…! What’s the matter?”

Standing before the door was a young girl with her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkling from curiosity and adoration. 

“……! I knew it. The lovely gentleman I met at the entrance was none but the Duke of Lönnrot! …… My dearest father! Mother! After thinking this through, I’ve decided I want to marry Duke Lönnrot. Big sister can be the successor to the Count Lyran family! Hey, let’s swap fiancé, shall we?”

Taken aback Duke Lönnrot by the sudden declaration from this girl who appeared to be a little dim-witted judging from her speech and conduct, the duke stared at the girl incredulously. 

“…. What are you talking about?”

“Isn’t it great?! Rather than my gloomy big sister who’s not only a little odd but also sticks thin, I’m a much better choice, right? For your information, I’m able to use 【recovery magic】, you know?”

The duke, who had been keeping a relatively civil smile despite his blatant confrontation, was now showing his displeasure and fury. 

“Ah! This must be the proof of our engagement, right?!”




The girl, who the countess referred to as Sistana, put the cursed necklace, that had been left laying on the table, around her neck without heeding the voice of everyone around her. 

“Fufufu~ With this I will be the duchess…!”

“No! You’re mistaken! That necklace is…!”

The shock quickly overwhelmed the feeling of displeasure and anger. Duke Lönnrot adjusted his glasses before he started to tell them the truth when…A black-blue grime began to appear on the girl’s face. 




The young girl’s appearance quickly transformed into an appearance resembling the old 『cursed duke』. Despite everything, Duke Lönnrot  looked at the girl with pity as he began to answer her question. 

“That’s the 『cursed necklace』that Miltia had been wearing before… Apparently, when I forcibly removed the necklace from Miltia,the original curse fixated on the necklace got overwritten by the demon king’s curse in me.”

“T-that….!! N-No! I don’t want this! AAAAHHHHH!!!”

“D-duke Lönnrot, how do we break the curse?”

“Fret not. I know the key to break the curse. You only need to 『eat the seafood brought forth by the curse together with the person who love you back』. That’s all.”


“T-that’s right! If it’s Nador-sama then!”

“Sistana! Calm down! Sistanaaaaaaa!!!”


T/N: Oh? Good thing I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I was hoping the countess would get the curse though but this is good enough! (˘ ˘ ˘)

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    She and her mother can eat the seafood together, if they manage to learn how – but their prejudices will be the beauty of the punishment.

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