The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 32

Chapter 32:《Count’s POV》Bavalein’s Second Plan


“What is the meaning of this?!”

Bavalein was furious. 

“Calm down, Madam Bavalein.”

“In the first place, that cursed necklace is your doing, isn’t it?! Jubak!! Do something to save my adorable Sistana!”

Bavalein blamed the black-hodded sorcerer in front of her. Irritated, his mouth turned into a frown at the accusation…. Though the hood made it hard for other people to guess his whole appearance, judging from his voice, hands, lips and the nape of his neck, it was safe to guess he was still a young man. 

“Now here, you’re blaming me unilaterally but isn’t there something you forgot to tell us about?”

However, his tone and haughty attitude toward the countess was not something that belonged to a young man. His whole demeanor exuded the feeling of someone more cunning and older. 


“We already told you when we sold that thing to you. Someone with high magical power like that little shit, that Lönnrot brat, they could 『turn the curse over』”

“T-that’s… But I never thought Lord Lönnrot would be interested in that seedy, uneducated, good-for-nothing woman…!”

For Bavalein, Miltia was nothing but a pest the moment she got married into the family. She had no intention of raising her as a noble after Miltia’s magic got sealed when she was little. As soona she finished fabricating the roster, she was ready to kill Miltia if the girl ever stood in her way. 

But… Now that Miltia had grown, she became a girl who was proficient at doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and other miscellaneous chores. She grew to become a girl who knew not to run her mouth.

Bavalein thought keeping Miltia around was like having an unpaid slave who she could work to death and so out of great compassion, she let Miltia live. 

“Good grief….”

Jubak, the sorcerer, blatantly sighed. He already heard that even after hearing the 『key to break the curse』from that Lönnrot brat, the countess and her peer still unable to break the curse yet. 

Most importantly, it was explicitly said they needed to 『eat it together』but they still tried to cheat by serving their daughter a different dish…. Really… They were totally ignorant about 『curses』in general. 

Don’t they know you can’t use any trickery or deception when it comes to 『key to break the curse』? Or is it because any information they deemed as inconvenient to them, just passed through their brain like air?

By the way, the man who ended up being made to eat the sea demon on his own… After that incident… It was said the man had become quiet like a lamb, as if he got castrated. For some reason he shaved all of his hair off and spent his days devoting himself to God. 

Some demons had secondary poison so… Maybe the shock that man received from the poison was too great, reducing him to that state. 

“Excuse me? If I may add, to begin with,it is not necessary to limit 『love』 to romantic love only. 『Familial love』is also considered as a great form of 『love』, Bavalein. If you really care about your daughter to that extent, why don’t you try to follow the『key to break the curse』yourself?”


At those words, Bavalein’s face visibly paled.

 『Eating the seafood brought forth by the curse together with the person who love you back.』

It was so simple yet so hard. But for Jubak, he wasn’t even the least concerned about the countess who complained to him in order to make him clean up the trouble she had caused. The countess was not only stingy with her payment, she also ignored the precautions he had explicitly told her before. 

“Now if you’ll excuse me. I wish you will not summon me for this reason anymore.”

“Wha-?! …… Humph. You really think you can talk to me, a countess, like that? You’re already entangled with me now.”

Thud. One gemstone was presented toward Jubak. 


It was one of gemstones that once adorned the 『cursed necklace』.

“Duke Lönnrot himself left this behind to us. He said this gemstone was dislodged from the necklace when he overwrote the curse…. This gemstone didn’t match with the price when I first bought the necklace, didn’t it? If it’s you, surely you know, right? Jubak…. You know what this means ….”

This time, it was the sorcerer called Jubak who turned pale. 

There was no way Jubak, the creator of the cursed necklace would mistake this gemstone for anything else. With this gemstone, even a person with only a little knowledge about magic could easily find several pieces of information from the remaining magic power. Things like 『when it was made』『where it was made』『the habit of the magic power’s owner』… Those pretty detailed things could be easily extracted. 

Out of the four jewels that had been attacked into the necklace, one was here. Two gemstones were still attached to the necklace that Sistana wore. Which brought the question, where was the last one?


Jubak gritted his teeth hard. 

Making a cursed tool was against the law in itself but there were several loopholes he could utilise. But he couldn’t afford to get himself captured over such trivial and silly business that worthed nothing more than a mere pocket change. 

He was connected to a Dark Order that worshipped the demon king. Moreover, some information that resided in the gemstones that he used to make that cursed necklace, could be used as a clue leading to that cult. 

Fortunately or unfortunately… The stone that contained the information to that cult was not lost yet. That gemstone was still barely lodged on the necklace that Sistana wore. .. Or to be precise, buried within Sistana’s neck. 

In a sense, Sistana’s foolish action had barely saved Jubak from losing his own neck but … He couldn’t say he was grateful for that fact. If by any chance he ended up getting captured, there was no telling what kind of execution the cult would toy Jubak with before Jubak atoned for his crime lawfully. 

For this reason, Jubak needed to remove that necklace from Sistana’s neck and destroy the evidence. 

“…….. Tch. You leave me with no choice. I will lend you a hand…”


T/N: So this is it! The new problem our MC and ML needs to solve! Damn Bavalein, why can’t she just eat some shrimp or oyster together? She’s making things harder for herself… But that’s to be expected since she’s a villain after all. ┐(´д`)┌

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