The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 23

Chapter 23: 《Bhadra’s POV》Curses and Blessings

T/N: A pic of Bhadra from the manga adaptation


『…. So, young master, how did it go with Count Lyran family?』

“How do I explain it… That… It was a hard day. Raised by toxic parents, their stupid daughter ended up self-destructing in the most horrific way possible.”

It was a pretty mean thing to say but… After listening to the details of the story, I understood why the young master summed the whole story like that. 

I was told that after receiving the same curse as the young master, the young lady then cried, screamed and as cherry on top she even said. 

『Duke-sama, you’ve made a mistake by not falling in love with me instead! What’s so good about my big sister anyway?! 』

In any case, since she was already engaged, the duke only told them.

“You should ask him to do something about it.”

“If it were Miltia, she’d be happy to receive that curse… They’re sisters but how can they be so different…”

『Well, of course.』

I replied back a little wearily. 

After the young master successfully broke free from the curse, the ever so interesting young lady, Miltia, looked so dejected. She even said something like. 

『So I won’t be able to get fresh seafood anymore…』

Even now, I could still recall the disappointment in her face vividly.

I’m a man but even I can say without any hesitation that our young master’s face is easy on the eyes. Who would’ve thought there would be a woman who would feel so disappointed to see our young master return to his original form? 

….. But Miltia-san? 

That lady… In our garden… With the lump of grime she dutifully collected from our young master… She… She collected the 【curse】with all of her might in some sort of a corf and called it a『fish pond』…With that, she managed to make a 『small ocean』so to speak. 

When I glanced at the garden from the window just to check on things, I saw a 『small ocean』the size of two king-sized bed sparkling in the corner of our vast garden. 

…..As a daughter of a count family, that girl was seriously indomitable. 

It was hard to believe such a delicate girl who always had a timid, apologetic expression on her face could do something like that. I did help her in making the fish pond through the automata I controlled but at that time, I still didn’t understand what she was trying to do. 

Maybe that lump of curse actually was filled with magic power to maintain the attribute of the ‘sea’? Those sea demons…. It seemed that lump of curse somehow became a different dimension, suitable for rearing the thing that Miltia so-called ‘seafood’. 

Even though the pond was clearly filled with sea waters, there was absolutely no salt-air damage to the surrounding vegetation. Just from this evidence alone, you could know for sure that the creator of this sub-dimension was very proficient at space magic. 

Most probably, this space was naturally created from the combination of ‘the remnants of the curse’ and the magic power overflowing from Miltia. For young children and people who had just started learning magic, the effect and the power of their magic fluctuate depending on their mental state but in Miltia case, it seemed the magic power she emitted became stronger when she was working while feeling positive emotions like ‘fun’, ‘interesting’ or ‘like’. 

While there were numerous people whose magic power would run amok when they were feeling negative emotions like ‘anger’ or ‘fear’, there weren’t many people whose magic power became stronger when they were feeling ‘joy’. 

….. She really is a mysterious girl. 

Furthermore, this… 『Small ocean』… Right now, some sort of seaweed called kelp began to grow in abundance inside it. You could even see shrimps and octopuses swimming around excitedly and there were also sea urchin, shellfish, sea cucumber and many other unidentified marine creatures swimming about. 

Sea demons couldn’t gush out of our young master’s skin anymore and so in exchange for that, Miltia now could still get her seafood from this 『small ocean』. 

Maybe this is what people are talking about when they say there’s a fine line between a curse and a blessing?

That girl had completely turned young master’s curse into a blessing. 

But… That night… When Miltia was completely asleep… Our young master secretly put a tub full of seafood in front Miltia’s room… Just how am I supposed to take that bit of information in? Oh young master… 


T/N: Ah I’m happy our ML is quick to become a simp and dote on our MC. Well that’s to be expected since they’re both dorks and also… She’s the only one who actually loves our cthulhu ML (>᎑<๑)/♡ But Maricle… Leaving seafood without putting it in your magic freezer first… I’m afraid the seafood will spoil by the time Miltia finds it… ( ´•︵•` )

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